Where does it say in the United States Constitution that I cannot attend a public agency board meeting and have to keep my comments to myself. I believe I still have the right to free speech in my allotted 3 minutes. The arrogance of the current General Manager and his henchman Chairman of the Board have tried to silence the attending public for over a year and accuse the public of causing trouble, being rude and have been named "the group" by the Board of Directors and General Manager. Several of the attending audience have become friends and acquaintances through the past year with a commom goal...watch and question the spending of the taxpayers dollars. We have been constantly given by the Chairman of the Board this answer to our questions...to the Board, you do not have to answer that question, to the General Manager same thing. There is no transparency and no meaningful communication with the public. Policies and Procedures are not followed, employee handbook is not followed, laws are broken and the current Board of Directors has failed to take charge of the behavior of their General Manager at Board meetings during and after; and in the public. GM Perkins is a poor representative of FRRPD as he bullys his way around the public and his Board. Feather River Recreation and Park District will not survive without the tax dollars from their constituents within their district and there are more and more residents in those outlying areas who are talking about withdrawing from the FRRPD as they get nothing for their tax dollars.
After 3 Grand Jury investigations of FRRPD and the Grand Jury's helpful recommendations to the District to curtail spending until the huge debt is paid down, hire a General Manager with years of experience in Parks and Recreation (not done), hire a qualified Financial Manager with years of experience (not done), hire a second employee who knows the accounting procedure (when asked if he hired someone for accounting, the GM says it is him)they have chosen to ignore the Grand Jury. The GM now refers to himself publicly as the CEO of Feather River Recreation and Park District without Board approval to make the change on the Organizational Chart. He is large and in charge and is steamrolling all over the Board and the public. I would like the current Board of Directors to take off their pantaloons and take back their elected positions as they serve the taxpayer and oversee the General Manager.
It is time for change. Come November 6 it is time to vote for the candidates who stand on their own values, not those who are friends and coworkers of the GM and current Board Chairman, TJ Jensen and Director John Allen,and want to serve the taxpayer in a transparent and honest way; something that has been missing with the current Board. Do your homework, check the Butte County Superior Court records, bankruptcys, District minutes, Financial reports and Grand Jury reports on line before you mark your ballot.
This is your opportunity to make the change. If you choose, you will be voting for four total on the ballot for FRRPD Board of Directors. I recommend Victoria Coots,Eva Lincoln, Marcia Carter and Virgle Gage.(vote for 3 candidates on the ballot for a four year term) and Jan Hill for the two year term.