Casey Anthony maintains baby sitter w...

Casey Anthony maintains baby sitter was not fabricated

There are 317 comments on the Newsday story from Feb 26, 2014, titled Casey Anthony maintains baby sitter was not fabricated. In it, Newsday reports that:

A bankruptcy judge has ruled that Casey Anthony won't have to pay most of her debts.

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Since: Sep 11

Weeki Wachee, Florida

#47 Apr 13, 2014
SOMEBODY IS OFF THEIR MEDICATION!!!! I'm not saying that to be funny or clever. It is clearly obvious.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#48 Apr 14, 2014
Casey's ultimate fate is up for grabs. God's will
be done. That's all I'm saying.
If Casey recieves the "basic" things of life-sunshine,
air and water, she is ALSO deserving of love. That IS
also a necessity of life.
Even though she didn't give these things to her daughter
is NO reason we shouldn't give them to Casey.
Christ said "Forgive them because they know not what
they do."
Casey knew with her "brain" that what she did was
wrong. That's why she tried to conceal it. But she
didn't know with her HEART that what she did was wrong.
That's why she could smile about it. She is a sociopath.
I would no more trust her with a child, then I would
trust a fox to guard the hen house.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#51 Apr 15, 2014
All negativity is WASTE! "Le Bella Vitia" IS the
CORRECT attitude to have! Where Casey went wrong
was in her belief that she had to choose BETWEEN
"The Beautiful Life" and snuffing out her daughter's
life. She didn't realize she could have both.
She used her daughter as a bargaining chip with her
mother. She held the threat of taking Casey away over
Cindy. There was a power struggle over the child.
When Cindy finally had enough and finally put her
foot down, Casey was backed into one of her famous
"corners." Like the character in the film, "We Need To
Talk About Kevin," Casey was out of options. Like Adam
Lanza (Who knew his mother was finally going to take
action against him) Casey knew she had to strike.
Killing Caylee had two advantages: Punishing Cindy and
bringing her closer to Tony Lazoral.
Casey was in a pleasure seeking "manic" state. That's
why she was addicted to exciting activities. She felt
"sufficated" by Caylee, so she returned the "favor."
Such is the tunnel vision of a sociopath.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#52 Apr 16, 2014
Notwithstanding that, Jesus DIED for Casey.
Therefore, if she TRULY professes her faith
in Christ (Recites the "Sinner's Prayer) and
desires REAL CHANGE, she CAN be forgiven for this
and ALL other sins she has committed. And REAL
Christians should welcome her back with open arms!
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#53 Apr 17, 2014
I wouldn't expect MOST people to understand the
things I write here, because most are not Born
Again Christians.
Most people could NOT understand how a man
named Macavoy could forgive the murderer of his
son Hugh, who was shot dead while chatting on a
street corner with his friends. Another boy strode up
to Hugh and put a gun up to his forehead.
"Who you laughing at man?" he asked. Hugh turned
white. The boy pulled the trigger and murdered Hugh
right there. What was Hugh's father's response?
"I have no bitter feelings at all."
Don't assume that Mr. Macavoy didn't love his son by
that statement. He most certainly loved his son as he
loved God.
For those of you who one day hope to find Casey
double-bagged and ducted tapped: Just remember
the things that the Man from Nazereath said 2,000
years ago:"For I say unto you, LOVE your enemy and
be kind to those who despitefully use you. For if you
love only your friends, what is your reward? Do not the
publicans do as much?
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#54 Apr 18, 2014
Perhaps it might be easier to forgive if you
actually knew where Caylee is RIGHT NOW, and
what her ultimate fate will be.
Many believe that Caylee lives on now. They believe
that she has recieved her "Angel Wings." Isn't that
the fate of "good" people? No, it is not! None of us
are "good" enough to be saved. Even adorable
children. The Bible says "ALL have fallen below the
glory of God." (Even Angels, incidently.) It also says
"Our reigthousness is like FILTHY RAGS. Humans,
simply can't raise above their sin filled natures.
That's why Christ had to come to earth to begin with
anyway. "The wages of sin are DEATH." Nobody lives in
HELL FIRE for all eternity.
So why do people believe in life after death? It's easy.
The Devil placed that idea into our first parents minds,
Adam and Eve. "You CAN eat of the Tree Of The
Knowledge Of Good and Evil. You will surely NOT die."
People have believed that since then. They unquestionly
believe it.
Sin entered the human race through Adam. Adam's
"sins" are imputed on to the backs of Mankind. It
doesn't matter how "innocent and sweet" the person
So what is poor Humanity to do? Easy. God sent His own
Son to live and die a SINLESS life in our place. Christ
OVERTURNS Adam! Christ cleared the way for our
acceptance. But first, we must accept Christ.
We don't have to follow ANY religion. Christ abolished
that. What we must do is accept Christ by making a
profession of faith to Him.
Caylee (and other babies) can't do that. Their minds
can't grasph it. Even the majority of adults can't grasp
it because they were raised in a religious atmosphere.
Only God can help you grasp it.
So where is Caylee now? She is in "repose." She is
awaiting resserection. At the conclusion of Christ's
1,000 year reign, she will be raised up in a physical
body, and will grow into adulthood. She will be taught
the need to profess Christ, which she eventually do.
Casey will also be by her side after she recieves
apporatate judgements.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#56 May 1, 2014
Death entered the world by one man's (Adam's)
transgression. The reign of death is overturned by
one Man's (Christ's) obedience.
Salvation is IMPARTED unto mankind via GRACE,
an undeserved gift.
This is as accible to Casey as it is to her daughter.
Casey didn't KNOW any better. She was "in the world."
If she lives a normal lifespan she has approximately
60 years to come to a realization of the truth.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#58 May 1, 2014
Wasn't Jesus Christ weird by the standards of His
place and time? Who ever heard of "Love your
enemy. and do good to those who despitefully use
you. For if you love only your friends where is your
reward? Do not the publicans do as much?
Anyone can love their friends. The REAL challenge is
in loving your enemies.
When we develop spiritually we see that "self harm"
is "other harm." And "other harm is "self harm." In
the spiritual world their are no victimless crimes.
Casey was unaware that by harming her daughter, she
was harming herself. Any pain she feels now is a direct
result of what she did to her child.
There is no "me" AND the world. You ARE the world.
Change yourself AND you change the world.
Beautiful Life

Brownwood, TX

#59 May 5, 2014
All you haters need to realize she was found "not guilty". Get over it.
Beautiful Life

Brownwood, TX

#61 May 5, 2014
It is what it is.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#63 May 6, 2014
When Casey was first arrested she langushed in
prison for 3 years. In the jail tapes there seems to be
no indication whatever that Casey is frightened by her
parents or disturbed in the least way. She is
"sociopathic cool." She DOES feign anger that she is
NOT heard and is in a helpless condition: "Everything
has been taken from ME." "Me" is a very frequently used
word in the sociopathic venacular. Fast forward 3 years
in time to Jan, 2012. "I have a new computer. I have a
dog. These were the only things that are really MINE."
Casey NEVER regarded Caylee has hers. Casey was like
a surraget mother to Caylee. She gave birth to her but
she was promptly turned over to Cindy.
Casey's rebelious behavior promptly began after the
birth of this child that she didn't want or wasn't bonded
to. True Casey lied about her graduation and pregnancy,
but the REAL acceration of antisocial behavior began
AFTER Caylee's birth. In "Mommies Little Girl," by Diane
Fanning, it's said that Casey's real criminal behavior
began around age 20.
Not much is known about female sociopaths because
they make up only 1% of the population. Some say that
to be a true sociopath you must exhibt "Conduct
Disorder," childhood misbehavior that TURNS into
sociopathy at a later time. Casey did NOT have this.
That's why there's some doubt about whether Casey is
an actual sociopath.

Aurora, Canada

#65 May 7, 2014
Beautiful Life wrote:
It is what it is.
it is what it isn't, or is it?
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#69 May 8, 2014
In the spiritual world the "seeing" IS the changing.
We are saved by GRACE, least any man should boast.
There is ALWAYS someone who will SEEM to have
more advantages then you. They will have more
talents, charms, and skills then you. That means
NOTHING to God. Jesus LIVED and DIED for ALL men.
When we actually SEE this, the "change" takes care
of itself. We become "new creations in Christ."
Lack of awareness is the problem. Like a person
living in a strange part of town, she didn't know the
lay out of the streets. Once she famularises herself
with the terrian, she will understand that she didn't
know any better. That's why we MUST NOT judge her.
We must only love her as her daughter still would.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#72 May 9, 2014
Oh, how wonderful the "older man" who cuddles
with Casey on the couch will have it!
She will recline in his arms, he will brush her hair,
she will find SCANTURARY! At long last she will know
that she is LOVED!
The only problem is that things turn south VERY
That wouldn't happen with me. It would be just like
the old Al Joleson song "Swannee."

"Swanne, how love ya, how I love ya , my dear old
Down D-I-X-I-E.
The folks up north, will see me no more. when I come to
that Swanne shore!"

Level 1

Since: Mar 13

Casey Key Florida

#73 May 9, 2014
Lon Spector wrote:
Oh, how wonderful the "older man" who cuddles
with Casey on the couch will have it!
She will recline in his arms, he will brush her hair,
she will find SCANTURARY! At long last she will know
that she is LOVED!
The only problem is that things turn south VERY
That wouldn't happen with me. It would be just like
the old Al Joleson song "Swannee."
"Swanne, how love ya, how I love ya , my dear old
Down D-I-X-I-E.
The folks up north, will see me no more. when I come to
that Swanne shore!"
All Im going to do is blow him and expect money in return.

Aurora, Canada

#74 May 9, 2014
Fatjackntrixie wrote:
Ok Missy, you got me dead to rights, I'll come clean. I'm also Brend, t-rex, an-other, Jessica Atriedes, Chief Wiggams, Spooky Muldar, and Rambler...maybe not Rambler. You decide.
No, I'm Rambler, plus a few others I think. You'd know better than I. You need to send a few of yours to rehab pronto.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#77 May 10, 2014
Casey is just as deserving of love as any other
person. She's only 28 for God's sake!
When I was 28 it was over for me. But I don't want
it to be over for Casey. I want her to cry tears of joy.
I don't want her to feel frustrated or unloved.
She must know there is someone for her. Her folks
stayed by her and always will. Her daughter WOULD
forgive her. You have to be a child to make it into
the Kingdom of God. Hateful, venegful "adults" will
not make it,
"Casey your life IS NOT over. Plenty understand that
you are as deserving of love as you are of air,
sunshine and water.
Our intellegence will not be insulted. We know you
killed your daughter, but that's still no reason to hate.
Hatred gets us NOWHERE.
God gave you a second chance, You should be
greatful for this second chance. Some of us will
befriend you and love you NOT because you deserve it,
(NO ONE deserves it) but because just as God forgives
us OUR sins, we forgive you yours.
The Real Missyfit


#80 May 10, 2014
Fatjackntrixie wrote:
<quoted text>
This brought tears to my eyes. What a humble and gentle person you are. I'm quite contemplative about forgiving some people I never considered I ever would, thanks to your words of wisdom. Namaste brother.
dont forget to change back to Lon before replying to yourself . LOL

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Since: Jan 13

Red Deer, Canada

#81 May 10, 2014
The Real Missyfit wrote:
<quoted text> dont forget to change back to Lon before replying to yourself . LOL
You should take your own advice Brrrend.
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#82 May 11, 2014
As with most unfounded speculation we are largely
in the dark about Casey.
It has just been reported on "Casey Anthony
Boycott Information" that Casey has been
working as a stripper/lap dancer. I have only
crude computer skills, so you will have to visit the
site and see for yourself. It's said she's pulling in
good money. She is seen in upscale stores which
is probably safer for her.
Have you heard of a blogsite called
youngamericanroyality? It's somekind of "trendy"
fashion site. They have musical video's interspersed
with images of Casey alongside other beautiful women.
Do they have to obtain permission from Casey to run
these pictures? After all, they ARE using her photo's
for commercial reasons. Could she be reimbersed for
the use of her image? May be she is.
The lapdancing (If it's true) wouldn't surprise me.
It could be a win, win, for Casey. She gets payed to do
what she has an intense urge to do,(See my groovy
postings throughout the net) and puts her in the line of
vision of possible sugar daddies and may be a possible
husband.(See "Cherry Hill Park" by Billy Joe Royal 1969.)

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