Olivia Wilde is UGLY. Why is she #1 ...

Olivia Wilde is UGLY. Why is she #1 on the Maxim hot 100

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Orlando, FL

#1 May 19, 2009
I will never trust or buy Maxim.
Just look at Olivia Wilde. There is NOTHING attractive about her. and she is so SKINNY!! Nothing there to excite any hetero male. In fact most of the women on that list are emaciated.
- If men are being told that this is attractive, then no wonder there are child molesters, because these women look like underage, undeveloped little girls.
- If women are being told that this is attractive and ideal, then no wonder there is anorexia and bulimia, in an attempt to imitate these unnatural freaks!
Why isnt there even ONE curvy, busty seductress who can make my blood boil,... on that list.

I know there are more important things in the world right now.
Will H

Oriskany Falls, NY

#2 May 19, 2009
Im with you all the way! I like my women with some curves!

Austin, TX

#3 Mar 28, 2010
completely agreed.
if i wanted hipbones, and collar bones, and a rib cage banging against me when we're doing the deed, i'd chase a 9 year old chinese boy.
i want a lot of things to grab, you know? ;)
Stranger 101

Isleworth, UK

#4 Apr 7, 2010
Are you stupid?
How can you say Olivia Wilde is ugly you retard.
Look at her face she's gorgeous !
cat lady

Sidney, OH

#5 Apr 8, 2010
They are not only interested in her face. and quit calling people names, It makes you look ridiculous and juvenile..

Mission Viejo, CA

#6 Sep 23, 2010
I agree..personally i never thought she was that pretty until my boyfriend made it clear to me one day that he thought she was hot by putting a picture of her on his facebook profile. Ever since then I have felt in the back of my mind that I'm not skinny enough, or that she is prettier than me. Personally..she looks like she does cocaine to me. Her face is gaunt, but yes her eyes are really pretty...
Agree and disagree

Oakwood, VA

#7 Sep 24, 2010
I think she has a pretty face, and would be a knock out if she wasn't so skinny!
the ugly troof

White Lake, MI

#8 Jan 31, 2011
olivia wilde is indeed ugly. i'm saying this for different reasons than all of you. see, you guys are all fat slob americans who are so emotionally fragile that you need to put her down for being slim. I on the other hand call it like she is. Olivia just doesn't have a pretty face. Sure her body is hot, but she has the face of a dog. She's like a Carrie from Sex in the City. You cannot compare how hot the victoria secret models... or even a pretty actress like rachael mcadams or natalie portman to this ugly girl.

You girls who are hating saying "real women need to have curves"... here's the troof for you. real women DO need to have CURVES. and Olivia does have curves. tits, ass, slim lines. those are the "CURVES" that people and especially men think are pretty. the "CURVES" you fatties are talking about are folds in your belly fat, muffin top love handles spilling over your fat ass stretch pants... huge rump fat, double or triple chin fat. yes, there are curves involved, but those ARENT the curves that are considered attractive. do yourselves a favor, take that twinkie out of that damn pie whole, and start exercising a bit and eating less. don't always look at a dessert saying "oh... just this once". you know you're going to keep shoving it in your face next time. just don't eat it. it's about will power. it's not genes or metabolism. if you're metabolism is slow, then freakin eat less damn it! exercise more. the problem is with you. not with societies image. have you been to europe or asia? the women and men there aren't fat. why? in europe they are of similar genetic make up. but they aren't huge like you whales. it's because the eat less, walk more, don't binge on freakin krispy kremes!!

Ringgold, GA

#9 Feb 1, 2011

Somerset, NJ

#10 Feb 1, 2011
I don't give a crap what some the staff at some rag magazine thinks. I can think for myself and can define beauty by my own tastes.

Besides, Maxim is whacking material for boys who are too young to get their hands on real porn.

New York, NY

#12 Apr 7, 2011
Who knows why they use people in that magazine. Remember the Dr. Maxim chick? She was flat chested and not beautiful in the least..and yet, she worked for them for three years. I still don't understand all these years later. Luckily Maxim has gotten a little better. I think Olivia is better than whoever her name was...but yeah I don't know about number 1.
some guy

Dover, DE

#13 May 26, 2011
@ the ugly troof

What a useless, laughable post. I love it when a supposed "non-american" starts ratting on americans for being overweight. I've been all over the world, and sure america is full of fat people, but a lot of other places aren't too far off. Its a simple formula, america has more than they need. Countries that deal with a lot more poverty have skinnier people.

And nobody here said anything anout metabolism or genes, you just started trolling up the place because you're an ignorant bigot and a piece of shit.

So some american guy is overweight. Why do you care? I'd rather be overweight then some pussy troll who roams around the web looking for opportunities to display my vast vocab of curse words and insult people through a written comment.

OBVIOUSLY every human being has an ass - but Olivia Wilde does not have "curves" in the meaning that the previous posters were referring to.

They are not talking about fat jelly rolls, like you seem to think, which is something only a retarded person would think in the first place. They also dont find fat people attractive.

Go to a Mall in a big city like atlanta. Youll see plenty of fat people, but you will also see tons of hot chicks.

Olivia is ugly beyond her face - you said "obviously her body is hot"

No - her body is NOTHING. its plain, its ugly, its NASTY.

The curves that I, and these other posters are referring to are that of women like laetitia casta in her prime - still relatively skinny, but her body has actual features.

Olivia looks like a storw mannequin without tits. Its disgusting. And her big, gaunt, nasty face doesnt help either.

Anyone from Europe or any part of the world that lumps all Americans into one group of Fat, Obnoxious losers, is just plain pathetic. Only a fucking desperately unhappy, miserable freak thinks that way.

Grouping all people together like that is the cause for racism and other problems that we have seen echoed through history, like that of slavery or the holocaust. Its when some ignorant bigot asshole like you comes along and stereotypes everyone into a single group. Its just retarded and backwards.

I doubt all English people are cocky, stuck up, up tight douchebags with nasty faces, and fucked up yellow crooked teeth. I bet not every german is a blonde haired, blue eyed, jew hating mass murderer. Hey - I wonder if every person in Russia is a Bear wearing a vest and red hat riding a unicycle??

And all asians are good at math right - and they are small and have small dicks too, correct? And black people - they are faster, with big dicks, but they are loud at the movies and they like fried chicken... am i right?

What a stupid, backwards, pathetic rotten little asshole you are.

Look - JUST because you have an insanely tiny cock doesnt make it ok to troll around the web acting like some internet-tough-guy.

I know it must suck to have such a incredibly small dick, but just keep telling yourself that SIZE DOESNT MATTER!!!

And in reality, the only TRUE stereotype is that anyone who goes around the web making trollish comments like you is:
1 - a young kid, probably between early teens and early 20s
2 - just a... medically facsinating tiny dick... i mean tiny, like half-a-crayon tiny
3 - a loser, with no friends, no life, and who lives on the web and trolls comments, like youtube video comments ect...
4 - DEFINITELY single - the closest thing to a date for you is pants around ankles in front of a glowing screen while you bust nuts in a handfull of tissues
5 - again, i gotta mention it... the teeniest, tiniest little pud
6 - and finally, a pussy - dont get me wrong, on the internet your CRAZY tough... you could kick my ass. But in REAL life, ya know, where big people live, you are a pussy, and you would get shit on if you ever opened your mouth in public.

So THATS a real, true stereotype for trolls.

Well, thats all asshole. Enjoy your hilariously microscopic dick. Lucky for you, ull never get far enough for any girl to see it
some guy

Dover, DE

#14 May 26, 2011
oh.. and natalie portman? come on - i mean she is prettier in the face and im not putting down natalie... but whats with you a girls who for some reason... were born without tits?

why dont you just admit your gay? i think alot of people are ok with it now. Attitudes towards being gay are still bad but its improving.

Youll ACTUALLY have friends then - but see for you... its still a bit of a problem, other guys arent gonna wanna touch your baby dick either - but theyll have no problem pounding your ass! Thats good news right? its about the only kind of sex youll ever get, and since you are clearly attracted to boys, you will enjoy it too! Doesnt that sound nice? going to a bar and bringing some guy in assless chaps home to ferociously pound you in the ass, like the pussy bitch that you are?

You can either admit your gay and hit up the gay bars OR pretend to be straight and get yourself locked up. Either way - theres tons and tons of manhood waiting for you.. waiting for your anus.

Saint Paul, MN

#15 Jul 30, 2011
Let's see...skinny supermodels makes millions of dollars........um yeah......it must suck to be skinny! I mean no men like women that are slim right? Ha! Have you ever heard the term a "a handful is enough". For Olivia's slenderness, she has breasts and a cute little ass. Most fat women I know have wide flat asses and muffing tops with jiggly tits that hand to their belly buttons when they take off their bras. Olivia has very striking and exotic features. Jealous haters.

Bella Vista, Australia

#16 Aug 15, 2011
Haha you're blind! Olivia Wilde is one of most beautiful women I've seen! her eyes are so beautiful and have that sexy slant too them, they are 'hypnotic' She is also very talented and funny which makes her even more attractive. Her body is not the focus on her. She has put a bit of weight on now so she is not as skinny, but I am mainly looking at her face, I just can't get enough of her face!
M to the B

Eibergen, Netherlands

#17 Oct 14, 2011
Although Olivia Wilde looks like a dude with long hair sometimes and also has a very large head, she still is handsome. When Olivia came of the assembly line the ugly girl quota for that day was probably filled. So she was send back and received prettier eyes and cute lips. Seriously the girl got lucky with her eyes because with the shape of her big head, she easily would have been hidious...
Merv the Perv

United States

#18 Oct 14, 2011
Not bad looking, just to old!

La Vergne, TN

#19 Jan 8, 2012
full of shit. theres nothing wrong with being thin i suppose but when im looking for a woman im certainly not looking for a fat slob. i just want her to have some breasts and a real ass...like a fully developed woman. maybe you like little boys or girls but i have no interest.
marion TETREL

Saint-quentin-sur-coole, France

#20 Mar 11, 2012
Okay guys.... to me, Olivia Wilde is GORGEOUS.
I used to think she wasn't pretty until the day i saw her on screen. There is something about that girl, i tell you. It's not even about her body or her wonderful cat face, it's in her about what you see into her EYES. she seems to be a genuinely nice girl, clever, and true. that what i see when i look at her and that what makes her so beautful to me. One of the most beautiful actresses today
She really seem to be a CLEVER girl, do some research about her; and a big political activist.
Greg House

Doncaster, UK

#21 Apr 9, 2012
oh dear oh dear

sometimes I really do fear for humanity,

'she's too skiny'
ok, I'm sorry she may not be ultra fat btu is that a bad thing? It just means she does excercise, which may suprise some people but trust me tis a good thing.

'she's too fat'
seriosuly? I'm going to give you the cheif moron reward.

'she should get some curves'
look I'm sorry she hasn't had a boob job, sadly she actually has some self confidence, so doesn't feel the need to look like a hooker. Look that may suprise you that she is acutally intelligent but I'm aftraid you have to grow up and deal with it.

'she looks like a dude'
WOW, I am truly shocked, looks like we have a new chief moron, congratulations you're prize is having no life. Also what dudes do you knwo, I didn't know guys could have boobs or wear dresses for that matter. But then again I may be missing something I mean I'm sure secretly most guys love putting heels on and make up

I'm sorry that she doesn't look like your average hollywood celebrity who is some blonde, stick insect who wears WAY too much make up and has boobs hte size of footballs.

Some people actually have brains.

Sorry I had to tell you that and break your dreams

have fun morons

hope you have a nice day


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