I know the last thing any Seattleite wants is another San Francisco transplant, but I promise not to taint the culture! I'll be going to SSCC for automotive, and I guess I should get a place in the area. Problem is, all my family lives in Greenlake, which is Northwest (did I get that right?) so, I've never been to or heard of any cool neighborhoods in South Seattle. Is "Columbia City" cool/ is it part of Seattle proper?
I'm turning 23 this year, I'm friendly, love beer, mopeds, cars, tattoos, art, sci-fi, folk shows, stuff like that.
Does South Seattle have any neighborhoods kind of like Greenlake or, even better, Ballard? Ballard is, so far, my favorite part of the city. It's chill and beautiful with lots of bars--- where can one go wrong?

Anyway, it doesn't have to be right near by, I have a moped (and soon, a car. I don't start school til residency pricing kicks in at the end of this year) but let's try for a 10 mile range maybe. I guess this counts West Seattle?

I don't know! CONFUSION! Enlighten me?:)