Puerto Rico Sucks

Christmas, FL

#871 Apr 20, 2011
I agree with Bill, I served my country for 19 years, Army and I paid my taxes and social security like a proud American every since begining to work at 15 years old and now the SS system is being sucked dry by these undeserving parasites that have paid in absolutely nothing.

West Islip, NY

#872 Apr 27, 2011
Hi Richard,
Don't bother responding to these ignorant people. As far as I'm concerned the problem is not Perto Rico, but a deeper problem within themselves. There are people in this world who just hate everything. They probably talk bs about the US on a different post. These are whiners who most likely have small penises or fell in love with a rican who broke their heart. I too have family who get cupones and seccion 8, who wanted their share of my grandmas house when she died, but who cares. That is them, just like there a seldish people in the us.
There are a lot of working people in Puerto Rico, do you think the schools, Unviersities, government offices, professional offices, malls, restaurants and galleras are run by foreigners. I don't think so! There are caserios for the poor who never make it to college, just there are projects or subsidized housing in the US. So these haters talking BS here don't have a clue. There is a big different between Puerto Ricans and New yoricans. New yoricans are not Puerto Ricans. If you did not grow up there with your family and went to school with all of your friends and family then you are not Puerto Rican.
I am from Loiza Puerto Rico and I love it. I have heard all of the things people say about Loiza but they dont know Loiza. My mother had a terminal illness so we had to move to the US when I was 11. But everytime I misnehaved as in join a gang and such I was sent to PR because it was better over there. Anyhow, I grew up to be a pblic auditor and far from lazy. ALl the cancer in PR are probably due to all of the military activity on the island damaging the air and the beaches and the water. I have also seen an increase of dominicans in Puerto Rico.
But I love Puerto Rico, in New York most people spend most of their time stuck in an apartment which is not a good quality of life, but in Puerto Rico you can leave your door open and talk with your neighbors and your neighbors want to talk to you! in new york, your neighbors want to look the other way as they pass you by on the lobby. There is o comparison, puerto rico is still paradise!!
Richard wrote:
I cant believe everything you dare say about my island. I am a 17 year old that was born and raised in Puerto Rico and i can tell you there will never be a place as goos as this island. You should all stop the rude comments about how Puerto rico sucks and how people here are rude. Have you guys been to New York? Wanna see rudeness? Go to New York but don''t be talking about Puerto Rico like it's the worst place on Earth. It is so little and it is many times more valuable than the U.S Americans just want power. I cant say the U.S is selfish because they help us out and many things we have and are very greatful for you have given to us, but don't you doubt we can stand on our own. Puerto ricans are the most loving people in the world. I go to school every single day and say hello to everybody i know with a kiss or a hand shake. Everyone in this island consider themselves family and love each other as much as we love Puerto Rico. I guess all im trying to say here is that if you don't want people dissing on where you live stop dissing on other places you haven't even visited for more than a week. That week you could unfortunately have many bad days and then consider this place sucky..your wrong. Every single state in the U.S has it's pros and cons. Puerto Rico has them to but we are certainly not the only place with them. With this i just wrote you can see many puerto ricans do know english,are nice, and obviously have a bigger heart than anyone out there. OO..and with this you can see a 17 year old puerto rican has an open mind and i clear and realistic way of seeing the world not like many people on this page that just go with the cover of the book when they haven't even read the first sentence.

Fort Myers, FL

#873 Apr 27, 2011
I am Puerto Rican and I am living -for now- in Florida. I have also lived in Virginia. I have to say many Puerto Ricans who leave the island do it because they have been deceived into believing that the US is way better. Well... after being in the US for five years it isn't better. I have had two jobs here and I'm unemployed. I left my first job because I didn't see real growth and the company closed some months later- and then went to work on a federal agency and the environment sucked big time- there was an outrageous display of prejudice and racism toward latins in that workplace. I came to florida and expected to find a job but I finally understood that most states are really screwed. After one year of unemployment I have had only two interviews, one of them is later today. I am going to make a decision after this interview- if I get the job, I will be returning to Virginia, and if I don't get the job I'm going back to PR. I am tired of the United States. People are very cold compared to people of Puerto Rico. There are also drugs and social problems here. The governments- state and federal- are as corrupt as the Puerto Rican government. Heck the federal government almost closed! Florida is so flat I can't agree with people saying that it is a better vacation spot. Florida has good beaches but it has NO MOUNTAINS! Only a big ugly swamp filled with alligators and venomous snakes... what's so great about that? Disney? You don't have to live in Florida to come to Disney or any attraction in Florida. In PR you got equally-good beaches, probably better depending on some spots; mountains where you can enjoy a picnic day, rivers inside the mountains, caves, caverns, beautiful cliffs, it has a lot of culture, excellent food, a good network of roads (they are beginning to fix them), man how can Florida be better than PR? Yes, PR has a lot of flaws but the US share many of those flaws. My experience in the United States has been moderate. I've known good and nice people, but they are not as "warm" as Puerto Ricans. Yes, I've known very rude and stupid Puerto Ricans. But you can almost see who in Puerto Rico is nice and who is not. Here, you don't know who's an idiot or not. A Virginia neighbor began to insult and threaten me because I was plowing snow away in a parking spot already filled with snow and no car under it. This idiot seemed to forget that the snowplows take almost all the snow in a couple of minutes, he was just bitter because of the stupid winter and was trying to pick on someone. My experiences in New York? Disgusting. Very rude people, the city is way filthier than anywhere in Puerto Rico. A lot of people there are living in such a rushed pace that they simply live racing against each other. Here in the United States it is way easier to feel lonely and depressed because people here are competing for their space. Even Puerto Ricans here are not as the island natives. Most of boricuas I've known here are quite arrogant, and the ones that are not have come here because they could not find a job in PR and are dying to go back. Latins here do not share with each other. Miami is an example of a place where many people seem bitter all the time. Cubans do not get along with any other hispanic group, same for Mexicans, Salvadorans, etc. US may seem great in the first months we come to live but when we come from a great place like PR ans especially after living long years the United States becomes, through time, a depressing place where we are stuck with our job and have almost no time for our personal things. The United States is not a friendly country and that is worldwide known. In summary- if you have to rate happiness in the US, it will get no more than a C. In Puerto Rico, people who really love the island and have realized that bad things and social problems are international and not limited to a place, are way happier in the island. Christmas in PR is 100000% better than in the US.
Stupid Future

San Juan, Puerto Rico

#874 Apr 28, 2011
MMM1111 wrote:
<quoted text>
Out of curiosity - why does the US hang on to it then?
speaksfromexperi ence

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

#875 May 4, 2011
I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I have lived here all my life. Believe me when I say it is a shit-hole. I hate this island. It is pure poison. There is no diversity of taste so you are either this, or that. If you are something else, you are immediately an outcast. Mostly everyone is backstabbing and gossipy. Just because there are some 'pretty spots' doesn't change how big a hell-hole it is. I want to leave, I always have. I don't belong here. Imagine living in a small town in the states. Its pretty much the same way, but with less escape. The best way to describe living here, is trapped. This island is like a horror movie where you are in, but you will never get out... unless you are lucky enough to have the money and go live in the states, or you take the chance with student loans. There are okay people here though. There's a lot of ignorance and idiocy just like in the states. But I'd rather live over there anytime. Don't come here for vacation either... there's nothing to do except go to the beach... thats pretty much it. Most of the younger population that don't live in the projects know English and Spanish. Even though they might make mistakes in English, its not as if you know Spanish, and if you did, you'd make the same errors. Stop beings little bitches about how "everyone has to know English." Though I agree, not everyone can do it due to lack of education. They know their native language, just like most Americans. Again, Puerto Rico is a shit-hole. Stay away.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#876 May 23, 2011
Of course everywhere you have to actually work is going to suck, we don't shutdown for half day ceaesta to get drunk and cash our government checks.
too bad for you

Puerto Rico

#877 May 26, 2011
i was born in puerto rico and i have to agree with most of you.. PR sucks big time! the government is the most corrupted government there is in the face of the earth... not to mention, PR has the worse drivers ever... too many ignorant people live in this place... its a great shame! i could honestly say that puerto rico is the JOKE of other countries right now!
CW here from TX

Ponce, Puerto Rico

#879 Jul 3, 2011
Bill wrote:
It is a real crap hole here. My wife and I had to move here for work, but we are almost free. It is a US territory, but you would swear you were in any other politically corrupt, Latin American country.
The whole "You don't need a passport" campaign is a joke. I consistently tell my friends and family to take the time and money to just get a passport and go to Mexico. It is cheaper there, and you know what to expect. The only difference between this place and Mexico is the food is worse here and the prices are higher than the US. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, their drug addicted criminals don't just kill each other (like in Mexico). Here they kill pregnant tourists as well.
We been here for 1 month , the Army send us for our last assignment here.35 month to go.
It is a hole we accepted so much more and got so much less.
The government is corrupt and there are a lot of rude people here.And a lot of animal neglecters.
The electricity breaks your bank expect to pay about 400 some $ a month when you turn your AC on, the people here mostly use fans because they cant afford the prices..21 cents per KWH.
They have no decent road signs or paved roads, your car is getting beaten to death here.
You get lost. I still have not driven my car yet.This is a 3rd world country.
And San Juan is the worst of all.You go to a american store and people cant speak both languages,
They look at you like you came from the moon.
I don't like it here.God help us all.

Peace out Fort Allen PR
CW here from TX

Ponce, Puerto Rico

#880 Jul 3, 2011
Yes I agree.

Ponce, Puerto Rico

#881 Jul 3, 2011
And please people dont leave your garage door open even in a gated secured community, they will steal stuff out of your garage.

Peace out, God Bless America !!!!!


#882 Jul 5, 2011
from America to Puerto Rico is only 4 hours! the beaches are durty because nasty Americans things your still at home and can do what every you want there! Puerto ricans don:t like americans in our home country so dont come back!

Brooklyn, NY

#883 Jul 10, 2011
Fuckingx dumb hating sons of bitchex.

“Fred Scuttle 4 Prez.”

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Since: Feb 08


#884 Jul 10, 2011
Puerto Rico is beautiful. It is the people there that make it ugly.

New York, NY

#886 Jul 13, 2011
To all the people sticking up for Puerto Rico, you guys no the truth. To all the people hating on Puerto Rico, Get Real.
to make dave happy

San Juan, Puerto Rico

#888 Jul 14, 2011
Charlie wrote:
I agree with Bill, I served my country for 19 years, Army and I paid my taxes and social security like a proud American every since begining to work at 15 years old and now the SS system is being sucked dry by these undeserving parasites that have paid in absolutely nothing.
Wait a minute!!! I am puertorican, and I went to college and I work and I never been on welfare, and I pay my social security and my damn taxes tooo, so what the hell are you talking about, ignorant. NOOO, I wont play here the the story of the 17 puertorican who just justify Puerto Rico, PR has gotten bad, is true, and there is tooo damn much laziness, so much that the people who really works is getting tired and leaving the island.
How is it that if you dont kids have a low paying job and needs assistance, it is denied to you, however if you have 7 children no job and no school they give you a house, food for your children, money for school, welfare, no wonder people dont want to work here.
It is ashame how you see the people who works hard with half of the shopping cart full at the supermarket and see a lazy welfare ass with two shopping cart to pay with my taxes money.
NO, PR is not like everywhere else, if you go to third world countries they take pride in working here is the other way around.
to make dave happy

San Juan, Puerto Rico

#889 Jul 14, 2011
Marie in Miami Fl wrote:
<quoted text>Luquillo is horrible. I remember years ago we did all the mountain driving ..we we got there the beach was a piece of S#3 and the sand was hard pack like concrete. People were eating from the pots right on the beach.
Excuse meeeeeeee!! May be if you where here in 1920, Luquillo is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Peopel eating from the pots, I never seen that there, and if they do , at least they have something to eat , unless other neighboor countries who
to make dave happy

San Juan, Puerto Rico

#890 Jul 14, 2011
Stop justifying our low quaility of life, the island is going to hell. I dont care if some other countries do it, how come in a 100 x 35 island we have over 500 killings, how come 4 to 5 people is killed in just one weekend????

San Juan, Puerto Rico

#891 Jul 15, 2011
Puerto Rico DOES have some nice spots... And there are a few people that do talk english.. But it is true the inhabitants have destroyed part of it and dont take good are of it. =/ Im a puerto rican and even Im dying to get the hell out of it.. Then most 2wonder why people dont like us so much when we brought it on ourselves ._. My grandmother keeps telling me that in her time Puerto Rico was so much better than this.. Im tired of dealing with lazy idiots that think their just all that and with a retarded government... So I'm actually hoping to move far away from this damned island. I actually agree with you guys that this place sucks XD

San Juan, Puerto Rico

#892 Jul 15, 2011
Still judging it doesnt make it better... I do believe that there are places that are either better or worse than Puerto Ridco so it basically depends on peoples point of view.. Even though I sometimes hate it here its still my home so I guess I have like a bittersweet thing with this lol XD

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#893 Jul 19, 2011

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