Middlebury, IN

#121 Dec 6, 2012
I think it is humorous that this person is talking about morals in one breath then defends a person who has been arrested many times,threatens kids, says he is going to shoot people and doesn't pay his debts. Look At This Mess doesn't seem biased at all.......... What planet you from?

Lafayette, IN

#122 Dec 7, 2012
The bottom line is this. You can say what you want about me but you drag my family into your little brain drained fantasy world then all bets are off. I can be professional when that is called for but I can also go to the other side,big time if I have to. And this idiot has forced my hand by threatening my family and this is not the first time. This ingrate called my house and threatened my son. What the freak don't you understand about that. He set the rules. HE broke the LAW, AGAIN. SO WHO IS THE CRIMINAL? If he wants a to keep this going then I am in.....
Seems to me

Lafayette, IN

#123 Dec 8, 2012
Seems to me that this WE WANT THE TRUTH PERSON started this thread by making slanderous accusations and threats. This person even makes comments about Jones wife. So it seems to me if people are going to talk about cyber stalking this WE WANT THE TRUTH would be the place to start.

Wakarusa, IN

#124 Dec 17, 2012
Now TM is calling the town office trying to extort money. He called and told the office girl "just pay me $275,000" and I will go away. That is TM saying that. That is extortion and illigal.

Let me explain to you what the Paoli Building Corp is. Ok you nit wit I will use small words. When the park was built bonds where issued to pay for it. You will have to study on your own to figure out what bonds are. In indiana when this happens a building corporation must be established (sorry big word" to except the bonds. It will be in place until the bonds are payed off. The building Corp was appointed by the council at that time which was, Forrest Brown, Bob Gilliatt, Noel Newlin, Gary Barnett and Doc Sibbit. They made the appoitments. Nothing illegal or shaddy, its the freaking law. So again you are flapping your wings about nothing you goof. Call the state or anyone and they may be able to explain it to you.
big dog

Bloomfield, IN

#126 Jan 25, 2013
from what I understand from all of the talk, is that from out side info these elected offices are in for a rude awakening, I think all the people that were involved with targeting this mans property, and all propaganda to coerce the civilian population . It doesn't matter if they were appointed or elected, I do think the government isn't going to let matters of criminal conspiracy, and using their city attorneys to lean on the peoples federally protected property rights these elected officials will have to answer for there actions and it will be justice served from all this Mr. jones has caused. there are certainly a lot of outsiders watching
just thinking

Bloomfield, IN

#127 Jan 25, 2013
Mr Jones as always had issues of trying to push people around, he has had many people making complaints to the threats that he has made against anyone that opposes his will. Mark has had lots of problems stemming from his infidelities with cheating on his wife to using his authority as a board member to use the municipality funds and go against the town superviser and unlawfully use town money to do his on will ,he spent money at hossier hardware with out the authority of the council. then he complains about sibitt doing the same thing fro spending money to buy the parks director a full size half ton truck with out the legal voting of the council! pot calling the kettle black.No money shall be drafted from the treasury without approprations made by law, they just make it up as they go along around here. I would use my real name but fear of losing my job I can't! these actions are criminal but Mark so far wessles around as the crook he is
Been Thru It-I Know

Alliance, OH

#128 Jan 29, 2013
Thank goodness someone else is jumping in and telling the truth like it really is! These people have really been working overtime trying to descredit TM, but they have been trying too hard. I was asked once why I was being TM's cheerleader. I will tell you why. I have watched from the sidelines from the beginning, so I know who is lying and who is not. And I can tell you that it is not TM like they are saying it is. They are always calling TM a drunk, and maybe they are right, but it seems that so is Mr. Sibbett. Else why was he arrested for a DUI? They are also calling for TM to get a job! What they are not telling you is that they have TM blacklisted in their town so he cannot get a job. And buddy, don't call me a liar! I know it's true. The last job he had, the supervisor called him off the job and told TM he had to let him go. When TM asked why, his exact words were,(and I quote),"I'm sorry, but we can't afford to lose our license." Evidently the word got around, so now no one will hire him. They can't afford to lose their license either. So now I ask you, who do you think is responsible for that? Think about it.
I think it's high time that someone else says that TM is actually telling the truth. And I'm happy that now others are watching to see what happenes when the truth really comes out. And it will come out! I promise you that. I am seeing to that myself! I too have connections, and I will use them to the fullest, if necessary! So you good od' boys just keep playing your little games and see where you wind up! You have all but destroyed TM's life, but I promise you, you will NOT get away with it!
Bobby Joe

Wolflake, IN

#129 Feb 10, 2013
Its not hard to discredit this idiot. Just read the court news in the paper. What a sad story. Wal-mart needs people. So does JSI. Lots of jobs in the paper. So that is a bunch of crap....

Wolflake, IN

#130 Feb 10, 2013
He would rather be a drunk, make threats and excuses instead of work.. Waist of time and space. Yes, please get a job and stop crying. Get a paper and answer an ad. Been crying about the same BS for 6 years. Have you threatened any kids lately?

Wolflake, IN

#131 Feb 14, 2013
Your kidding me right. Bully? Who is the bully. Who was arrested for calling someones house and threatening a 15 year old kid? Ah that would be Troy Mitchell. Who text an individual telling them and I quote "I am going to start shooting people" Yep, right again, Troy Mitchell said that. All on record... Who has an arrest record of abuse? Take your blinders off and look at reality for a change.

Fort Wayne, IN

#132 Feb 20, 2013
Just thinking...your comments about Mr. Jones's infidelities have nothing to do with the subject on hand.

Roanoke, IN

#133 Mar 3, 2013
Hey, Just Thinking, your a dumb ass. I know the very thing your talking about. The purchases you are talking about where approved in the employee handbook. I know you idiot cause I am an employee. The former town superintendent was an idiot to. And so was some of the former foremen and employees that are no longer with the town. Include some of the old council in that statement to. Jones was the only one with the balls to stand up to them and do the right thing. The purchases you are talking about was approved by the council but Starr didn't what to make them. Guess what, its not up to him it is up to the council. That'e one reason why he is gone. Ask your dad, he also voted to fire him...... And we as employees went in and made the purchases with our foremen's and the councils permission. Read the hand book, look at the receipts, or talk to someone who really knows before you make a dumb ass statement and confirm your stupidity.

Roanoke, IN

#134 Mar 3, 2013
Just Thinking, doesn't have a job any place. So that is a joke. He won't work.
what gives

Mitchell, IN

#135 May 20, 2013
everyone in town knows how the smoke and mirrors game works around here! When anyone talks about anything to do with the corruption of these guys, it just goes to show that they will do anything to discredit anyone that speaks out against the council or the paoli police and there illegal policy making decisions! We all knw how that works dont we! People that lives here knows so you the good ole boys,dont fool anybody!!!!!!!!!!

Lafayette, IN

#136 Aug 12, 2013
To the last poster, what gives, TM doesn't need to be discredited. The idiot does that all by himself. "People that lives here" really? should have stayed in school.

Lafayette, IN

#137 Sep 26, 2013
Well the greasy long haired low life TM has moved from threatening 16 year old kids to 80 year old men. What a bad ass little punk. Real tough guy. Just got out of jail for buying booze for a minor now he is going back to jail for making threatening calls to an old man.
mr obvious

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#138 Oct 12, 2013
mr obvious

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#139 Oct 12, 2013
Yes, it's everyone elses fault except mj isnt it. Its always somebody else. He is a saint. He does no wrong. He doesnt use his position to empower his ego. He doesnt impersonate other people on internet threads. He doesnt love having his picture in the local paper every week. He isnt the puppet master of the current town council. Can you not see his halo because of his huge ego? Cmon people if he was catholic he would be pope already.
Look out

Indianapolis, IN

#140 Oct 12, 2013
Watch what you say about MJ. He'll call you saying, "I hope you have good insurance cause if your house catches fire

Baltimore, MD

#141 Oct 12, 2013

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