Puerto Rico Sucks

San Juan, Puerto Rico

#1180 Nov 13, 2012
If you want to live in/visit a Spanish speaking country, learn to speak SPANISH!!! I bet my English is way better than your Spanish, unilingual stupid gringo.
A true American

Duluth, GA

#1181 Nov 15, 2012
a to z wrote:
PR is a truly crappy country. I don't know where to begin.
It is supposed to be bilingual, but most people do NOT speak English. They speak more English in the ME and everywhere in Asia. They study English in school for 12 yrs and claim to speak English, but they do not. You can rarely get service in English from any utility company or any store that is not directly serving the tourist sector.
Whatever you want, they don't sell it in PR, and most companies won't even ship here.
The water and electricity services are erratic and you can't get through by phone or get an English speaker.
Their maps are incredible. The addresses don't work in GPS or on google maps or map quest. No one can find anything. Various maps will locate things in different places.
Never get any kind of service that is based in PR. They do not provide any service. When you buy products from the USA, they do not want to service anything in PR.
You will wait in long lines for everything because you can't deal with any issues by phone or internet. They have 10 service desks with 3 service people. 2 are chatting with each other and ignoring clients and 1 is busy filing her nails. Then all 3 go to lunch
It's just a crappy country and the people don't care. They are incompetent and lazy, and they can't stand criticism.
You are 310% correct. Thank you for your honesty. Welcome to Mcdonalds's or Burger King or Wendy's, staples of America, where you can only order after the clerk finishes their personal phone call and has 3 conversations with co-workers about absolutely nothing relevant. And after you pay you can watch your fries get cold while they cheek kiss a random person and check their phones and have another 4 random conversations. Worst. Country. Ever. Waiting for the big tsunami to cleanse this country of locals and let people who care about tourism take over.

New York, NY

#1183 Dec 2, 2012
Well, I tell you why most other True Latin, or Hispanic people hate puerto rico, and American, so called Puerto rican's Rican's ( they should call themselves BlackAicans or Africaricans because that's what they strive for, practicing that Santeria, which is another name for African Voodoo)), sorry I meant Puerto Rican's (I had to make a distinction, because some puerto rican's from puerto rico don't try to be black, and disrespect other truer Latin's, Hispanic's that are of truer blood like the filthy one's that reside here.) It's because they are a bunch of A- Holes that think they are better than other Latin races because they intermarry with black's. Don't they realize that they have no race anymore? They are not even Meztizo or Mulato. They just F anyone because they have no sense of identity, and no real government unlike most Latin countries, we have real government's. We are smart enough to control our countries. I guess they are just happy doing, "perico" and f-ing girl's and guy's in their anus like they so popular for( refer to their hit song , Ella quiere mas gasolina by that piece of shiss Daddy Yankey, that is a sodomite song). F- puerto rican slime.

New York, NY

#1185 Dec 2, 2012
and other countries which are much bigger than little shit t ty PR.. Look at a map for once you ignorant bastard's!!!

Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

#1186 Dec 2, 2012
I bet my English is way better than your Spanish, unilingual stupid gringos.

United States

#1187 Dec 2, 2012
Anglo here. I've travelled all over the Carribean and the US abd Europe. The negative comments here apply to just about every poor section of any metropolis. If you have enough money to kick it in Vega Baja, Dorado or the resorts, or the nice parts of any of the towns, the best PR has to offer will rival anything on any other US or Carribean town. By way of example, lets talk about St. Thomas. Same issue with littering in bad sections, and same mentality of living off handouts. I love PR and spend at least 6 weeks there per year. I help clean up litter I see everywhere I go - and that includes Chicago, Miami and NYC. By the way / people in these cities litter just as much. It's just that PR lacks the funding to clean it all up.

North Bergen, NJ

#1188 Dec 10, 2012
I am puerto rican :-) Puerto Rico Sucks!

Arlington, VA

#1189 Dec 25, 2012
Louis wrote:
I am puerto rican :-) Puerto Rico Sucks!
I never seen people living like savages like this. Was totally surprised upon arrival. This place is filled with trash, lazy people, and horrible food. I wonder how people can live like this. No standards, eat next to urine scented air, trash filled streets, sticky and musty restaurants.

The tourist trap Condado Beach area is just plain expensive, sleazy, and disgusting. What an absolute waist of money and vacation time.

Puerto Ricans need to clean up their country, have some standards higher than their dogs and stop with the attitudes.
pfc ramos

Marcus Hook, PA

#1190 Dec 26, 2012
Im a puerto rican, and I agree, but not all puerto ricans are to blame. Think of it like Detroit. It also a big drug and immigration point. It needs some cleansing
Puerto rican food lover

Ocoee, FL

#1191 Jan 1, 2013
Bill wrote:
It is a real crap hole here. My wife and I had to move here for work, but we are almost free. It is a US territory, but you would swear you were in any other politically corrupt, Latin American country.
The whole "You don't need a passport" campaign is a joke. I consistently tell my friends and family to take the time and money to just get a passport and go to Mexico. It is cheaper there, and you know what to expect. The only difference between this place and Mexico is the food is worse here and the prices are higher than the US. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, their drug addicted criminals don't just kill each other (like in Mexico). Here they kill pregnant tourists as well.
I like puerto rican food and da bitches too
Random stoner on rehab

Ocoee, FL

#1192 Jan 1, 2013
Jen wrote:
Good pot?? Puerto Rico has good pot???

Cayey, Puerto Rico

#1194 Jan 6, 2013
You should have visited others parts of the country, staying only in the metropolitan area is just plain stupid.
Nelson wrote:
<quoted text>
I never seen people living like savages like this. Was totally surprised upon arrival. This place is filled with trash, lazy people, and horrible food. I wonder how people can live like this. No standards, eat next to urine scented air, trash filled streets, sticky and musty restaurants.
The tourist trap Condado Beach area is just plain expensive, sleazy, and disgusting. What an absolute waist of money and vacation time.
Puerto Ricans need to clean up their country, have some standards higher than their dogs and stop with the attitudes.
Hope Norfleet

Midlothian, VA

#1196 Jan 9, 2013
I was in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2012 and enjoyed it so much. We went to Ponce and loved that. There are many other places I would love to visit. Yes, there is traffic but the cab fees are not expensive nor are the bus fees. I would go back.

Brooklyn, NY

#1197 Jan 10, 2013
im doing this for 20 points

Brooklyn, NY

#1198 Jan 10, 2013
I love points

Cherry Hill, NJ

#1199 Jan 22, 2013
Puerto ricans are the bane of America. They destroy everything they come near. They appear to be a cursed race of people. Read the book La Vida, its history says Puerto Ricans have been existing in filth and poverty for hundreds of years. They have perfected being "pigs". They are professional slobs spreading aids and enlarging every ghetto boundary. They dispise whites and are mentally ill with jealousy, yet are too lazy to change or to work for what they need or want. They'd rather steal it or kill somebody for it.

New York, NY

#1200 Jan 23, 2013
I have never seen so many ugly people in such a small island. They fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.. I got fed up with that dump and left never to return.

Philadelphia, PA

#1201 Jan 23, 2013
You people need to quit bashing puerto Rico and puerto ricans. That applies to Rodney and desdamona. I love puerto rican people. I don't know if that's my pr side or not? Either way stop talking trash. Its not nice

Since: Jan 13

United States

#1203 Jan 24, 2013
I know I will be getting a lot of heat from my countryman but I'm ok with it. But the thruth is what it is-the thruth. There are those who become upset when other point out how messed up the island is. This a double sided edge. See, there are those who get upset because it is a shame our island came to this point and have to face the criticism and no able to respond with a valid argument. And there are those who get upset when they hear how f/u the island isand they respond with incoherent arguments: 'well go back to the us' 'in the us is the same' 'you fu.... this or that'. Well, those are the ones with the problems not accepting what it is and sometimes are pary of the problem but are not willing to stop for a moment what can they do to make the island a better place to live. So anyway, I want to be as clear and accurate as possible without exagerating. FACT: was born in this island in the mid sixties, so I've seen through decades how PR has decayed, especially moraly and culturally.

Since: Jan 13

United States

#1204 Jan 24, 2013
FACT: the roads are the worst I have ever seen. Most don't have lane lines so you don't know what lane are you on. The majority don't know how to drive. Sorry, they don't! How can some people yell at you in an intersection when you got there first but they kept goin when there was a stop sign in their corner? On the highway, forget about it!: two lanes, max speed 65, and the driver is doing 35 on the left lane refusing to move right. A lot of them drive between the two lanes. FACT: they don't know how to wait in line like a civilized human being: if you are on the line to pay your toll and there is a long line of cars, expect someone come from way back trying to cut in-but if you don't let them in they will get pissed at you and insult you because you know...you're supposed to let them cut in despite you have been waiting more than 15 min. Ah! dont't expect a thank you gesture either! So if you don't believe me, look at all the cars, old and new-they will have some sort of scuff mark or dents. FACT: I hate when waiting in the cashiers line, there is someone behind me not farther than five inches breathing on my neck. I just dont know what is- is it because they're trying to use mind power to get thete as fast as they can, or because the island is so small they feel that there is no room for everybody? FACT: Customer service is the worst at it's best. They think they're doing you a favor when you buy from them. Some of them won't even look at you throught the entire transaction. On some local restaurants you will wait a while before being serve and no free refills by the way (Rest. Hecho en Puerto Rico). Telephone, utilities, any government errand- good luck! If you're planning to go to the doctor, be aware you WILL be the entire day there. An if that happens in a gov. agency, pray they see you before close of business- they will tell you to comback tomorrow. To sum it up: don't expect good customer service unless you go to Costco or Applebees. FACT: People are rude. Yes, you read it right: rude. If you are in store, lets say, Walmart, and you are in a isle looking for something don't expect an 'excuse me, thank you'. They will either move right and left to pass by or they just pass no matter what bumping into you- don't expect an apology so lower your expectations. And on traffic? Don't take me there!

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