Report: KidsPeace teens had sex

Report: KidsPeace teens had sex

There are 61 comments on the The Morning Call story from Feb 10, 2009, titled Report: KidsPeace teens had sex. In it, The Morning Call reports that:

Teenagers who were supposed to be kept apart were caught engaged in sexual acts in two separate incidents at KidsPeace in Orefield last summer, according to reports issued by the Pennsylvania Department of ...

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Kingston, PA

#21 Feb 10, 2009
lowlife kids and lowlife staff; these welfare programs make millions, help NOBODY, and get worthless workers for minimum wage.
A good old boy

Slatington, PA

#22 Feb 10, 2009
Michael wrote:
<quoted text>
We didn't need places like Kidspeace back then. My father knew how to use a 2 x 4 if we had a problem. He didn't waste words. The only "time out" we had was recovering back to full consciousness. Bring back the good old days.
AMEN BROTHER AMEN, too many tree hugging parents out there that say NOE JOHNIE DONT DO THAT, do you know Johnnie what the results could be?, BACK in the day Mike you are right my pappy grabbed a stick and used it, make me kneel on corn cobs, coal, and you know what I AM NOT TRAUMATIZED, good old beatring and you didnt do it again...Todays parents would rather be on THEIR computer than raise kids, give them 20 bucks and a credit card and go have fun, see you later..
thinking and typing

Elkton, MD

#23 Feb 10, 2009
The truth wrote:
At least there's a place like KIDSPEACE. There wasn't when I was growing up. Whatever problems we had, we were told to get over it.
"we were told to get over it."

and we did, or they gave us real problems to worry about.
Eat me

Wallingford, PA

#24 Feb 10, 2009
I hope the staff was C*** B, the fat worthless turd

Allentown, PA

#25 Feb 10, 2009
Concerned wrote:
Kidspeace is a dump - Get it out of here ASAP - its a disgrace
How do you know? Do you work there?
Bart Starr

United States

#26 Feb 10, 2009
What happened to the employee who shared pictures of his p____ to some of the kids ?.
Former Kidspeace Employee

Roseland, NJ

#27 Feb 10, 2009
ct o wrote:
Are you kidding me - now the Mcall is reporting when KidsPeace kids have sex. You better leave two pages open in the Lifestyles section - you will need the room. BTW Pioneer Center is an all male dorm!
When I worked there (several years ago - mid-late 90's) the Pioneer Center was where they kept sexual offenders - it was a little bit removed from the rest of the Orefield campus (formerly known as "The Clusters" internally at KidsPeace).

These kids (like all teenagers) are very resourceful. I worked in one of the girls' cottages, and one night when I was working alone (one counselor "closed" and was alone from 11PM - Midnight - a fact that did not escape the kids there), a girl approached the desk, sobbing and shaking. She was VERY distraught. Being relatively new, I felt terrible for this girl, who told me she had just had a nightmare about her mother's boyfriend, who had sexually abused her. As I talked to her and tried to calm her down, her roommate snuck her boyfriend (who lived in another cottage) in the window.

The "decoy" could have one an Academy Award for her performance! I was moved to tears by her story. Suddenly, I heard a slow, repetitive banging from down the hall...I walked down the hall toward the noise, while the other girl told me "it's probably the pipes - they bang sometimes when we flush the toilet"... Lo and behold, as I followed the noise into one of the bedrooms, there were the "young lovers" - caught in the act!

So, the point is - KidsPeace Kids, just like ALL kids, will go to great lengths to get their rocks off.

I just hope the other girl put those great acting skills to good use!
Johnnie Longrod

Slatington, PA

#28 Feb 10, 2009
Bart Starr wrote:
What happened to the employee who shared pictures of his p____ to some of the kids ?.
He is in charge of the sex center there...Monkey see monkey do!!!! The Pink Panther is heading to kidspeace now to investigate the missing vaseline, this will bring answers...
Nana of five

Allentown, PA

#30 Feb 10, 2009
Michael wrote:
<quoted text>
We didn't need places like Kidspeace back then. My father knew how to use a 2 x 4 if we had a problem. He didn't waste words. The only "time out" we had was recovering back to full consciousness. Bring back the good old days.
When I was young and my parents said jump we said HOW HIGH. We knew when my parents said for us to do something we would not be able to say NO I DON'T WANT TO. With 6 kids in the family we did what our parents said. These days the kids tell the parents what to do. We never had this much crime and we didn't get into trouble like the kids do now. Our parents cared about us. They didn't do drugs or work and not have anyone take care of us. Yes maybe we did a smack, but we were never abused. I believe letting your children do what they want is abusing them. They need guidance no matter how old they are. They love you more when you care.
Sound Reasoning

San Jose, CA

#31 Feb 10, 2009
ct o wrote:
BTW Pioneer Center is an all male dorm!
You make me remember a few years ago, a place similar to KP (located in Bethlehem, CT), built a separate dorm for the girls. Their profession determination was that if the boys and girls were in separate buildings, that sex between teens would be totally impossible. Problem solved.

Yea, right.
Scarletts Plantation

Palmerton, PA

#32 Feb 10, 2009
<quoted text>she is probably doing porn movies, moaning in delight when some stranger putting ten inches up her butt.
kidspeace should teach all the girls how to have sex in porn movies.
and kidspeace should teach all the boys how to pimp and steal.
the worthless kids are gonna do it anyhow; can't change them, especially when they go right back to scummy friends and family.
Another post quoted they were two boys pack'in it. Disgust'in...

Bethlehem, PA

#33 Feb 10, 2009
didn't they have these same kind of problems when "kidspeace" was calles "wiley house" so they changed the name because of all the sexual encounters between teens and staff and staff not monitoring the teens behavior resulting in stories like this. the problem is that the PDW hires people off the street usually former drug addicts or ex convicts and calles them CA's these people are required to have so many years clean, and through the power of the 12-step program they do service ( for NA or AA) and get huge egos out of the process, but have no background or formal education to handle these teens. in a nutshell the CA does the monitoring of these children and has the most exposure to them: you do not need a college degree or even a certificate in child development (if one even exists) to be a CA.
Captain Lovestar

Washington, DC

#34 Feb 10, 2009
Sound Reasoning wrote:
<quoted text>
How does one tell the difference?
Most victims turn around and become the next abuser.
they get histories on the kids, before they are admitted right? Some kids are removed from their homes, because they were perped on, thus making them a victim. they usually do turn out to be the perps themselves later in life. so why put them with kids that were court ordered to be there for deviant sexual behaviors.

Kingston, PA

#35 Feb 10, 2009
This is not a perfect world and if the children's parents had done their job such close supervision would not be necessary. I am tired of staff being blamed so often for the lack of moral training of parents which prompts encounters with the opposite sex.

Lansdale, PA

#36 Feb 10, 2009
who cares!! kids peace does great things but because the morning call has a bias against kidspeace they will not ever report that! people have sex everyday.....who cares!
there is a war going on ya know the economy sucks and were writing articles about kidspeace again!
good god
find some other place to write about because this is just old or at least focus on what good comes from kidspeace
Be truthful

United States

#37 Feb 10, 2009
I know how nostalgic people like to be about the "good old days" when parents could be more firm with their children and discipline them the way "we used to be". Truth is KidsPeace is well over 125 years old. So yes, these places were around when you were young. You just didn't know about them because there was little coverage of them. TRUTH is, there were MORE of them than there are today.
And as much as it would be great to believe that a "good old beating" would be the answer, the TRUTH is, when corporal punnishment was in schools, in homes, even in the neighborhood (back when your neighbor could let you have it) crime was higher than it is now. Crime spiked in the 1920's, and has been on a relative decline since then. the difference is how much of it was reported. Remember, the press was different back then. President Kennedy's affairs were well know by the press (as was President Wilson's handicap), but neither of them were reported out of "professional respect". Same goes for street crime. Much of it was not reported because it was felt people would feel less safe, and that was considered "professionally irresponsible" by the media.
Some kids will misbehave, some will do so on extreme levels, and get "sent away". It's always been that way. Treatment facilities used to "beat" the kids as well. It was part of their regular way of doing things. They thought it worked. They stopped becasue after years and years of it, they found that it doesn't. They didn't stop becasue they are "tree huggers" or "warm and fuzzy" ect. They stopped because it simply didn't work.
Corporal punnishment and fear may have worked for you personally. Your parents may have known how to use it properly, and you may have been one of those individuals who responsed to it. That doesn't mean it's the answer. If it was, this problem would have been solved a long time ago. It's just not that simple. Although we all widh it was...
me here

United States

#38 Feb 10, 2009
This does not suprise me. "KidsPeace, which helps children with behavioral and mental health problems" maybe by prescribing them meds so they act like zombies.
It's a shame that when children who actually do have problems mentally, are stuck in a place that has a rep of being a haven for bad kids.

Springfield, IL

#39 Feb 10, 2009
This is absolutely ridiculous, and did I read they are only going to "retrain" staff? immediate terminations are the only acceptable remedy.

“Matthew 5:10”

Since: Dec 08


#40 Feb 10, 2009
lowlife kids and lowlife staff; these welfare programs make millions, help NOBODY, and get worthless workers for minimum wage.
Kidspeace is not a "welfare progam" - it is a FOR PROFIT mental health facility. The staff, while not making a ton of money, makes more than minimum wage.

Judging from your handle, You should spend less time being a bigot and more time educating yourself.
Be truthful

United States

#41 Feb 10, 2009
I just don't understand how this myth of kids being "drugged up", or becoming "like zombies" stays so alive. It just simply isn't true.

Kids take medications to treat psychiatric disorders... just like you would get medicine to treat pain, a headache or high cholesterol. Back in the turn of the century, yes the few drugs available did this. At the time it was seen as more humane to knock someone out chemically than to tie them down for days at a time. Now, however, using drugs as "chemical restraints" is not only not done, it is against the law. The drugs available today do not have this "zombie" effect, and when they do, it is usually only in the first few days of taking it, until the body gets used to it.... not unlike many non-psychiatric drugs people take for all kinds of ailments. And before the predictable response comes, let me inform you that mediactions are taken freely by the kids. They are allowed to refuse to take any of them at any time, with no consequences whatsoever. And no, that doesn't mean they are held down and given a shot against their will. That occurs very rarely, and only when the kid is so out of control or psychotic they are non-responsive to anything else. And when I say "very rarely", I mean about 98% of kids in psychiatric facilities will never experience that at all.

The TRUTH is, if you were in physical pain, you would insist upon a doctor helping you, and would expect that help to come in the form of a pill. People making these comments about "zombies" and the like just perpetuate a false steriotype that Psychiatry is just there to control people. Imagine when you felt more scared than any time in your life. Some time when you honestly thought you were going to die. Maybee it was a car accident, mabee when you almost slipped off a roof... Now imagine feeling that ALL THE TIME, becaouse your brain can't turn off the internal "emergency switch" like the rest of us. YOU would ask for help, and gladly take a pill that took that horrible feeling away. However, thanks to people who never saw it for themselves keep talking about how "drugged up" they believe people in psychiatric facilities are, you will be reluctant to ask for help, and maybee suffer needlessly like many out there do every day. Villifying these medications that people freely take, and ASK FOR, these medications that when prescribed skillfully IMPROVE lives, and give people back what they have lost to a disease they cannot control and did not ask for is irresponsible and hurtful.

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