Puerto Rico Sucks

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#1334 Oct 18, 2013
I left central Florida for a year. Came back and nothing has changed. Still loud annoying ricans. Nothing changes I had a sleeping baby awake screaming because these people were talking so loud. And had no regard for anyone else. They are so annoying and they're ghetto ass cars I think it's fast cuz I put a muffler tip on it. They always talk in Spanish in an English speaking nation. But use some of our words in there sentences . But god forbid we say something wrong in Spanish if we try and conversate with the many jobs that only hire bilingual Spanish speakers in an American country? They Are taking over. They think they are entitled to everything. Oh yeah they're loud. And did I mention annoying and ghetto? And they think they are better then everyone. Pretty sad the place I grew up is being taken over and overrun.

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#1336 Oct 19, 2013
Got dat white

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#1337 Oct 23, 2013
It's not ok to be racist and to insult PR in such a generalized way,not every person here is trash,lazy or rude. But being honest,comming from a person who has lived all my life in this island,it is getting worse and worse each year. Yes,I will admit that the MAYORITY of people living here are lazy and VERY rude,they have no interest in working hard for a living instead they prefer selling drugs,killing ir living off cupons provided by the federal goverment. Not ALL poor people are trash,I currently study at UPR (University of Puerto Rico) which is the highest education level provided in this island,and the majority of students here are poor,but very smart,sadly they have to leave the island once they graduate in order to get a job. Also NASA recruits students from here and yes,they leave,because sadly it's the only way out for the hardworking poor these days. I will admit people are very rude and violent and they mock appereances a lot. It is the SAD TRUTH,wake up. The future generation of Puerto Rico is lost in drugs,killing and being lazy. Only the minority are trying to make a name for themselves so they leave because there are no oportunities of succeding here. Plus,most places are very dangerous and dirty and the goverment is total shit,they only care about the money,our goverment is completly corrupted.

On the other hand,people talk about the "rednecks" or "hillbillies" of the USA,that they are trash also. In MY opinion,yes,they are racist and dirty looking and I once thought all they did is drink moonshine and beat their wives up(very similar to some men here). But I searched a documentary about about people living in the mountains of Kentucky,very poor indeed,clearly with not much education. But one thing caught my attention,they worked their ass off to provide a living for their family and THEY DID NOT COMPLAIN. They lived in their own humble world,working for what they need (food,clothes,etc). and they didn't make an excuse and if one got frustrated the others gave him comfort. Let's face it,poverty is worldwide but the way you manage the situation and make a living for yourself depends on you,no matter who you are. Being lazy and in a shitty situation and staying like that depends on YOUR attitude towards life.

Puerto Rico needs motivation and make some Puerto Ricans work for what they want,not getting cupons for it.

If any of you is interested in the documentary mentioned above it's called: American Hollow. It can be found on Youtube.
ray finkle

West Hartford, CT

#1338 Oct 28, 2013
I'm sorry but I totally agree with Bill. My childhood nieghborhood was predominately hispanic people here in the good ol USA, as a result, the majority of my friends are Ricans. My friends bitch about their families all the time who fit the same descrition Bill here is giving. Why? Because my hispanic friends are (by a miracle from God at birth I swear) smart people who hate the fact their families live like loud, irresponsible, angry pigs. It gives them and their people a bad name. You know it used to be a nice nieghborhood, until the early 90's when they came in like a flock of pidgeons and brought all that chaos with them. And a lazy, short tempered atmosphere. What was once a beautiful, quiet little city 3 decades ago is now a drug laden dump, and you cant go anywhere without hearing that obnoxious reggaeton noise! Look, the reality is, we are all people, and we are all equal. But when your decendants of the flippin Pirates of the Carribean, that lifestyle is gonna run down the family line. Now it's just a matter of how many can see past the drunken, thick fog their people and ancestors have blanketed on their society, and actually give a f**k. If that fails then we cut the rope and let their ship sink by itself, good riddance, before we have to start burrying our treasure too.
proud american

Lakeland, FL

#1339 Nov 10, 2013
Look, its like this, like Italians, Germans, the Irish, they all had a hard time coming to the united states, but, they assimilated to the country, they spoke English and waved the american flag and embraced what is u.s. culture. Let go, speak English and proudly wave the 50 states high, because your here now, not there, you left because it wasn't any good there. Move on and let go, Be happy and a proud american. Embrace our culture, that is why you came here!
Ahmed Reda

Newton Highlands, MA

#1343 Nov 13, 2013
Look, I had this fight with my Puerto Rican friend. He said that Egypt sucks and is poor and that he made a racist statement. I backfired at him the same thing and said "At least I wasn't born from a shitty USA territory, bitch." But wouldn't it just get a little out of hand in this post here? Isn't it illegal to post something like this, spreading the rumors about how awful Puerto Rico is? This...this isn't right. This has been old for 5 years and people are still talking about this? Stop this, please. You need to stop doing this . I am very disappointed in this post, so stop wasting other people's time now.

Minneapolis, MN

#1345 Nov 20, 2013
Bill wrote:
Look, I always bash on this place, but I think it is out of frustration. This place has an enormous potential to be a first world country, but the problem is apathy, complacency and entitlement. Daily, I encounter very nice individuals, which are almost non-existent in the US today. I mean strangers that genuinely offer to help you without an angle (which feels creepy if you are from the US). However, these same people that are so thoughtful in some ways, are completely oblivious and thougtLESS in others.
I get pissed off because I had this romantic notion about life here, and Iam confronted daily with wasted potential. So, in order to make myself feel better :@), Here is my list of problems and how to fix them:
1) Trash: Pick it up. You live in likely the most beautiful place on earth, but I rarely see it because you use it as a dump. Stop wasting money on NEW parks and anything else that requires new maintenance. Use that money, just to pick up the trash and maintain your existing parks, and I bet you'll be amazed at what you have.
2)Traffic: This is a two-fer. Enforce traffic laws. This country is running a deficit like all the states in the US. However, they do not enforce the law here. Even a simple task like enforcing parking laws, will most likely reduce traffic (i.e. I keep having to pay because there is no place to legally park, so I won't drive) and generate a huge amount of revenue.
3)Stop Wasting Time: Every single day, I read about some strike or work stoppage because there is a perception of abuse. Seriously, this countries workers are some of the most expensive in the world (and it is not because they get paid a huge salary). Just do your job, and do it well. If someone is genuinely taking advantage of you, trust me it will not go unnoticed. However, if you do not do what your paid to do, you should get fired.
4) Stop Wasting Time: I know this was number 3, but the same goes for political capital. This country wastes a lot of time debating their status (independence, statehood, union monoply, etc...). I should not expect less, as it is evident in the everyday citizen, that this population is one with an external locus of control (it is everyone else's fault but my own, known here as the "ay bendito" phenomena). However, instead of debating your status as a country, why not just set it aside, and maximize the things that are under your control. Take advantage of your resources (i.e. agriculture, central port facilities, finance, beautiful tourist destination, etc...), and exploit them to their maximal potential. I feel like I'm talking to a teenager when I say, "stop worrying about everyone else, and just do what you know you're supposed to do". When you take responsibility for yourself, you also control your destiny. When this happens, then you can have a debate about what the next step is.
This just a list of hopeful things that I know would significantly change things here without "Americanizing" it. Unfortunately, I regret to say that in 10 years this place will actually be worse than it is now.
Hey Bill I agree with you. I may only be a teenager that only goes to Puerto Rico to visit family every summer but I've seen enough to agree. There are currently about 3.6 million Puerto Ricans living in Puerto Rico and about 8 million living in the US mainland. I honestly believe that if you put all of the Puerto Ricans that are living in the mainland back in Puerto Rico for at least a year and making them go through a strict reform process, Puerto Rico would be many times better than it is now. But it's like the game theory in economics. If nobody goes back to Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico keeps losing. If only some go back to PR, the ones going back will probably suffer whereas the ones that stay will stay comfortable. But if all the Puerto Ricans returned to PR then everyone would benefit and PR would stop looking like such a burden and more of a blessing. Too bad it wont happen.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

#1346 Nov 26, 2013
CW here from TX wrote:
<quoted text>
We been here for 1 month , the Army send us for our last assignment here.35 month to go.
It is a hole we accepted so much more and got so much less.
The government is corrupt and there are a lot of rude people here.And a lot of animal neglecters.
The electricity breaks your bank expect to pay about 400 some $ a month when you turn your AC on, the people here mostly use fans because they cant afford the prices..21 cents per KWH.
They have no decent road signs or paved roads, your car is getting beaten to death here.
You get lost. I still have not driven my car yet.This is a 3rd world country.
And San Juan is the worst of all.You go to a american store and people cant speak both languages,
They look at you like you came from the moon.
I don't like it here.God help us all.
Peace out Fort Allen PR
I understand a lot of your frustrations... i recently moved from Atlanta Ga to work in the medical field. My Grandparents are from the Island but i was raised in the good ole south. I can say that a lot is true when it comes to the roads, driving and electricity but honestly electricity is worst in Hawaii and it is a state. Atlanta roads back in 2004 were just as bad but in reality the commonwealth is in a major recession. I think the people are friendly but they aggravate the heck out of me when it comes to driving. If you have a chance visit the real parts of Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and those are third world countries not Puerto Rico! I had to do that in order to open up my eyes and see how great Puerto Rico is. Now, I can definitely say that it is not totally like the United States and do not expect it to be...it is a commonwealth...in my opinion i would love it to be the 51st state so that things can improve but thats a touch subject! Hopefully things will get better!
PR man

San Juan, Puerto Rico

#1347 Nov 29, 2013
Puerto rico has beutifull sites, you people went to the wrong spots and if i do say so one of the most beutifull women in the world OH YEAH!!! In general not all puertoricans are lazy that my friends is called ignorance, we speek spanish,some of us want to be indepent from the shithole US but in simple terms you americans need us.. If we become independent from you, your economy will go down to the ground, if you dont believe me look at the facts, point is we have beutifull sites we love our culture and heritage.. And not all of us are lazy, stereotype

San Juan, Puerto Rico

#1348 Dec 10, 2013
PR is the best place to be!!!

Pittsburgh, PA

#1349 Dec 12, 2013

Brooklyn, NY

#1350 Dec 17, 2013
This is one of the worst pages I've ever come across. Fools.
Puerto Rico is awesome. Top beaches in the world. Best food in the Carib, great roads, safe, everyone speaks English, music, casinos and entertainment are first class, incredible tourist sites, not one but TWO phosphorescent bays, the only rainforest in the US Forest System...
I travel down there 2-3 times a year. I've driven across Spain, spent half a year in Italy, been to London, Cannes.. Puerto Rico is my "go to" this side of the planet.
I'm happy you blowhards aren't "impressed", rather that you stay on you're couches than trample our lovely paradise...

Brooklyn, NY

#1351 Dec 26, 2013
Simple solution: If you don't like Puerto Rico, don't go to Puerto Rico. If you're in Puerto Rico and don't want to remain there, move out of Puerto Rico. Simple, eh?

Key West, FL

#1352 Dec 29, 2013
C'mon people, lighten up. Puerto Ricans have as much to offer as anyone else. Just take this little hottie named Veronica. She was slender, clean-shaven, and with beautiful eyes. She was very kind and giving, and would often take my entire sack into her mouth while stroking me with pretty hands until I dumped my entire load on her pretty face. Did I mention she had a boyfriend? Now tell me Puerto Ricans aren't the nicest folks you ever came accross!-Tim

Oak Lawn, IL

#1353 Jan 3, 2014
Save America wrote:
I spent a weekend in Puerto Rico and it suxs. The sun will get you tan as soon as the plane lands. The beach is dirty. The traffic suxs and people don't speak english. I won't be back to that shit hole. Oh, and it's long fly too.
Full of Crap sir! children in Puerto Rico are required to take on hour of English every day since they start grammar school. I just took my Irish husband to Puerto Rio and all the signs are in Spanish and English. 89% of the people spoke English. He loved it. We are buying an ocean front property. Stay where you at Puerto Rico is fine with out you!

United States

#1354 Jan 11, 2014
Javi wrote:
from America to Puerto Rico is only 4 hours! the beaches are durty because nasty Americans things your still at home and can do what every you want there! Puerto ricans don:t like americans in our home country so dont come back!
From my experience...Puerto Ricans especially my ex wife's family are a bunch of shady two bit thieving thugs....they have a sense of entitlement...the few times I've been there, I've seen very few people working, welfare bums are all you people are.

United States

#1355 Jan 11, 2014
Marc wrote:
This is one of the worst pages I've ever come across. Fools.
Puerto Rico is awesome. Top beaches in the world. Best food in the Carib, great roads, safe, everyone speaks English, music, casinos and entertainment are first class, incredible tourist sites, not one but TWO phosphorescent bays, the only rainforest in the US Forest System...
I travel down there 2-3 times a year. I've driven across Spain, spent half a year in Italy, been to London, Cannes.. Puerto Rico is my "go to" this side of the planet.
I'm happy you blowhards aren't "impressed", rather that you stay on you're couches than trample our lovely paradise...
Everyone doesn't speak English...I know that to a fact!!...they're the rudest inconsiderate bunch of entitlement demanding thieves I have ever seen.

Arlington, VA

#1356 Jan 12, 2014
Save America wrote:
I spent a weekend in Puerto Rico and it suxs. The sun will get you tan as soon as the plane lands. The beach is dirty. The traffic suxs and people don't speak english. I won't be back to that shit hole. Oh, and it's long fly too.
Thanks God, u can stay there in that shity contry,with no beachs,lot of traffic and dumb people

Forest Hills, NY

#1357 Jan 12, 2014
This must be some type of hater blog since it somehow concentrates around negative things that are surely present in PR. Yes, many people are not inclined to work hard or work at all. Partially it is due to the fact that American government subsidizing PR with all types of socials programs. And petty theft is rampant. Its an Island in the Caribbean and if someone paid me not to work I would rather be surfing all day rather then spend my energy making money for someone else's gain. In any case US government discontinued subsidizing PR government in 2009 so tons of people were laid off and this maid it tougher for everyone. Yes, it is hard to get anything done in PR. People operate on island time and you have to stay on top of them to make sure things get done the way you want. But my general experience was that Puerto Ricans are proud of their heritage and they say that they send all the people they do not want here in PR to the US. Its laid back, and I like it. Why do it today when you can do it tomorrow. Relax, the life if too short. You can enjoy your life here and not spend a ton of money to do it. And that is a beauty. In US you need to pay for everything. In PR you can still find places, deserted spots for hiking in rain forest, swimming in waterfalls or surfing and not spend a dime and that is awesome. Many times we been to Fajardo area and nearby islands and we love it there. Fresh seafood, nearby islands and beaches and all the fun things in the surrounding areas keep us coming back. Every time we discover something new. There is as much on the seaside as on the interior of the island to be discovered. I might be confusing tourism with living on the island but if I could find a steady source of income I would make a move.

Bountiful, UT

#1358 Jan 15, 2014
The island is beautiful, the weather, during winter, is great. I have to agree with one point in the original post: The women ARE cheaters and opportunists. Don't marry Puerto rican women, or "portis" like my Mexican-American friends call them. They are serial cheaters and will get pregnant with some other dudes sperm and try to hand the child support over to you.

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