Are Some Houston Pain Clinics Prescri...

Are Some Houston Pain Clinics Prescription Pill Mills?

There are 162 comments on the Click2Houston story from Nov 28, 2007, titled Are Some Houston Pain Clinics Prescription Pill Mills?. In it, Click2Houston reports that:

“I just hear her screaming in the background and she finally picks the phone back up and she said 'Wayne's ... they found Wayne dead in his bed.'”

They're legal, cheap and available all over Houston. Tonight, in the first of several reports, Local 2 Investigates prescription pill mills. via Click2Houston

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Since: Nov 10

Oklahoma City, OK

#126 Jan 27, 2011
imight wrote:
if u need help finding pills or a good doctor in houston ill help u out, pm me... im all hooked up houston or dallas i know it all

Lumberton, TX

#127 Feb 2, 2011
i have been in one a few times after getting in a serious accident and the some of the people in there have no shame that they go to other doctors and sit there and talk about what they do with the medicine while they are drooling on themselves that is the problem they make it bad for people that really need it and then you are constantly trying to find a doctor cause the doctors do things wrong then their closed and here goes the process all over again all because they are making all that money!!!! when you dont need it and you have a problem TRY REHAB!!!!

Eddyville, KY

#128 Feb 3, 2011
So many of the posts I have read here are not understanding the entire problem and the differences between someone who has a real need for medication and couldn't possible live without medication for pain, neuropathy, blood pressure, and more. My husband had acar accident, he fell asleep driving home from the hospital after working 12 hours a day all week long. It was a Friday night and his doctor purswaded him to go to a 8 pm appt to see if he had a blood clot in his leg. He is diabetic and had cellulitis with 3rd degree burns from inside when his fever went to 105 degrees - this was the year before. so, coming home and finding he had No blood clot, he fell asleep with the cruise control set at 60mph and his car went off the road and hit a tree head on. The car went up on its end and crushed the top so he was pinned inside. the top had to be removed to get him out. He had over 19 broken bones, half of his left lung collasped from internal bleeding. He has lost all his teeth. He spent 3 months in a hospital and rehab clinic and was sent home unable to walk at all. we lived in a 2 story house and my 14 year old son and I had to get him upstairs alone. He spent the next 18 months learned to walk. He had broken both legs, shattered his pelvis, 4 ribs, right arm, lost most of his left hand, hit his eye so hard he cracked the skull above the eyebrow. but, he went back to work. He made it to work for the next year until his hip bone where it connects to the leg became sqaured off - like putting a round peg in a square hole or vice versa - He has been in a great deal of pain throughout and now is only able to get off the sofa because of his pain meds. He saw pretty real soctors and several surgeeons during his recovery. A person that is trying to live after going through an ordeal such as this needs pain meds and other meds to control the diabetes. He just had surgery to remove an infected piece of bone from his right foot. There are a lot of people out there with real pain issues and need to be able to get help. If some of the people here had their way, no doctor would be able to help with real problems. He has had a very difficult time exactly for that reason. we had to move and to a different state - he has spent over a year finding a doctor who wasn't afraid to help him.

Before making accusations and/or declarations as to how things are or should be, do some research and see what the life of someone like this is like and would be without any pain medication...

the car accident and diabetes are recent problems for him. he also has had 3 back surgeries, lost over half the blood from his body when he tore his esophagaus, was pronounced dead when his stomach burst and he was throwing up blood.

there are exceptions to everything...

Eddyville, KY

#129 Feb 3, 2011
please forgive my typos - I apologize. I have problems with numbness in my hands from my back/neck problems... but I have nowhere close to the pain issues my husband has... I do wake up with my back hurting so bad I am crying. I do not have any health insurance tho' so I can not see any doctor.

Spring, TX

#130 Feb 7, 2011
Everyone out there who is suffering from chronic out. Two women from Vidor whose sons were obviously not suffering from any sort of debilitating pain managed to get their hands on some pain meds...i.e. hydrocodone, soma, and xanax, and overdosed. I am sure that the pain clinic doctors "forced the pills down their throats" note sarcasm, and now they are lobbying for all pain management clinics in Houston to be shut down. While their loss is traumatic to them, Im sure, the rest of the Houston area does not need to be punished for the actions of two irresponsiple twenty something men who probably mixed the medication with alcohol. Now what we have going on is an unfair "witch hunt" for qualified pain management doctors. Google the last name Skorpenske and Conroe and you can read about an 80 year old mother suing a pain management doctor for the death of her 50 something year old son for overdosing on hydrocodone. What she failed to mention is that he was also IVing methadone at the same time. She has now been awarded a 10 million dollar settlement that the doctor most likely will not be able to pay. This is a WASTE of taxpayers money and a sham to boot. These doctors need to be left one forces people to take these prescription drugs. I was hit by a drunk driver resulting in several herniated discs...perhaps these two women in question should campaign against alcohol abuse instead of hunting down doctors that are just trying to help people. Just my humble opinion.

Spring, TX

#131 Mar 9, 2011
That b**ch Esther Scarborough and the senators she went crying to when her son died have now suceeded in closing my clinic that required MRIs bloodwork, and phys therapy. Guess what, I didnt bring her son back, but it did cause much stress to many people that do not deserve it.
German girl in pain

United States

#133 May 19, 2011
nick wrote:
you people that want to judge these people for going to these places really make me mad I have had pain all my life I have horrible pain and before I found help with pills I was a horrible person I think you should focus on real crime but people are to scared to do that instead they mess with hard working people and do not understand the first thing about what is going on in peoples life I hope one day everyone of you are in pain that you can not make go away the kind that makes you go crazy the kind that makes you not want to play with your kids or work or do anything with your life then tell me how bad we are
I know what you are talking about I have a blood disorder that has caused me many blood clots and has made my life nothing but pain..Every day 24/7 and with out my coumadin to thin my blood or my norco for pain I would be fucked...People with out pain are far too eager to judge and point the finger at..i for one agree with you I would like to see these assholes in pain every day...And no pain meds to help them, and all it does is help you live a normal life that's it! Cause when you are in as much pain as I am or he is you don’t get high! It just stops the pain that’s all..But that’s all we need...So think before you judge!

Since: Jan 11

Dallas, TX

#134 May 31, 2011
imight wrote:
if u need help finding pills or a good doctor in houston ill help u out, pm me... im all hooked up houston or dallas i know it all
Hey, I dont know how to pm on here.. could u e-mail me some clinics on the North side of Houston please. I'll be coming in on I-10 from Beaumont..Thanks alot! [email protected]

Since: Jan 11

Dallas, TX

#135 May 31, 2011
imight wrote:
if u need help finding pills or a good doctor in houston ill help u out, pm me... im all hooked up houston or dallas i know it all
That last msg was for imight..
not sure who to trust

Katy, TX

#136 Jun 1, 2011
are there even any docs still around h~town?been gone for a few months and not sure where to go,the ones that i did go to are shut down,1960,jones road pls.let me know

Conroe, TX

#137 Jun 11, 2011
rtc wrote:
ive got a ton of strong pills that I cannot even take, i dont know how u people handle them, they make me naseuos and wanna vomit, i gott alay down, will the pharmacy buy them back from me or what?
[email protected] i dont get on here to chck back so plz email me if u know how i can get my money back for these pills, or maybe i can trade them for not so strong pills? they say m22 on them
first off it is illegal to trade or sell ANY prescription medication and the pharmacy cannot buy them back once theyre filled try taking them in a lesser dose with food or milk eat b4 u take then when u go to the doctor ask 4 a weaker med it sounds like u have a morphine based pill i could b wrong tho look it up on the internet at pill finder .com i always reasearch any new meds i am put on to make sure they dont interact with other meds i am on or have an ingredient i am allergic 2 .remember going to the doctor 2 get meds 4 youre ailments is only part of the process you need to work with them and take responsibility 4 your bosdy and life and meds people want to blame the clinics 4 peoples deaths people r dying because of the DEA acting as a pooicy making body instead of an enforcment angecy as they r supposed 2 b the docas and FDA make tyhe uses and policies and the DEA and police forces can only enforce those rules nothing more nothing less and the people who lie to get these things so the4y can sell should be arrested and ghotten out of the picture so the people who trruly need them can get on with what is thier RIGHT to medical treatment and as far as the person saying they rely on GOD needs to quit judging and remember thaqt when u point a finger at someone YOU have 3 more pointing right back at you GOD gave us doctors 4 a reason and faith 4 a different reason i relied on GOD 4 20 years but this temporary body that w3ill return to dust can only hold out so long then we need to uyse COMMON SENSE and turn 2 earthly medicne GUIDED by prayer to frix the problem and that person needs to show respect 4 GOID and leaqrn 2 capitalize HIS name as far asd a GOOD PMC try Carepro on west bellfort they actually take an interest in theyre patients and have an in house Xray dept to weed out the fakers and work with you on your bill and meds they knew me and my wife by first name and that we weere married even tho we were in separate exaM ROOMS and when she left to meet GOD from natural causes they sent a card signed by clinic staff and would actually pray with us whern we needed some spiritual guidance if there were more like them out there all this hullaballoo would b over

Daphne, AL

#138 Jun 12, 2011
That's the longest sentence I've ever read in my life! GD! You can tell your high as hell rambling on....shit.

Houston, TX

#139 Jun 14, 2011
Daynerd wrote:
<quoted text>
I am new to the Houston area and am looking for a Dr. that can prescribe me Oxycodone. Can you help me please?

Conroe, TX

#140 Jul 3, 2011
If you were refering to me daphne get a grip stupid I wasn't rambling on and for your information wasn't on anything at the time. I hadn't seen my doctor for a month, I play it smart anddetox two or three months out of the year. If you look reaql close that "sentence" you see is actually a paragraph. carpal tunnel and some bad discs in my neck make it hard for me to type. The person needed more than just a sentence to help them. I think you are the one that was messed up as a soup sandwich. you sound like one of the people out there who go to these dr.s just to get high and don't really need the meds. I worked for 30 years with a bad back and 15 suffering from chronic gout with out going to a doctor for monthly prescriptions, I toughed it out until I had no other recourse but the meds. And now that I am on them I take them responsibly and make sure I am in control of the meds not the other way around.


Since: Jul 11


#142 Jul 22, 2011
Liz wrote:
<quoted text>
I am new to the Houston area and am looking for a Dr. that can prescribe me Oxycodone. Can you help me please?
email me [email protected]

Houston, TX

#143 Jul 30, 2011
txguy79 wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey, I dont know how to pm on here.. could u e-mail me some clinics on the North side of Houston please. I'll be coming in on I-10 from Beaumont..Thanks alot! [email protected]
i dnt no how to pm either lookin 4 dones if could possiblly help please email me [email protected]

Houston, TX

#144 Jul 30, 2011
can anyone in houston area help me wit dr that can and will prescribe methadone 10mgs i was gettin em prescribes by dr off greens rode but very strict rules wen comes to drug testin well my turn was uo to be tested and tested positive for WEED!!! wow nothin else followed all other rules anyways he dismissed me so ive depended on myfriend to help me out wit her dr wen hes been SHUT i dont wanna be sick i feel my only other alternative at this point is to go back to dope house dont wanna go down that rode again i told this doc straight up was buyin off street etc...he supplied me i jus need a suggestion on wat to do and how to do it im terriffed of withdrawls please someone HELP

United States

#145 Sep 9, 2011
My husband was stabbed 22 times n has cut tendons that can not be repaired only Dr in la will rx tremadol n it doesn't do ne thing for him can any one give me the name of a good painmanagment to help him he has been to one b4 but dnt remember the name

Humble, TX

#147 Nov 18, 2011
My mom has severe back pain from two failed back surgeries and Adult Onset Scoliosis.
She needs Methadone (10 mg or more). Who can prescribe Methadone in the north Houston area?
She also developed Adult Onset Scoliosis a few years ago. It has twisted her back forward and to one side. It restricts her breathing (because leaning forward all the time compresses her lungs). She is so crippled from the pain. I am now her full time care giver.
Thank you so much for your help.

Since: Nov 11

Houston, TX

#149 Nov 23, 2011
Ate there still any good clinics in Houston to get some meds

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