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Spring, TX

#314 Jul 23, 2013
Has anyone seen the royal baby yet? I bet Kate Middleton doesn't have to cook or do housework. I enjoy restoring order and cleanliness. Tonight we go to the container store. I am taking over a spare bedroom and closet. I will still sleep in the master bedroom, but kids get their own rooms. Why not adults?
Queen of the Pool

Spring, TX

#315 Jul 25, 2013
STM wrote:
<quoted text>
I had a sista show me how to make all them dishes years ago, in return I taught her how to make homemade pasta sauce=)
She was a good cook, one day she told me come by taste some of my homemade pasta sauce. I took one look in the pot, saw polishs ausage and politely told her NOOOO Thanks, but I will teach you how to make REAL pasta sauce!
Don't like Italian sausage in the sauce either, but then again it is pork. I'm getting to where I would rather have a caesar salad than pasta. Who wants all that starch?
Call Me Gorgeous

Spring, TX

#316 Jul 28, 2013
Tired of Silly wrote:
Not a healthy dish by any means, but well worth the calories and carbs as a holiday treat IMO:
Grandma's Oyster Dressing
Stale bread
Butter (real butter, no substitutes)
Fresh oysters (the jarred kind in liquid, not canned, and not in the shell)
Use stick of butter and one small can of oysters per loaf of bread. Melt butter in a large saucepan along with the liquid from the oysters. If the oysters are large, cup up with kitchen scissors. Add to the liquid and cook til the oysters are "ruffly" around the edges. Rinse the jars with about 1/2 jar of water each and add to the pot.
Pour onto torn up bread crumbs and let cool a little, til you can handle it with your bare hands. Mix well, making sure all the bread is moistened. Don't make it too wet or it will be heavy when done.
Stuff into turkey tightly. You can also cook it outside the turkey, but if you plan to do this, add a small amount of broth (preferably made by boiling the turkey giblets) to the stuffing for flavor. Dressing cooked outside the turkey should be packed tightly in a glass casserole dish and covered VERY tightly with aluminum foil before baking. Keep an eye on it so it doesn't get too done.
Lots of fat and calories in this, but for a once or twice a year treat, well worth it, IMO!
Transplanted Yankee alert. Oyster dressing. Puke. Never put that mixture into a perfectly good turkey. Lots of fat and calories are what you eat every day. You won't lose 10 lbs. eating that fattening garbage. A minute on your lips, forever on your hips. I don't like turkey that much or dressing.

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#318 Jul 28, 2013
Call Me Gorgeous wrote:
<quoted text>
My fam wouldn't eat that on a bet.
I looked in my Julia Child cookbook and couldn't find a matching recipe. None of my Italian cookbooks either.
You need to learn to make food fit for human consumption.
Why do you fight with Spooky Mulder all the time? What did she ever do to you?

Spring, TX

#320 Aug 3, 2013
Swilly isn't even in good enough shape to do her own housework. She works some menial job so she can pay her caregivers/maids or is she on some indigent program. Her mystery elusive man doesn't ever seem to be around and he has no job title. Maybe he works at the plant or a refinery doing 12 hour shifts to stay away from her bitter behind. LOL

Spring, TX

#321 Aug 5, 2013
WAS sanka wrote:
Anyone making corned beef and cabbage tomorrow?
Picked up my corned beef and forgot the cabbage!
I had to run like a looney back to produce to pick one up as the lady was ringing my stuff up.
4 out of 5 peeps in my family like corned beef.
Only 3 out of 5 eat the cabbage also.
Whatever will that 5th person eat for dinner tomorrow?
I don't eat corned beef.
I don't eat cabbage.
I don't eat brussel sprouts.
Rarely eat broccoli.

Spring, TX

#322 Aug 5, 2013
tired of silly wrote:
<quoted text>
Low fat is hard. I'm diabetic and so have to limit carbs, but I find limiting fats MUCH harder. I don't enjoy many of the low-fat substitutions (like ground turkey) so I eat mostly chicken, turkey and lean beef, but I've found that I'd rather do without some things than substitute, like burgers. Burgers at our house are a very rare event.:( Do you like salmon? I make salmon patties fairly often and we love them.
Is that why you are always in a nasty mood? Blood sugar challenges? You posted elsewhere problems with cholesterol. You post like someone with hardening of the arteries. Get a physical and let us know what your newest problems are. I've read you can not do housework or bathe your own dogs.
Yet, you can make fattening food. It makes no sense.

Spring, TX

#323 Aug 5, 2013
tired of silly wrote:
<quoted text>
I know people who love them. I prefer beef over any other meat (hence my cholesterol level LOL) but like I said, some folks love turkey burgers. Just not my thing. I also know people who use it in chili.
The cheaper ground turkey has skin and isn't a good choice. I can't stand ground turkey, but I know someone who practically lives on it. I always eat before I go over to visit.

Turkey chili - yuck.

Buy ground sirloin. Duh.

Spring, TX

#324 Aug 6, 2013
Silly Potty Mouth is now denying health problems, unhealthy eating, and fast food escapades. Maybe her memory is failing. Here's a reminder!

Spring, TX

#325 Aug 7, 2013
Check out Sick of Senility's fattening recipes for oyster dressing,
mac/cheese, and fried salmon patties.
No Sugar Added

Spring, TX

#327 Aug 8, 2013
Looks like the double wide desperate housewives abandoned the thread. Too bad, so sad.
Texas Not Tavares

Spring, TX

#329 Aug 9, 2013
And the fact you and your sidekick spend the time getting posts removed is proof it gets under your skin big time.

So sorry, Sick of Diabetes and High Cholesterol.

It might be time to think about a salad with lean protein and no sugary drinks. No dessert for you!

Tired of Silly
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#330 Aug 9, 2013
Texas Not Tavares wrote:
<quoted text>
When will you be in the hospital for your cardiac stents, diabetes and hypercholesterolemia?
No one believes those kinds of diseases just poof and disappear. Your body makes all of the cholesterol it needs and your diet piles on more. Also, all of your pasta recipes are not going to fit into your carb count. Diabetes doesn't just disappear. You may have it under control with diet, exercise and insulin or oral meds. It didn't go away. Nice try
Why do you persist in displaying your stupidity? Do I care what some fat whale in a trailer in BFE Texas thinks?? Clue, fatgirl.....I don't. You're a nothing. A big, fat, stupid ugly useless pile of NOTHING. You have no life, no friends, no man except the one that's paid to hose your filth off of you because you're too freakin' fat to get out of the bed. Your family of origin hates your guts so much that they're willing to pay your keeper so they don't have to see you. I take no meds, fatgirl. I'm perfectly healthy and have all my former issues in good control. Maybe if you laid off the pizza and ice cream you'd be able to lose enough weight to get out of your stinking bed and take a real shower, stenchpig. Now here's the deal, Shamu. I'm bored with your stupid obsession with me. You're a big fat nothing with nothing worth saying. You can type til your fat fingers fall off your meathook hands, Shamu. I will ignore you. You're going to have to find someone with a lot more patience than I have to give you attention. Needy buttwipes get on my nerves. Byebye, SHAMU.

Key West, FL

#331 Aug 9, 2013
Why do you persist in displaying your stupidity? Do I care what some fat whale in a trailer in BFE Texas thinks??

Yes you do.

You two are hilariously stupid.

Key West, FL

#332 Aug 9, 2013
you should start a fat girls club!
Ruffles have Ridges

United States

#333 Aug 9, 2013
Bed Head

Spring, TX

#337 Aug 24, 2013
WAS sanka wrote:
Sweet potatoes?
Sounds interesting, trying to figue out how that would taste.
Sweet potatoes are gross and lots of carbs. Someone suggested rutabagas. They are supposed to be healthy, but they sure are ugly. Maybe when a poster is being ugly, we should just shout out

Spring, TX

#338 Aug 25, 2013
SpringTexasDingbat wrote:
Spring, TX
Reply |Report Abuse|Judge it!|#28Feb 28, 2010
Actually, I felt a sense of relief when my spouse went to the great divide. He got peace just like
May did in the movie "The Secret Life of Bees."
Spring, TX
Reply |Report Abuse|Judge it!|#38Mar 15, 2010
It didn't happen immediately. You have to go through the grief process, tears, sunglasses,
but after visiting the grave site and seeing the rest of his family tombstones, I thought of him
up in Heaven. After suffering so much in life in different ways, he had finally returned
HOME. I guess you have never read "Ninety Minutes in Heaven" either. That gave me a great
deal of peace.
You found a Spring Tx post. Do you want a fish? Your life must be very dull to go spelunking all over topix looking for Spring Tx posters.

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#339 Aug 25, 2013
I have a great London [Broil] & Coconut Rice Recipe:

One decent sized peeled and shredded ginger root, two cloves of garlic, two teaspoons of onion powder, a healthy drizzling of sesame oil and about half a cup to a cup of low sodium soy in the marinade. Let the broil sit in it overnight in a ziplock bag. When you're going to cook it, put it on a regular broiling rack and cook it on Low broil for 7 minutes on one side, flip it and drizzle marinade overtop. Then cook for 7 minutes on that side and flip it again, drizzle the marinade, cook for 7 more minutes and it should come our perfectly medium rare after resting for 3 - 5 minutes.

Okay, the coconut milk rice is a little arcane... or can be. The mystic ratio of liquid to rice is always 2:1. The best results I've gotten have been 1 cup of coconut milk and 1 cup of water to 1 cup of rice. Bring the liquid to a boil, add the rice and cover the pot, then turn the heat down to low and let it cook for 20 minutes. As for the container... you really just want to cook it on a broiling pan/rack. Don't cook it covered.
Mon Cheri

Allentown, PA

#342 Sep 8, 2013
Gaido wrote:
<quoted text>
Yuck. What is a Boston Butt?
Lol, I was wondering that too, so I had to look it up! Apparently it is a cut of pork...

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