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Charles Hannasch

Augusta, GA

#82 Feb 5, 2009
The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia reported in its February 6, 2009 issue that adoption in Australia was on the decline.

"Adoptions hit a low as attitudes change
by Yuko Narushima
February 6, 2009

ADOPTION in Australia is at an all-time low as changed social attitudes ease the pressure on women to give up babies, and sex-education and birth control take effect.

Last year 440 children were adopted in Australia, a 23 per cent drop on the year before and the lowest since records began in 1969, a report out today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows."

Perhaps when the United States becomes as socially advanced and cultured as Australia, then perhaps such legal practitioners as Michael Shorstein and Patricia Strowbridge would lose their financial incentive to engage in adoption law, and focus more on solving the problem, rather than pursuing their personal financial enrichment at the expense of their fellow human beings.
Catherine Ristow

United States

#83 Feb 21, 2009
I have not been getting pictures of my daugher in a year and a half now. It would appear that the "insurance policy", of letters and pictures, the adoptive parents had established in order for me to shut up worked for a good while, until I started posting my horrific experience in losing my daughter on the internet. It would appear that Patricia Strowbridge and the adoptive parents are grateful for excuses not to keep me informed about MY DAUGHTER. In my pregnancy they said I was a competent adult, brave, and a hero(what a joke, I was a mentally ill fruitcake FOOL!!), and now that I took responsibility for my part of allowing strangers to control me and manipulate me, by getting professional help, I am a danger, and they want to protect my daughter. My daughter is not their daughter to protect. The people who have my daughter, appear to not be nice people. It would appear that adopting was for them, to fulfill their needs, not my daughters. She had a home with me and my parents, she was not homeless. That is what adoption if for, orphans. Not lets be open to get your baby and then when we get what we want.... have a nice life. If I look at it in a positive way, this terrible experience has turned into a blessing, because my naivety and mental problems are thrown out the window. My life is enriched by learning from mistakes in trusting the wrong people, accepting responsibility, and moving forward in a positive way. I am moving up with my company, have my own pad, and doing the independent thing. I have family, friends and a positive attitude. I share this story in a positive way because I want to help people only. I certainly do not enjoy admitting my past mental problems on the internet, but if it helps people than I am happy. No one really seems that they are interested in rebuttling my rebuttals. I know my brutal honesty and hitting the the nail real hard with the hammer is a positive thing, and some people can't deal with it, like some adoptive mothers that actually have the gall to take another woman's baby, who is obviously not protected by the "adoption system", and weak and vulnerable just so they can play house......Please, if any birthmother reads this exhaust every avenue you can to keep your baby, and don't let the adoption industry sway you even harder by using "the recession" as another excuse to get YOUR BABY. I love my daughter and miss her so much. I look forward to seeing her in ten years, since she will be at legal age by then. Thanks to all for reading my comments. Thanks Charles Hannasch, for your info with adoption in Australia. Catherine Ristow
Dave V

East Brunswick, NJ

#84 Feb 24, 2009
thanks for your support Im moving on to different things beings we parted.Hope things work for you,and Im sure things will work for me.Im working to go to philly so write me at [email protected] if you need a friend,thanks for you friendship and goodluck. Dave V
Francis Glunk

Cliffside Park, NJ

#85 Feb 25, 2009
Adoption is for children who really need a home, not for needy couples.
Charles Hannasch

Augusta, GA

#86 Feb 25, 2009
Ms Glunk

Adoption has ceased to be a beneficial and positive social support service for the benefit of and in the best interest of the child.

It has evolved into a billion-dollar-plus, for-profit industry specializing in legalized child trafficking, and even has its own professional "trade association," the American Adoption Attorneys Association (AAAA), which lists both Michael Shorstein and Patricia Strowbridge as members.
Charles Hannasch

Augusta, GA

#87 Feb 25, 2009

should read "American Academy of Adoption Attorneys" rather than "American Adoption Attorneys Association," even though the "Academy has no formal relationship with the American Bar Association


quoting from his website:

"Many mothers wanting to put their babies up for adoption first turn to the phone book and go through the ads for adoption professionals like him, said Michael Shorstein, who advertises all over the country.

Both state law and the protocol of the agency or lawyer can vary widely."

Perhaps if Mr Shorstein and Ms Strowbridge and the AAAA dedicated a fraction of their professional activities to improving the law and providing for uniform adoption laws throughout the country, instead of soliciting fee-paying clients, as lawyers, rather than concentrating on their for-profit professional activities, maybe stories like Catherine Ristow and Allison Quets would never take place.

But, then Mr $horstein's and Ms $trowbridge's cash flow might decrease.
Catherine Ristow

United States

#88 May 11, 2009
I have not posted any comments in a while, since I am trying to take a breather from the nightmare of losing MY DAUGHTER. The nightmare just never goes away, but I am strong and I find ways to live with it, be positive and have a good life. I recently received correspondence from a staff member of Patricia Strowbridge that stated "I am well aware of your irrational rantings on the internet, and it saddens me that you have turned your back on reality. I feel sorry for you". That is such a over and beyond laughable statements from her. First of all, telling the truth on the internet is not "irrational ranting", it is emotional, yet the whole purpose is to be informative to the public which includes birthparents, and yes, even adoptive couples, too, to help people in the reality of unethical and illegal adoption systems out there. Then she states, "I feel sorry for you." Well, I feel sorry for her, that she actually has to lie to herself on how she makes a living. In reflection, I met her when she was a young kid, all these years I was hoping that she would get the hell out of there, because I knew if she didn't she would be just like them, molded into Patricia Strowbridge's lies and manipulation. Especially when she also says that I had "endless hours of support, companionship, and encouragement", that they "unselfishly" gave me. She actually is admitting inadvertently that there was coercian and pressure, by those very statements of ENDLESS and ENCOURAGEMENT". Of course, they ENCOURAGED, they want your white healthy baby to be adopted out to their PAYING CLIENTS, that pay for their groceries, trips to Puerto Rico, Europe, movie tickets, new tile floors for a bedroom, ect. I am so sorry that she didn't get the hell out, so she can feel sorry for me all she wants, but I am a strong woman, I am a survivor.....I feel very sorry for her. It also appears that these staff members lose track of time and constantly refer Chosen Child as an agency when I interacted with them. Well, it wasn't. I was referred to them with a one and only referral from Sandra Epperson, a Baptist hypocrite Pregnancy Center Director, in January 2001, and they were NOT AN AGENCY, THEY WERE NOT CHOSEN CHILD, they became an agency in the August 2001 time period, after the birth of MY DAUGHTER. I have made great positive strides in my life, and I have made a life for myself, I have never will nor will I ever give up on my daughter. I hope my information is continuing to help people! Thanks to all for reading my comments!!
Catherine Ristow

United States

#89 Jun 6, 2009
Attention All Readers!
Thanks to all for keeping up with my writings! I want to share something POSITIVE, I am getting pictures of my daughter again, and she is almost 8! This gives me hope for the future that I will eventually get to see her before she is 18, and won't have to wait to the day after her 18th birthday. When there is something positive to say I certainly will share it, unfortunately my past writings have been very negative, but that is the reality of what went down in the adoption of my daughter. It is the truth. I am trying very hard to forgive even though I am not getting any apologies. Like I have said before, I don't mind my personal information on the internet because I hope my information is continuing to help people. Thank you.

Rochester, MI

#90 Jul 7, 2009
Catherine! Fabulous fabulous news on the pics. I'm so sorry your daughter's kidnappers (truly how I see your situation) saw fit to deny you what they promised. Immoral dishonest jerks.

As for the correspondence with Strowbridge's staff about your rantings...ironic, I see you on this thread I started, yet I google and never ever find more on your case. What are they talking about? Are they afraid you might out their illegal child trafficking?

I'm sick to death of this industry's stealing children for profit. Some adoptive families know the crimes, other do not and become victims of the greed.

Everyone reading here, check out Schuster Institute's work on international adoption, which I recently found from an MSN story. And contact Schuster and EJ Graff to do a story on the corrupt manufacture of orphans in domestic private adoptions. The "adotption entities" must truly manufacture and create these orphans by telling lies. Let's expose these disgusting practices and greedy attorneys now.
Catherine Ristow

Freehold, NJ

#91 Jul 9, 2009
Hey Just5Kids!

Thank you so much for your comments and kind words!! Guess what I found?! If you google Patricia Strowbridge's name you will find a blog that she created on her own with additions within it from her staff members. It is on the third page of googling her name. Once again, I won a professional reprimand against Patricia Strowbridge and I witnessed and REMEMBER their unethical and illegal behavior when they were a LAWYER'S OFFICE, not CHOSEN CHILD. All of them are lying to themselves because even if they do not participate in illegal and unethical behavior now, they DID, and they finally have had no other choice but to do adoptions ethically and legally because of all the negative publicity out there and it is hurting their fleshpeddling business......so what do they do,,,,CREATE A BLOG TO COVER THEMSELVES AND THEIR REPUTATION. All I can say is what a CROCK, especially reading Marilsa Medina's comments, she is such a hypocrite, again, Marilsa IF ADOPTION IS SO GREAT WHY DID YOU NOT GIVE UP YOUR OWN DAUGHTER AND SON, YOUR FLESH AND BLOOD, AND USE THAT AS AN EXAMPLE TO BIRTHMOTHERS?!! MARILSA, you can promote and steal babies by lying and manipulating birthmothers,(real mothers), all you want, but when it comes down to it, give up your own baby and see how it feels. I guess you are too busy going to Puerto Rico on fleshpeddling money. I asked you for more time and you did not give it to me, you are mean and heartless....just so adoptive parents can dress up my daughter like a doll and take her to Disney World. Ugh! I could go on and on. I will not make comments within Patricia Strowbridge's blog, and feed into her BS. I am happy and grateful for this topix. Lucky Micheal Shorstein, got the attention taken away from him since this topix is all about him, and it went to Patricia Strowbridge. I think we have seen enough and will see enough of him with Quets, and how she was forced to call 911 because he had no heart or any kindness in him to give her her papers back that he forced her to sign under duress. Once again, I am getting pictures of my daughter and they are going through Strowbridge's office and I am grateful and thankful for that. I am still waiting on apologies from Patricia Strowbridge and her staff, of course I'll never get it, but I will, of course, say thank you for the pictures, and I have. Also, Patricia Strowbridge said in her blog for you to call her office regarding an adoption case in Florida. It is pretty obvious that the publicity is getting to her somewhat that she has to create a blog, and ask you to call her. All she is doing is trying to cover herself, that is it. I love and miss my daughter so much, and thanks again Just5Kids! Catherine Ristow

Milford, MI

#92 Jul 9, 2009
Hi Catherine:

We really should have some fun discussing Shorstein, too, eh? Do you think people have caught on? I hope so.

That blog is pathetic. I wonder what possessed her to start it and put her first post up June 26, 2009. Something got under her skin, eh?

I'm just so angry lately about what is being done to families like yours, like All.ison's, like so many others not in the public eye. I don't have enough hands to count off the cases I've learned of in the last two years. Disgusting.

You sound great! Good for you! And I'm glad the pics continue. Praying that visits resume and custody of your daughter follows.
Catherine Ristow

Monsey, NY

#93 Aug 3, 2009
Dear Just 5 Kids,

Thanks for responding, and yes, the blog Patricia Strowbridge created, with blogs within it, from her staff members is yes, like you said, pathetic, but beyond pathetic. Marilsa Medina made comments, within it, responding as to why she did not give her son and daughter up for adoption. She responded to me, the "angry birthmother", yes, me, Catherine Ristow, not on this Topix, but within Patricia Strowbridge's blog. I wrote her through the postal service, in response to her blogs, and told her everything that I have been telling the public here on this topix, and I told her to NOT write me back, unless it is a genuine apology for the HUGE dent she put on my life, and, of course, I have yet to get an apology. If I get one, I will be sure to let everyone know here, and maybe, I will finally shut up. It would appear that Marilsa Medina does not have any other working skills to make a living, and settles for the easy way out to make big bucks, and that is to lie and manipulate wonderful, caring, and loving woman who CONSIDER adoption, by making a phone call, and do not MURDER their babies.

Patricia Strowbridge did recently edit her staff members blogs out, and now all you see is her comments as a Orlando Adoption Attorney. So thank you, Just 5 Kids, your comments regarding her blog as me and topix getting under her skin, is apparently really getting under her skin, because she created a blog, comments were made about it within this topix, and now she took most of it off. She is constantly trying to cover her crooked attorney self.

Also, if you google Patricia Strowbridge's name she is on LINKEDIN, and she says that Chosen Child started in January 1996 to present. What a crock of crap! CHOSEN CHILD, that Patricia Strowbridge is the executive director of, was established in 2001, after the birth of my child, in the August 2001 time period. I was never a part of Chosen Child, NEVER. I stepped into their lawyers's doors in January 2001, when it was a lawyer's office, that was in coohoots with a pregnancy director, Sandra Epperson, that gave one and only referrals to Patricia Strowbridge, who was an adoption attorney, NOT AN AGENCY. I have paperwork to back this up. Patricia Strowbridge was getting $5000,00 for every completed adoption that Sandra Epperson referred. So, Patricia Strowbridge, was profiting from this one and only referral system, with 50 completed adoptions, she was getting $250,000. I am talking RACKET!!!! So, PATRICIA STROWBRIDGE, you need to change, and make a correction in LINDEDIN, as to when CHOSEN CHILD started, and quit trying to cover yourself with your unethical and illegal behavior. Everyone knows that you are a crook, and some adoptive couples obviously don't care. You have the nerve to take their whole life savings, because even if you are forced to be ethical and legal now, because the FLORIDA BAR, and the PUBLIC is on to you, you were CROOKED for so many years, ever since you and Sandra Epperson created THE RACKET, which includes potential birthmothers going to you, Patricia Strowbridge, with no other referrals, that potential birthmothers carried a heavy weight, with a pregnancy center that is supposedly there for them and their baby, NOT your clients, infertile couples, to go to YOU, when you don't even PROTECT them. YOU HAVE THE ABSOLUTE NERVE!!!!!

Also, there is a BBC Accredited Business, that does a BBC Relibility Report on CHOSEN CHILD, stating that they started CHOSEN CHILD, in January 2001. What a crock! These people, Patricia Strowbridge, and her staff are so ballsy, I mean, give me a break! They started in the August 2001 time period, after the birth of my daughter. I have paperwork to back this up. When I went to them to inquire, NOT DO AN IMMEDIATE ADOPTION PLAN, they were not a CHOSEN CHILD.

I hope all my information is continuing to help people, and thank you again Just 5 Kids!!

Catherine Ristow
Catherine Ristow

Monsey, NY

#94 Aug 3, 2009
Dear Adoptive Parents that consider going to Patricia Strowbridge,

I would like to say that what I experienced with Patricia Strowbridge was absolutely horrific on how I lost my daughter that I love and miss very much.

I am asking you....Do you want a nice story to tell your adopted child about how they became adopted and who you went to?

If you do, do not go to Patricia Strowbridge, she has a reprimand history, even before the reprimand that I won against her. Do you really want to risk your adopted child finding out that you went to an illegal and unethical attorney, that has a horrible reputation? Also, do you trust Patricia Strowbridge with your whole life savings?

PLEASE GO TO AN ATTORNEY OR AGENCY THAT HAS NOT ONE REPRIMAND, and then you would have a nice story for your child.

Thanks for reading this.

Catherine Ristow
Catherine Ristow

Belmar, NJ

#95 Aug 4, 2009
Dear Readers,

Within 24 hours of my last two postings a change was made to Patricia Strowbridge's LINKEDIN. The change was from January 1996 as to when CHOSEN CHILD started to January 2001 as to when CHOSEN CHILD started. CHOSEN CHILD STARTED IN THE AUGUST 2001 TIME PERIOD, AFTER THE BIRTH OF MY CHILD. I HAVE PAPERWORK TO PROVE THIS. Patricia Strowbridge was a LAWYER'S OFFICE, not an AGENCY when I stepped foot into her office in January 2001. Patricia Strowbridge knows that independent adoption, where the birthmother is not protected, is grounds for a contested adoption, and she knows how she handled me and my unborn daughter was unethical and illegal, especially since it was obvious that I was a high maintenance FRUITCAKE, and she did not do a mental health evaluation. She legally kidnapped my daughter, and she knows it. That is why she continually puts January 2001 as to when Chosen Child started, to cover herself. She may have applied to be an agency, to cover herself, in that time period, but she was NOT AN AGENCY, until after the birth of my daughter, in the August 2001 time period. It would appear that she quickly applied to be an agency once I stepped into her doors, because even though I was a mentally ill nut job, she must of detected that once I do finally get real help for my mental issues, her RACKET would be revealed.

I wish that I did not have to post my comments, and that I had my daughter, but unfortunatley I don't. I feel compelled to tell everyone the dirty mean practices that exist, not just with Patricia Strowbridge, but other attorneys as well, one being Micheal Shorstein. I feel I have a valuable story, and I will continue to share, when it is needed and appropriate to do so. Thanks to all for reading my comments!

Catherine Ristow
Catherine Ristow

Belmar, NJ

#96 Aug 4, 2009
Dear Readers,

I am trying so very hard to take a breather from the nightmare of losing my daughter, and this topix, believe it or not....after my last posting this morning I actually got off this subject and went to the beach with my cousins, and had a good time...it would appear, and I emphasize with the word, appear, that Patricia Strowbridge's LINKEDIN is being changed a lot within the past day and a half, because now that I have checked it again, the date now as when CHOSEN CHILD started is August 2000. What it should be is August 2001, it is exactly one year off. It was put into LINKEDIN initially, as the beginning of the agency, as starting in January 1996, then it was changed to January 2001, and now it says August 2000. CHOSEN CHILD STARTED IN AUGUST 2001. Who knows what change it will be in an hour, or tomorrow, or next week, or two months from now, ect. I am sure everyone is getting the picture, and I don't have to continue with this portion of the nightmare. I am trying so hard to be strong for my daughter, it is hard watching kids play at the beach today, but I tried to have a good time anyway, and I did. I do want people to know that I know that the world does not revolve around me, and I am just one person out of a billion woman out there that is suffering from this subject, however, I have a non-fiction book to be told, and it is obvious I am not afraid to tell it. Thanks again, everyone! Catherine Ristow
Reunite Moms

Portland, OR

#97 Nov 17, 2010
If you were scammed by Shorstein in FL, please email me. We are collecting names for a possible action against him. It won't cost you anything. [email protected]
Catherine Ristow

Freehold, NJ

#98 Dec 17, 2010

I have not commented on this Micheal Shorstein Topix since August of 2009. I have taken a break from justifiable whining considering I am a real mother that lost my daughter throught this ADOPTION INDUSTRY THAT CATERS TO PROSPECTIVE ADOPTIVE COUPLES that for the most part just want to adopt to KEEP UP WITH THE JONES AND DON'T CARE ABOUT GENUINE LOVING BIRTH FAMILIES....I am posting to inform you today that it is been over 3 years since I have initially posted about PATRICIA STROWBRIDGE'S unethical, cruel, manipulative, and illegal behavior and yet she STILL has not pursued any legal action against me, WHY?, because she knows I am telling the truth. Thanks for reading this.
Reunite Moms

Buffalo, NY

#99 Apr 8, 2011
For those who have lost their children to adoption through Michael Shorstein please contact us through http://stopshorstein.info

We are starting a class action lawsuit. If anyone here is interested in learning how to do it, please contact us.

Catherine, you are continuously in my heart and prayers. I hope for justice for you. And all families that are separated by this industry.

Pensacola, FL

#101 Jun 28, 2013
Catherine Ristow wrote:
I have seen my comments on this topix picked up by others and put on other blogs. I am glad that my words are making an impact. Some may wonder if Catherine Ristow's words are really my words. Despite my treatable mental issues, I know how to write, use to work as a biographical writer for a while, type and express myself very well. I am a worldly woman who has lived in Europe for 21 years and is college educated. I believe that part of my then naivety came from not being raised in the US and adjusting to a new way of life, POVERTY, which I was not raised to live that way. Domino affect of situations in a poverty lifestyle on top of a untreated mental illness was a very lethal combination for adoption professionals and pregnancy centers,that are in cohoots with unethical and illegal attornies like Patricia Strowbridge, to take advantage of me. Anyone that needs verification of who I am and my comments are welcome to email me at [email protected] Thanks to all.
What was your mental health diagnosis?
Karla Cespedes

United States

#102 Jul 16, 2014
It is disgusting to see someone with such poor ethics & 0 moral can be in a position to even run for judge! Patricia Strowbridge in coalition with my mother have achieved to legally kidnap my son Adrian. With a diligent search that does not even meet the Florida law requirements she was able to have my parental rights terminated in 2006 which was the precept to a finalized adoption in which my mother ( his grandmother) was made guardian. The entire time I was in constant communication with both my mother who lives in Orlando and son. As a young mother I was unstable and trusted my mother would follow through with her word to help me. Instead I was lied to and now as I struggle to fight for his custody which I was not made aware of until I went to vital statistics to get a copy of his birth certificate after establishing a stable financial environment and another daughter later to bring him home to Miami, when I was informed I was not listed as guardian .??? Her sneaky tactics now hidden behind statute of repose were of a malignant nature and unethical but mostly illegal as my constitutional right of fair notice was violated deliberately. A woman who claims to be a fair seat in the courthouse as judge with a supposed 26 years of family law experience would then have used an exclusive private investigator and not a company that specializes in service of documents wouldn't you think? Not to mention the diligent search affidavit that was used was a page and a half long with false information & did not include any contact with any other family members((within a family of 7 siblings alone that of which had knowledge of my whereabouts) only my mother whom had interest in the case as the petitioner, not a past work history even having worked at a Sally's while living under the same roof with my mother & son just the year before in Orlando in which my pay stubs were deposited directly in my mothers bank account. Her DMV search of my name in the affidavit gave an address which was incorrect in fact it was the adress of my moms owned condo in which I hadn't lived in for almost 5 years. The DMV actually had my correct address listed which if served I would have had a fair chance to argue this termination and in fact am quite sure it would have never happened. Patricia Strowbridge is not the fair attorney she claims to be, and works with adoptive parents to achieve the impossible illegally legally. I am just at the forefront of my legal fight for my rights as the mother & will go up to the highest court of this United States if necessary to defend my constitutional right to a due notice. Not Patricia Strowbridge or anyone can ever put out the fire of a mothers love & best interests for their child not with fraud & I'll be damned if she hides behind a statute that only applies to a case in which the law was met. Not fraud and deceit!! I am a mother and she is only a woman not a God. Justice is promised to each of us as individuals and by God will it be .

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