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Medical Malpractice Attorney Ronald Gilbert sued for LEGAL MALPRACTICE

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Winter Springs, FL

#7 Jun 6, 2009
As an update to the previous posting dated October 28th 2008, let it be known that on May 14th 2009 Attorney Ronald Gilbert, while testifying under oath during a deposition in the legal malpractice case filed by Ronald and Adola Grasha was asked how many times he had been sued for legal malpractice. Ronald Gilbert answered that he has been sued three times, not twice as posted earlier. Again,it deserves mentioning, how bizarre is it that this attorney would be selected as a super lawyer in the year 2008-An attorney who has been sued three times for legal malpractice. Who is it that makes these selections? What could possibly be the criteria? You must wonder what kind of research takes place before this honor of super lawyer is bestowed upon someone. Here's a thought, would you treat with a medical doctor who has been sued three times for medical malpractice? I sure wouldn't. This, we believe the public has a right to know.
Rena W

Orlando, FL

#8 Jul 23, 2009
Wow, what an eye opener. I can't believe this guy has done this to these poor people. I hope they go after him and win. He shouldn't be allowed to practice law - and as a future law student, I'm offended by his actions. He gives lawyers a bad name.


#9 Aug 7, 2009
Sincere thanks for all of your information on this so-called Attorney - Ronald Gilbert. We were recently referred to him by an up standing team of attorneys here in Daytona Beach, that advertise on all Tv stations. Apparently, since no one in Daytona Beach will go against Physicians that screw-up here, the Lawyers protect them and ship you off to an Attorney that will mis-represent you to the point of either loosing the case or delaying it beyond the time limits of filing a malpractice case. What has become of this world. Attorneys protecting Physicians????


#10 Aug 7, 2009
Sincere thanks to all of you. We were recently referred to Ronald Gilbert for a malpractice case by a reputable firm here in Daytona Beach (they advertise all the time on TV re:motorcycle accidents). It is a shame that the Attorneys protect Physicians and refer you to some attorney that has a history as this one does. What has this world come to??? MalPractice is happening every day in every hospital/rehab center and what are we to do, just live with the life long debilating results of the Physicians errors. Shame on the Attorneys and Shame on the Physicians who think they are God and untouchable if they mess up. Apparently, since the attorneys won't do anything then I guess they are God.
voted for the gipper

Orlando, FL

#24 Feb 14, 2010
who in their right mind would hire this attorney or his law firm anyway, how can an attorney be sued for legal malpractice three times and still have clients,most of the attorneys I know have never once been sued for malpractice. All I can say is let the buyer beware.
mama barb

Oxford, FL

#25 Feb 18, 2010
thanks for the info., this is one lawyer I will never use. What must this lawyer be thinking about??? He must have his head in the ground.
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Orlando, FL

#27 Feb 26, 2010
Comments by the Honorable Judge Rom Powell
These are comments that were given to attorney Ronald Gilbert from Judge Rom Powell after Ronald Gilbert represented us ( Ronald and Victoria Grasha ) at a non-binding arbitration hearing that pertained to our medical malpractice lawsuit (case # 02-ca-8976) that Ronald Gilbert was handling for us. These comments came to light during the discovery process in our legal mal-practice lawsuit filed against Ronald Gilbert on January 10th 2008 (case # 08-ca-67). Judge Rom Powell stated in his summary that he would seal his personal comments and that Ronald Gilbert could share these comments with the Grasha’s or not - that would be up to Ronald Gilbert. Well, needless to say Ronald Gilbert never shared Judge’s Rom Powell’s comments with us and we never learned of Judge’s Rom Powell’s negative comments as mentioned earlier until this sealed endnote surfaced during the discovery process in the legal malpractice lawsuit that was filed by our attorney against Ronald Gilbert and the law firm of Colling, Gilbert, Wright and Carter. When you read the comments in the sealed endnote from Judge Rom Powell that are listed below, we feel that Judge Rom Powell is critical of Ronald Gilbert for the manner in which he presented our case. It’s quite clear after reading the endnote why Ronald Gilbert did not share Judge Rom Powell’s thoughts with us.

In the sealed endnote Judge Rom Powell states the following.

1. "In my own personal opinion, this case was not suitable for non-binding arbitration."

2. "As I suggested at hearing, a well - constructed lateral time-line of medical events would have been very helpful to me, and would be to a jury if this case is tried."

3. "There was evidence presented of Mrs. Grasha’s non-economic damages but you made no argument how those damages should be quantified in terms of money."

4. "You also put no numbers on the board in regards to Mr. Grasha’s consortium claim."

5. "No evidence of past or future economic damages was presented. Even had the plaintiff’s prevailed on liability, they would have no doubt been dissatisfied with the amount of money the arbitrator could have awarded based on the evidence presented."

Do these sound like comments that are being made about a "great" attorney?
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Orlando, FL

#28 Feb 26, 2010
Super Lawyer

Ronald Gilbert, a senior partner with the law firm of Colling, Gilbert, Wright and Carter was selected as a super lawyer in 2008. Now I ask you how bizarre is this? Attorney Ronald Gilbert has been sued three times for legal malpractice, twice in Orange County since 2005. This revelation was an admission that came forth in recent deposition testimony given by Ronald Gilbert on May 14th 2009 (case # 08-ca-676). Ronald Gilbert and his previous firm of Morgan, Colling and Gilbert were very active in the medical malpractice tort reform issues that took place in Florida back in 2002 /2003. One of the issues that Ronald Gilbert was in favor of was if a medical doctor had three medical malpractice claims against him ( that he lost ) then that doctor would surrender his license. With Ronald Gilbert’s latest track record, I wonder if he feels the same punishment should apply to lawyers?
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Orlando, FL

#29 Feb 26, 2010
Mr. Gilbert pressures us to take a settlement offer.

On September 5th 2006, six (6) days prior to our trial date, Ronald Gilbert has Victoria and I come to his office. Ronal Gilbert tells us that the defense has made an offer and further states that he will not allow us to leave his office until we agree to settle the case, he actually brought Victoria to tears. Ronald Gilbert wanted us to settle our case for an amount of money that would not have taken care of Victoria for any more than three or four months, let alone cover her medical expenses for the rest of her life. Victoria, at that time, had a life expectancy of twenty years. When we refused to settle and told Mr. Gilbert that Victoria needed, among other things, a wheelchair accessible van, a tub lift, home health care, nursing care, etc. Ronald Gilbert stated you have no predicate to take before a jury to receive money for those items. Here we were six (6) days before trial with millions of dollars in damages and we learn for the first time that Ronald Gilbert, who had been our attorney for 5 ½ years, had not bothered to hire an economist or life care expert to explain our expenses to a jury. This type of performance from a law firm whose credo is "we’re there when you need us". These were some of the same criticisms that were provided by Judge Rom Powell in his sealed endnote to Ronald Gilbert. A "great" attorney? You decide.

Mr. Gilbert and the law firm of Colling, Gilbert, Wright and Carter desert us. Mr. Gilbert withdraws from the case.

On December 14th 2006, Mr. Ronald Gilbert sends Victoria and I a certified letter informing us that he and his firm of Colling, Gilbert, Wright and Carter are going to withdraw from our case and we are going to have to find other legal representation. This is only a couple of months after we refused to settle our case for $100,000.00 and the non-binding arbitration in which Judge Rom Powell was critical of Ronald Gilbert. At this point in time Ronald Gilbert had been our attorney for over five years and we were just a month away from going to trial. This "great" guy / attorney after five years did not even have the common courtesy to have Victoria and I come into the office to receive this devastating news nor could this "great" guy / attorney even find the time to pick up the phone and make a phone call. We get a certified letter in the mail, this was less than two weeks before Christmas. What a nice Christmas gift from this "great" guy / attorney.  
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Orlando, FL

#32 Feb 26, 2010
Deposition testimony of Ronald Gilbert in regards to the legal malpractice lawsuit noted above.

On Thursday September 20th 2007, Ronald Gilbert sat for a deposition which consisted of 384 pages (case number is 16-2005-ca 006354) The case is public record has been filed in Duval County Florida and may be viewed if you wish to check the facts which are to follow. In this deposition Ronald Gilbert the "Great Attorney" as noted by "Wait a Minute" admits under oath to the following:

1. Filed a medical malpractice complaint without the necessary expert affidavit required by statute that would have corroborated the claim.

2. Changed truthful answers provided under oath in interrogatories by the client with what were untruthful answers.

3. Filed a medical malpractice lawsuit, that by Ronald Gilbert’s own admission had no merit whatsoever.

4. Filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in which there was never any intention of bringing the claim to conclusion by way of adjudication at trial.

5. Filed a lawsuit against Dr. Seibel who Ronald Gilbert truly by his own admission knew was not negligent.

6. Prepared and filed a complaint which contained lies in regards to the care provided by Dr. Seibel.

7. Ronald Gilbert admits under oath that he changed the date, the truthful date provided to him by his clients with a false date in the interrogatories so that he could preserve the statute of limitations so that he would not face a motion for Summary Judgement by the defense.
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Orlando, FL

#35 Feb 26, 2010
Summary and thank you for reading please feel free to comment.

In conclusion, my wife Victoria and I have taken the time to post this information and have tried throughout to provide the necessary exhibits, court case numbers, deposition testimony etc. to let the public know that it is true and we have done the research, something that "Wait a Minute" did not do when he trivialized the plight of those who have filed legal malpractice lawsuits against Ronald Gilbert. I’m interested in the thoughts and comments of those reading this post.

We also ask that Ronald Gilbert not be allowed to have our posting removed because we have been truthful, did the research and feel the public has a right to be informed before they make the very important decision of hiring an attorney / law firm. In the past there have been numerous comments made by us and other people as well that have been removed.

Had we known then what we know now, would we have hired Ronald Gilbert or the law firm of Colling, Gilbert, Wright and Carter? I think Not.
born in missouri

Orlando, FL

#36 Feb 26, 2010
thanks for the heads up I was going to use this colling gilert wright and csrter firm but after reading this I have changed my mind. how can this gilbert guy sleep at night.
i was referred

Orlando, FL

#37 Feb 26, 2010
i was referred to this firm from a law firm in tampa after i met with this attorney gilbert i then saw him on a billboard and called back and said no thanks. i didn't like him anyway he didn't seem like he had my best interest at heart.
Is this a joke

Orlando, FL

#38 Feb 28, 2010
I just read on line a press release dated December 30th 2009 where attorney Ronald Gilbert was nominated by The American Trial Lawyers Association by his peers for membership into the ATLA which is made up of the top one hundred lawyers from each state.This is a lawyer who has been sued three times for legal malpractice and as recently as September of 2009 had to pay out his policy limits which was millions of dollars for the manner in which he represented a family in a medical malpractice lawsuit. THIS MUST BE SOME KIND OF A JOKE. My name is Ronald Grasha and I don't think it is very funny. My wife Victoria and I are also currently suing Ronald Gilbert and the Firm of Colling, Gilbert, Wright and Carter for legal malpractice for the manner in which he/they handled a very serious medical malpractice lawsuit for us. I understand there are 80,000 lawyers in Florida. A lawyer who has been sued three times for legal malpractice is nominated as one the top one hundred. PLEASE!
as God is my wittnes

Oxford, FL

#39 Mar 11, 2010
Actually, according to the Fla. bar web site there are 87,010 attorneys in Fla. this is even going to make it a little harder for Gilbert to be in the top 100. Whoever put out this press release must have a REAL sense of humor...

...just look at hie record!

Oxford, FL

#40 Mar 24, 2010
just read the posts...
Another Gilbert Victim

Ocala, FL

#41 Mar 24, 2010
Add another horrible experience with this attorney to the list. Another spinal cord injury case. He needs to be reported to the National Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Foundation and not be allowed to advertise in their magazine. How sick can you get to prey upon people under this kind of circumstance?
And one more recommendation-he has his name associated with other law firms and no one should use them either.

Oxford, FL

#42 Mar 30, 2010
a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad lawyer, in my opinion
We Can Help

Orlando, FL

#43 Apr 4, 2010
Another Gilbert Victim wrote:
Add another horrible experience with this attorney to the list. Another spinal cord injury case. He needs to be reported to the National Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Foundation and not be allowed to advertise in their magazine. How sick can you get to prey upon people under this kind of circumstance?
And one more recommendation-he has his name associated with other law firms and no one should use them either.
You have read our comments in regards to what Ronald Gilbert did to us, we our currently suing him and his firm of Colling, Gilbert,Wright and Carter for legal malpractice. I can tell you that Ronald Gilbert had to settle a second legal malpractice lawsuit an recently as September of last year for millions of dollars, that case had to do with the birth of a child that needed lifelong care. I'm quite sure that family was from Jacksonville. I was suprised when I saw your post addressed Ocala. It seems that attorney Ronald Gilbert gets around (Orlando, Jacksonville and Ocala). I would love to talk about your experience with this attorney. Maybe by speaking we could help another family. The public has a right to know. You can e-mail me at [email protected]

Oxford, FL

#44 Apr 6, 2010
this is pitiful!!!!!!!!!!

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