Motorcyclist dies after Boca Raton crash

Motorcyclist dies after Boca Raton crash

There are 111 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Dec 9, 2008, titled Motorcyclist dies after Boca Raton crash. In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

A motorcyclist died following a Monday night crash with a car in Boca Raton. Colby W. Cecil, 19, of Boca Raton, was riding a Suzuki motorcycle, according to Boca Raton police.

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Mike H

United States

#26 Dec 9, 2008
Harley Honda wrote:
3 cops in Sunrise (thank God all recovered) and this guy. Who in the world thinks it's a good idea to ride a motorcycle in Florida?
Raise your hand if you still have one.
The difference between the 3 cops who all recovered is that they were driving within the law and responsibly. This kid (and most kids on bikes) was going over 100 miles and hour. With all the deaths that happen every day on these crotch rockets its past time that stop selling them because the kids buying them are too stupid to understand the risks and their parents don't care enough to teach them any sense. You rarely hear of any motor cops killed on bikes because they ride correctly within the law so I have no sympathy for these nuts flying in and out of traffic at 100mph. My sympathy is for the women that the kid ran into who has to live w/ his death now due to his stupidity.

Loxahatchee, FL

#27 Dec 9, 2008
Dont beat up on the crotch rocket rider this time. Blind old fart strikes this time. Fed Hwy is not a fun road to ride on because they are everywhere..especially now.

Deerfield Beach, FL

#29 Dec 9, 2008
Federal Highway is scarier than I95!
Anyway, how sad. This kid was so young and never had a chance to live. I don't know who was at fault, but I know I am tired of people pulling out in front of me, doing U turns into oncoming traffic and basically driving like daredevils.

“Beyond all comprehension”

Since: Dec 06

The Moon

#33 Dec 9, 2008
First , condolences to Colby's family .

I love motorcycles , and it's a thrill to ride . An elderly woman driving a pristine '72 champagne colored Buick Skylark at the intersection of Glades and FAU convinced me to not ride in SoFla anymore .
JC from Germany

Montgomery, AL

#34 Dec 9, 2008
You know what i own a bike and i ride it not because it's my only way of transportation but because it's something i enjoy doing it's more for like a sport to me and people out there are just not paying attention. that's all prayers goes to his family. I'm sick of tired of people always assuming that it's always the cyclist fault. if you doesn't have anything good to say why don't u just stfu.

Redmond, WA

#35 Dec 9, 2008
Dirty White Boy wrote:
<quoted text>
Rest assured that if he was not wearing a helmet, the Sun-Sent would have definitely mentioned it.
They only mention if the are NOT wearing a helmet.
99.99999% of crotch rocket jockeys DO wear helmets.
--- coupled with Groundhog Day where the Sun-Sentinel leaves out, "... North Federal and WHERE?????" Better than usual, where the Sun-Sent only provides the wrong town. Wake up SS and educate your reporters.
JC from Germany

Montgomery, AL

#36 Dec 9, 2008
Actually he is right if a 99% of the accident is not the cyclist fault lets say i'm speeding on I-95 in the left lane or any road in the left lane in some car cut me off is it my fault or is it the far that jumped in the left lane with out looking yes i was speeding but that doesn't mean it's my fault cause i ran into her because according to law the left lane are for fast moving vehicles and if you are not passing anyone stay away from it if everyone would follow these rules there will be less accident it works here in germany and believe me they drive pretty fast here. about 95MPH for cars

Pompano Beach, FL

#37 Dec 9, 2008
I think people should drive what they want, but keep in mind that the chances of an accident are way higher in a motorcycle, plus with our stupid law of no helmet requirement, it's a guaranteed death wish when involved in an accident with a car. What I don't like are the bikers that weave in and out of lanes as if they are immune to the laws, and going way faster than they should. But, hey, it's your life --- or should I say death?
a family friend

Boca Raton, FL

#38 Dec 9, 2008
he was wearing a helmet
the lady made a wrongful u-turn (light was not green)
if you dont have anything nice to say, or if you arent paying respects please keep it to yourself. he was a bright, funny, and loving guy, how would you feel if you lost your 19 year old son without saying goodbye?

think about it.
biker 2

West Palm Beach, FL

#39 Dec 9, 2008
hey you slow witted 4 wheel drivers I hope you laugh as hard when at the fricken malls I slash your only takes a second and i am off on my two wheeler laghing at ya...ho-ho-ho!

Dunoon, UK

#40 Dec 9, 2008
are you kidding me? you must be dumb. this poor child who has died on his motorcycle is not at fault. he was driving and a woman of 76 made an illegal u-turn. do you have anyt consideration for what his family and friends are going through? get a life and stop making everyone else's horrible. you make NO sense.

Dunoon, UK

#41 Dec 9, 2008
he was a lovely, generous, beautiful kid. you clearly have nothing better in your life than to tell off other people. look at yourself and grow up. this kid was wonderful for his family and his friends. everyone has ups and downs. everyone has good times and bad. it is not your place to judge. he was loved. he is loved and always will be. if you have nothing nice to say or intelligent to say - which is clearly the case then don't bother and leave this poor wonderful boy to peace. and his family. and his friends.

United States

#42 Dec 9, 2008
jim wrote:
Suzuki vs buick, any takers?If for money reasons you have no choice but to ride a bike thats one thing, to just be an idiot on two wheels in a different story.
You can ride on two wheels Jim and not be an idiot. You can die in a car, SUV or large truck just as easy as you can on a motorcycle. GOD has already determined the day you will die, not riding a bike or riding in a car will make a difference. Even riding in a train (which concerned one wants us all to do) can get you killed. I'll keep riding my cycle Jim, I will wear a helmet, obey the traffic laws and watch out for the other drivers. My prayers to the young mans family and friends.

Since: Sep 08

South Florida

#43 Dec 9, 2008
no matter how fast the kid was going, aren't the head light on motorcycles really kinda bright? I mean, and at night you see lights. During the day sure it's harder to see a bike that is hidden by another car. We've all been there, trying to make a left turn and on the opposite side of the road is another car trying to make a left turn. That other car blocks the view and you can't see what the heck is coming.

so, last night some bike was behind me in traffic and DANG that headlight was really freaking bright. There was no way I could have not seen the light and not known there was a bike behind me. I was curious though, as to why the guy was so close on my bumper. He was literally riding my @$$. Did he enjoy breathing in my cars exhaust? Did he want to kiss my bumper the second some jerk in a car cut me off? The guy eventually changed lanes and chose a lane that was a bit faster moving than the lane I was in, but he was still riding the bumper of other cars he got behind.

Any of you motorcycle riders out there wanna enlighten me as to why ya'll ride so close to the car in front of you's bumper and then get even closer when stopped at the red light?

just curious, ya know.
So What

Jonas Ridge, NC

#44 Dec 9, 2008
Meh, who cares anymore. Most of you are talking like you know what happened based on the little information that the SS has provided. You all are no better than the SS itself. As for the helmet thing, some say he was wearing his helmet, yet it came off. Obviously it wasn't buckled on, so what good is that. If you're going to put it on your head, you might as well buckle it too... Plus, you don't have to be going very fast to die on a motorcycle, even with a helmet on. Be informed, and drive safely all...

Duarte, CA

#45 Dec 9, 2008
Actually He is in heaven.
Cecils rotting carcass wrote:
Another dumb two wheeled, uninsured, wreckless turd flushed to hell! Wooooshhh!!!!!!!!!!

“Slow Down, Life Is Too Short”

Since: Jun 08

Boca Raton

#46 Dec 9, 2008
Was the crotch rocket speeding or did the old biddy make an illegal uturn or perhaps both? I will hold off making a comment until I know all the facts. Does this make sense to anyone?

Duarte, CA

#47 Dec 9, 2008
Yes we are! Let's hope some nimrod doesn't post terrible things, like your post if a friend or relative of yours dies in a tragic accident.
Biker garbage wrote:
<quoted text>
Are his retarded family and friends reading this? I hope so. More garbage disposed of.
100 thousand 604

Delray Beach, FL

#48 Dec 9, 2008
Delightful_girl wrote:
I'm going to put my money on a combination of factors. Old biddy not looking where she's going and young guy most likely hauling a_s_s down Federal.
i would hasten to agree (whatever that means). i think it is a reasonble guess.

Boca Raton, FL

#49 Dec 9, 2008
Rob wrote:
Yes we are! Let's hope some nimrod doesn't post terrible things, like your post if a friend or relative of yours dies in a tragic accident.
<quoted text>
Lets hope they do,but they wont because nobdy will give a retarded rats a-s-s-.

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