Puerto Rico Sucks

Carolina, Puerto Rico

#1309 Jul 7, 2013
Blah Blah Blah. Defend the place if you'd like. Make all the typical jokes about others' comments you want. But there is no question, PR SUCKS. Finding a polite or friendly person once in a while is not worth living with all the garbage that goes on in PR. That is the honest truth.

South Holland, IL

#1311 Jul 8, 2013
Wow Americans are soooooo disrespectful. I bet all tgese people talking about puerto rico are WHITE PEOPLE who think they are the best. Be respectful of my & other people on the islands heritage/culture. You should be grateful that there is a beautiful island like puerto rico. But of course you probably think your to good for us. AND YOUR NOT. Lbvs you act soooo stupid. If you don't like Puerto Rico then guess what? FUCK OFF. End of discussion! Point blank.

Carolina, Puerto Rico

#1312 Jul 8, 2013
Angelo, in case you were including me in your poorly worded rant, I am not American. I am in fact Latino. One who has lived in many places, big and small, here and there. But if you were trying to help the image of Puerto Rico and its people, you failed. The insults and curses, along with the use of capital letters and exclamation points in your post only reinforce what many posters here are saying. Oh, if you are so offended or put off by "White people" then why are you in the US? I know, I know, "why am I in PR?" is probably the next question. Its temporary. How can someone be so offended by accurate observations? Aside from some insults here that I don't necessarily agree with, many posters here are stating valid points; retaliatory behavior from neighbors for simple requests, especially with the group mentality, check. Claiming to love the Island then dump a bag of garbage in the street, check. Extremely inconsiderate and aggressive behavior even towards each other, check. Severe lack of motivation and gimmie gimmie gimmie because yes, check. the list is long, and crime is the least of it. Most of these things I have heard from lifelong residents. Why would you defend this?

Ponce, Puerto Rico

#1313 Jul 9, 2013
i recently traveled there for a weekend, shame on there goverment the airport is a pighole...all dirty and not to mentioned, people are very rude..and disrespecful....Puerto Rico should be release and tell them they are on there own...it really sucks...not even a free bottle of water at there roach hotels..
Fcuk pr

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

#1314 Jul 16, 2013
big R wrote:
<quoted text> Sorry ball licker but those are Dominicans who wear the tight pants and haircuts. Get your latins correct. Loser
dumb ass go there and see for yourself. You problably a ho
mo rican too
Fcuk pr

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

#1315 Jul 16, 2013
big R wrote:
<quoted text> el pais tuyo es tercer mundo lleno de animales. Ustedes no vallen nada. Immigrante sucio ascerosos. Venga aqui te pago dos pesos para que me llava mis cansosillos. Eso lo que tu es un mojon
mamabicho se dice dollar no peso. Eres Mexicano cabron?meteselo a tu abuela mientras me clavo a tu madre mamon. Oh and by the way I am puerto rican who happens to be born in USA. Thank god I'm not dumb like your average puertorican from that weak leeching island.

Fort Worth, TX

#1316 Jul 19, 2013
I am a Puerto Rican and very proud to be so. I am extremely embarrassed to read all of those nasty postings. It is really a shame people have to express themselves this way. There are other ways to point out either negative or positive things about a country and its people. I want to encourage my fellow Puerto Ricans to not let other people get on your nerves. Discuss the issues with elegance and manners no matter what other people say. Have a nice day.

United States

#1317 Jul 19, 2013
Puerto Rico is the best place I went too it has nice beaches and good spots

Pittsfield, MA

#1318 Aug 8, 2013
i live in western ma, the town i live in has a large pr population .it used to be white and nice but its real dump now, but the i tend to agree that prs are loud and have a bad work ethic and the women are nasty. i'm the only one that works in my building and i also attend college full time. heroin is everywhere. most of the women use you for money and have 5 or more kids. they don't believe in throwing trash in dumpsters but from the window. spandex is not a right but a privilege . i see a people buying shit with there e.b.t card when the have thousands of dollars of gold around there necks. don't know that people are born with names other than papi or mami. over 2000 break ins in a year.....by the way ....i'm a pr. get fuckin jobs get of the system for once......its there to help not live off for life and stop making the rest of us look bad.

Castaic, CA

#1319 Aug 10, 2013
Bill, why do you have to blame all of the Puerto Ricans for your shitty life? Not all of them litter across the island, and they aren't in charge of taxes and government crap. The reason people are unemployed and resort to crime is because of issues having to do with the fact that the US Government wants to own everything. The get in to wars that aren't theirs, resulting in terrorism, and they influence the Puerto Rican Government every day, causing unemployment, and therefore, creating crime. Yes I am Puerto Rican, and currently I live in L.A. You should know that people litter here too and that traffic is terrible at LAX. There are problems everywhere because of money, drugs, and the Government. I love that island even though it has its problems, and where does this Puerto Ricans hating Cubans thing come from? You guys are idiots for assuming that all Puerto Ricans are bad people. It's exactly like saying that all Americans are bad people. They are not. You guys are simply being racist.

Castaic, CA

#1320 Aug 10, 2013
bingo wrote:
Blah Blah Blah PR SUCKS
BINGO!!! you are racist.

Sarasota, FL

#1321 Aug 14, 2013
Jen wrote:
Good pot?? Puerto Rico has good pot???
Yes, it does.

Miami, FL

#1324 Aug 27, 2013
Wow a lot of coments... just read the firt few. If you don't feel comfortable there you don't. you maybe intimidated for the drugs and murders or what ever then don't go anymore. Fact is Puerto Rico has the third most beautifull beach in the world in culebra. And relax they don't kill turists the drug crime there is international related, they don't give a damn about you, they wont touch you. And just so you know, San Juan is the oldest city in the US Gringito... look it up... Its common wealth like for example Virginia but just not a sate. Its an Island... diferent from what youre acustumed to that dosnt mean is bad. Its beautifull and has more culture than you that's critisizing it. Chek out my spelling and critizise it too,,.... lol.lol.lol... you wish you could fit in there..
an awesome person

Orocovis, Puerto Rico

#1325 Aug 29, 2013
Puerto Rico is a beautiful island. So sad you guys fail to see it.

Caguas, Puerto Rico

#1326 Sep 30, 2013
Bill wrote:
<quoted text>
This is the problem. You spend a few days on the beaches, and the tourist areas, where it is supposed to look like a paradise. All of us that are complaining LIVE HERE!!
So, yes it is a perfectly fine place to VISIT, but it is a third world country to live in. The problem is that the police force is corrupt, and now that there is a global economic crisis, the already high unemployment rate has resulted in an even higher crime rate. The people who live here are content to wait for others to solve their problems for them (i.e. send me welfare from the US even though I am going to talk shit about it while I'm living in my federally subsidized house, on medicair and collecting welfare, without ever paying federal taxes).
Finally, the FOOD??? I am from Southern California, where we get real food from around the world. This food is just bland shit. Pepper is too fucking hot for them!!?? If it does not taste like baby food, they do not cook it.
So Nuckles, keep your White as in Florida, and continue to spend your vacation money here in this shit hole (because obviously you do not mind wasting your tax dollars as well). Me, I'm out of this place, and when I want to visit a corrupt, third world, drug infested country, I'll jump across the border for a while where they have a better work ethic, and welfare is borrowing money from a relative.
i lived in orlando for 7 years and moved back to puerto rico and i love it

Caguas, Puerto Rico

#1327 Oct 4, 2013
I agree with you 1,000,000%!!! This is by far the, WORST place that I have lived in my entire 50 Years of life!The people are lazy & nasty as all hell. I was born here, in the city of San German. I was raised in NYC,(thank god!!!!!). I spent 24 years in the US Marine Corps, which I retired from. I have been living on this godforsaken ROCK, for the last 3 FUCKED UP years. This place HAS NO FUCKING Culture whatsoever. They celebrate the US Federal holidays, and their own local holidays. All that they can do is DRINK,DRINK,DRINK!They are a bunch of LAZY, good for nothing ASSHOLES. With absolutely NO respect for anyone. There is NO PLACE so that you can take your family, and have a great time. But they know where you can get a drink,........anywhere, anytime!The DAILY Topic 24-7 365, is the stupid corrupt government on this ROCK. They hate the person that was in office,is in office, and wants to be in office (the governor). Presently we have a typical IDIOT, that can't even speak English, when he represents the ROCK in the USA. I am going to do WHATEVER I have to do, to get off of this GODFORSAKEN ROCK within the next 6-8 month's or sooner. When I get myself & MY FAMILY off this rock, I WILL NEVER EVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN. If anyone is considering moving to Puerto Rico. DON'T DO IT! DRINK A BOTTLE OF BLEACH INSTEAD! IT'S LESS LESS PAINFUL & LESS AGRIVATING. STAY IN THE GOOD OLD USA!!!!!!!!!!

Leesburg, FL

#1329 Oct 7, 2013
puerto rico sucks wrote:
<quoted text>
"he did not GO to the best spots" would be correct ENGLISH. Is Peurto Rico not US territory?
"PUERTO Rico would be correct. Can't you spell?

Leesburg, FL

#1330 Oct 7, 2013
puerto rico sucks wrote:
<quoted text>
"he did not GO to the best spots" would be correct ENGLISH. Is Peurto Rico not US territory?
"PUERTO Rico would be correct. Shouldn't you know how to spell?

Leesburg, FL

#1331 Oct 7, 2013
bingo wrote:
Blah Blah Blah PR SUCKS
Blah Blah Blah go to hell

Level 1

Since: Oct 13

Fredericksburg, VA

#1333 Oct 15, 2013
In the United States we have all kinds! I am embarrassed for these people that go and live in other countries and give Americans a bad name. usually these are Americans that are ignorant and frustrated or even might have a mental codition -it only makes sense if you don't like it in Purrto Rico then they could just leave,!
And so I apologize for these people of limited thinking! my apologies to the Puerto Rican people! I have been there many times. in fact we visit every year and we love it.
Jess Seaman

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