Leader of Orlando-area motorcycle clu...

Leader of Orlando-area motorcycle club assaulted on Veterans Day

There are 760 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Nov 18, 2007, titled Leader of Orlando-area motorcycle club assaulted on Veterans Day. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

Joe Rodak, local boss of the Warrior Brotherhood Veterans Motorcycle Club, rolled up to the group's clubhouse after a 100-mile ride across Central Florida on Nov.

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Chula Vista, CA

#93 Nov 19, 2007
John wrote:
<quoted text>
You got it backwards, there is currently two warriorbrotherhood clubs. The original club that Joe belonged too and a new group made up of members that quit or were thrown out a year ago.
If he was out of the club and still was wearing the patch the the Warrior Brotherhood should have took it back, but they can not take care of thier own buisness.

Moss Point, MS

#98 Nov 19, 2007

Stafford, VA

#99 Nov 19, 2007
amazed wrote:
No flag was tore in half period.
A comment from someone that was KICKED out of the club means nothing.
The VNV/Legacy MC are not posers they are Veterans and they are an MC. If you don't live in the MC world you have no business saying anything. There is more to this story then will be told her. Just know, nothing happens without a reason.
The real WBVMC belief is that VNV MC did not tear any American Flag, all of have fought way to hard for way to long and will continue to do so, to never see that flag harmed in any way. And whose to say VNV MC was even there? Mr Rodak? I have already pointed out his integrity violations.

Jacksonville, NC

#100 Nov 19, 2007
amazed wrote:
<quoted text>
If he was out of the club and still was wearing the patch the the Warrior Brotherhood should have took it back, but they can not take care of thier own buisness.
He was out of the club and we did take back our stuff then he altered the another patch and tried changing the name a little, which in turn became a legal issue. Beleive me we take care of our own buisness, sometimes though it is better to use the legal system (same system used against us) for us. While we don't condone calling the cops, we are all for using a lawyer. Beside why bother with the guy repeatedly if he is just going to call the law to protect him, my bail fund is kind of low as it is. hahahha

Sarasota, FL

#101 Nov 19, 2007
In my book, a poser is someone trying to appear as someone they are not, in reality. One who violates the "Stolen Valor" act, one who believes that riding a certain Bike brand or wearing certain types of clothing, in an effort to gain some standing in life. Someone who rides with "tough guys" in order to feel tough. People who frequent every Biker event possible in order to feel like they are part of "the culture", fall into the "Poser" category in my judgment.
However, in reality, what has being a "poser" got to do with the subject at hand?
When, and if, all the truth comes out, there will still be no possible excuse for the criminal behavior described in this article. No matter who is at fault (fault being a matter of perspective for many here), this was a criminal act under federal guidelines.
Because it has been made public, it affects all of us who ride, especially in Florida. That makes it my business, and the business of every rider in this state. We will all suffer the consequences of this criminal behavior.
I am also a Vietnam era veteran of ten years active service. "Veterans" attacking "Veterans" on "Veteran's Day"? I take this real personal, as should every honorable Veteran..

Tavares, FL

#102 Nov 19, 2007

Portsmouth, VA

#103 Nov 19, 2007
I'll just add to this. Like I said earlier, I know the VNV/LG Vets MC and they aren't bad guys. They have all served honorably. They are mostly a bunch of men who want what they had in the military and the club has brought them that. What's wrong with that? I have been to their events and as long as you don't disrespect them, they won't disrespect you. The guys that say they have problems were probably a#$holes who formed a Vet club and thought they were all that and disrespected them. When I have been to their events, I have seen other Vet clubs supporting their events with no problems. Why? Because those clubs are coming in respectful. YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE. And so what two Vet clubs don't get along? Do all 1%ers get along? Nuf said. As for this Jammer guy, I think he is showing total integrity on what he's taking responsibility for and manning up to it. Perhaps whoever took out the trash, is what needed to be done. Regardless if it is VNV or WB, the trash was taken out and perhaps maybe now this will end whatever the dispute was.
in the know

Tavares, FL

#104 Nov 19, 2007
What Happened in California did VNV lose members? 4 0n 1 is not fair
Military then and Now

Washington, DC

#105 Nov 19, 2007
As the daughter of a WW11 vet, wife of a Vietnam vet now deceased/agent orange and mom of a serving soldier in Iraq, I'm throughly disgusted with the Orlando VVMC and their actions. They're gutless punks who have embarrassed everything they stood for. They shall be known at the "Orlando Be-aaches"...

Portsmouth, VA

#106 Nov 19, 2007
From what I can see, I think WBMC learned the hard way that when you set up a club, keep the dirty cops out of it as well as the a@$holes. Because at the end of the day, you have to account for them. This goes with any club. Pick the right people to be with. I think Jammer and his brothers tried to do what's right but better late than never. Whenever cops are in a mixed (cop/non-cop club), They always seem to struggle from their non-cop brothers to fit in. The only cop club that I ever seen and looked at as legite is the Blue Knights. They are ALL cops but live by their LE standards. Hence, this is perhaps why you don't ever hear about them getting in trouble. They only brothers that have to impress is their other cops buddies.

Portsmouth, VA

#107 Nov 19, 2007
PS. I'm referring to the California incident with them.

United States

#108 Nov 19, 2007
I have been following this story and reading the comments. What I fail to see in this discussion is what is the consequence because of the actions of those that chose to plan an attack and execute it on a fellow citizen of this country. I have seen the words “Domestic Terrorism” used and I have to agree that anyone who uses threats of violence, intimidation, and actual attacks to promote their agenda on citizens in this country is just that- A TERRORIST. You can’t sugar coat it by saying the man that was attacked wasn’t a good guy. He still is a citizen of this country and our laws, not biker protocol, rule. A judge and jury decide who will be punished according to the laws of his land. Being a veteran, good one or bad one, has absolutely nothing to do with who is allowed to get beat up and who is not. NO ONE IS. If you are a veteran, then you and every one who ever gave their life for this country took the same Oath of Allegiance. We know it by heart and some of us have taken it to heart.

If you have chosen to put “biker protocol” over our laws and our constitution then you
disrespect all of us who have served and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice to ensure all of our rights under that constitution. If you want to live by another standard of laws…move to another county.

Now what will be the consequence of this type of behavior in the motorcycling community?
Those that don’t already have it will be getting concealed weapons permits and carrying guns. It will only be a short period in time before someone shots some one else and then all hell breaks out. Those groups that continue to ignore the law, will not live and let live will cause this to happen. That is a pretty sad thing when Americans can’t enjoy the freedom that they fought for and have to go back to war in their own homeland to ensure
security and freedom. If attacks continue on citizens then the citizens will fight back.
For those of you that don’t know history you are about to get a lesson if things don’t change in the biking community. I guess time will tell.

Peru, IN

#113 Nov 19, 2007
Right or wrong...the fact that Joe was beaten was due to his own actions not due to his club affiliation. That becomes obvious throughout the posts here and at other sites reference this article. What I beleive all of us are missing is the fact that the reporter who wrote this story did not take the time necessary to check all the facts. If he would have, he would have known how much of a discrace Joe and his cronies are not only as Veterans but in the MC world too. The reporter heard of an incident where one biker (supposidly a club leader) got beaten by another club and he took the opportunity to make a mountain from a mole hill by making it look like once again those bad a** bikers are causing trouble instead of checking all the facts. There is still no proof there was ANY CLUB AFFILIATION responsible for the beating. If VNV did take Joe's colors then I say THANKS. If it was just any old group of bikers or truckers for that matter I say thanks again. I do not necessiarilary condone the beating of another veteran, I simply know the man inolved and know he has caused trouble throughout the MC world. As for a fued between the VNV and the WBVMC, I know of no such creature.

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#114 Nov 19, 2007
This is Club Business. If you are not in either club then keep your mouth shut, and an EX member probably means quit or thrown out. Either way, a ‘nobody” as far as I am concerned, and has no f@#$%^ opinion.
Biker X

Gainesville, FL

#115 Nov 19, 2007
Jammer, you are letting everyone know what a ass and immature loud mouth you are. Your daddy Rocky is behind most of this crap. He was the one that called Vampire, and threatened him and his family. Your part of the club is the one that is full of loud mouths and liars. If you are the real Warrior Brotherhood, why is the founder and ex president. with Joes group.It was your group that broke away, and had a phony election that no one heard about.
About the incident in California with the VNCMC three of the VNV members attacked a Warrior Brotherhood member, and cut him with a knife twice
before he shot one of them. P.S. He was a retired police officer that never fired a weapon in his career. For you VNVMC members,your member wern't set up. Why was one member wearing a bullet proof vest, if they wern't looking for trouble. And for your information, Rocky is the only cop with the old WBVMC, and the only cop, and he is still in your break-off chapter. Shame on you, and shame on him also.

Jacksonville, NC

#122 Nov 19, 2007
whatever this is a waste of time

Sarasota, FL

#123 Nov 19, 2007
Jim-VNVLV MC wrote:
This is Club Business. If you are not in either club then keep your mouth shut....
You need to wake up! If this is a true account, this is every American's business. Doesn't matter who, or what, is behind this kind of behavior.. The rights of an American citizen were violated.. The image of Veterans, all Veterans, has been tarnished yet again.. You support that, you are as guilty as the people who did this..

Atlanta, GA

#124 Nov 19, 2007
Republican Christian wrote:
Sounds like a helluva beatin. Joe Rodak got his butt whooped in front of everybody and aint noone done nothin to defend him. The cowards are the posers that stood there and watched their club president take a boot to the behind. This here's america, it's survival of the strongest.
He had his members with him ( those not working ) which was "3" Kinda hard to help defend when the odds were 11+ better to 1. And Your right at least on the "Its America" which is founded on The strongest Defending, Not attacking.

Atlanta, GA

#125 Nov 19, 2007
Vampire wrote:
Really, I didn't know. 57 brothers from my club gather together to go for a night ride. What can I say?
Hmmm how about answering the statement made buy your brothers, "Our national leaders commanded us to do this." Feel free to check with the police,it's in there report from On-site witness's.

Atlanta, GA

#126 Nov 19, 2007
Brodey wrote:
OK enough is enough. I have it on good authority that Joe Rodak was no longer a member of the WBVMC and had no right to be wearing the colors of the club. Why was he not a member any more??? Because of crap like this!! The WBVMC was reformed and his entire chapter was KICKED OUT BAD. The poser was JOE and his crew. Frankley by the VNV Kicking his ass and taking his colors the VNV simply got rid of problem child.
Joe Rodak was not "kicked out" of the WBVMC. He is/has been a Up standing member since his joining back in 2003. I know this because I'm the Ga State Rep for the Warrior Brotherhood in Ga. Ga being the founding state of the WBVMC, That's Warrior Brotherhood Veterans Motorcycle Club. You can find us at warriorbrotherhood.us, Our clubs Purpose is simply this: To support our troops and Veteran's. There is no other subject more important than that to US. We are a Veterans Motorcycle Club, not a Motorcycle Club. We are Law abiding motorcyclist, such as 87% of other Motorcycle Clubs, an as such we work with law enforcement to ensure that our Community's are safe. Our service to this country didn't stop with our departure from the military.

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