Cheapest Vet in jacksonville?
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Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

#22 Jun 5, 2011
Riverside Rob wrote:
The Hershel animal clinic Riverside. Well its closer to Ortega actually. People line up 30 -40 deep on Saturdays. Ive been told there shots are
REALLY cheap. The folks i know that go there say they're so cheap they don't mind waiting an hour or so. They're across from a lil Flower shop at the end of the St.John's ave. "S" curves.
Its on Herschell street. Topix wont let me post address and phone #, I just tried!
I hope that helps.
Good luck to you, you have a kind soul!
Herschel had been sold and they no longer offer the saem prices. Be prepaired for a shock when it comes time to pay the bill!

Atlantic Beach, FL

#23 Aug 3, 2011
Oh so what your saying is that if you dont have money dont get a pet???? lol WOW how ignorant... You are focused on the weak minded and easy way out of the situation. THE REAL PROBLEM is people getting upset and being judgmental to the people that can love an animaL, BUT your to cowardly to actually go in to your local VETS office and ask WHY???? if you hold a gift to help animals and you do your job with love just as the people who wanted the animal and had good intentions, why would you charge ungodly amounts of money making it completly impossible for everyday people to have and love them? Its not the people who cant afford the animals. I dont think when God or the powers that be created animals he said " Only if power driven,money hungry ass&^%$# can profit from them" lol wake up people, Use your judgments for the real cause and its the system. I have 7 cats all rescuse, sometimes I have money sometimes I dont..... they are ALLL healthy happy wonderful pets that with or without shot,spay or neuter,have no clue of the difference. It's natuaral for them to get sick or what have you.... What do you think they did 2000 years ago?????

Jacksonville, FL

#24 Aug 3, 2011
Jude in Jax wrote:
They killed my sons dog gave him a euthenasea shot ment for another dog. His dog was there for a arthritis shot. Both owners had the same last name.Also a friends dog was there to get his ears pinned up and they gave him to much meds and he died in thier op room. Make your own opinion!
excellant....jus wut eye'd spect n jax...;) very nice

Jacksonville, FL

#25 Sep 30, 2011
Try st francis they seem to be the cheapest I am taking my cat tomorrow
jessy5717 wrote:
Im trying to find the cheapest vet here localy in Jacksonville(Duval County) I cant afford vet insurance, He's a rescue dog (who is a lab/chow mix, was born around Jan,15, 2008 so hes now about 9 months old) & of course is male. I have called the low cost jaxspay to neuter him(cant afford right now, theyre gonna charge me $65 plus all other fees they include after its over they seem never to tell u about in advance) but right now my biggest concern is he hasnt had his 4th puppy series shot (needed back in may) he hasnt had any advantage(flea med's, hes itching like crazy, even a little fur lose) and hasnt had his worm meds( i believe for heart worms) we fell on some financial hardships right now due to my mom getting really ill, we filed banckrptcy chap13 so we dont lose our home so the wages are deducted, husbands the only money coming in, i need to cae for my mom, drop off & pick our 2 kids from school so I cant afford to look for work right now, but i noticed no vets will work with me in any payment plans unless I get out some kinds of loans which I cant. so is there anyone out there that can shed some possitive light on me right now cocerning any really cheap vets I can take my dog to,? I would be very grateful..thanks again all!
Sarah in Jax

Jacksonville, FL

#26 Feb 19, 2012
We have a male cat about 2 years old that has adopted us for his family. The past couple days he was favoring his left front paw. We figured he got into a fight with another cat from the neighborhood. Today we noticed that his paw now has a hole and it looks really bad.
I am unemployed and need to know if there is a vet out there that I can take him to without paying out the behind. I have used FCNMHP before and now they want to charge to much for services.
Please help and waiting for some suggestions.

Jacksonville, FL

#27 Feb 24, 2012
Jude in Jax wrote:
Sorry I forgot to say that was Hershel Animal Clinic. Dr Plant needs to retire.
Thank you for the info! That is scary. I am new here and tryinmg to find an appropriate vet for my dog. This was helpful.

Jacksonville, FL

#28 Jul 2, 2012
My daughter worked for Dunns Ave Animal Hospital, she loves animals and wanted to go to school for vet... but that place changed her mind... they were very rude and really seemed to care less about animals, all they cared about was the money.. she went to school and became a nurse..

Dallas, TX

#29 Jul 10, 2012
Need to find aver my Chihuahua has a hacking cough sounds like a. hair ball news to be reasonable too

Dallas, TX

#30 Jul 10, 2012
A vet
pet lover

Jacksonville, FL

#31 Nov 15, 2012
Heather wrote:
Hershel is great for shots and stuff.. I take my two bullmastiff mixes there.. as far as surgeries though I would find someone else.. Not saying anything bad about the place... because I love it... Its just that they have so many pets that they care for they probably have a lot of surgeries a day where as a smaller clinic may have one or two surgeries and your pet will get more special care. But please dont get me wrong I love Hershel.. You cannot beat the prices for shots!
TOTALLY AGREE. I have taken our pets many times, but unfortunately when it came to a surgery I was very disappointed and ended up with a hefty 400.00 emergency vet bill for an abscess. Not happy at all becse when I picked up our cat after 2 days, her carrier was covered in urine and so was she. I am a nurse and urine may be sterile, but it can quickly cause infection to new wounds. Very dissatisfied. The place smells and my cat hasn't been the same since. However, they are very knowledgeable in many areas and at a low cost, but I would never let them do surgery or have my pet stay the night everrrrrr again.:(

Hollywood, FL

#33 Dec 14, 2012
Maverick in Orange Park is a great blessing for those who need surgeries, but have very little money. They are not crooks. They really care. They are a walk in clinic, with low prices similar to Herschel.
Animal Advocate

Jacksonville, FL

#34 Jan 15, 2013
While most of us can empathize with economic issues, it would be so much more helpful if people would realize that GOOD medicine costs money, whether it is provided by a "human" hospital (physician) or by a veterinarian. Please check things out before choosing a veterinarian and learn WHY some cost more than others. If you do not care about quality or safety or personal care or ethical or legal standards, by all means, go to an assembly line place or the fly-by-night "Vaccine Clinics." You will get exactly what you pay for. Ask why and how the "cheap" places can do what they do; maybe they are non-profit and get grants or subsidies to cover the cost you can't pay for, or maybe they just cut a LOT of corners. A very cheap spay or other surgery may be because your pet is sharing the same surgery instruments with another pet, who may have a disease condition (and this is illegal, BTW.)Assembly line places make money on BULK, not on quality, so just know what you are getting into before you think you are getting some sort of bargain--that may NOT be the case. Also, you might have no idea what really goes on behind closed doors, either, no matter how "nice" some people are up front. Sometimes you aren't even seeing an actual doctor, either, but you may not know how to tell. Everyone has to make their own choices based on their own situations or priorities, but sometimes things that look great outside are a huge safety risk on the inside. Some of the veterinarians that people THINK are making huge profits are not, because what they charge YOU goes directly into providing the BEST medicine and care for your pet, and they are following medically recommended practices rather than fooling you into thinking "CHEAP" means "better." Some of the "CHEAP" places are owned by veterinarians (or non veterinarians) who are making HUGE profits. You can find a GOOD veterinarian that fits most budgets IF you take the time to look around, but remember that when a place is best known for being CHEAP, that may be a huge red flag, and they attract people who may not know the difference between good and very bad medicine, or may not even care.

Atlantic Beach, FL

#35 Jan 25, 2013
If you are disabled or on Medicare or Medicaid or over 65 and live in Duval County, you can get 3 animals spayed or neutered EACH YEAR at First Coast No More Homeless Pets. You must provide your Medicare number, proof of income and a valid ID. I got my neighbor's cats neutered this year.

Atlantic Beach, FL

#36 May 20, 2013
I am very concerned about my dog..I have a female chihuahua and its been 4 days that she hasnt poop..i took her to the vet and she checked her and said that is was not constipated because I taught she was, the vet said that she might have a gas or something I dont know..the thing is that in order to see exactly what my dog has, the vet has to do xrays and it cost $120..I really, really love my dog but I cant afford to pay for her xrays..i ask if they have a payment plan and unfortunately they dont..does any one knows of a vet that can help my dog? Im desperate, my dog feels uncomfortable and with pain and it hurts me and my family to see her like that..she want eat, she cant poop and im concerned..i dont want anything to happen to my chihuahua...

Jacksonville, FL

#37 Aug 4, 2013
DO NOT go to St Frances w/o an appointment (except emergency) they will give a line of crap to get you in and then you wait for hours. My cat and I waited over two hours a few days ago and NEVER got in. They will feed you a line if you let them!! I started complaining and they had a ton of excuses but my over 14 yo cat never got seen. I will take my money elsewhere.

Brooklyn, NY

#38 Aug 23, 2013
Jude in Jax wrote:
Sorry I forgot to say that was Hershel Animal Clinic. Dr Plant needs to retire.
Dr plant has retired now and the people who room over suck !! Just saying they misdiagnosed my.chihuAhua 2 times meds did not work .it was a waste of time and prices have went up.

Jacksonville, FL

#39 Aug 23, 2013
When you go to a place thinking it is "the best" because it is "cheap," you really may get exactly what you pay for. You do not have to remortgage your home to find a good veterinarian who will treat your pet, but if you are thinking they make huge amounts of money for nothing, you are deluding yourselves. They MUST charge for what they do; veterinarians are DOCTORS and have large overhead. Anyone have any idea what it costs to buy one of those "x-ray machines???" What about the staff to run it? The chemicals? The regulations, fees, biohazard, etc? Oh, wait---you want a licensed doctor that can actually read and interpret the views? That has to cost and they cannot give it away just because every client is financially strapped. Misdiagnoses occur in every medical profession, but are going to happen a lot more often when you go to a place that is jam packed with people, because they make their money on volume, not quality. When there is a line outside a place to get in, the clientele is going to be made of people whose first priority is "cheap," not GOOD. Again---you may not even be seeing a real veterinarian, even when one owns the place (or doesn't.)Some of the places people think are the cheapest have owners laughing at you all the way to the bank.
Jacksonville sandi

United States

#40 Dec 3, 2014
I need a inexspensive vet that will do payments plans my dog is about a year old and she is very sick she won't stop puking and her stool is bloody.... Please help.
Dog lover

Winter Park, FL

#41 Mar 17, 2016
ItsMeDJ wrote:
Herschel is a good one for low cost shots.
There's alos a new one I've been hearing on the radio. It's supposed to be on the corner of University and Atlantic. There's also St. Francis, which is off Dupont.
As a rescuer myself, and not saying this to you in particular, as I know you are trying to help this animal out of the goodness of your heart...But, This is the very reason why most rescuers charge a fee for people to get a pet. Even if the fee is $100, most of the time that includes the shots and spay/neuters. The theory is, that if you don't have the money now, you won't have it later, when the dog needs vet care.
Here's the website for St. Francis:
Also, check with Walgreen's for shots. There's a mobile unit that has been taking turns at various Walgreen's, for low cost shots. I think I read that they are $15.
Good luck!
..........your sentence I kno your trien to help out the goodness of your heart could have been left at just that not adding your smart Alec comment about this is the very reason they charge well he found the animal n is loving it he found it first so he wants to take care of him how dare u try to put someone down cuz their finances are low right now obstacles happen in life don't mean he can't find cheapest vets n show love n compassion n save the dog sorry your so richhhh n can try to talk down about others saving an animal

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