Nostradamus' AFFRIQUE

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#84 Oct 22, 2012
To reach angle take 313n to provincial 308 (711)

To reach the Angle over land, one would take Minnesota State Highway 313N (Warroad, Minnesota to Sprague, Manitoba) across the border into Manitoba, Canada, connecting to Provincial Road 12 in Manitoba at the border, then to Provincial Road 308 Manitoba, to Provincial Road 525, then finally crossing back into the United States in the Northwest Angle south of rural developed Angle Inlet, Minnesota (Angle Inlet Township). The distance from Warroad or Roseau to the Angle proper is approximately 63 miles through Minnesota and Manitoba back to the Angle's U.S. border. It is approximately 10 miles from the actual border (intersection of Manitoba #525 and NWA Road Dawson) to the rural developments of the Northwest Angle.
The border crossing (image) is unstaffed. Travelers using the single gravel road in and out of the Angle are expected to use a telephone at Jim's Corner, Youngs Bay Marina or Carlsons Landing to contact Canadian or U.S. Customs and make their declarations

Red lake Nation Independant above.
DSM Local

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#85 Oct 23, 2012
speak english

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#86 Oct 29, 2012
Pretty Close

Qur'an to the prophet Muhammad in the cave of Hira byIn the view of some Muslims the term al-Ruh al-Quds refers to the Angel Gabriel (referred to as Jibral, Jibrīl, Jibrael, Džibril, Jabrilæ or Jibrail (جب&#1 585;يل, جب&#15 85;ائ& #1610;ل,[dʒ ibræːʔi& #720;l],[dʒibr&#6 03;̈ʔi&# 720;l], or [dʒibriːl]) in Islam),

The name Byblos is Greek; papyrus received its early Greek name (byblos, byblinos) from its being exported to the Aegean through Byblos. Hence the English word Bible is derived from byblos as "the (papyrus) book."[3] The city's Canaanite/Phoenician name "GB'L" derived from "gb", meaning well or origin, and El the supreme god of Byblos's pantheon. The present day city is now known by the Arabic name Jubayl or Jbeil (جب&#1 610;ل), a direct descendant of the Canaanite name.

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#87 Oct 31, 2012
alright,Is it 104 or 103?
Psalm 104 (Hebrew)(Greek numbering: Psalm 103) is a Judaic poem from the Book of Psalms in the Hebrew Bible, describing the ongoing act of God continuously bringing the world into existence. German philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder remarked, "It is worth studying the Hebrew language for ten years in order to read Psalm 104 in the original".
psalm 102 doesnt say greek numbering 101

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#88 Oct 31, 2012
Solvang (/ˈsɒlvæ ŋ/; Danish pronunciation:[ˈso ːlʋ&#593 ;ŋˀ]; Danish for "sunny fields")[Solvang look up coordinates

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#89 Nov 2, 2012
between 3 and 4

The Silmarillion, but this idea was dismissed by his publisher.[4][5] It was decided for economic reasons to publish The Lord of the Rings as three volumes over the course of a year from 21 July 1954 to October 1955, thus creating the now familiar Lord of the Rings trilogy.[4][6] The three volumes were entitled The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. Structurally, the novel is divided internally into six books, two per volume,

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#90 Nov 2, 2012
A little bible verse for YOU

In The Lord of the Rings, he is initially known as Gandalf the Grey, but returns from death as Gandalf the White.
Book of Isaiah
19 And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead?

20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.

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#91 Nov 6, 2012
all my posts are just unproved coincidences that I point out,I do not claim to be anyone...Im just trying to do the best I can with what I have to work with..i do not intend to offend anyone,

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#92 Nov 10, 2012
You can follow the balance in france ,half occupied half not during the war,french battleships started on one side and finished on the other...

Travail, Famille, Patrie
"Work, Family, Fatherland"
La Marseillaise
"The Song of Marseille"
Maréchal, nous voilà!
"Marshal, here we are!"

Dark blue: De jure part of French State
Teal: De jure part of French State, Axis occupied
Sky blue: Vichy possessions under firm control
Lightest blue: Vichy possessions lost relatively early
Red: French possessions never held by Vichy
Capital Vichy (de facto)
Paris[1](de jure)
Capital-in-exile Sigmaringen (1944–1945)
Language(s) French
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Authoritarian State[2]
Chief of the French State
- 1940–1944 Philippe Pétain
President of the Council of Ministers
- 1940–1942 Philippe Pétain
- 1942–1944 Pierre Laval
Legislature National Assembly
Historical era World War II
- Full powers given to Pétain 10 July 1940
- Compiègne armistice 22 June 1940
- Occupation of the southern former free zone 11 November 1942
- Liberation of Paris 25 August 1944
- Liberation of France June–November 1944
- Capture of Sigmaringen 22 April 1945
Currency Franc
1.^ Paris remained the formal capital of the French State, though the Vichy regime never operated from it during its existence.

Vichy France,[3] Vichy Regime, Vichy Government, or simply Vichy

In 1665 the french sent 7 sailboats to quebec to sorel tracy,(first christmas tree on the continent) there is a river there with the same name as the battleship I spoke of above.

Lake Villa, IL

#93 Nov 10, 2012
In both cases you may take note of the 171 symbols,the length of the river and the date the battleship was launched 1/17/43,very subtle ,,but there ,if you know what to look for.What im saying is that there are indications that GOD was over us all the time.It is easy to see in hindsight.

The Richelieu is 171 km (106 mi) long, flowing from the north end of Lake Champlain to the confluence with the Saint Lawrence River at Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, downstream and northeast of Montréal.[2] It has a drainage basin of 23,400 square kilometres (9,000 sq mi), of which 19,600 km2 (7,600 sq mi)[2] are in the United States, originating in the western slopes of the Green Mountains and the eastern slopes of the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. Its mean discharge is 330 cubic metres per second (12,000 cu ft/s).[3]

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Chambly, Beloeil, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, and Sorel-Tracy are important communities on its route

Richelieu in September 1943, after refit. Aircraft equipment has been removed from the aft deck and replaced with anti-aircraft artillery.
Career (France)
Namesake: Cardinal de Richelieu
Builder: Brest Navy Yard
Laid down: 22 October 1935
Launched: 17 January 1939
Commissioned: June 1940 / October 1943
Decommissioned: 1967
Struck: 1968
Fate: scrapped

Lake Villa, IL

#94 Nov 10, 2012
The coincidences do not stop,if you look

The following is a list of ships that carried the Carignan-Salières Regiment from France to New France in 1665.

Ship Date of arrival at Quebec, New France Companies carried
Le Vieux Siméon 19 June 1665 Chambly, Froment, La Tour, Petit[8]
Le Brézé 30 June 1665 La Durantaye (Chambellé), Berthier (L'Allier), La Brisardière (Orléans), Monteil (Poitou)[9]
L'Aigle d'Or 18 August 1665 Grandfontaine, La Fredière, La Motte, Salières[10]
La Paix 19 August 1665 La Colonelle, Contrecœur, Maximy, Sorel[11]
Le Jardin de Hollande 12 September 1665 Supplies for regiments[12]
Le Saint-Sébastien 12 September 1665 Rougemont, Boisbriand (Dugué), Des Portes (Duprat), Varenne[13]
La Justice 14 September 1665 La Fouille, Laubia, Saint-Ours, Naurois[14]

Seven ships were required to transport the regiment to New France.
The first, Le Joyeux Siméon, departed La Rochelle 19 April 1665, arriving at Quebec 1 July 1665. On board were the companies of La Fouille, Froment, Chambly and Rougment.
The Le Joyeux Siméon was a Dutch ship chartered by a La Rochelle merchant, Pierre Gaigneur, who was well-experienced sailing between France and its colonies.[15]

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#95 Nov 10, 2012
If you cant see the coincidences ,Its probably beacause you would have to work as a detective to pick up on stuff like this.


◄ Isaiah 8:19 ►

And when they shall say to you, Seek to them that have familiar spirits, and to wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek to their God? for the living to the dead?

◄ Isaiah 8:20 ►

To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them

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#96 Nov 10, 2012
Chiesanuova has 7 parishes (curazie):
Caladino, Confine, Galavotto, Molarini, Poggio Casalino, Poggio Chiesanuova, Teglio

Recognizing the works of the Father

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#97 Nov 10, 2012
After the burning at the stake of Joan of Arc in 1431, her ashes were thrown into the Seine from the medieval stone Mathilde Bridge, though unserious counter-claims persist,

The inside angle of the seine river in paris contains arrondissements 7,6,5

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#98 Nov 12, 2012
May Wright Sewals book,
Neither Living or Dead
page 25 (jesus) and chapter 4 ends pg 117,
pg 286 (sept 11)
I havent read the book ,skimmed through it,picked out some co-incidences

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#99 Nov 12, 2012
The books called "neither dead or sleeping"

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#100 Nov 13, 2012
Id like to praise Nortwestern Universitys wrongful conviction group,perhaps trumpet is good symbol.The innocent will never get back what they have lost,

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#101 Nov 13, 2012

But while im here is correct underneath interpretation:
vcentury 4 quatrain 28 ( more correct interpretation)

1.while who as evening star rays/affrique to exist/he will be here may north sun cloudy covered
prairie spouse

2.cry of pomp splendor to exist form blood kept secret
pattern/figure mystical

3.quicksilver growl halo/emmination eliminate cover/cloud

4.value fair carrier belllike to exist misal abuse/insult halfmast
breath of air
to breath

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#102 Nov 13, 2012

Lors que Venus du Sol sera couuert,
Soubs l'esplendeur sera forme occulte:
Mercure au feu les aura descouuert,
Par bruit bellique sera mis à l'insulte.

When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Under the splendor will be a hidden form:
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
Through warlike noise it will be insulted.

but yall already knew that so what do ya need me for...steal the information...want that quatrains true interpretation?

Lake Villa, IL

#103 Nov 13, 2012
Ill will not post again

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