Leader of Orlando-area motorcycle clu...

Leader of Orlando-area motorcycle club assaulted on Veterans Day

There are 759 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Nov 18, 2007, titled Leader of Orlando-area motorcycle club assaulted on Veterans Day. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

Joe Rodak, local boss of the Warrior Brotherhood Veterans Motorcycle Club, rolled up to the group's clubhouse after a 100-mile ride across Central Florida on Nov.

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Borlänge, Sweden

#617 Jul 26, 2009
I hope this BS conflict is over and done with now.
vets should be supporting each other insted of fighting, we´ve allready done our fighting.

North Reading, MA

#618 Jul 26, 2009
Diesel, you claim to be VNVMC, If true I know that you know exactly what VNVMC Northeast is. If you claim otherwise, you are not VNV.

Las Vegas, NV

#619 Aug 6, 2009
puppet wrote:
I hope this BS conflict is over and done with now.
vets should be supporting each other insted of fighting, we´ve allready done our fighting.
old Gunny

United States

#620 Aug 16, 2009
What a shame..I've participated in over 200 funerals with honors for my brother Marines to read of this trash...yes you did choose the 1% life style...so remove anything that has to do with MY Corps! These kids didn't die for this...I am ashamed of you and so is Chesty Puller, Daniel Daily Smedley Butler and the Commondant...why? Why Marine would you tarnish the Eagle Globe and Anchor by attaching it to criminality?...why...yeah,I'm retired and I ride aultra classic, just came from Sturgis as a matter of fact and I talked to a couple of young gents in the Leathernecks MC, they were polite and we talked Corps, duty stations, etc. Because I have a cheron and a retired Marine patch on my vest...I guess I'm ignorant..and I do not dislike any of you..but damn it! I can't excuse the things I have read here...you men made your choices..but PLEASE, PLEASE think of what that E.G.A. meant to you when it was placed in your hand by your Drill Instructor..I cried like a baby and - bet you did too...well just the ramblings of an old Gunny trying to make sense of it all while I clean my gloves before I fold another flag. Semper Fidelis gentlemen...Sempre Fi...remember Beiruit.
old Gunny

United States

#621 Aug 16, 2009
Sorry for postin this twice, I don't have all my fingers since '82.

Lapeer, MI

#622 Aug 18, 2009
i may not like or respect the vnv/lv due to shit i've dealt with and saw how they are but i doubt they ripped a flag and to everyone who keeps sayin i don't get it.... you never will until you get into this world so shut up

Des Moines, IA

#623 Aug 19, 2009
This is the exact reason I won't join any of the clubs that claim to be military based. I have rode for close to 30 yrs. I have been on Jap Crap, now I am on Harleys, I have rode alone most of the time, spent some time around the clubs, and yes even joined the Leathernecks for a short amount of time. Now I ride with Marines (my son active duty) and others former. All I had witnessed while in the Leathernecks was infighting over stupidity. I for the life of me can't understand why Marines want to look, act, and emulate 1% clubs. I say if you want that way of life, join the Angles, Sons, or what ever club is in your state, and leave the Corps out of it. One of the best ways I have found Marines to ride with is through joining the Marine Corps League. You want a patch on your back to show your pride, Sgt. Grit at www.grunt.com has a couple that work great. I like old Gunny enjoy meeting Marine to talk of old sea stories, and bike rides. Have a few beers, and not worry if I have offended someone who doesn't understand Jar-heads. And yes I am signing how the people from my area know me.
Semper Fi
Leathernecks Nation

Marcus Hook, PA

#624 Aug 20, 2009
so where are you from, Buzz? maybe you were with the "wrong" Leathernecks?
Wife to a marine

Windermere, FL

#625 Aug 20, 2009
I have to agree with Buzz on some regards. My husband was in the Marine Corps for 9 years. Our last station was Fort Knox, KY where they have a small marine detachment. I witnessed first hand exactly why we DON'T want to be involved in that type of group. He still works for the government and needs to maintain his security clearance. All those groups do are cause trouble. You get some good ones here and there, but why do you have to be in a rough and tough club to ride? We have a touring bike. We stop at a bar to have a beer, not to have to back up some idiot that can't control himself just because we are part of the same club. I'll stand behind any Marine any day and so would my husband. However, if you go out and make an ass of yourself and get into a fight that is unjustified you are on your own. I get it Buzz. That's exactly why we ride alone or with just some close friends.

Des Moines, IA

#626 Aug 21, 2009
I am from Minnesota, I was told I was in the original one headquartered out of the east coast. The only other Leathernecks I was told was in existence at that time was in Los Angles. And I was informed that was ran by an EX-Air Force type who claimed to be a Marine. But your one line says volumes Leathernecks Nation, "Wrong Leathernecks" if you were honorably discharged from the Corps, or currently serving, how can there be a wrong one. It is not the Marine ideaology I have seen as the problem. It is the ones who want to emulate the clubs, not the Corps. The ones who want the MC cube and people who take up posts with-in the organization don't know what they are doing. Case in point. The Marines stationed in Yuma tried starting a chapter. The HMFIC was Scrape, a Gunnery Sargent who was coming to the end of his career. Three or four VNVMC cornered him in a Harley shop, and let him know with promises of violence against him or his family, that the Leathernecks were not cleared to be in Arizona. That they would have to pay into the Coalition and maybe it would be OK. That happened after he was told by Leathernecks then Treasure, now Pres. everything was good to go. I know of this incident because my son was stationed there at the same time and a part of that chapter. All the chapters were also getting told to it was up to them if they wanted to go ahead and just put the MC patch on, and as they did. That is when the command component of the Corps started telling Active duty types, they could no longer be in the Leathernecks, the Okinawa chapter was the first to go. Take a hint. If a club is wearing a MC cube and not a cop club, you are either paying into a criminal organization in that state ie the Coalition, Confederation, or you are ridding blind and they just haven't noticed you yet. As the Corps saw it that is that made you a security risk.
Now after saying all this, the Leathernecks I joined was suppose to be a family based club. Wives were even allowed to pay dues, and wear there own rocker. To me it was a way to give Marines a way to spend more time with their families, and our motorcycles, also help get VETs out of the homes by doing runs/picnics.
I hate to tell you Marines this, but I have found it easier, safer, and just better doing as I suggested in my earlier post. Join your local Marine League, go to the meetings, set up rides with the other Marines who ride. You should see the look in the older VETs eyes, as they look over your bike.

Bridgeport, CT

#627 Sep 4, 2009
Vnv mc members know where that beatting came from that little so called regional president STONE.

Bridgeport, CT

#628 Sep 5, 2009
He knows how to get things done when they need to be done. A real leader and very fair leader.
Fed UP

Macon, GA

#629 Sep 5, 2009
How about the vnv/lv that atacked the WBMC in Kenasaw Ga. for flying there rags and befor you
think I'm with the WB don't. I'v had my own dealings with a lv he was a real pussy! I ride in Military Club with a M/C cube on my back and damm proud of it. When the last vnv dies off so doe's the legacy.

Flemington, NJ

#630 Sep 9, 2009
LOL wrote:
Ha ha ha you are telling me these Vietnam vets are trying to act all young. They need to go sit in the barkalounger for a while. LOL LOL LOL Whoa Big deal nam is in the past these days it's all about iraq
Ignorence... just ignorence. My father was a VNV and in the end passed away from causes related back to VietNam. He never got to meet his Grandaughter and let me tell you something I have most respect for ANYONE who risked their life for my freedom and my father was a GREAT man who did a lot of good in his community and was also a long time president of one of the chapters of the VNVMC. I don't care about your biker politics and problems all I can say is, there are bad seeds but any respectabe American would NEVER show so much disrespect to ANY Vet! THANK YOU VNV's!!!! Some of us, who were not even born when the war was taking place are very thankful for all that you did and continue to do for us!

Madison, AL

#631 Sep 13, 2009
Its just a matter of giving a courtesy on who you are and what your MC is about especially to the 1%ers. If they see you down the road, they don't know if you are affiliated with one of their rivals, etc... and that is where some clubs get paranoid. You won't have any issues with the Vet clubs, just the 1%ers. For all they know, you could be a Support Club for another 1% club and that could sometimes being a way they sneak in and set up shop. In the 1%er world, this is very serious business. I'm sure you won't have any issues. Remember to be honest and up front with them.
GunnerD wrote:
Recently I attended a Leathernecks MC cubed gathering in Florida. I was slightly educated on the club I am a member of as being an unregistered mc and not reconized. I was told of possible backlashes that could occur if found in the wrong circles. Can someone explain 2 simple things; first, what happened to have jarheads acutally against one another (not like PI and Hollywood)second, I realize each club has simular basic beliefs, but if you are wearing the EGA and have served the Corps and country and have these beliefs then we are all brothers. Right???
8------D head

United States

#632 Sep 15, 2009
whaaa whaaaa, what a bunch of babies
Leathernecks Nation

Marcus Hook, PA

#633 Sep 15, 2009
Buzz, if you were having problems as a member of your local Leathernecks, then I would classify that as the "wrong" club for you as an individual. A Vet club becoming a member of their local Confederation of Clubs does not make them part of a criminal organization. "Paying in", as you put it, is not as big a deal as you make it out to be. Maybe $100 per year for CoC dues, and a nominal donation for the food supplied at a monthly meeting. For this, you get to meet with, and discuss pertinent issues, with other clubs in your area, in a non-hostile environment.
You also mention a "family-based club". That should indicate that the club is "family", you know, Brothers (and Sisters) are part of your family. It doesn't (or shouldn't) mean that your woman becomes a member, pays dues and wears a three-piece patch with rockers. We spend a great deal of time with our Brothers and their families, riding & socializing, fund-raising for worthy Marine-realted causes and promoting good will in our area. I am proud to be a member of the Leathernecks Nation.

Des Moines, IA

#634 Sep 17, 2009
It was the right group when I joined. It change when to many wanted to look and act like 1%ers. Also when have you ever heard of the CoC testifing infront of congress. And why can't there be cops at the meetings? And yes you do stand corrected, officially paying money to a CoC or a Coalition has always placed you as a security risk as far as Official channals have looked at it. And that was before Oboma.
And your right you do have a different definition of "Family" than I do. And why can't my "woman" pay her dues, and wear a three piece patch, I can't find that anywere in the Federal, State, or Local laws. She had to do her time as both a Marine Daughter, and Wife. She has earned her right to be laud and proud. The contract I signed 25 years ago, said to protect the constitution against all Foriegn and Demestic. If you discriminate against women joining, then do you also copy the 1%ers and only have one race in your club?

Pittsburgh, PA

#635 Oct 7, 2009
KAOS wrote:
<quoted text>
I will say this to both of you tough guys. Feel free to roll up on anyone in the Red and Black and see just how much road we have left. Or how well we take care of things when confronted. dont talk about--be about it
Hey Kaos you are so stupid you don'y even realize who you are talking to. I/We have stood up to you and you at the cabbage patch and all over the country for that matter, and you all b**ched down. If you want to quell the tension and quit looking over your shoulder, just have stone pick up the phone and call our boss in NC. You know who I'm talking about. Right down the street from you tough guy. Stone is a BITCH and has no honor. That is why he has been ducking us for almost 4 years. Just ask him. He'll probably lie like usual. He is a sleaze and has driven your organization into the ground. Your boy got a pass in J-ville NC last month. I would highly encourage you yo educate your nation on what is going on between us because it won't happen again.

Pittsburgh, PA

#636 Oct 7, 2009
Brother wrote:
<quoted text>
The legacy Vets MC was created out of the panic that eventually all the VNV will be dead. Just let it die already. Exactly what do you guys think? That a bunch of Johnny come latelys are going to step up and run other 100% military clubs that have been around for 25 years. As a member of one of these orgs, I can say that it'll never happen on my watch. Daddy won't always be there to bail you out so be careful who you piss off in the meantime.

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