Attorney Mark NeJame on Caylee's gran...

Attorney Mark NeJame on Caylee's grandparents: 'Don't forget Ge...

There are 3474 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Sep 10, 2008, titled Attorney Mark NeJame on Caylee's grandparents: 'Don't forget Ge.... In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

George and Cindy Anthony's new lawyer left Orlando on Tuesday to launch a round of national TV appearances aimed at redirecting public attention away from the couple's family drama to the effort to find their ...

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Tarpon Springs, FL

#31 Sep 10, 2008
Tate wrote:
"It's important to get the attention off of them so we can refocus on finding Caylee."
Ah, hey little attorney man. George stated a month ago that he knew the location of Caylee and the kidnappers and had his people watching them.
yes whatever happened to that story that George had "his people" watching the kidnappers and he knew who they were ?

United States

#32 Sep 10, 2008
How DARE NeJame compare the Anthonys to the families of MIAs from Vietnam?!? If there was a comparison to be made, it would be Americans of MIAs defending the VietCong!

Any REASONABLE person in their situation would have consulted a crisis counselor by now. They would have reached out to a professional who can help them deal with REALITY. But, no. Their denials and their enabling Casey to perpetuate lie after lie about their grand-daughter's disappearance is what has caused them to go bonkers. NOT the media, not the protesters, not LE, not Padilla or Miller.

If NeJame thinks that the Anthonys should be allowed to "grieve in their own way", fine. But that's not what they're doing. They have publicly lied, lied to LE, interfered with investigations THEY THEMSELVES initiated.
Only one Victim

Orlando, FL

#33 Sep 10, 2008
Not to mention money stolen recently.

Things will come to light!
A mother

Newport, NH

#34 Sep 10, 2008
I found it interesting HOW he answered some of those questions! Especially about the investigators telling the grandparents NOT to discuss with Casey....hmmmmm.....

Honestly, I think they are holding on to hope that Caylee is fine, and I can respect THAT, the same time, I also believe they know in their hearts she is gone. They absolutely should be out looking, regardless.....he mentioned Vets...HOW MANY FAMILY MEMBERS HAVE SEARCHED OVER THE YEARS!!!! Many, and several have been found!

They should be using every waking minute of their lives out looking for Caylee and need to stop using excuses for WHY they are not out there.

I cannot respect them for sitting there....I simply cannot, same with Casey, Lee and who ever the rest of their family is..of course we have not heard one word from any other family members. If my child was missing, I guarantee you every friend and family member would he OUT LOOKING. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

Please don't give them any money....donate it all to equusearch if your going to donate is much needed.

I want to add that I think Casey is spending her time at her attorneys because she is afraid of saying anything in her home, between the media, protesters and of course Law Enforcement...she is petrified to get caught saying something "wrong".....

If we could just find heart is breaking more every day for her.

“its all just my opinion anyway”

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#35 Sep 10, 2008
Sarah Teague wrote:
I would give anything to have proof that my missing daughter Heather is either alive or not. There seems to be much proof that Caylee isn't. I know it must be very difficult for Casey's mom and dad to not want to believe what has happened. When Heather left on Thursday, we weren't on the best of terms, so I know how George and Cindy feel. They were trying to do what was best to make Casey behave. It is not their fault what has happened. We must continue to pray for these people. Prayer is more powerful than this anger. When we stop to think for a minute or even a second what it would be like to lose your daughter and your granddaughter, we should just pray for them.
Please pray for us as we continue to search for answers as to what really happened on Newburgh Beach on August 26, 1995. The wealthy businessman with the telescope has changed his story and outright lied and so have the KSP ( the first ones), and now we really don't know what really happened that day. Matthew 10:26 says that there will be nothing hidden that wont' be revealed. Caylee will come home! Heather will come home! Let's unite our hearts in prayer for these people. God can give Casey nightmares about what she has done. IF she doesn't break down, Caylee will be revealed. We do know more than we did two months ago. Let's be thankful for that.
I just read your web site and I am so terribly sorry to hear of your loss. It has been an eternity for you I am sure. When I die and go to heaven I hope God will explain all of the bad things I have seen in the world. I surely cant understand why humans do these things to other humans. Thankfully not all people are like Casey Anthony. With all of the lies this girl has told, we find it so hard to stand silent while she seems to enjoy the public attention and thoughts of making money from Caylee's dissapperance.

If that man that hurt your daughter was alive now I would think you would be after him just like the public is after Casey to do the right thing.

I hope you find peace in your life and pray that your daughter is in safe hands wherever she is.

I am so sorry for all of the tragedies that happen in this world. Can you imagine being a law enforcement officer and having to deal with this everyday of your life.? Everyday only the bad things that people do.

I pray for them as well

Peace be with you.
Caseydia Cooked

Englewood, CO

#36 Sep 10, 2008
guest wrote:
we all need to go to the new york topix and let the people there know what is going on.nejame is going to try to spin this...they need to know the truth
Yes, give me a link.

United States

#37 Sep 10, 2008
papasmurf wrote:
i just went to the never lose hope foundation website to complaine and the web site is down...maybe alot of people have been complaining to them tonight. lol.i plan on sending them 5 or 6 a day.......www.neverlosehopefou
Good. That means no on-line donations.

Oviedo, FL

#38 Sep 10, 2008
NeJame, you are a perfect example of the shiester lawyers we all love to hate

“its all just my opinion anyway”

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#40 Sep 10, 2008
I have always said, even to the attorneys I worked for, "there is a special place in H e l l for lawyers"
Justice for Caylee


#42 Sep 10, 2008
Little Lawyer man..What are you doing to find little Caylee?
Edwin Anthony Dalecki

Philadelphia, PA

#43 Sep 10, 2008
Yet another Lawyer and another 'SMOKE SCREEN' to deal with and distract from the real issue at hand! The real issue is where is this little girl buried and when will the DA finally charge that Mom with homicide! The DA should review State of Delaware vs Thomas Capano then charge Casey Anthony with Murder!. These parents-(George & Cindy) should also be charged with 'hindering' that way they can't capitalize on the death of this child.

United States

#44 Sep 10, 2008
Caseydia Cooked wrote:
<quoted text>Yes, give me a link.
New Yorkers are here on this forum.

“its all just my opinion anyway”

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#45 Sep 10, 2008

Again bite me Nejame, how much of the cut do you get for your part in this saga?


Tavares, FL

#46 Sep 10, 2008
Why would the Anthony family ask Equusearch to come down here to search for Caylee if they thought she was still alive? Casey's story is that the "nanny" took Caylee. How would a search and rescue team be able to locate someone in that kind of scenario? If they honestly believe Casey, they should be hiring private investigators, not bringing in a SAR team. While I do feel bad for George and Cindy, I also feel that their actions were what brought on the majority of the bad feelings people feel toward them. I don't understand why an organization that is supposed to be dedicated to the location of missing children (do they include missing adults also?) would hire an attorney to make people look more kindly on the grandparents of a missing child. Sometimes its a strange world we live in.
Angered beyond belief

Orlando, FL

#47 Sep 10, 2008
Uh...excuse me? The Anthonys haven't gotten one penny out of this? What about their websites soliciting donations to find their granddaughter when they don't ever go out looking for her? What are they using all that money for? What about the gift cards (Target, WalMart, etc) I keep hearing about them soliciting? How are those helping in the search for Caylee?

Huntsville, AL

#48 Sep 10, 2008
Edagrpug wrote:
"George's smell be gone" with extra strength body removal, just released. After checking my trunk, no pizza, squirrels or dirty diapers. I used this product. Only problem leaves stain on carpet. The good news if you get pulled over with yet another dead body in your trunk, it’s guaranteed to erase all trace elements. This is so good the FBI does not know its compound, gooooood stuff.
Sorry product discontinued, some one leaked ingredients, and Cindy just can’t keep her
Mouth shut.
A. Prior to use do not call 911 and state “smells like there’s a dam dead body in my car”
B. Treat rodents respectfully, Throw them in a dumpster and refrigerate pizza.
C. If smell turns into cigarette smell, wash cloths.
D. Warning, possible overdose can and may occur. If so join “Anthonys” invisible kid napping fund. Accepting gas gift cards, sorry fuel gauge doesn’t work.
E. Will not interfere with cadaver dog, DNA eraser is questionable,
F. Use of this product may violate your civil rights. You maybe incarcerated
To make fun of a tragedy such as this with a young child missing is beyond dispicable. You don't deserve to live among civilized people even at its lowest level.

“its all just my opinion anyway”

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#49 Sep 10, 2008
CAYLEE'S NANNY is what I meant to say
Escambia County

Pensacola, FL

#50 Sep 10, 2008
Casey, do the respectable thing for once in your life. Tell the Sheriff's Department where little Caylee is. You owe your daughter that much.

United States

#51 Sep 10, 2008
Boy, let me get this straight: My granddaughter is missing, my daughter won't tell the police anything except lies concerning the whereabouts of the child, the grandparents don't seem willing to put any pressure on daughter to cooperate and now a charity I have supported financially is paying a CRIMINAL Defense Atty to represent them AND take a trip to NYC to appear on national TV shows?
I'm sorry. I just can't continue to financially support an organization who would use such poor judgement in spending donated funds. We gave money to help find lost and missing children. Not to give more publicity to a family who themselves are unwilling to help find their own child.
Listen folks, there are much more reputible places to give your money than Never Lose Hope. Equisearch is a much more deserving charity. And they certainly didn't cater to Cindy Anthony but did the job that needed to be done. If weather and TS Fay's remnants had not stopped them we might now know where Caylee is today.
If George and Cindy don't get a grip and learn to handle the pressure they are both going to end up either in jail for doing something terrible to the demonstators or searchers or lose it entirely and end up in a straight jacket. The Casey will feel like she;s hit the Daily Double. No daughter and no parents to put a damper on her young life. Except for those pesky cellmates, of course!

Englewood, CO

#52 Sep 10, 2008
basketcase wrote:
<quoted text>
New Yorkers are here on this forum.
And Californians as well.

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