Prostitute's killing among 6 unsolved...

Prostitute's killing among 6 unsolved --

There are 68 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Aug 8, 2007, titled Prostitute's killing among 6 unsolved -- In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

Everyone who loved Regan Kendall worried she'd turn up dead before long. There were good reasons for this.

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Brandy Kendall-Mahns

Wilmington, NC

#24 Aug 8, 2007
alface wrote:
This is a sad way for a persons life to end and I feel for her friends and family. But on the other hand she was a 38 year old drug addict and prostitute. She obviously did not want to help herself and it finally caught up to her. The way I see it is she was put out of her misery.
She was 48 (not 38) and had endured more horror in her life than that which could be printed in a newspaper. Perhaps, your opinions could be better served in a forum that does not require compassion. Her children and grand child need not think that she was "put out of her misery."
Amy Savia

Flint, MI

#25 Aug 8, 2007
I can honestly say that Regan Kendall did a wonderful job with her daughters. Brandy was one of my best friends in high school and we still remain friends to this day. I have three children and the thought of walking away from them horrifies me. It was the hardest thing a mother can do and I applaud her for seeing her own faults and protecting her daughters from them. It takes a lot more strength and maturity to send her daughters away than to keep them close when it's the best thing to do.

Lakeland, FL

#26 Aug 8, 2007
Drugs and booze. This desease crosses all races and financial boundries.

It hurts all around those who try to love the addictated.

Let's pray for this woman's kids. Let's be thankful that the woman is finally at peace.

Saint Marys, GA

#27 Aug 10, 2007
My deepest sympathies to the family.

Willougby, you are one reporter I never tire of reading. This women's story needed to be told. Finding a dismembered body in plastic bags is a fact, telling the persons story is compassionate and revealing of your expertise.

Thanks for the rest of the story.

I think it is odd that the people posting speak as though they could never be touched by something like this. Is it because they are not prostitutes? This murder and the others should concern everyone.

Pompano Beach, FL

#28 Aug 10, 2007
As always, the victims are the children. I hope there's someone watching out for those girls and getting them through what they're gonna go through losing their Mom. If there's a Serial Killer on the loose we need to catch him quick & put him to sleep - permanently. Him, I don't care about his mental health - or his general health. He needs to be dead. Ladies beware... Take care.
Ivan Drew


#29 Aug 11, 2007
attention Willoughby Mariano:
"Everyone who loved Regan Kendall worried she'd turn up dead." Why were they worried? How can she do anything is she's dead? She certainly can't "turn up". If there is ever a situation which calls for the use of the passive voice it is when the subject is dead. Do you mean "worried she'd be found dead"?
And why is there no mention of the responsibility of the citizens of Orlando to care for their sick, and of the sheer idiocy of your court system in sending mentally ill people to prison.

Maitland, FL

#31 Aug 15, 2007
mike wrote:
just another dead hooker
You know Mike her Mom is blogging on this thread. She is heart broken. You are a real swell guy. Why don't you go outside and torture animals or something else malicious
Brandy Kendall-Mahns

Wilmington, NC

#32 Aug 15, 2007
mike wrote:
just another dead hooker
What a pathetic wretch you are. You have nothing better to do than sit @ your computer and pass judgement on people that you know nothing about. I only hope that you may feel the pain of losing a loved one in such a horrible manner. Then perhaps you will come to know compassion and find a bit of humanity in your worthless existence. I can't believe that your parents raised such an insensitive moron. My "dead hooker" mother bore 3 beautiful and articulate daughters that contribute to society in a positive way. What is your contribution other than uninformed opinions that no one cares about? Get a life. Hurting people apparently makes you feel like more of a man. I'd get some help for that.
Dawn Kendall

Wilmington, NC

#33 Aug 15, 2007
mike wrote:
just another dead hooker
Why don't you have more empathy for the family of the victim (my mother) who was beaten and murdered for no apparent reason? She never hurt ANYONE which is more than can be said for your sorry a$$. If you feel strong enough about this matter to comment here, then perhaps you'd like to come explain your opinion to my 2 year old daughter. Tell her her grandmother was just a dead hooker. Do you think you could do that? You never know what kind of skeletons lurk in each family. Perhaps, your family has a few. NO ONE knows anything about a situation unless they've lived it firsthand. I guess you'd like to pin a medal on the guy that would commit such a disgusting crime? You're about on the same level as far as I'm concerned.
Crystal Kendall

Wilmington, NC

#34 Aug 15, 2007
Who the hell do you think you are "mike"?
You have no right to put in your 2 cents here. My sisters are way too nice to tell you exactly where you can shove your ignorant words. I'd honestly like to spit in your face. "People" like you make me sick. Cowards who sit at their keyboards passing judgement on others. You're a joke.

Wilmington, NC

#36 Aug 15, 2007
mike wrote:
just another dead hooker
With comments like that, maybe the police should add you to the list of suspects.
JocelynDesmarais Goldblatt

Abingdon, MD

#37 Aug 16, 2007
The people who suffer the most in this world seem to be those who are gifted with very big hearts and deeply intelligent sensitivity. We collectively turn away when we see the kind of deep pain that leads to drug addiction, prostitution, and murder. We want to dehumanize the people involved so that we don't have to face the suffering that we know is everywhere. But, the best thing we can do is acknowledge the light that is in us all. And honor the bright light that must have been Brandy's mother before the world looked the other way. I was lucky enough to be a friend of Brandy's in school and I just wanted to post in support of the family. I will be thinking of you with my deepest love and honoring your struggle from this day on. I will not forget that this happened to you. I will remember your mother's name with affection and respect. May you find peace in your hearts...
Brandy Kendall-Mahns

Wilmington, NC

#39 Aug 17, 2007
666devilsadvacate wrote:
<quoted text>
I am glad to see you girls here.I hope you are all three doing okay.Just do not pay attention to a poster that is nothing more than an attention getter.Bless you three girls.Your mom is okay now.
Thank you. I consider myself blessed to have been able to read the outpouring of sympathy that has been shown on this page and others. I honestly never thought that such kindness existed. My sisters and I have each other and we are working through it as best as we can. I try not to let the opinions of others bother me too much, but sometimes it's a bit too much to take. We are grateful for you and others that have taken the time to write.

Ocala, FL

#41 Aug 18, 2007
Brandy, Dawn and Crystal,

I wanted to express my deepest sympathies to your family in the lose of your mother. As I read her story my heart ached not only for her family but for her as well. I was greatful to see so many messages of support as we live in a society that is so quick to judge others without checking their own disfunctions. I sometimes wonder if those people realize that human life is human life and we are all special to someone. I truly believe that your mother showed you girls a great deal of love by being able to see that she was carrying a load larger than herself and did not want you to see and live with that daily. It takes a strong woman to realize that, for whatever reason, she is not able to care for her children and place them with family who can.
I wish for you and your family healing and peace.
Brandy Kendall-Mahns

Wilmington, NC

#42 Aug 20, 2007

Dravosburg, PA

#43 Aug 21, 2007
Many people with mental illness turn to drugs because it drowns out voices if that is one of their problems and it does help with the paranoid feelings. They often then turn to selling their bodies as a way to maintain their drugs addiction. It is a sad thing that there isn't more help for the mentally ill. Some people are helped with medication but some also refuse to take the meds because of the terrible side affects of the medication. There aren't any easy answers when it comes to mental illness.

It seems that the kindest thing a mother can do is hand her children over to loving relatives if they know that they aren't capable of taking care of them. To me, it is an act of love and not one of selfishness. It sounds like Regan loved her children enough to want them to have a good life with people that would make them feel safe, loved, and secure.
I would believe that she wished that she could have been an active part of her children's lives but knew that it wouldn't have been good for her daughters. I don't doubt that she loved her girls and only wanted the best for them.

It's sad that she was so afraid all of the time and that her life ended in the horrible way that it did. There is a killer out there who has no conscience. Anyone that could inflict that kind of horror on a human being needs to be locked up forever. I hope that LE can find the person who did this horrific act and I hope that Regan gets justice as she deserves that. It sounds like there is someone who is targeting these woman and it won't surprise me if it isn't one person who has murdered all of these women. I pray that he is caught soon.

Dravosburg, PA

#44 Aug 21, 2007
alface wrote:
This is a sad way for a persons life to end and I feel for her friends and family. But on the other hand she was a 38 year old drug addict and prostitute. She obviously did not want to help herself and it finally caught up to her. The way I see it is she was put out of her misery.
Regan Kendall was a mentally ill 38 yr old lady who became addicted to drugs and sold her body in order to feed her addiction. Obviously you have no knowledge about mental illness or drug addiction and mental illness. You should be ashamed for saying such things as "she was put out of her misery!" Yes, I'm sure she was miserable. Most people who are mentally ill are very miserable because their minds do not work right and they know it but can't do a thing about it. Yes, she took drugs as a lot of mentally ill people do. What would you do if you heard voices in your head but no one around you was talking to you? The voices are very real to the mentally ill person. Drugs help drown the voices out. I hope and pray that you never have a mentally ill person in your family because your attitude wouldn't help in the least. This woman deserves compassion...not smart remarks. If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. Didn't your mother teach you that...or anything else?
Orlando Mother


#46 Aug 21, 2007
Do you have anymore information on this case I'm doing some research on theese cases any thing caoul help.It's a small world you never know who may have information to help find this Guy

Bridgewater, NJ

#47 Aug 21, 2007
I am trying to piece this together and if anyone can help please let me know.I am the ex wife of one of the suspects. He has my son illegally out of state and the homicide detectives won't tell me anything. It is a tragedy for all involved. It is so insensitive to pass judgement on the victim. Please if you know anything to help me sleep better don't hesitate to let me know anonymously. I am trying to clear my husbands name or help prove it is him . I am about doing what is right .HOW MANY MORE VICTIMS need be before the perp is caught. HOw many more moms, sisters, or daughters need to die?

Cincinnati, OH

#48 Aug 21, 2007
Brandy Kendall-Mahns wrote: _gallery.php?instanceid=812064 64
I was very surprised to see how pretty and "normal" your mom looked. My condolences on your loss.

Guess we all need to remember that all drug addicts, homeless people, mentally ill people, etc. all started from somewhere as children. It's just a sad world that we live in where things like this can happen to people.

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