Baker Act reform: Protect the vulnera...

Baker Act reform: Protect the vulnerable with changes in law

There are 37 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Feb 18, 2004, titled Baker Act reform: Protect the vulnerable with changes in law. In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

Part 1: System failure What killed the promise of a new life for the mentally ill? And what is the cost to society? Part 2: A system under stress A 1994 Broward County grand jury blasted the county's mental ...

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Winter Garden, FL

#21 Mar 25, 2010
Would it not be better for him to seek help on his own? I have not seen a case where a person who does not seek, want or think they need help ever really benefits from unwanted input. The Baker Act is usually (or supposed to be) used for crisis intervention, not life management. It is also frequently abused. Once released, what would keep your spouse on his meds if he doesn't think he needs them? If he does think he needs them why wouldn't he seek them on his own?
Deborah Kapeel

Fort Wayne, IN

#22 Jun 15, 2010
Can family members baker act you without spouse consent

Mount Morris, MI

#23 Jun 17, 2010
what happens if you live off the baker act i'm homeless and i have medical proof to be baker act
Ms Baker

United States

#24 Jun 20, 2010
I was personally acquainted with Ms. Baker who caused this legislation to be passed in the early 1970's. Her reason, was she had a husband with a mind of his own who wouldn't take her crap and her being a big shot politician she showed him!
She claimed he was a drunk who needed to be protected from harming himself or someone else.(namely her) His story was she was such a bitch he had to drink to stay around her! I believed him!
Anyway as usual thanks too one bitch coniving a bunch of other idiots hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been dragged from their homes under the pretense they were a threat to someone or something and incarcerated without due process and billed for the atrocities committed upon them! Only in the USA will they bill for government mistreatment! I can't wait for Obamacare to kick in! Then it will be free!

Pompano Beach, FL

#25 Sep 5, 2010
On 8/18/2010 My home alarm went off and jammed because it is through my home line, it jammed my phone's. Just as I was reaching for my cell phone the police showed up banging on my front door. I answerd the door and told them what was going on. They asked me if I took med. I reply yes I had just taken my high blood presure and one xanx. They told me to put my dog up and I said sure, when I closed the bedroom door my front door was open and there was an emt. truck the police told me why dont you have your bood presure checked. I said sure I trusted them my first husband who has pased away was a police officer. when I entered the emt. truck they shot me with a drug, knocked me out for hours. The police told the hospital that I had taken an overdose to cover why I was knocked out. The police searched my home for no reason, they lied to the hopital. The date they left on the card in my door was wrong. They did not call my daughters or my husband they only called my sister-inlaw who is mental ill and is on meds. one of the doctors when he found out what city he told me they have the highest rate of any city county or state for baker acting people. I was there for nine hours both doctors did not beleive what was said, they took blood and urine. I have nothing to hide. But you can bet I will not let them in my home ever again. I know the search was not legal, as a police officer their job is to serve and protect not lie and break the law.
I know it is all about money from my insurance company, the hospital, the police department.
The tax for my home helps pay their salary.

Maitland, FL

#26 Sep 30, 2010
You know Tiny, their is legal recourse if your right have been violated. Recently a man in Naples Florida was awarded 75K for every hour he was held involuntarily after being improperly Marchman Acted (yes, Florida has another crazy statute) by the Collier County Sheriffs Dept. It seems the cops are using these statutes against people as a tool of compliance completely out of their original context or purpose. It will not stop until "We the people" stop it. Or is it "Sheeple?"

Boca Raton, FL

#27 Dec 5, 2010
My daughter suffers from severe mental problems. The Baker Act does not treat a person for the illnes. The Baker Act normally only allows the person to be held for evaluation up to 72 hours. In my daughter's case the procedure is:
She is taken to an ER.(Or if the police are having a bad day - it is jail first and then ER a couple of days later)
They give her a shot of Haldol (not sure if I am spelling it correctly) which she has problems with and has developed other problems because of it so I now instruct everyone that she is not to have it.
She is then admitted for evaluation.
Of course, by then, she is acting pretty normal because of the shot. They give her 2 pills and tell her to make an appoointment with a pyschiatrist. Since she does not think she has a problem, she does not follow the instructions. Any where from 2-6 months later, it repeats. Florida's idea of treatment is crisis intervention only. When my daughter was first diagnosed, Florida was ranked close to the bottom for mental health treatment. It has not improved. She does not have insurance so she is never held very long. I have received calls from facilities she has been sent to that if I can pay any where from $600-$1500 per day, they will be able to treat her. I keep hearing that it is her right to refuse treatment and medication. Since, people with mental illness do not think they have a problem, she should also have the right to be treated even though she does not have insurance.

Rockford, IL

#28 Apr 5, 2011
BAKER ACT? first off,, its not just police who can do this.. in my case a child and her mother both attempted get protection order be cause i raised my voice.. because they were mad protection order would not be issued.. they claimed i was crazy and could hurt them and kill my self. it was done deal. i was pick up..i went for test no problem. and first 4 words from doctors mouth :i going release you.
he read reports and was more inter stead in her..and she been.. her daughter nothing but lied to her and she was on medications for back injury ,at same time less then 48 hours she been in the Emergency room for ab-sets tooth ..which seem go on for weeks prior.
I was normal calm and never ever hurt them ,no police reports ever was all about what there plan was .. they needed get edge on divorce.

It was a case deformation of character.
I knew it.. so i did not return home i separated and it got more obvious found out later Protection was issued, never was served i went court and it thrown out due lack of evidence.
(judge informed me if convicted Was criminal charge ) i didn't even have defend my self.
judge was pissed off and told her he said there other ways do what want here its called a divorce.) dismissed us. now if they lie like that why hell would i go back there and place my self into a situation where they lie and i pay the price.7 months now i been waiting just claim my home whats left of my life. that home is paid for and i payed for it with my medical injury award.
As weeks then months past...she made no effort to reconcile she didn't care. so i filed divorce. i see no regret in her for her actions and if seen what she wrote on baker ask yourself 2 questions either why i walk or why hell they didn't arrest her at time she filled it out...i know answer woman it the advocate group and what appears to me be there future in show buss.. they played and acted it out.. hard to say no to 2 blondes in-distress.
They should be jailed. and its not done. i love both them and really while i knew her daughter wanted replace me and woman herself was drug out.. i still cared tried work it out... in the end god is my witness.. they get what they deserve and some time in clinker seems about right. divorce part is fine.. but the part where u try make me criminal or mental person is illegal.

Starke, FL

#29 Apr 12, 2011
my child was baker acted the facility dosent want to keep him, but i cant keep him how can i commit my child to djj

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#30 Apr 17, 2011
vicki wrote:
my child was baker acted the facility dosent want to keep him, but i cant keep him how can i commit my child to djj
I feel very sorry for you. As I stated in my first post, treatment in Florida is crisis intervention only. There is no help. If your child is a drug addict or alcoholic, there is help. There are half-way type of places, treatment facilities, a lot of different places to turn to. But a person who has a mental illness through no fault of there own, can get no help unless they have insurance or someone rich enough to pay for treatment then they will keep the person forever - or at least until the money runs out. In the last few months, a mother was killed by her son. She had been trying to get him help but could not. A woman also killed her child. So finally at least these 2 will receive some help. Once they are competent, they will stand trial and end up in prison where they will be forced to take medication and will probably kill themselves when they fully realized what they have done. I struggle everyday with my daughter and I see no easy solution or much hope for her future. I just strive every day to try to keep her as safe as possible and out of jail where I know she will not survive.
Ann Herman

Indiantown, FL

#31 Apr 30, 2011
i was badly beaten by a W.P.B. Fl Sheriff, he had my right arm cuffed i had a 5 week old pupp in my right, Pup went flying and i have a plate and 11 screws ,ulnar nerve damage, he did not stop continued to throw me off my porch dislocacting my shoulder now i have two black eyes then torture me for a neighbor, stupid dispute i was found not guilty of, he had a bad rage ,yes? I was found resisting arrest with out violence.
I wrote an internal affairs report about this Sheriff, they say there is no evidence to prove any findings of excessive force i send pictures and hospital reports that says assulted so i called to speak to other upper offices . i was told thier will be someone at my door to Baker ACT ME AND TELL YOUR DOGS I SAID HELLO. yes i had a disagreement but never yelled or said i was going to hurt anyone so what do i do i was so scared sense i am single and have dogs and now no money . Help
Ann Herman

Indiantown, FL

#32 May 2, 2011
victim of conspiracy wrote:
pretty bad when someone gets setup. think mental torture from afar doesn't exist. be careful when looking into these types of matters, some will stop at nothing to silence innocent people.
I am going through it as we speak i was told by the very people that protect us, i am trying to show excessive force (right arm broken in two places a plate and 11 screws, beaten black eyes,and tortured and more, And there answer is not enough evidence, rediculious, So i was told I AM JOE FRIDAY AND YOU CAN NOT SPEAK TO ANY ONE BUT ME AND I WILL HAVE THE SHERIFF AT YOUR DOOR IN A HALF AN HOUR TO BAKER ACT YOU! i guess i cornered him as i told him i was found not guilty of the two battery charges (is fact) and the guilty of resisting arrert with out violence was due to i was holding a 5 week old puppy in my rigt arm. So as he had me cuffed and my other arm fractured he then tortured me . I begged for a LIE DECTECTOR TEST. There are only 2 atturneys that will not take this,(harassment?)(lies). Can Any One Help No witnesses No video
Who am i

Sanford, FL

#33 Apr 18, 2012
Who is NAMI????and whats there number?
Who am i

Sanford, FL

#34 Apr 18, 2012
Who am i wrote:
Who is NAMI????and whats there number?
oh boy nevermind should I say what do you do when the people you go to for help are the people you need help from?

New Port Richey, FL

#35 Jul 31, 2012
<quoted text>I feel bad for her, her husband shouldn't threaten her with that. I am sorry that it

happened to you too. I wonder how she made out.
Hello--This is Susan in 2012. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I am OK. I didn't get Baker Acted (I was real nice to him) and am now a widow--problem solved. I don't mean to sound cold. We were married for 28 years.(Second marriage for both of us)I am still trying to have a zest for life without him. Thank you all for caring for a stranger as you have. I am very proud of you.

Pompano Beach, FL

#36 Jan 6, 2014
Happened to Us wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow John you hit the nail on the head if you have insurance they will keep you. It took Joanne from NAMI to get my son released his father wants him committed permanently. I have been fighting it for over a year now he is in college making A's. 2000. grand a month to my attorney to keep my son free. Thank God he has a wonderful Psychiatrist who has him on the meds that keep him just fine. This is scary stuff Mental Illness. If you need help call NAMI their legal department helped get my son released.
i will like to get that number and call them. These places all what they do is collect money. I am going to call m insurance and cancel it so they don't have anyone to bill anymore.

Kissimmee, FL

#37 Apr 19, 2014
I was Baker acted 7years ago after my husband committed suicide. He was a retired police officer from nj and we were married 32 years. Five years in Florida when this happened. Neighbors told the police we were very close and police decided I might want to kill myself too.
. I HAD NO INTENTION OF KILLING MYSELF. police treated me horribly, painful since I came from a family of cops including my Father. No brotherhood here among cops. You are treated like a criminal by the staff and all the do is drug you. Counciling is a joke there, the people
are not even professionals. I felt so alone and horribly my husbands body was in the morgue and I was there alone. Pychiatrists are a joke, don,t even look at you.i am stuck here in Florida alone, although it is beautiful, I feel like I am living in Russia, the baker act is an injustice and helps no one. Mental health help, no way. Sorry for spelling, I am still crying

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