Casey Anthony set to get jail visitors

Casey Anthony set to get jail visitors

There are 3019 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Sep 3, 2008, titled Casey Anthony set to get jail visitors. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

Orange County Jail officials released Casey Anthony 's visitation schedule for the rest of the week.

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john torrance ca

El Segundo, CA

#1491 Sep 3, 2008
I think the chloroform was used to kill squirels.
Didn't you notice the big squirel problem they had?
New to Florida

Deltona, FL

#1492 Sep 3, 2008
mimi to 1 wrote:
<quoted text>Just curious? Does Law Enforcement secure the are and evaluate the find?
The searchers are out on there own. No LE except for some retired volunteers. We tied bright ribbon and marked on a map where they should search. When we came back LE was informed where the potential evidence could be and they decide what evidence is of value.

I think they are going to bring in cadaver dogs this evening to smell around a couple of areas we looked at, but it is not likely that they will find a grave.
Orlando Girl

Altamonte Springs, FL

#1493 Sep 3, 2008
The Anthony's have contacted a high profile defense attorney? They must know that Casey is going to need it.

Is it the events of the day:

Telling EquuSearch they don't want them searching for a body?

Padilla offering to reinstate bond on the condition Casey tells them where the body is?

Kevin Beary offering funds and equipment for search?

Maybe we are getting close to justice for Caylee... Maybe more than Casey will need this high profile attorney if other family members were involved with disposing of the body.

Panama City, FL

#1494 Sep 3, 2008
Beary also sent a message to the child's grandmother, Cindy.
"Cindy Anthony was on national TV demanding an apology from the sheriff's office," Local 6's Louis Bolden said at the news conference.
"(It) won't happen," Beary said after a chuckle. "It won't happen. We are doing our job. What we need is credible information, especially from her daughter and that is a message I send back to her."
Beary said the department is offering airboats, mounted patrol and $5,000 to help the search, Equusearch founder Tim Miller said.
Miller also said he is furious with Cindy Anthony.
"I'm **** off," Miller said. "I feel as though we have been used in this and we are not getting any cooperation. We have done everything Cindy Anthony has asked us to do."
Miller said Cindy Anthony wants him to believe Caylee is still alive.
"(Cindy) wants me to find her granddaughter alive," Miller said. "Guess what, I don't believe she is alive."
Miller said searchers will dig up Orange County and search all areas to find the child.
"I don't need grandma's help in this," Miller said. "I don't need (Cindy's) help."
I loved the statement.
A maybe

Smithtown, NY

#1495 Sep 3, 2008
When Casey was in jail on a call she mentioned the Blanched park, that was the same park that a jogger was raped and found and the killer wasn't. In the club pictures she was with a group wearing D.B.C Entertainment shirts on doing some hand gestures that would indicate gang relations.
On other forums they do not allow you to discuss this matter Mmmm.... why is that? Now they say Chloroform was found in Caseys car, she seemed pretty close to those guys in pics and I believe very influential so maybe she was involved in the drug scene and gang scene and maybe their is some truth to another body they do have gang initiations.

United States

#1497 Sep 3, 2008
Bobby G wrote:
<quoted text>
FWIW, Fred Khalilian is another complete POS **** ahole!!!
Baez was in way over his head from the begining and if this report is true is looking to get out.
LOL! I predicted this would happen!

Tarpon Springs, FL

#1498 Sep 3, 2008
inspector clues so wrote:
<quoted text>Agree that Baez needs help, disagree that NeJame is the right guy.
Too much can go wrong when dealing with a pack of wolves like the Anthony's, the body could surface at any time or Casey may spill her guts to another inmate. NeJame, while a top notch attorney doesn't need the aggravation.
Better a guy/gal with experience in DNA trials and jury selection along the lines of Barry Scheck. JMO.
NeJame appear's to have a history of defending the slime of slime

United States

#1499 Sep 3, 2008
infidel wrote:
Keep racking up the charges on the skank!!
How the hell do you explain the chloroform? Wait, let me guess.. after someone snuck into the tow yard and put a dead body in the trunk, a second person snuck in and doused the trunk in chloroform. That was right before the space aliens abducted Cindy the cud-chewing cow and performed an anal probe.
Ah ha! But therein lies the flaw in your theory, for if indeed any probing in fact had taken place, I submit to you that Cindy's demeanor would be far more pleasant than it currently is!!

Wichita, KS

#1500 Sep 3, 2008
never ending wrote:
<quoted text>
They say she bought a lot og clothes, expensive perfume, and makeup.....she needed to look like a really hot murdering mom.
The clothes, or at least the ones I recognized, mentioned in the search warrant are not expensive. Target and Walmart brands are not upscale, or expensive my fashion standards.

I did read that she had had a boob job. Is that true, and how do you spend that kind of money, when you don't have a job. Did her parents ever tell her no about anything. At some point maybe some of the Ohio relatives will tell us about some of those family dynamics. Geeze, her parents are awards winners if they are that stupid that they fell for all of Casey's shenanigans. This is no shenanigan, this is criminal.
Bobby G

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#1501 Sep 3, 2008
LA LADY wrote:
<quoted text>
An amount as large as $45,000 would likely be a home equity loan line of credit (similar to a second trust deed/mortgage). Equity Line Credit cards are sometimes issued and can be used to draw monies out of your home equity line of credit as you need it.(That is part of the reason for the sub-prime mortgage debacle). However, most likely it was a credit card w/limit of $4,500 which fits into the credit status of the Anthonys. We all know now they have bad credit, lived above their means, were ripped off and robbed by their lying daughter, and over-spent on Casey's boob job and dental veneers. The Anthonys apparently borrowed money from Cindy's 401K to repay Casey's use of the atolen credit card(s). The Anthony have not pressed formal theft and fraud charges against Casey, so they must have absorbed the debt. If it were my daughter I would have her arrested.
There has been little mention of Casey's obvious rack inhancement. They probably came from one of those cheap 2k rack clinics. Who paid for them? Probably George with the understanding that he got to play with them as soon as the "new girls" came home...
swamii baba rum raisin

Winter Park, FL

#1502 Sep 3, 2008
infidel wrote:
Keep racking up the charges on the skank!!
How the hell do you explain the chloroform? Wait, let me guess.. after someone snuck into the tow yard and put a dead body in the trunk, a second person snuck in and doused the trunk in chloroform. That was right before the space aliens abducted Cindy the cud-chewing cow and performed an anal probe.
george explained it all! It was the old rotting maggot pizza and cleaning supplies in the car.

Doesn't everyone clean out the interior of their car with chloroform ?
CRAZY Floridians

Louisville, KY

#1504 Sep 3, 2008
First you have the Hulk Hogan mess, his kid basically has killed his best buddy, the Hogan divorce, Brooke allowing Hulk for a sun tan lotioning of her fat butt, how a nutty family helping cover up a murder of a three year old child. Who police had no record for over 30 days that a child was even missing. Come on, this is one hell of a mess. Nancy Grace every single night talking about these fruit cake people, and looking at all of these replies... well I think most of you need to get a life and allow law enforcement do their job. Go to the beach or disney world but get a life. This little girl is as dead as Julius Caesar.

San Clemente, CA

#1506 Sep 3, 2008
Jen wrote:
High levels of chloroform in Casey's car and her computer with web sites about info on chloroform.! Explain that Cindy? Can't wait to hear your your psychotic babble tonight on Nancy Grace. The choke hold is getting tighter.
LOL! She's going to say, "oh, nonsense, I sedated my children all the time with chloroform, I taugh Casey how to do it, she's an expert now there's no way she killed Caylee, she would have told me."
fckn anthonys fryem all

Fishers, IN

#1507 Sep 3, 2008
cindy says alot of people arent searching for Caylee because they believe caylee is alive...what fcking world is this loser living on.. Most people think her skanky daughter killed Caylee how much more delusional could looney cindy be,,,people arent searching because who wants to get attacked by gators.... caylee is either in a pond, or in the landfill... 2 places i sure wont be going into... By the way looney cindy why dont you ask your skankky daughter where we should start searching...nO most people dont believe the crapp you and your pathetic family says...Cindy and king looney george need to be locked up!!!!! the only reason granny is in denial is because the longer this goes on the more money they can collect... scumm baggs

Dedham, MA

#1508 Sep 3, 2008
cryinginorlando wrote:
*HERE IS SOME CREDIBLE INSIDE INFO* Cadeavor dogs have picked up a scent in a wooded area near the Anthony home!! I'll post any additional info when received.

Where can I see this info?? What web/news site?


#1509 Sep 3, 2008
Don't think you need cloroform
to kill a 3 year old.

Since: Aug 08

The home of the NY Yankees

#1510 Sep 3, 2008

Tarpon Springs, FL

#1511 Sep 3, 2008
something fishy wrote:
wftv said that Cindy contacted a very powerful lawyer of Orlando.
I guess that mean's that next Cindy will blame everything that has happened on Baez
God Knows Where Caylee Is

Brooklyn, NY

#1512 Sep 3, 2008

First of all, ANYONE who feels sorry for Cindy Anthony sat this point hould have their IQ tested ASAP.

The woman is a relentless, narcissistic, pathological liar. Hello...Casey in 25 years, that is if she lives past her first month in jail.

Listen to Cindy's FIRST Greta interview. She starts KVETCHING about how tired she is! OMG. This is NO grieving grandma! This is no caring human being! She is TIRED being on the talk-show circuit, that's all!

So, a request to the media. Unless you are going to nail her or ask seriously hard questions, stop giving her face time, or air time. America is sick, sick, sick of this woman LYING whenever she opens her mouth. Her lies are simply pathetic, but she says them sooooo convincingly, in that calm, Nurse Cindy manner.

I believe that I am not the only one who fantastizes about doing the following:

Getting in front of Cindy's face and repeatedly calling her a liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar.

Backing her into a wall, repeatedly calling her an accomplice to the murder and disappearance of Caylee.

Telling her she is a bad mother and a worse grandmother.

Smacking her in her stupid face while asking, in a calm, Nurse Cindy voice, "What did Casey do to Caylee?"

"Just tell me what she did with Caylee!"

"What did you do with Caylee?"

"Where is Caylee?"

"Just tell me where Caylee is!"

"Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire."

Since: Aug 08

The home of the NY Yankees

#1514 Sep 3, 2008
jmanzana wrote:
Padilla made a deal with the Anthony family... he will reinstate the bond ONLY IF and only IF Casey tells them where Caylee is and IF the body is found...
Casey will decline the offer. It will shock me if she takes it.

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