Cops: Driver intoxicated in fatal crash

There are 20 comments on the May 26, 2007, Orlando Sentinel story titled Cops: Driver intoxicated in fatal crash. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

Brian Wallschlaeger had a blood-alcohol level more than four times the legal limit when he lost control of his vehicle in a crash that killed his 18-year-old passenger, officials found.

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#1 May 27, 2007
This is really unbelievable that this man was even aloud to drive again with his record. Now hes killed a beautiful young man that had everything going for him. My prayers really go out to the Sasowski & Faw family. I hope the courts punish him to the fullest extent of the law for this horable crime.
Hang him


#2 May 28, 2007
My prayers go out to the Sasowski family.
It's really a shame his dog Hiedi died and not him.

Loves Park, IL

#3 Feb 26, 2008
As for everyone who thinks that Mr. Wallschleager needed to be punished soooo badly, well, he has been. He is incarcerated for 10 years, have a heart people, to say that he should have died in the "tragic accident" rather than his dog is extremely immature....he lost his mother and his best friend not long ago. you should be ashamed of yourselves. Did anyone even think of what an 18year old was doing that night? I am a family member of Brians, and trust me even though it is terrible tat Chris died, he wasnt such an angel either.....

Loves Park, IL

#4 Feb 26, 2008
Also, did anyone know that Brian's family tried to make a small amend for this tragedy, by paying for the ENTIRE funeral......i doubt anyone thought about that

Loves Park, IL

#5 Feb 26, 2008
As for my point about what Chris was doing that night...ever wonder why he needed a ride home...he was drinking as well...look into the story before you judge
coupe -edgewater fl -

Melbourne, FL

#6 Feb 26, 2008
well well well..someone who thinks he knows what he is talking about. FIRST as far as brian being incarcerated for 10 yrs..big whoop..he is in a work release program and gets to leave everyday to do roadside work...let me know if you see my brother doing roadside work will ya? sure he would love to be doing that right now! SECOND..what my little brother was or wasnt doing that night is not the issue here buddy..what is the issue is that brians whole life has been d.u.i's, open containers,contibuting to the deliquency of minors, speeding ,accidents,boating accidents and himself under age drinking...further more Christopher was a passenger....THIRD..Christophe r wasnt getting a ride home from brian..his truck was at brians house.He was on his way to get his truck..FOURTH.. as far as this small amend..The furneral was already payed for and a 5,000 dollar check from mark w. was given to me from steve to give to my he whispered into my ear "this is big money to pay for immediate expenses"...and it was returned to him for civil tell me i need to look into the story any further..FIFTH...I have my brothers autopsy report and it says that caffeine and nicotene were the only foreign substances at that time.SIXTH...weeks after this accident brian had yet another run in with the marine patrol while drunk on his boat...and was driving this whole time even after his license was revoked...listen here pal if i was to have killed your brother in an accident, i can guarentee that i would not ever have drank again and would have gotten myself the help i needed...ask his sister in law how many times she took his keys after the crash and how he continued to drive drunk til the day he went to "prison" and how dr. choi prescribed him antibuse to help him stop drinking and the poor guy couldnt stop vomiting from this prescribed drug, so he just kept on that had to be tough!! NO..tough is holding your dead brother praying for a miracle ..knowing that he is gone and will never return..tough is that his identical twin has a constant reminder of his brother every time someone mistakes him for Christopher...YOU who ever you are get not a bit of sympathy from say have a heart huh? have no idea how heartless i am when it comes to this the way my name is Coupe..Christophers older brother...and you are?..i didnt catch your name!.sooo like i said before i have done nothing but look into this story for the past year...and i have every right to on the other hand are just useless information..and to conclude..i Coupe was the one that was talking to my Mother telling her how good of friends these two were and how much Christopher loved the family and how they loved him and that ruining brians life after this tragedy would not do any good and had my mother talked into going to court on brians behalf...until i learned about brians past and driving record thanks to good old . So "have a heart"?!?! up yours buddy!!!..the only good that came of this is that Christopher saved 5 other peoples lives...thanks to my Mothers generosity of donating her sons organs..the end result? Christopher does live on.
Coupe Faw...
coupe -edgewater fl -

Melbourne, FL

#7 Feb 28, 2008
[so tell me what an 18 yr old was doing that night? oh thats right it doesnt really matter cause he did not take someones life ito his hands! face the music pal..brian is a drunk and thats all...just 4 days before the accident i took my brother to get brians truck from a bar where luckily some one took his keys that night..and christopher was constantly picking up brian when he was drunk. not once did brian personally apoligize to my family you say have a heart...i will meet the person who has my brothers heart someday....until then ..shove it!!!.......coupe

Orlando, FL

#8 Mar 11, 2008
Nice post Coupe. God Bless your family.

Deland, FL

#9 Mar 11, 2008
thanks THI....i wish i knew who this LAP was! i guess he does not want to reply....take care
Tracey Wallschlaeger

Converse, TX

#10 Jun 9, 2008
I just found this post, and to say the least...I am shocked. First let me say, my name is Tracey....I was Brian's sister n law until a recent divorce. Im not sure who you were referring to Coupe as a sister n law taking Brians keys etc....but I would really like to know where you get your info. Okay, First let me say I AM sorry for what the WHOLE WALLSCHLAEGER family is. And Brian DID apologize to your family....but you Coupe were not in court that was the same day your mom asked the judge to hug Brian....As for ANY $$$$$ offered by the Wallschlaeger's, its sad to even have mentioned that- like its a money issue...its sooooooooo much more than that. It was a loss of life-but since you are talking $ I will go there with ya.....U mentioned 5,000 offered by the Wallschlaeger's to help with funeral expenses, I myself thought it was a NICE OFFER....because at the time, they thought maybe it would could reduce any financial stress from your family. What you guys had just lost, financial burdens would intensify your pain. The Wallschlaegers had a HEART to think of that for your family-As Steve (Brians brother) also thought when you yourself had financial burdens and lent you $1500 which I may add, was NOT paid back. Noone in Brians family took his alcohol issue lightly or as a joke- HE IS AN ALCOHOLIC- it is a disease!! And as you think you have all Brians medical records..and the prescriptions he was prescribed....he WAS taking a prescription to help him stop drinking- HE WAS SEEKING HELP. But when you post his medical history,I would suggest you KNOW IT. He seeked help for his DISEASE over the years....and as a lot of people, struggled with ADDICTION- This is NO WAY means he is a monster like you make him out to be. And if he was so heartless....YOUR OWN BROTHER didnt think so, thats why they were such good friends. And ONE more fact you have TOTALLY WRONG- Brian does not GET TO GO OUTSIDE OF THE PRISON HE IS IN- he DOES NOT do roadside work- again.....,I would like to know where YOUR information comes from because it is incorrect. And the Wallschlaeger's loved Chris...and would have given anything for this accident not to have happened- FOR YOUR FAMILYS SAKE AS WELL AS THEIR OWN! Brian was sentenced to pay for his mistakes...the judge sentenced him....and I know your family deals with heartache daily, and I am sorry for that....but he was legally prosecuted and was given what the court system felt...which was 10 years in prison. Your anger is something you need to deal with, for some sort of peace one day and I pray you can get there one day- Chris would not want all this anger. PS And if the Wallschlaeger family is so bad, why as of recently would you inquire seeking employment from them? Also let it be known the Wallschlaeger family paid medical expenses for Chris, as well as the insurance limits allowed on Brians policy- so in NO WAY have the WALLSCHLAEGERS not taken responsibility for this accident in EVERYWAY!!!! Including BRIAN himself!
Tracey Wallschlaeger

Converse, TX

#11 Jun 9, 2008
I want to also add, Brian himself paid 10 thousand dollars to Chris's estate as requested. So he took responsibility -both in the criminal courts as well as civil matters. No matter how much anger you lash out, it is not going to cure your pain. I realize with the heartache, it seems easier for people to just live blaming others and filling their life with hatred. I hope you can find peace in your heart somehow- Again, I am sorry for the loss in your life.
Outside looking In

Longwood, FL

#12 Jul 17, 2008
After reading these posts back and fourth between what is apparently 2 VERY hurt families..I must say that knowing Christopher, I would think 1st hand that he would not have wanted this all to take place..especially on a public TOPIX forum!
Coupe, I agree LAPs comments were COMPLETELY uncalled for. He or she lives far from here and has not witnessed any of the pain either of your families have to withstand. You live it daily. It saddens me terribly how much the whole family hurts. Anyone can look at you, your mom/dad and brother and see/feel the PAIN!
Coupe, you like your Mom has, have to concentrate on the positive. Christopher loved you effortlessly.And he still does. Remember the good times..he adored you! And live better so that you too can see him again in Heaven.

After reviewing Brians driving record. You are right he should not have had a license..that should have been taken away A LONG time ago and perhaps this never would have happened. Perhaps hed be serving time for repeatably driving on a revoked license.
No one has the answers...NOONE knows why.

I do know that Christopher wouldn't like ya'll fighting. As we ALL know..he wasn't a fighter.
The Lord has great plans for Christopher...leave the hatred behind and let Christopher rest in Peace. Allow him the peace of mind to live in the Light of the Lord. By doing so, you will feel him so very close to yourselves. Hes still just can't see him.
Gods Peace and Care to you all!

Rockford, IL

#13 Jul 22, 2008
Well, well, well. It seems to me that people seem to think that just because someone doesnt "live" in the area that they do not know points of a string of events that have happened i. I am Brian's cousin from Illinois. my mother grew up with all of the boys and whether they live in FLorida or Alaska, they are ourt family. And Coupe, I am a woman, so quite the "pal" and "buddy" crap. Learn the truth? Learn who you are talking to before you get so childish. Until the passing of his mother, my aunt Judy we were on a weekly basis of all of the current events in the lives of our relatives in Florida. As for now, we get pieces here and there, maybe not the whole truth as you have stated, but we hear enough. You seem like a bitter and angry person. I understand why, but i do not sympathize with you in any way other than the loss of a family member being a difficult thing to deal with. We all know that pain and suffering. I lost my aunt Judy, Brian's mother, who was a very wonderful human being and to say the least, would take what you and Unbelievable, Hang HIm and Outside have said and would have broken down and cried, only for the hurtfulness towards her flesh and blood. How could you assume for one second that you were the only family that had a tragedy? That is smallmindedness to the least. You rant and rave about your how your family is soooo upset and Brian is a monster, get over yourself. Brian had a problem, this we know, and as Tracy stated, he had a disease, which is something that you cant just "change" over night. Have some sense. Here's just one thought, if Chris knew Brian was a drunk, why did he get into the car with him? Im not trying to justify the actions, just bring some points to the mind that may allow others looking in to understand that as it was a tragedy, NOONE involved made good choices that night. I happen to believe in the Judicial system, whether it be the one that i deal with on a daily basis or the one in Florida, it all rules around the same principle of statutory laws and Brian got what was approprite to him per the Judge. You may not agree with the ruling, but thats not the point, the point is that someone (the "JUDGE") who deals with this on a daily basis who knows the laws and how to apply them to the situation felt that it was appropriate. I am sorry for your loss, but you cant argue what has happened now. You need to find a good way to deal with it and move forward in a healthy state of mind. You dont think that Brian feels terrible and has to live with this the rest of his life? Now, we all know that you Hate him with a capital H, but hating someone for an "Accident" makes noone feel any better. You just sit there hating and get madder and madder, doing good for noone. Im not telling you to let go of the pain, just manage it better. In my line of work i see people getting hurt from the pain of "accidents" and losing family members on a daily basis. it is easy for noone. Just deal with the pain in a productive manner and remember the good times you had and realize that in the long run it will all get easier. I was not responding to all of this for soooo long, because it is all childish and disprespectful to the memories of the lost and the future of the damned. You can post what you want and others can as well, but you will never realize that you are not the only ones suffering and your angry post is falling on deaf ears. I LOVE my family, as you should understand, and you just come off as a man who needs some direction and counseling for your hate. Hopefully you will see it for what it was someday, and accident that could have been avoided by both parties invovled.

Longwood, FL

#14 Jul 25, 2008
well first off far as brian ever apologizing to my mother i dont think a letter was sufficient and nothing more..and as far as me not being in court,,big deal, i still knew what went on,and further more she wouldnt allow me to go..and my info about you taking his keys and him not taking the medicine to help him with his "disease" came from a conversation with you and my girlfriend, for the money being brought up,,i didnt bring it up, his cousin did, so i commented on it..i could care less if the whole family shoved their money where the sun dont shine...if i could put a dollar sign on my brother u all would be broke...but u right its not about money so u need to scroll back up and see that i didnt bring up the money to begin far as the "loan from steve goes he told me and dana that we did not have to pay him back that paying him back would just put me further in debt,since i allready had taken a week and a half off work at that time..but since "you" wanna keep bringing up money,we will,..i think that if all brians prior alcohol related citations wouldnt have not been taken lightly and delt with in counseling and rehab instead of money to shrug them under the carpet that maybe this tragedy would not have happend...cause we both know that if it were i or some one else with prior dui and wreckless driving and open containers on land and at sea that we would not be allowed to drive!..and as for the employment i could never work for your family i was simply wanting to ask steve if he knew of anyone hiring since he knows alot of people...tracy "i" never said that brian was a monster nor did i say i hate him or anybody else in your family..actually i went to visit steve twice at his house when he hurt his leg before this "loan" took place..and as for brian him and i became friends after all this mess we even went out to lunch was when brian wouldnt stop talking about getting high with my brother and how he missed smoking with him did i distant myself with him,since i dont smoke and dindt like that my brother did..i didnt want to hear it...for the whole work release comment i was totally wrong and was mis informed by the state attorney....i also want to say that at the time i was enraged at his cousins post and have calmed down a bit since then...i know brian is sorry and so is the rest of the family..i never doubted that..and i am sorry for you as well for the passing of your father i believe that i was told....tracy i am not a hateful person allthough it might have sounded lik it at the time...i hope brian gets the help he needs and comes out disease free..oh and as far as his sentence was a plea bargain..which is an offer from the state in leu of a trial..had he went to trial he could have and possibly would have got 15 years.."WE" didnt like the fact that he was free for so long and wanted him in jail, so the state offered a deal and he took it....i understand both our families suffered a huge loss and i never said i hated was i that originally went to bat for brian with my family,because i knew christopher really liked him,and that two wrongs wouldnt have made a right...i am over all the pain now and hope for the best for brian and your family...did u know that in the begining of this year that because of all this i was baker acted to the a.c.t. corporation after i couldnt take all this anymore and drove my truck to the tree and commited suicide..yes i was dead and they brought me back..i know now that it was the wrong thing to do and i was terribly embarrassed over the whole idea...but thats how hard this hit me..anyway tracy i hope that u can see that i am not mad nor am i a hatefull person..i understand that it was an accident i just feel that it could have been avoided...and i want to ad that it wasnt me that started all this mess on here..anyone seeing there family being talked about in this manner would have done the same!!

Plymouth, MN

#15 Jul 25, 2008
LAP wrote:
As for everyone who thinks that Mr. Wallschleager needed to be punished soooo badly, well, he has been. He is incarcerated for 10 years, have a heart people, to say that he should have died in the "tragic accident" rather than his dog is extremely immature....he lost his mother and his best friend not long ago. you should be ashamed of yourselves. Did anyone even think of what an 18year old was doing that night? I am a family member of Brians, and trust me even though it is terrible tat Chris died, he wasnt such an angel either.....
So two wrongs make a right. Because the victim had issues he deserved to die? You need to rethink your excuses for this jerks reprehensible actions. Put him back in jail.

Loves Park, IL

#16 Jul 25, 2008
Maxfield wrote:
<quoted text>
So two wrongs make a right. Because the victim had issues he deserved to die? You need to rethink your excuses for this jerks reprehensible actions. Put him back in jail.
Wow Maxfield, you sure know how to take things out of context. I never said that Chris deserved to die, NOR does Brian. Bad mistakes were made by both parties and unfortunately a tragedy occurred from it. "Put him back in jail." ??? Um, he's still in jail.
I suggest you read my last post and then you'll see what i meant. Basically, its just as Coupe stated you hear someone talking about your family, you react.


On a side note to Coupe. It is good that you have found a better way to deal with the pain and hurt. The sad thing in life is that sometimes we have to hit "bottom" to realize how better things can and will be.

Melbourne, FL

#17 Jul 25, 2008
lap..i never said i found other ways to deal with anything....yeah brian hit bottom and took my brother with him...i dont want to talk about this anymore it is getting out of control....and it all revolves around ur original post....its funny that people who dont even know me or my family can figure this out and feel the same as i did in the begining

maxfield..i understand what ur saying except it was brian who had issues and the passenger died due to the issues and the passenger/victim was my bro. and yes he is in jail and i hope for the best for him when he is released ....sorta like a second chance..hope he stays off the booze if not then he doesnt care...time will tell!!

Loves Park, IL

#18 Jul 25, 2008
Well, i may be wrong but you stated that you were over the pain and hope Brian comes out of jail disease free, to me, that seems like an "other" way to deal with it rather than ranting anger. You just get too defensive, even when someone tries to state the progress that you "write" that you have made from trying to commit suicide.

It is funny that people will tend to sympathsize with the one who actually had the loss and not see into the further details of the situation, but everyone has their opinion, thats the sad thing about it, people assume. it seems to me that to try to commit suicide would be like hitting bottom, but to each his own. And I was not the original poster on this blog, Unbelievable was, once again, you misstate the obvious.

I can see that from the responses that you have made, you are just to closed off to accepting a sincere sentence that it proves useless to try to make one. You deal with your pain how you want. we will continue to pray for Brian and hope to have a healthy and wiser man when he goes home.

To all of you that are just too closed minded on all of this....good luck!
Share your thoughts and posts to others, i think the main points on this blog have gotten lost and it is ridiculous to try to explain myself when idiots are the ones trying to comment on them.

Longwood, FL

#19 Jul 25, 2008
the main point is brian was drunk ...shouldnt have had a license with a driving record like he did..but we all know why he did..christopher made a mistake by getting into brians truck,,which doesnt make him at fault..(not to mention that everyone knew brian was too drunk and didnt say a thing)and then brian crashed about 3 or 4 miles down the road,killing christopher,,which according to his(christophers) autopsy he had nicotene and caffiene in his body....what else do you want me to one can change it...i truley feel for brian...i dont go one day without thinking about this...i hope brian gets the help he should have gotten at his first dui...and ur right u wernt the first post and i didnt get involved till you were rant and raving.....its done and over with..futher more need to explain yourself...its all in black and white..and no need to call anyone an idiot..dont gorget your commenting as well...have a nice night...your name was??

Winter Springs, FL

#20 Jul 25, 2008
Another great example of why we need to raise the age we let these kids drive up so they can get their learner's permits at 18 and not be allowed to drive without a licensed adult sitting along side of them for any reason whatsoever till they are 21. People keep talking about seniors when the real killers are these kids with their undeveloped frontal lobes where caution and fear of what might happen doesn't "come on line" till they are at least 21 and in some cases even later.[ Ever stop and think why the Marines just love these stupid 18 year old kid who will go "Hoo Rah" and charge a machine gun?
An older man would say - "You charge the damned thing sarge, I'll cover you" - with a sheet later ]

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