Family, friends gather to remember sl...

Family, friends gather to remember slain Orland Park man

There are 33 comments on the The SouthtownStar story from Sep 22, 2009, titled Family, friends gather to remember slain Orland Park man. In it, The SouthtownStar reports that:

When Angel Gutierrez needed Jorge Mena the most, his friend wasn't there Monday night.

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Too young

Alsip, IL

#1 Sep 22, 2009
RIP George . Justice for you.
Too Stupid

Crest Hill, IL

#2 Sep 22, 2009 less drug infested thug in the world. Not sure how one equates the term "good person" with someone involved with illegal drugs. If you are being shot at, I'm inclined to think you keep bad company. Doesn't sound like a case of mistaken identity here.

Here's my recommendation to the authorities dealing with this problem. In many parts of the world, particularly Southeast Asia, the governments don't take the use of drugs lightly. Prison terms in jails unfit for sewer rats are the destination for those involved in drugs. Perhaps it's time the good ol' USA does the same. I'm sick of hearing stories like this.
Sydney Harmon

Chicago, IL

#3 Sep 23, 2009
Because I knew George I can say that he was not a thug. He may have made mistakes, but Im sure everyone has! Nobody deserves to die for any reason! And if you believe that is the case, then maybe you should check out your family. Why don't you put a gun to the heads of your family members that do wrong! As for you, I think that you need a lot of prayer! A person as ignorant as yourself should really think before you speak.
too young

Alsip, IL

#4 Sep 23, 2009
I am a parent and i met him a few times. He was kinda quite, well mannered and was a very nice boy. This is truly unbelievable . And as a parent and once a young kid , i wish the young kids today would realize, how fast your life can change , for a really stupid idea. My prayers go out to his family and friends. Too young... Justice for Jorge..
Too Stupid

Orland Park, IL

#5 Sep 23, 2009
Being involved with drugs is more than a "mistake". Drug related crime is OUT OF CONTROL. This is one such example of thousands around the country. When are young people going to open their eyes to all this??? How many more young lives need to be snuffed out??? I suppose all his friends are not drug users, right? They don't contribute to this problem, right? Perhaps they're "recreational" users only, so it's not really all that bad.

Sure, I make mistakes, but the mistakes I make (as well as my family) don't run the risk of being shot. Wake up! If this was a case of mistaken identity, I'd have more compassion. But people involved with drugs or the drug trade contribute to the crime problem in this country. You reap what you sow.


#6 Sep 23, 2009
well we were all young once, When I was younger it was weed, booze, coke was just getting big, herion was the 70's and now is back in full force stronger than ever, add meth and kids that try it are screwed.

I don't wish this pain on any family, How many people are now affected by this one incident. People yap about drugs, as they gulp there alcohol down. All generations have there cross to bear with substances that assist us in our dealing of reality, that said drugs are big business, the bust the DEA just did a couple weeks ago the leader just made the forbes list of billionare's. Hollywood glamerizes it, parents are working several jobs or both work and no supervision of the child. I had a class and the instructor was a cook county coroner, told us the theme of there office is how people live is how people die. He said if you deal drugs on a street corner than you are going to die from drugs. Smoking, overeating driving like an ass, etc. Let this be a teaching leason for everyone on how we live, that maybe those that are perhaps doing things that will make the words of the coroner true, change there ways before it destroys lives. Let that be the memory of those lost.

Evergreen Park, IL

#8 Sep 24, 2009
From reading the posts above it seems that he was a drug user. From what I heard on the street he was a drug dealer. If in fact he was a drug dealer: good ridance. Drug dealers are shit heads who sell drugs to our kids. I wish I could shoot them myself. Every time one of them is shot dead it's a blessing. Unfortunately they are like rats, for each one shot there will be a hundred more.

United States

#9 Sep 25, 2009
I am very disappointed by this turn of events. I am a mother myself and my prayers go out to his friends and family. However, I blame the neighbors, parent's and police department, because it was no secret that this young man had a lot of traffic coming from his house. I believe the family and the community let George down! R.I.P.. It is our responsiblity to take care of our community a lot of times people don't want to get involve, because they are afraid, but if someone had stepped up maybe four young men would not have lost their lives. We must remember that they are all still children.
excellent post

Alsip, IL

#10 Sep 25, 2009
heartbroken wrote:
I am very disappointed by this turn of events. I am a mother myself and my prayers go out to his friends and family. However, I blame the neighbors, parent's and police department, because it was no secret that this young man had a lot of traffic coming from his house. I believe the family and the community let George down! R.I.P.. It is our responsiblity to take care of our community a lot of times people don't want to get involve, because they are afraid, but if someone had stepped up maybe four young men would not have lost their lives. We must remember that they are all still children.
As a parent, my children have no privacy. I go through drawers, pockets, mail and all there hiding places. There is no way the parents didn't know what might of been going on in the size of a condo. If i don't like their friend, then they don't hang out with them. I allow very few into my home. I usually know their parents. and vise versa, they don't go to other peoples homes unless i know them and a parent is home. They don't hang with large groups either. So yes, too many people, especially the parents turned their heads away. And even tho it was just marijuana, and just a little, he's more than a little bit dead. Someone could of done something to prevent this. It is a very sad story that this can happen in a nice neighborhood with a child that went to a good school. I hope he finds justice. I hope they also find where he got his junk from. I hope all learn this very hard lesson.
a blessing

Alsip, IL

#11 Sep 25, 2009
Lyle was also on the sex offender list? Orland will be alot safer now. How was he able to go free and then kill?

Newark, NJ

#13 Jan 9, 2010
Im in shock Jorge is dead! It still dnt feel real!! RIP Jorge!!
Justice 4 Jorge

United States

#14 Feb 24, 2010
Unfortunately, those of you who are bashing on Jorge,didn't have the privalege to be in his life. It was an honor having him here for the short time God let us borrow him. Those of us who knew him, know the truth that he was not a drug dealer. Jorge had a loving heart that was opened for everyone. He was one who always knew how to put a smile on anyone, whether it was through his sense of humor, kindness, his generosity, and his warm-heart that would make you feel at peace when being around him. The only bad people around here are the one's talking smack! My prayers go out to all of you. God could only judge, and I hope you can forgive yourself for judging someone you never knew. God knows the truth, and all who knew him. Justice will be served for Jorge. We love you Jorge and we will never give up to find justice for you!
You are right

Alsip, IL

#15 Feb 26, 2010
You are 100% right about him. Except he WAS a drug dealer too. Except the fact , learn from it, and someday teach your children. If you don't want to take the chance of going to prison or end up dead... don't use drugs, don't sell drugs. Simple. Justice for Jorge.
Justice 4 Jorge

United States

#16 Feb 28, 2010
Jorge was NOT a drug dealer!! I'd like to see your neighbors call the police for inviting friends over. There is no wrong doing in that. I suppose that you'd think Jorge was dealing drugs in front of his stay at home stepmom? Don't think so! His pockets,mail,and all hiding places were always checked by his parents. I will not accept the UNtrue stories that were put out about Jorge, targeting him as a drug dealer. The truth always prevails, and in the end many mouths will be shut. I don't wish any of the same pain that the family is going through, on anyone. May God be with all those that are judging Jorge and help you understand that only God can judge. Justice will be served for Jorge!
You are right

Alsip, IL

#17 Mar 1, 2010
So, just a little is OK? No! More than a little? You're in denial. He knew the 3 men/punks. He hung with them enough for them to know he had a stash at his house and money. They knew when to go steal it, with a gun when, they thought no one was home. And very shaddy men at that. One is a sex offender and most likely all dealers. I would call the Police if i saw many 'friends' going in and out at all hours. I'd call the Police on my own kids. I am not stupid and not going to visit them in Prison or at the grave yard. What do you think they were all doing? A knitting Club? Wake up. Haven't you heard... Don't use drugs? This is just what happens when you do. Not just a maybe, a big YES it will. Justice for Jorge. Hope this some how teaches some one a lesson. Justice for Jorge.
Bottled Water

Alsip, IL

#18 Mar 1, 2010
But you drink Bottled Water. You smoke this crap? You deal with the dealers ( who might just want to rob & shoot you). You have to get it illegally. Always have to hide it ( but everyone knows you're a Pot Heat). This stuff might be crap of alpha and grass some Cow pooped out in another county. Has chemicals in it and who knows what else? Bugs, dead things. You don't know how old it is.It might be 5 year old coyote and cow poop mixed in. If you don't wind up in Prison or dead and someday have kids, they will be little Pot Heads too. But you drink Bottled Water.......

Redmond, WA

#20 Mar 1, 2010
I would like to know "WHO" these people are who think they know Jorge. Jorge was NOT a drug dealer, NOR did he hang out with the 2 scumbags that killed him. And there were NOT people coming & going all night long at Jorge's home and I know this because I live right next door to him, and have lived here for the past 5yrs. I was also home the day Jorge got killed and all I can say right now is don't believe everything you read or "assume" wait until the trail is over before you judge Jorge. Jorge was a VERY loving, caring & kind person!! I'm not a teenage kid defending a friend here, I'm a mother & grandmother, and I was also Jorge's next door neighbor so please stop judging Jorge because you obviously DON'T know the truth about him. Justice will be served for Jorge!! R.I.P Jorge, You will be missed by many, and forever loved!!
You are right

Alsip, IL

#21 Mar 2, 2010
Dear GirlFriend of BH, EL or FA. There were 3 scumbags not 2. A significant amount of cannabis was found, money, a gun and Poor Jorge. I think the Orland PD and SS Task Force know a bit more than your 'story'. How dar you make it look like an unrelated accident. This was murder.

United States

#22 Mar 2, 2010
If your referring to what I posted I'm NOT no one's girlfriend.
How do you know a significant amount of cannaibs, money, and a gun was found? Were you there that you can say this for a fact? VERY doubtful, your getting your info the same way everyone else is by reading the news point exactly. Quit "assuming" and judging until all the "facts" are out. And further more, once AGAIN, get your story straight, "WHO" said this was a unrelated accident?? It was a murder and the "ONLY" thing you got right is that the Orland PD and the SS Task Force does know more about this story, and because of that justice will be served for Jorge and the truth will come out in the end. So until then have some respect for the family they did lose a loved one and they also read what is being posted on here.
You are right

Alsip, IL

#23 Mar 2, 2010
What are you hiding or feeling so guilty about? You're an enabler. Something is fishy . Just a neighbor?

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