Missing 5-year-old Florida girl likel...

Missing 5-year-old Florida girl likely was abducted, police say

There are 97460 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Feb 12, 2009, titled Missing 5-year-old Florida girl likely was abducted, police say. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

"They're doing as well as can be expected," Duckett told the Orlando Sentinel this morning.

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Howell, MI

#96018 Jan 2, 2013
Happy New Year, ALL!!!

Madisonville, KY

#96019 Jan 2, 2013
Sami wrote:
Happy New Year, ALL!!!
Happy New Year to you Sami and to all


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#96020 Jan 3, 2013
happy new year!!!! yes im still reading here. stay strong and positive

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Since: Jan 13

Bloomington, IN

#96021 Jan 6, 2013
EyeOfTheNewt wrote:
Mornin' Vic and all! Been keeping my eye out over here, haven't seen anyone since your last appearance on the 3rd. BTW, I did answer your post that day but it failed to show up then I never got back to it. Sorry hon.
Hope everyone is well and staying warm. Thinking of little Haleigh this morning, also all the other missing, abused, tormented and murdered little ones, many of them at the hands of their drug and/or porn addicted parents and their friends or relatives. Many women and teenagers too, living lives of utter torment by their own families; sick & elderly who can't make ends meet,(some of them being abused too) going hungry and without medical care, treatments or their meds; and now so many others too, with no heat and little food, if any.
Sometimes it all bothers me so much when I read about them that I have to leave it and click on photos of beautiful birds, kittens, puppies and other playful animals; anything to take my mind off it. Still, I think I will be sad forever and with a heart of sorrow, knowing all the insane murder, madness and evil going on in so many helpless lives all over this world and none to hear their cries of pain or help them. Then one day Jesus says "it's enough" and takes them out of here. For that I am eternally grateful.
Still concerned about some here who haven't been around in quite a while.
Catch up with you all later. Got lots to do today, company coming in for a few days, shopping to do, etc.,(and don't feel like doing much of any of it); AND BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!
Hello there, ANNE!


#96023 Jan 22, 2013
RC had to respond to PDM's deposition. His "I was at werk", didn't werk so his response to the questions were,"I don't know". Maybe his handicap is drug fried brain.JMO

Side note; Lindsey's swimming in the lady pond. Hopefully her choice in gals is better than guys.JMO

Glen Burnie, MD

#96024 Feb 4, 2013
Poor lilttle Haleigh, so so very sad. I'm never going to forget you sweetie .
God Bless you Haleigh.

Glen Burnie, MD

#96025 Feb 4, 2013
Happy New Year Everyone ;)

Las Vegas, NV

#96027 Feb 13, 2013
get - r- dumb wrote:
happy new year!!!! yes im still reading here. stay strong and positive
Who cares!

Cape Coral, FL

#96028 Feb 14, 2013
Apparently you do Hobbit.
Vegas 6

Las Vegas, NV

#96029 Feb 15, 2013
EyeOfTheNewt wrote:
Apparently you do Hobbit.
Hello Anne
Your son still in Re-hab~~

United States

#96030 Feb 25, 2013
How sad this forum is still going on. I had hoped she would be found by now.

Glen Burnie, MD

#96031 Apr 23, 2013
Indeed it is sad, as many here was praying for her safe return. Still praying they will @ least find out which one of those pieces of trash actually killed her. Which is highly unlikely due to the fact all of them have dirty hands !!

Sweet little Haleigh, you will 4 ever be remembered in our home, hearts.

North Fort Myers, FL

#96032 May 1, 2013
Looking in to see if any updates, guess I really didn't expect to see any.. For all intent, the PCSO ended the (fake) search for darling Haleigh when they declared the St. Johns' River search over.

Remember when Misty was hauled down to the St. Johns' River pier, stood talking with LE and pointed in a certain direction? This was after they'd sent divers down into the murky river, supposedly doing a search, and skank Teresa and conniving mama had been caught searching all around in the surrounding woods for any little Haleigh trinkets (evidence) they might quickly find and hide, having been forewarned by Mistys' colorful granny that the search would be taking place. Remember that scenario?

Well. The divers came up claiming they found nothing, Sheriff what's-his-name took to the mic and announced there was nothing down there, called off the search, then privately gathered with Haleighs' family and told them to plan her funeral. All fake; OR, did they actually find the evidence down there but did not want it revealed? Cold case, claiming they are still searching for Hailey! You believe this shyt? They've known all along Hailey was dead, helped to hide it, who did it, and that it WASN'T Misty.

Glen Burnie, MD

#96033 May 1, 2013
Sorry Anne, I just don't have the same faith in Misty as you do. That little smartazz as in street wise , has many fooled. NOT me though. she too knows what happened and most certain was involved in some way ! NO ONE is gonna take the fall for something they didn't do. Well. I wonder how she feels now about loverboy.?? She was so dang jealous of little Hailey , one can hear that in some of her videos blabbering on w/ her smirk on her face..They all don't give two shits about Hailey, she too is certainly one of them. that's my take. God will get them.

Glen Burnie, MD

#96034 May 1, 2013
Shoot..I have been on little Hailey Dunn's page as they found her little body right in SCURRY CO. AS S/A had said they could..not too far from his moms place I believe it was...and I'm so sorry Haleigh I misspelled your name sweetheart. <3 to you little angel..Praying you're R.I.P.

North Fort Myers, FL

#96035 May 2, 2013
jrw wrote:
Sorry Anne, I just don't have the same faith in Misty as you do. That little smartazz as in street wise , has many fooled. NOT me though. she too knows what happened and most certain was involved in some way ! NO ONE is gonna take the fall for something they didn't do. Well. I wonder how she feels now about loverboy.?? She was so dang jealous of little Hailey , one can hear that in some of her videos blabbering on w/ her smirk on her face..They all don't give two shits about Hailey, she too is certainly one of them. that's my take. God will get them.
I don't quite agree in some aspects, but do agree in many of your comments JRW. The thing is, when looking at the facts, there is no way skank Teresa and her whale mama would have been covering up for Misty with all their many schemes, nor would LE have covered up for her. But they WOULD have and DID cover up for Ronald, and IMO, coerced Misty into covering up for him with her numerous lies.

Yes, Misty was a streetwise smartass, but only as streetwise as a 16 year old, just turned 17 can be who thinks she's a woman but isn't. She was their perfect solution. I don't believe Misty was jeolous of Haleigh or Jr. Misty wanted to leave Ron and tried to leave him, even before he beat her and threw her out just prior to Haleigh's disappearance. Both skank & mama talked about how much the kids loved Misty and how they would beg her to come back, that the kids would cry for Misty. I believe she was good to those kids. That is one of the few things they said that I actually believe.

Don't forget, the first call about Haleigh missing was made at 2:13 a.m. by someone from Ron's MH to a private line at the SO, and it was THEN that the scheme was laid out to protect Ronald. LE already knew when the 3:37 a.m. call came in that Haleigh was missing. LE would not have been protecting Misty (why would they?), but they certainly would have (and did) protect Ronald & his family. You have only to look back at his prior record to know this. He got away with everything he ever did.

North Fort Myers, FL

#96036 May 2, 2013
BTW, I made an error in my earlier post that the PCS told the Cummings family to plan a funeral that day after the St. John's River search was "stopped". I think it was a "memorial" the PCS told them to plan. It means the same however; still the meaning is that Haleigh was dead and the PCS knew it, he just wasn't going to pretend to be searching any longer. Still protecting Ron.

They never will bring forth a body or a live Haleigh. In their minds, they have buried the matter forever and left the entire media, all the so-called pros, and the public believing that Misty killed Haleigh, exactly what they want everyone to believe. They did a good job at it.

I for one, do not believe Misty had anything to do with either Haleighs' death or her disappearance; I don't even believe she was babysitting that night, I believe Teresa was, or she left them alone then decided to check back later and found Haleigh gone; and I believe little jr told the truth about what he saw and heard. Remember, Teresa was waiting just 5 mins up the road, fully dressed, WITH Haleigh's photo, and ready to meet with LE after the 911 call at 3:37.

I believe Misty has to walk the chalk line in prison and live her life in fear 24/7/365 that she will meet a horrible death real quick should she ever open her mouth and tell the truth about all she KNOWS to be true. Misty knows the truth and I believe the abuse and death Haleigh suffered is far worse than most of us could imagine.

North Fort Myers, FL

#96037 May 2, 2013
Mistake. IMO, what Teresa found was a dead or dying Haleigh when she came along at some point during the evening to check on the kids, IFF she wasn't already there when it happened which is quite possible.

And it was AFTER Teresa found Haleigh either dead or dying, that Teresa called for a mass clean up of the trailer, had all the filth, drugs and other incriminating evidence removed,(likely child porn that had been hidden in that hole in the wall behind the water heater);

INCLUDING HAVING HALEIGH'S LITTLE DEAD BODY PLACED ON TOP OF THE DUMPSTER to be picked up and disposed of; or either she and Ron took her away while others busted their butts to get rid of evidence and garbage. Don't forget the decomp odor the dogs sniffed on top of and behind the dumpster, that the PCSO ignored and threw out like garbage.

It was during THIS time that Teresa made her all out search to find Misty, and at 2:13 a.m., that Teresa called her buddy at the SO and set up the scheme to trap Misty. There were witnesses who HEARD Misty out in the yard screaming and crying hysterically on her cell ph at around 2:00-2:15; having obviously been located and knew Haleigh was dead. It was THEN that Teresa sucked up and started her scheme to lay it all on Misty, having finally found Misty, and stupid Misty fell into the trap. Don't forget also, that there were voices of OTHERS in the background of Misty's 3:37 a.m. call to 911. The call at 3:37 was just a hoax, set up by Teresa and Ron.

There is just too much evidence JRW, that Teresa was involved every step of the way but the only evidence against Misty was her lies. What about Teresa's lies? TERESA is the one with ALL of the answers.


#96038 May 2, 2013
Hey Eye,jrw,

I doubt we'll ever know what happened to Haleigh. She'll always been in our hearts and we'll never forget her. RIP Sweet Haleigh.

It didn't take long after Haley's body was found that Billie turned on SA. Jrw, your right, SA said she would be found in Surry Co. Praying that those responsibile will pay for what they did to her.


North Fort Myers, FL

#96039 May 2, 2013
Hey Vic! Good to see you and JRW. Hope you are both well.

I agree Vic, we will never know little Haleigh's sad fate. The poor little precious angel. She's at peace now though, in the arms of Jesus forever more. The same for sweet Hailey Dunn.

Those who killed these precious ones and hid their remains have obviously given their soul to the devil, not realizing they will spend all eternity with him in torments.

They will see; God will exact his punishment; His Words, "their blood crieth out to me from the ground".(or wherever they may be). None can hide anything we do from the Almighty God, the giver of all life.

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