"Oh Well" thread III
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Debary, FL

#67067 Feb 4, 2009
Betsy in FL wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL...yeah...I just watched the 10:00 show.
Did you hear them all, including Morgan, say that all Casey has to do is say that Zenaida (his client) is NOT the Zenaida she is saying is the nanny, and the case will be over?????
I saw that! I wonder if he wants to just end the suit the easy way. Don't think there will ever be any money coming out of it, so why continue? But it was a surprise to hear him say that.
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Debary, FL

#67068 Feb 4, 2009
Aunt EM wrote:
Night night all you night owls. I'm crawling into my nice warm beddy-by and not getting out of it.
See you all tomorrow.
Somebody tell King Moonracer I'm not such a meanie. TYIA.
GN Aunt EM, stay warm.(34 deg. here now, brrr....

I agree with your previous post. Think she made everone miserable.
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Debary, FL

#67069 Feb 5, 2009
sandi in georgia wrote:
night aunt em i used to live in melbourne it is cold here in georgia tonight its 21 right now
That's really cold for Ga, isn't it?
I'm in Orlando, we're supposed to go down to about 28 tonight. I'm just hoping we don't have a power outage before it's over.

Since: Jan 09

Memphis, TN

#67070 Feb 5, 2009


George Anthony Released from Hospital; Casey Anthony`s PR Firm Under Fire;

First of all, Amy Green, have you heard anything about this mystery Connecticut family that has been picking up some bills here?

GREEN: I just know from court documents and from interviews with Todd Black that this is a family in Connecticut that took an interest in the case, perhaps by watching it on CNN or perhaps, you know, seeing it in other media outlets.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, that is fascinating to me, Sharon Liko. Have you ever heard of a family in Connecticut somewhere out there deciding, "Well, you know what? I`m going to pay for the public relations firm of the attorney representing this defendant"?

LIKO: I have not heard that. But I have heard that everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame. And whether you can...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: But they`re anonymous.

LIKO: You can get that by your name on the front lines or you can be doing it behind the scenes, but your friends know that you`re doing it behind the scenes. I mean, things are going on in this case that are completely ridiculous, that wouldn`t go on in any other case if it was just John Q. Public who had no money, who had nothing that was celebratory. I mean, you wouldn`t hear anything about it. You wouldn`t be -- people wouldn`t be marching up to the front lines and taking their shots.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: OK. Let me ask you this, Paul. Considering that this unidentified Connecticut family is paying for that, could they also be paying for this very high profile defense team?

CALLAN: Well, they could be, but I think it`s as unlikely. My bet is that this PR firm is too embarrassed to admit that they`re just doing this for free because they want the publicity, so it`s very easy to have an unnamed Connecticut family that`s funding you.

So I`d like to see who the Connecticut family is and whether they really exist or not.

Since: Jan 09

Memphis, TN

#67071 Feb 5, 2009
AMY GREEN, ORLANDO JOURNALIST: I think viewers will just have to draw -- make their own judgment, the facts are that George was found in a motel room in Daytona Beach. He was found with two empty bottles of pills and alcohol.

They took him to the hospital. He told nurses at the hospital that he had not taken pills. Authorities who were with him that night said that he seemed despondent; clearly the family is suffering, going through something a lot of us never could imagine.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Absolutely and our hearts always go out to them. And I will say that George`s attorney says leave him alone.

So he is now at home, I think it`s incumbent upon everybody to give that family some space around their house as they try to get it together to bury the granddaughter, little Caylee. And the word we just got tonight was that they are now making plans finally for that funeral.

Final word, Gaby, his journey back, he`s apparently feeling good, receptive. What does he need to do to stay sane in all of this?

GABY CORA, PSYCHIATRIST: He needs to really focus on getting better and try to avoid the fact that some people may still think that he may have schemed all this, but at the same time, it will be very important that people realize that it does take time for people to recover, more so when there have been so many losses in his life.

So the process is going to take some time. He needs our empathy and he needs to really work hard on recovering as well.

Since: Jan 09

Memphis, TN

#67072 Feb 5, 2009


Anthonys Resist Release of Videotaped Civil Suit Depositions

GRACE: OK. To Susan Moss. Everything Herman just said is contrary to the Constitution. They are not targets. They have not been charged or indicted. The sheriff`s office has given indication the family will not be charged. So how can they avoid answering questions? There`s no privilege between brother-sister or mother-father-daughter. They have nowhere to hide. They`ve got to answer these questions.

SUSAN MOSS, FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY: Absolutely. That`s why their lawyers are going on all the media outlets, saying that they are subject to obstruction charges or they think they might be arrested. It`s all a big ruse so that they don`t have to answer any questions.

GRACE: Now, Alan Ripka, you know, you know your way around a courtroom. It`s all different for the tot mom, Casey Anthony. She cannot be forced to testify. In fact, if she doesn`t testify at trial, the prosecution cannot even comment on her failure to testify in front of the jury. That would be a comment on her exercising her 5th Amendment right to remain silent. But not so for just a witness. Witnesses have to answer questions, or they`re held in contempt.

ALAN RIPKA, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: They do, Nancy, but the problem here is the following. If the Anthonys are forced to testify at a civil deposition and it goes out to the public, the jury pool, the future jury pool here could be tainted by what`s been said. And what the Anthony attorney should do is make a motion to the court to at least stay those proceedings until after the trial.

Since: Jan 09

Memphis, TN

#67073 Feb 5, 2009
GRACE: Out to Tom Shamshak, former chief police. He`s an instructor at Boston University, private eye. Tom, it`s really tough not to leave fingerprints, period, all right? The problem with fingerprints of Casey Anthony is they`re rightfully in that car. They`re rightfully in that car trunk. But on the duct tape, how the heck could you apply duct tape, unless you`re wearing gloves, and not leave fingerprints?

TOM SHAMSHAK, FORMER POLICE CHIEF, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR: Hi, Nancy. You`re absolutely right. The transfer of fingerprints, perhaps even with a glove, a latex glove, would be able to be identified through forensic analysis. That would be very difficult for her to overcome. How would she explain that? I think that is the nail in the coffin that the caller has just alluded to.

GRACE: And it`s not just that, Tom Shamshak. Remember the child`s heart-shaped sticker that was placed on the duct tape? There could be a fingerprint on that, as well.

SHAMSHAK: I agree with you. You`re absolutely right.

GRACE: You`re going to have more of a problem if you try to look for fingerprints on, for instance, the toy horse inside the bag because her prints may rightfully be on that if she had played with the toy with Caylee in the home. But if her prints are on that bag, on the inside of that bag -- and listen, I know that it was under water for a period of time, but fingerprints, Tom, are actually left by the oil in a person`s hand. And you catch the ridges of someone`s fingertips because of the oil. That`s why, very often, water does not erase fingerprints.

SHAMSHAK: Once again, you`re correct. That`s Fingerprinting 101.

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Memphis, TN

#67074 Feb 5, 2009
Richard, fingerprints are treated as scientific evidence, all right, like DNA or drug results. So they`ve got to be handed over to the defense X number of days prior to trial. We don`t know if it`s been handed over yet or not.

HERMAN: I don`t think so. And I think the telltale sign is if her fingerprints are on that duct tape that was around the child`s skull, I think you`re going to see a death penalty in this case.

GRACE: Alan?

RIPKA: Well, I think if there were fingerprints that could be exculpatory -- not hers -- they have to be turned over to the defense, as well.

GRACE: Right, under Brady v. Maryland. Explain the case, Susan, quickly.

MOSS: Well, it`s that all relevant evidence that they come together with has to be brought over to the defense so that the defense can put together what they`d like to present to a jury to explain it away.

GRACE: Under Brady versus Maryland -- it`s a very old case that`s gone up to the U.S. Supreme Court, it originated in Maryland -- the Court ruled that all exculpatory evidence, evidence that suggests the defendant is innocent, must be handed over upon discovery of that evidence to the defense to aid them in their defense at trial.

I want to go back out to Natisha Lance, our producer there at the jail. Natisha, before I go to Gonzalez`s lawyer, what do we know, if anything, about potential fingerprints on that duct tape?

LANCE: Well, we don`t know anything, at this point, Nancy. We`re still waiting for a lot of lab results to come back from the FBI. But there is some discovery that we are expecting to come out next week, so possibly, there could be some results in those documents that come out next week.

GRACE: Yes, and that should be one of the first things to come back because fingerprints are relatively easy to read. And when you`re talking about duct tape, unless she`s wearing gloves, they should be covered in prints.

Since: Jan 09

Memphis, TN

#67075 Feb 5, 2009
John Morgan, the whole family now saying, We`re not going to answer questions if our answers are made public. What do you make of it?

JOHN MORGAN, CO-COUNSEL FOR ZENAIDA GONZALEZ: I think it`s outrageous. And you know, one of the things everybody`s got to focus on -- and Herman seemed to get agitated up north in New York, but remember this. Not only have we filed a lawsuit, but Casey Anthony has filed a countersuit against Zenaida Gonzalez.

GRACE: For what?

MORGAN: Well, it`s -- the pleadings are kind of weak, but...

GRACE: But what`s her claim against Zenaida Gonzalez? What did she do besides show up?

MORGAN: Oh, potential infliction of emotional distress, damages, you know. And so they filed this lawsuit, and then they say, By the way, we have filed a lawsuit. We`re not...

GRACE: So they want their cake and they want to eat it, too.

MORGAN: Bingo.

GRACE: They don`t want to answer questions, but they want to sue your client.

MORGAN: They want their cake and they want to eat it, too, Nancy.

Since: Jan 09

Memphis, TN

#67076 Feb 5, 2009
GRACE: To Alexis Weed, our researcher. Alexis, does Morgan have a right to depose, ask the Anthony family all these questions under oath and then release that video to the public?

ALEXIS WEED, NANCY GRACE RESEARCHER: Well, Nancy, he can go ahead and depose them, and he can even do that by video. There is no court order needed to take the deposition that way. But Mr. Morgan is the one, if he`s requesting that deposition and that videotape, he is responsible for the safeguarding of that video.

GRACE: So is that a yes or a no? Can he release it to the public?

WEED: He can`t just release it to the public. It would have to be made part of the court file.

GRACE: The civil court file or the criminal court file?

WEED: The civil court file.

GRACE: Well, John Morgan, of course, it`s going to be part of the court file.

MORGAN: Exactly. I don`t know what the big to-do is. We take the deposition, and then we file the deposition and the video with the court file, and then it becomes public. I`m not going to release it to the media.

GRACE: You`re going to put it in the -- you`re going to file it, like you do every other document or item that is part of the civil case or criminal case.

MORGAN: Exactly.


Since: Oct 08


#67077 Feb 5, 2009
mouse wrote:
TeacherDan may I ask where in Ky? I am also from Ky and it sounded so much like my life as a child.
Our farm and tobacco barn was in Frankfort, not far from Bridgeport. Thank you and hope you have a good night.
Near Falmouth.

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Memphis, TN

#67078 Feb 5, 2009
KATHI BELICH, REPORTER, WFTV, COVERING STORY: Right. And I don`t even think that memorial is for sure on the 10th. That was a date that was floated around.

GRACE: Got it.

BELICH: And then we heard that that`s not a sure date. But what -- as I understand it, Casey is Caylee`s mother. She is the one who`s in control of those remains through the defense and the last I heard, the defense was saying that they were waiting for toxicology tests to come back through the autopsy, because they might want to perform their own toxicology tests on the remains.

GRACE: But that`s tissue.

BELICH: And that`s.

GRACE: But that`s on tissue. All that`s -- to be buried as a skeleton, the tissue is at the lab. That`s going to be buried. That remains in evidence. So everything there is to be buried is sitting in a box at a funeral home. But you`re saying it`s up to the tot mom to decide?

BELICH: That`s my understanding.

Since: Jan 09

Memphis, TN

#67079 Feb 5, 2009
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hi, Nancy. If Caylee`s biological father really died in a car accident, wouldn`t the family have figured that she might have been able -- eligible for Social Security payments?

GRACE: Excellent question. What about it, Sue Moss?

SUSAN MOSS, CHILD ADVOCATE, FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY: Exactly right. Apparently, though, she didn`t apply for them.

GRACE: But Sue, did that suggest that`s not the true story about the father?

MOSS: Oh there`s no -- more people believe about Zenaida Gonzalez than they believe that this mythical father died in a car crash.

GRACE: You know her story has changed several times regarding the bio-dad of little Caylee, but to Natisha Lance, our producer -- Natisha, isn`t there a DNA parentage report under seal?

NATISHA LANCE, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: That`s right, Nancy. And this is one of the items that the defense has asked for recently, they actually want the DNA results from Jesse Grund who, at one time, was made to believe that he was Caylee`s father. He had a DNA test done which says that he was not the father. But this is one of the things that the defense wants to rule out and figure out probably once and for all who is the father of Caylee.

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#67080 Feb 5, 2009
&fe ature=channel_page

Casey Anthony: Roy Kronk & George

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#67082 Feb 5, 2009

GM Gardeners:) GM Dan:)


Sorry for lengthy exerpts. Points discussed that have been questioned here. Always more questions than answers. jmo

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#67083 Feb 5, 2009
Buckwheat wrote:
GM oh early one......hope everyone is warm, it's chilly here this morn, in the 70's
GM Buckwheat:)

Ah, keep it up and your Island will have a huge influx! j/k, it sounds heavenly.

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#67084 Feb 5, 2009

just fyi

A young female that has had only one calf is occasionally called a first-calf heifer.


Mark Klass:
KC = Odious creature

Either way.......

Plano, TX

#67085 Feb 5, 2009
what happened to the childs father?

you already drove an ex cop to the brink of suicide

you sit here and wonder whats gonna become of the daughter
shes in jail... safe from people like you

why dont you create a website and name it...

the hopelessy stupid people that dont have lives who feel sorry for the anthonys

that way you could get on ofrahs show

and you could internet beg too

i think you all belong on springer personally

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#67087 Feb 5, 2009

Since: Jan 09

Memphis, TN

#67089 Feb 5, 2009
Buckwheat wrote:
<quoted text>
More fun
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =UBPFkIkkDwUXX
Ah, soothing, calming, relaxing and beautiful. TY for sharing. You are very fortunate.

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