Jesus is a Half Breed Gentile

TO keep all the christians to kneel and worship the pure fake jews, the "CHOSEN ONES"
There is truthfully no such race as pure Gentile or Pure Hebrew, It started when Noah dropped 3 sons.

All this CHOSEN BULL SHIT is just that.TO KEEP YOU as "fools",sheep,sucker s,Goyim,to suck your pockets,mind and soul.

Im not kidding !!

and from all my research, The Semites and Gentiles mingled hundreds of yrs. before JESUS.
One would conquer the other all thur out time and with the mongols and even some black CUSH.

Japheth: GENTILE, son of Noah

View Tree for Salah ben Arphaxas King of BabylonSalah ben Arphaxas King of Babylon (b. 2287)
Salah ben Arphaxas King of Babylon (son of Arphaxad ben Shem King of Arr Babylon and R s 'ej 'the Semite' bat Elam) was born 2287 in in ca 2287 BC,(ABT. 2311 BC), died in in ca 2197 BC, 2126 AF,(ABT. 1878 BC) Salem, Jerusalem, Canaan. He married M 'ak 'the Semite' bat Kesed.

Includes NotesNotes for Salah ben Arphaxas King of Babylon:
Salah the Chaldean was born 2311 BCE. He was the son of Cainain ben Arphaxad the Semite and Melka bat Madai beit Japheth. He married Mu'ak the Semite, daughter of Kesed the Semite, 2504 B.C. In 1499 A.M., in the one and thirtieth jubilee, in the fifth week, in the first year; 1st cousins. Jubilees 8:6 "... took to himself a wife, and her name was Mu'ak." Also called Shelah.

Born ca 2306BC and died ca 1873BC.

Lived 433 years - Genesis 11:15

In the genealogy of Jesus he is listed as Shelah "the son of Cainan the son of Arphaxad" - Luke 3:35

When Shelah had lived 30 years, he became the father of Eber.

And after he became the father of Eber, Shelah lived 403 years and had other sons and daughters.(Gen 11:14-15)
_NAM: Shelach, Shelah, Salah, Sala

Children of Salah ben Arphaxas King of Babylon and M 'ak 'the Semite' bat Kesed are:

+Eber Ibnshelan ben Salah King of Babylon, b. 2267, in ca 2267 BC,(ABT. 2281 BCE)Salem, Jerusalem, Canaan, d., in ca 2177 BC, 2196 AF,(ABT. 1808 BCE)Salem, Jerusalem, Canaan.

NOTE: EBER was HEBER the Kinite whom married Jael, Father of the HEBREWS

Some say, blood from CAIN, nowhere to substantiate that. IF so, ALL of us including the fake jews would have CAIN"s Blood, including JESUS..UNLESS their is another JESUS somewhere , full blooded GENTILE perhaps ?
because CAIN was SEMITE. Im convienced the KHAZARS are true CAIN Descendents, IF TRUE OF CAIN