Privilege Waived - Part II . . . Rem...

Privilege Waived - Part II . . . Remember Me?

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Dominic Casey

Longwood, FL

#1 Aug 9, 2014
There was no accidental drowning. Caylee’s death was premeditated murder ... the reader will learn the identity of the murderer, the identity of the person who disposed of Caylee’s body, the identity of ‘Zannie the Nanny’ and the reality behind the infamous woods video.

The facts of the case are supported by the evidence ... the evidence is undisputed. This 650+ page, fast-paced book will be available at Amazon Kindle in this month for $2.99.


Since: Jul 14


#2 Aug 9, 2014
Dominic Casey wrote:
There was no accidental drowning. Caylee’s death was premeditated murder ... the reader will learn the identity of the murderer, the identity of the person who disposed of Caylee’s body, the identity of ‘Zannie the Nanny’ and the reality behind the infamous woods video.
The facts of the case are supported by the evidence ... the evidence is undisputed. This 650+ page, fast-paced book will be available at Amazon Kindle in this month for $2.99.
Are sales so dismal you have to do your own shilling?
Level 1

Since: Jan 09

Location hidden

#3 Aug 9, 2014
Why would anyone read this book, let alone pay to read it. A man who lied about why he was in the area of little Caylee's remains and a physic was guiding him when all along it was probably Mommy Dearest who told him where Caylee's remains were.

The guy playing footsies with Cindy at the RItz?

Why he spilling his guts now when he couldn't even get his act together on the stand under oath and tell the truth?

Don't spend one dime to read this! Don't put one penny in his pocket. Don't know if Casey gave him her blessing to write this or will get a cut of the proceeds..but this is another one jumping on the bandwagon to get his share of blood money off the murder of Caylee. If he knows who killed Caylee and revealing it in this book, he should be charged with withholding/falsifying evidence during the trial. JMHO.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#4 Aug 10, 2014
Dear Dominic,
You certainly have a right to be heard, and your
views deserve a fair hearing.
This question is strictly on the level: "Do you think
that Casey MUST be innocent in order to be loved?
I think God does EVERYTHING for a purpose,
INCLUDING allowing Casey's acquittal.
I am one of the few people who believe that Casey
actually committed this crime but love her just the
Guilty or innocent, she's only 28 for Heaven's sake.
God is by no means through with her. If she can manage
reformation, she can be an inspiration for all mankind.
God gave her a second chance, and so should we!
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#5 Aug 11, 2014
To be on Casey's side is to be on God's side,
because only God could save Casey, and He did!
Level 1

Since: Jan 09

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#6 Aug 11, 2014
Lon Spector wrote:
To be on Casey's side is to be on God's side,
because only God could save Casey, and He did!
Is that our sermon for the day? Praise Jesus, but my God is also a vengeful God..

King James Bible

To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.

God's clock is ticking for your girl. God doesn't forgive anyone that breaks his commandments, Thou Shalt Not Kill.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#7 Aug 12, 2014
That is from the FORMER dispansation.
Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ, we are now
governed by the "Mystery."
Universal reconcillation! The entire universe is in
the fold! There is no yesterday! There is only NOW!
Take Casey into your heart and home!
Caylee is NOT embittered. She has forgiven her
mother for what she has done. She lets Bygones be
Bygones. So should you!

New York, NY

#8 Aug 13, 2014
Let's acess where we are now. Casey is in hiding.
Her quality of life is is pretty good except for the fact
she must hide. Materially speaking, her life is on par
with what it was at home.
Casey might like to have the ability to move around
more freely. We don't know PERCISELY where she is now.
Casey's long range objective is independant living
and interaction with signifiant others. In order to do this
Casey must either go underground. or move away where
she is not quite known. This requires income, and Casey
doesn't want to earn this income in an undignified way.
Is Casey's objective to live a happy life, or is it to get
posessions? If Casey wants a happy life, she must earnestly
being a spiritual studies program with like minded people
who won't hold her past against her. To get into a program
she must ininitally conceal herself and win the trust of the
people there. If her idenity is discovered some MIGHT react
adversly, but most would accept her-once they know her.

New York, NY

#9 Aug 13, 2014
Casey must belong to a community of people
who love her and accept her exactly as she is.
If Casey retains her attractive appearence, she will
gain acceptance for that alone, The youngamerican
royality company is using Casey in their promotional
videos. So Casey should be recieving reimbersement
from them if she isn't already.
Casey must be provided with "pointers" on how she
can live the most contented life possible.
Not EVERYONE is concerned with getting a "pound of flesh."

New York, NY

#10 Aug 14, 2014
The haters will not stop Casey! She's much to
strong for that.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#11 Aug 15, 2014
Casey needs a man her age that she can forge
a future with. A man in who's arms she can find
scantury. There are plenty of men who would
voleenter for the task. The prospect must be vetted
to see if he is trustworthy.
He must put Casey a close second AFTER his
relationship with Jesus. Casey must tolorate that.
If she can't, then there really is no hope.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#12 Aug 16, 2014
Is Casey's team hoping that the masses of people
will give up their hate? Most people have moved on
because of major life concerns. They moved on from
O.J. until they were reminded.
There are a few DIE HARD haters, but MOST have
moved on. These diehards can't over rule the law.
Unless the media fans the flames nobody can stop
Casey. Casey is less and less of a story as time goes
on. Casey's main problem is that she has to walk on
egg shells because she never knows in a crowd if
one or two people might recognise her. Most will not.
And the worst they can do is stare and snicker.
The crime that Casey did DOES NOT merit a lifetime of
misery. Only God is Casey's judge-now. And if Casey
accepts Jesus Christ as her personal savior in a heartfelt
manner, she has passed from judgement to forgiveness.
"With man it is impossible. With God ALL THINGS are
Casey can no longer associate with her old crowd, that
abandoned her anyway. She needs to be with spiritually
oriented people who seek
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#13 Aug 16, 2014
the Kingdom Of Heaven. She could try to do this
in the open and see how it works out. It would be
a risk. If it's a TRUE association, most people would
NOT hold Casey's backround against her.
Or, Casey might first attend meetings in disguse.
If she can win a few friends they WOULD'NT leave her.
Famualarity does NOT breed contempt. It actually
makes friends.
I also recomend chats on the Ennagram Institue line
because she can friend other 7's, see how healhy
7's operate, and maybe Toypology Central.
Casey would be surprised to know how many people
DO NOT hate her. She might feel uncomfortable being
"studied" but many studiers become friends and lovers.
Casey should listen to the song: "Fool If You Think It's

Chula Vista, CA

#14 Aug 16, 2014
Casey's main problem is that she killed her daughter and got away with it.

If anyone merits a lifetime of misery, it is a woman who KILLED HER CHILD.

A woman who has never shown a moment's remorse.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#15 Aug 17, 2014
I do not hold Casey's crimes against her because
she wasn't born again when she comitted them.
She didn't have the Holy Spirit inside her when she
did them. ALL have sinned and fallen from the glory
of the Father. That's why we can't judge, and why
Christ had to come to earth and live a sinless life
to save us. His precious blood counts for Casey
as well.
Casey's first go round in the church was insincere.
She was just hiding out. She wasn't ready to give her
life to Christ. In fact, "No man can come to Christ
EXCEPT the Father call him." It really is like listening to
another language.
When Jesus Christ asked Peter who He was, Peter
responded: "Thou art the Christ, Son of The Living God."
Christ said, "Blessed art thou Peter, because NO MAN
told you that, only the Father in Heaven." When God
opens Casey's heart she too, will respond.
Casey isn't just Chaney Mason's problem. She is OUR
problem as well. The Father allowed Casey to be accquitted as a "test case" for our love.
When we help Casey
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#16 Aug 17, 2014
we are helping Christ, because Casey (Who is
nomially Christian) is one of "the least of these."
If we give Casey the hate filled brush off then we
are rejecting Christ.
Christ doesn't approve of Casey's actions of course,
but He doesn't want us to judge her, we are sinners
He isn't. Right now Casey is as vulnerable as her
daughter was. We must demonstrate that we function
at a higher level then Casey did. Don't kill Casey with
hate. "Kill" her with kindness.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#17 Aug 18, 2014
Casey DID NOT remove herself from this world by
her actions. The Apostle Paul, when he was named
Saul, killed plenty of people. God accepted him and
made him part of His plans. He was the lest likely
candidate that one would have expected, but it was
part of God's plans.
Casey's freedom is ALSO part of God's plan.
True, most humans cannot figure out why, but that
is beside the point. Casey prevailed against almost
impossible odds. Only a miracle could save her, and
the miracle happened. If you can't say anything positive
about Casey, don't say anything at all.
Love her! She could be around here for another 70
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#18 Aug 19, 2014
Here are some pointers for Casey to be happy:
!) Stay in the present. Don't regret the past or worry
about the future. If your material needs are being met
you don't have to worry about physical survival.
2)Never be negative no matter how discouraging
life seems. The machancailistic haters want to direct
your actions. They want to manipulate your actions
so you make a mistake and land you back in prision.
Don't take the bait and rush at provactions. "Tit for
Tat" won't get you anything. Good is good and bad is
bad and never the two will meet.
3) Don't waste energy struggling against negative
emotions. SEE through them. See that hatred, vengence
anger, resentment,regret, and fear are USELESS.
They are just mechinical responses. BE HERE NOW!
That's all you can do ANYWAY. You can't undo the past.
You want to own your life. You don't want negative
emotions to own you.
Don't SURPRESS negativity. Cry if you must, But KNOW
that the tears, in and of themselves are USELESS.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#19 Aug 19, 2014
The negativity will vanish if:
a) You don't cling to it and...

b) See that it serves no useful purpose.
No one KNOWLINGLY harms themselves. If you
REALLY know that NEGATIVITY is self-harming waste
you won't remain in it long. There is nothing to fight
against. Only something to see.

4) When you're REALLY up against a physical and
emotion problem you can't handle, ask Jesus Christ
for help. Don't ask Christ for a specific outcome, just
the spiritual and emotional strength to deal with the
problem.'THY WILL BE DONE!"
Christ said He wouldn't subject us to more then we could
bear. With Christ's help we can bear EVERYTHING because Christ bore everything!
When praying to Jesus specifically use the words, "Pity"
and "Mercy." "Please Jesus, have mercy on _______."
"Have pity on ______" This is especially helpful in the case
of physical illness. Many who asked Christ for help used
those words and recieved results.

New York, NY

#20 Aug 20, 2014
Casey, you are part of humanity as we all are.
You have equal rights to life, liberity, and the pursuit
of happiness everyone else has!
You made a mistake but your life is far from over!
It's NOT where you start, it's where you actually end up!
I'm sure that MANY have contacted you offering support.
The hounding WILL eventually end. Stay as strong as you
can. You will eventually trimupth!

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