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#16238 Sep 13, 2013
WAS sanka wrote:
Where does the vio line run?
Which one? The express, or the regular?
Tex Oil Fields

Spring, TX

#16239 Sep 13, 2013
This weirdo keeps crossing the line and gets away with it. Has he had a stroke or something?

Charles R Darwin

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Tired of Seniors wrote:
Here's a hint: I only skim. I don't read or try to figure out who is a main poster and who is an alter ego. I simply don't care that much. You are all nasty wastes of flesh. Go suck on your oxygen and leave me alone.
First, don't reply to my posts if you only 'skim'. Take two seconds and READ so you can properly form an opinion. There's one thing that I find even more annoying than food-obsessed gourmands, and that is people who choose ignorance over information. Second, I don't know where you came up with the obviously stupid 'oxygen' thing, but I can tell you right now that I'll be happy to give you and every female member of your family something to suck...

At the end of the day, I would offer the advice that if you don't like what I have to say, then simply don't reply. If you continue to do so I will conclude that you secretly enjoy the interaction and find my barbs stimulating...
Maddy 4

Los Angeles, CA

#16240 Sep 13, 2013
WAS sanka wrote:
Where does the vio line run?
In the artery silly - The vio line is the line that 'H! addicts inject before coming on Topix to post.

U bin away too long sistah !

Dallas, TX

#16242 Sep 13, 2013
Mean girls Club wrote:
Don't say I didn't tell you all to go private.....You all babbling witches are still arguing with your own friends hats now.....What a Hoot!!!
Sorry to not invite any of you losers to OUR Exclusive Bitch club. None Of U R worthy......Maybe a couple, we will get back to you, you know who you are.....
Chow biotchs!!
Lol,did you watch that episode of 2 n 1/2 men,that witch biotch. Alan and Charlie thought they were cursed. You seem just like her,till Evelyn saved the day. Lol!!


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#16243 Sep 14, 2013
Good Morning All

Houston, TX

#16244 Sep 14, 2013
Is your Noah as sweet as the Noah in "The Notebook"? Is he a writer, lover of poems?

Why no updates on Zach and the No Name Girl?

Houston, TX

#16245 Sep 14, 2013
LizW wrote:
Oh no. That poor girl.
One summer when Zach was a newborn I was walking upstairs to put some laundry away. I noticed a window in the hall was opened. I looked out the window and here's the older two about 8yrs and 6yrs at the time getting ready to jump from the roof into the pool.
Then once Noah had a huge wad of gum stuck on the top of his head and I ended up having to get him a brush cut to get rid if the gum.
Then there a couple years ago I asked Zach to shovel the driveway. All the goofball was wearing was a pair of sneakers and his boxers. A little while later I asked him to bring something over to the neighbor who we didn't know saw him outside in his boxers. Zach had thrown on a pair of sweats before going to the neighbors and the neighbor told him he didn't have to get all dressed up on his account.
Then there was the time my daughter was about 15-16 and Noah was a baby. I noticed he was always trying to put his hand near her mouth but I never made much of it. Come to find out the dear got her tongue pierced and showed him ;and he was wanting to always touch it. He was the only one in the house that knew about it. She felt the secret was safe with him since he wasn't talking yet. Apparently she was sporting her tongue ring for about 2 weeks before I noticed it. When my Mom saw it she really freaked out on her telling her " we were those kind of people" LOL<quoted text>
There's two older than Zach? Then the daughter and 15 years later, Noah? It's too early in the morning to do the math. Did you have Noah at 40 or your older ones when you were just a teen? Are the first two no namers too? I guess I should read further.

Houston, TX

#16246 Sep 14, 2013
LizW wrote:
My youngest son rocks the Justin Beiber hairdo. This summer my cute little dark blonde haired boy came back home from his Dad's with Black hair. The worse part was it just a few weeks before his sister's wedding. So we had his hair cut and then dyed it a light blonde and it ended up being pretty close to his natural color.<quoted text>
Is that Noah?

Houston, TX

#16247 Sep 14, 2013
LizW wrote:
LOL and Zach is just the type that would laugh about it instead of getting embarrassed.
He left a few hours ago for school. Now the house is feeling kind of empty.
I saw your post about your dog. I only ever had one dog too. One summer I took drivers ed and bought him for 5.00 from a girl in my class. The class was ending so I took him at 5 weeks old instead of waiting the normal 6-8 weeks.
My parents were ready to kill me when I brought him home. Of course I said I would take total responsibility for him ( yeah right).
His name was Pizan and he was King of the house. When I went away to school my Mom said he would go in my bedroom and look around for me and sometimes cry. So at times when my parents would come visit they would bring him. OMG he was such a loon running down the dorm halls. He was like royalty! Then my daughter was born and Pizan was more than a little jealous. She always wanted to play with him and he would walk right by and ignore her. Then one day after she was about a year old she was sitting outside at my parents eating a ice cream cone. She held it out for him to take a lick and those two were best buddies after that. I could never see getting another dog after Pizan he was more like a person to us and losing him was heartbreaking.<quoted text>
That's a very sweet story. Is that no name or another daughter? The dog gets a name, but the daughter doesn't?

Houston, TX

#16248 Sep 14, 2013
LizW wrote:
Hold on here. These aren't the people I stalked.
I just assumed they came with you from some other thread.
Oh man I hope they don't come here thinking Let's Chat is like a phone sex line and end up hearing about my rubber gloves.
A few weeks ago Zach had his phone on speaker and was listening to his VM; there a few others around him at the dorm. Someone said this was CVS pharmacy. The anal wart cream and extra small condoms he ordered were in.
LOL.........it was my nephew
<quoted text>
no name nephew
condom nation story. The deviants are on the other threads. I toss out chum every day and the sharks never disappoint.

Houston, TX

#16249 Sep 14, 2013
LizW wrote:
Ding and Dong go to Mexico could be a movie.
Speaking of did anyone see the movie on lifetime last night called The Stepfather. Now that was creepy.<quoted text>
I don't watch creepy movies like that. Who wants nightmares? Stick with The Notebook or goofball movies like Identity Theft.

Houston, TX

#16250 Sep 14, 2013
LizW wrote:
Hi..........hello and welcome
If anyone asks say I stalked you.
Thanks.<quoted text>
This feels like an open 12 Step meeting. You forgot to add...you're in the right place and keep coming back. When you work in addictions, you are required to check out open meetings so you will know where you are sending your clients.

Houston, TX

#16251 Sep 14, 2013
LizW wrote:
do you make grits? Will the girls eat them?<quoted text>
Grits are nasty. You have to kill the taste with salt, milk and butter. Better yet, avoid them. My northerner friend called them oatmeal and cracked everyone up. Apparently, they don't make or eat grits in the North. Once you get north of Tennessee/Kentucky, you won't see grits on the breakfast buffet. They don't make them in Dallas either. That concludes the GRIT tutorial.

Houston, TX

#16252 Sep 14, 2013
LIzW is a confused Nutter wrote:
<quoted text>Leaping Lizards! I didn't do the math but how many 33cent bags of gummies were you able to buy with that pocket change you swiped?
I just want to know why she only named 2 of her 5 kids. Zach and Noah. Or do I need to read further? She must be a tightwad if she only finds a 1 dollar bill and some change. Kids carry more money than that these days.

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#16253 Sep 14, 2013
LizW wrote:
Good Morning All
Good morning! Any plans today? I am taking the GD to build a bear this morning..then i am gonna go shopping for the new babies..

Houston, TX

#16254 Sep 14, 2013
Parking Meter wrote:
The Buena Park, CA grey box would argue with parking meters. Probably already does.
Maddy 4 comes in from Buena Park, CA and yes, you are correct.

Houston, TX

#16255 Sep 14, 2013
LizW too wrote:
<quoted text>
I know, those walls are a bitch to wash. F*cking kids pissin' an shittin' on em all the time.
How many do you have? Some days it seems like 2, Zach and Noah. Then you add the no name daughter and that's three. Then there were 2 jumping in the pool. Is that five or was one of the jumpers the no name daughter? You really need to put up a family tree. Now, there's a mom in the mix. When did the father or fathers of your children leave? Too much chaos?

Houston, TX

#16256 Sep 14, 2013
LizW too wrote:
<quoted text>
You're HOT. I'm looking for a new baby daddy, wanna play?
Didn't you have noah at 40 which would put you at 58? A little too late in the game to stop over.
As ditzy as she seems, she probably put someone else's kid in her cart while grabbing gummy bears with her laundry tips found in her kids' pants. A newsflash to Liz: An 18 year old senior who is driving should be washing HIS own clothes. Ditto for all the other no name kids in your clan. No pacifier at night and for certain, no bedtime story.

Houston, TX

#16257 Sep 14, 2013
LizW wrote:
LOL........I hear you there. I have 3 boys and one daughter. I know all about snotty teens. The oldest and youngest take the cake.
The youngest is the only one who's still a teen. When the oldest isn't referring to him as " the baby" she's calling him LB ( little brat)
One minute the youngest will be telling me he doesn't care if I show up at his games. Then 2 minutes later " make sure you get there an hour early to see me run out on the field" and don't forget to call Dad and tell him to be there and see who he's bringing.<quoted text>
Zach followed by two no name kids (boy/girl) and Noah. Don't you like the middle two?

Stop washing his laundry (he's a big boy) and stop with the kindergarten bedtime stories. Now that he is able to legally drive, don't be surprised when he drives it like he stole it. You might want to watch some Duck Dynasty and see how teen boys are raised. Just trying to help.

Houston, TX

#16258 Sep 14, 2013
LizW wrote:
(((((((( GF )))))))))) So good to see you. How's hubby feeling?
Are you planning on power washing that crazy lanai?( you know I love that word)
I told you before never to eat the family pets. Poor Dan.
How's your Mom and Dad doing?
I'm so glad you showed up. Hans L stalked like 40 people and I only stalked about 3, but now that you showed up I'm counting you as 50 people so I'm ahead of her in the stalking department.
In other news
This winter we've had virtually no snow. I kind of miss it.
Zach went back to school this weekend..........man that was a long winter break
Oh and my ex MIL is selling her house in Florida and moving back here. She's 80 and has a lot of health problems plus she's all alone down there.
Mighty Taco is still coming to Rochester..........I just don't know when.
All in all my biggest most exciting adventure so far this week is I went to the dollar store yesterday and bought new rubber gloves.
What's for dinner tonight?<quoted text>
If my m-in-law moved from Florida to here, I'd move somewhere else and leave no forwarding address. She was somewhat nice until she ...let's see...hmm...when did she get mean? She came from Florida to Texas and stayed a whole week. We spent $1,000 on her expenses and she wanted her plane ticket paid for too. Oh my, i never did write the check for her plane ticket. Bad bad bad. She wanted me to have coffee with her at 5:30 a.m. and for me to be dressed in church clothes, heels, matching jewelry, makeup and a smile on my face. What are the odds?

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