Delray Beach man killed in high-speed...

Delray Beach man killed in high-speed motorcycle crash

There are 306 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Jul 17, 2008, titled Delray Beach man killed in high-speed motorcycle crash. In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

A Delray Beach man died after he lost control of a motorcycle that was going almost 100 mph on South Ocean Boulevard this morning, police said.

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#395 Jul 30, 2008
that was not directed to you,Gail,that was for "LOZ"

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#397 Jul 30, 2008
Loz wrote:
How could be be an only child if he had a brother and sister??? Please get your facts straight. Thank you, loser.
I am soooo sorry!! I didnt realize that the people making these coments were so dense. Let me explain for all you LOSERS,(NOT GAIL) who cant think before they type!!! Matt had his mother and stepfather with 2 step brothers. He also had his father and step mother with a half brother and 2 half sisters. he also had numerouse grandparents aunts uncles cousins and friends, some who were just step or half relatives. But in our family, we never said 'half' or 'step' because we just loved each other that much!! Now if you dont understand that, let me know and i will try to explaine it to you like i would explain it to my 5 yr old son!!!!!!!!

United States

#398 Jul 30, 2008
How dumb wrote:
Matt still owes me money!!!
well you probably wont get it cuz matt is in heaven and you will most likly be going to HELL!!!!!!!
Matts Aunt

Tacoma, WA

#400 Jul 30, 2008
How dumb wrote:
Matt skipped out, oweing me money and I'm the one going to hell? Try again!! LOL!
How much did Matthew owe you? I'd be happy to pay you since you're making such a big f*cking deal about it on this site. And laughing about it.. niiiice! NOT!
Believe me, if Matt had known he'd be "skipping out" that morning, he'd have told each and everyone of his loved ones, his family, his friends that he loved them, as well as settle any debts he had so if you have a legitimate debt owed to you, feel free to give me your name and address and I'll send you a money order and you can laugh your sorry, insensitive dumb ass all the way to the bank with it.
Thank you to all of you who have left such compassionate and heartfelt notes here, we all appreciate your care so much, your condolences more than make up for the rest of the venom that's been spewed by thoughtless, heartless, cold, insensitive morons.
I'll check in again "how dumb" to see if you have the balls to leave a name or at least an email address for contact - my email address is on a couple other posts here - if you really want the $$$ Matt owed you - you'll find a way to contact me.
R.I.P. sweet, funny, kindhearted Matthew - you're so very missed and always loved.
Matts Aunt

Tacoma, WA

#402 Jul 30, 2008
OMG, I can't believe the moronic idiots on this site..

Let me spell this out for you very simply:

1. Matt's mom and dad were married - and were blessed with his birth.

2. They eventually divorced and re-married other people who had children - hence the "brothers and sisters"

3. Matt's dad & his 2nd wife had children together so Matthew had more siblings.

Matthew was blessed to have two sets of awesome, loving parents, as well as all of his extended family. WE are blessed to have such a wonderfully sweet young man to call our own.

Did you make it past the 3rd grade? "Good riddens" is spelled Good Riddance - Ciao dumb ass.
Good Golly Miss Molly

United States

#414 Jul 31, 2008
All of you morons on here posting crap need to stop and NOW. None of you even know this young man or his family and you are spewing vicious hatred.
Get a life and get over yourselves and STOP all of this nonsense.
I am going to report all of you for abuse to the Sun-Sentinel now.
LC Grad

Spokane, WA

#418 Aug 6, 2008
My thoughts and prayers go out to Matt's family and to all of us who are struggling with the loss of Matt. I was friends with Matt in high school and was in his graduating class. We lost touch shortly after graduation but I saw him several times throughout the past 6 six years out and about around Spokane.

Matt was a generous and loving person who always made time to connect with distant friends when he ran into them. He was kind and compassionate and had a big heart. He was always the life of the party in high school and the few classes that I did have with him were more enjoyable because of him. He loved to make people laugh and could always cheer you up if you were in a rut. When we were sophomore's our spanish teacher had a hard time disciplining Matt for talking during class because she couldn't help but laugh or crack a smile at his comments. Matt was truly one in a million and was loved by everyone who came to know him. Matt was a stand up guy in the way that he was everybody's friend. Some athletes at LC only hung out with their team mates but not Matt, he had a friend from just about every walk of life and he valued every friendship just the same.

To all of you insensitive people who feel the need to post horrible things about Matt I think you just need to move on. You are doing no good and those of us who knew Matt clearly understand that you do not know what you are talking about.

I do agree that Matt's death needs to bring awareness to communities every where, Spokane just the same as Florida. If a rider will slow down or put on a helmet because of this tragedy then Matt's death has changed someone's life for the better. Don't let his death be in vain.
100G six hundred and four

Delray Beach, FL

#421 Aug 7, 2008
the memorial is out front. it's a sad scene indeed. 9 miles skidding on a 10 mile ride.
I love you Matt

Alameda, CA

#423 Aug 29, 2008
I just wanted to tell eveyone that i miss you Matt. I will miss you for ever.
minor threat

Tallahassee, FL

#424 Aug 29, 2008
Live Fast Die Young
~the circle jerks

Spokane, WA

#426 Sep 5, 2008
i had new matt my hole life i love u matt RIP
Jaded Beauty in Spokane

United States

#428 Sep 22, 2008
Tree Lover wrote:
<quoted text>
There will be a tree funeral soon. We are looking into some type of memorial, for the tree, as well.
This senseless killing of trees must stop!
Are you on crack? Where is your decency for those in mourning? Damn you and your selfish hippy thoughts.

I went to school with Matt, but didn't really know him. My condolences go out to his family for their loss. I only found out about this today as I was at the store and ran into a classmate who told me the news.

I am sorry for the tragedy this family has suffered, both for the loss of life, and the incensitive bastards who choose to have nothing better to say than "oh well" and "oh poor trees". Shame on you!
A_friend _of_Matt

Spokane, WA

#429 Sep 24, 2008
FarSide wrote:
Final Score: Palm Tree 1 Human Slug 0
What kind of human being are you? Just because my good friend was a little reckless one night and in turn lost his life, who are you to joke about it? Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect. All you people on here who have nothing better to do than poke fun at a very tragic situation that has caused unbearable grief to a lot of people, should learn some fucking respect!!!
A_friend _of_Matt

Spokane, WA

#431 Sep 24, 2008
Lee wrote:
Look, he may have died becasue he was not wearing a helmet, but at least he had the choice. He decided not to respect helmets, speed, motorocycle's, or his family, but it was his choice. This is Gods way of having the strongest survive and reproduce and keeps the gene poll stronger
"this is Gods way of having the strongest survive and reproduce and keeps the gene pool stronger" What the hell is the matter with people like you? Who are you to sit up on your cloud of judgement and joke around about someone's death? Have you ever heard of karma, pretty sure it will come back around and bite your insensitive a**!!!!!
A_friend _of_Matt

Spokane, WA

#432 Sep 24, 2008
PatG wrote:
They should leave his body on the palm tree and have school buses drive by to view this idiot as an example. Field trip!
You are a sick bastard! What exactly compells a person to get on the internet, look up tragic stories and write the most hateful things about a total stranger. I can't believe the lack of decency I have seen on this page. I got on here to find out the details of his accident after I got the chilling phone call from a friend that Matt had died. Matt was a wonderful person. He had an enormous heart and was well liked by everyone that knew him. I'm so sorry to all of his family members who are grieving and had to see these hateful things written about him. I was at his funeral, I was among the MANY people who had to see their dear friend buried. It is no joking matter. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.
Another friend of Matts

Bellevue, WA

#433 Dec 11, 2008
OMFG, I JUST heard about Matt's death and was told about this page. I can't believe that the majority of these posts are so f*cked up and insensitive regarding the death of a totally awesome guy! He was the coolest, nicest, caringest, down to earth kid ever = he always always stuck up for the underdog, he made friends from all walks of life even though he was a jock = that status didn't matter a iota to him, friends were friends and he never let them down. I'm shocked and stunned to come home for the holidays and hear this devastating news.
MMFB - you , wow man, this is so hard to know your not here, I really wanted to give you a punch on the arm have some time with you. Damn this is the wrongest thing I've ever seen, or heard. REST IN PEACE and my condolences to your family, I can't imagine what they're going through especially this time of year.
His Dad

Spokane, WA

#434 Dec 23, 2008
thank you for the beautiful post,I miss him really bad,its nice to read the good posts,so close to Christmas makes it very hard to function
normally so thanks you made me feel better.
This sucks

Bellevue, WA

#438 Feb 23, 2009
I just found out about this chelsee sent me this link and told me and then i tried to check out your page on myspace but its private so i cant send u a message or look at ur pics. man this freakin sucks worse than anything i ever heard of before. Matt best u r the freaking best wtf happened?!!!!!!!!! man, i feel so bad for your mom and dad they must be going through hell adn will forever. I'm so pissed off since i heard this cuz there's no way u should be gone, no way in hell - those freaking assholes and losers and zoids r the ones this should happen to not someone like u. man i'll be seeing u i know i will some day, keep a spot for me will ya? fucking gonna miss you.
his dad

Spokane, WA

#439 May 4, 2009
Hey,if you check his friends on myspace they have a million pictures there,I still cant deal with it,but there is alot there.
Take care
This still sucks

Coeur D Alene, ID

#440 Jun 2, 2009
and it's never gonna stop sucking without you being here man!!!!!!!!!! i find myself thinking about you all the time and can picture your goofy faces in my head like your right there and laughing, i feel so freaking bad for your mom and dad it's got to be the worst thing in the entire world to happen to them.
you gotta know how much everyone love you Matt, your name comes up alot.

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