Are you in favor of turning the educa...

Are you in favor of turning the education system over to "For Profit"?

Created by Curious on Mar 13, 2012

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No, would not be good for the kids.

Yes, would fix existing problems.

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Jena, LA

#1 Mar 13, 2012
I cannot see how turning the education system over to "For Profit" would fix any existing problems. Teachers would be paid less, less benefits and school supplies. The kids would suffer in the long run. Just look at healthcare costs/services in this nation.

Sure, weed out bad teachers and get rid of tenure. Everyone should earn their job every day of the year.

Use of computer teaching websites would help teach the kids (both at school and home) and would help to bring down costs.

I just don't see how the voucher system will do anything but promote Jindal in the Repub. party. Keep in mind your kids' futures are at stake here. You are told everyday that education is the key to the future. How will high profit margins do this. Just look at the For Profit colleges! So much negative reporting surrounds them.

The commercials for Jindal's plan (at least the ones I have seen) include only white kids. What about the rest? Who produced these commercials? Where were they produced?
Roseann Roseanna Danna

Branch, LA

#2 Mar 13, 2012
Weed out bad politicians and bad kids. They are the problem, much more so than bad teachers! And who is suppose to pay for this For Profit? Let me guess, I am not smiling.

Jena, LA

#3 Mar 13, 2012
When the phase "bad teachers" is used, the meaning is teachers who don't have what it takes to teach/motivate kids. Doesn't mean they are bad people. Would do better in another field.

Some people have a natural gift for teaching. They can motivate and inspire young people with little to no effort. It is their "calling" if you will. These are the teachers we need in the classrooms. They need to be compensated accordingly.

Kids mis-behaving should NOT be tolorated. Punishments should be educational - read books and give reports or suspended.

Elton, LA

#4 Mar 13, 2012
i would love to send my child to the school system of my choosing! even if i dont live in the parish! i would love to see bad teachers out of the system!

Basile, LA

#5 Mar 14, 2012
abcdefg wrote:
i would love to send my child to the school system of my choosing! even if i dont live in the parish! i would love to see bad teachers out of the system!
Fix what you have now or pay the price. I don't think busing is the answer either (high gas prices).

For Profit colleges have been under fire because the compensation,perks and bonus packages paid to top management; takes away from money for good teachers/instructors which leads to "poor education" at a high price. In fact, it was reported that would be the next "economy crash"; students not being able to get a good paying job to pay back student loans.

Taxpayers pay for public schools. This means all money goes to education. For Profit: must pay education expenses, teacher/ management compensation, bonuses and investment returns to stockholders (and you know they will look for double digit returns). How would this be better?

Again, as we have seen with colleges, when taxpayer money is used (student loans/grants/vouchers), the tuition goes up. The head of one of the top universities in the country said a few years ago that they did not need the additional tuition, but they were going to find something to spend it on. He claims higher tuition made it seem like a better school. This while students are sinking in debt.

The answer is matching student education to their aptitude. Web based training would be the way to go. Technology will play a huge part in their future; so start now. This would keep kids engaged and in school. Once they leave high school, they would be ready to continue their education or get a job as an apprentice.

Basile, LA

#6 Mar 14, 2012
Why are all the Jindal Administration solutions mean bringing in people from other states to run it? or sending it to corporations in other states?

Are the people of LA that stupid?

I think not. Not, only if you look for changes that will better the education system. Not just redistribute the tax dollars at the expense of the kids' education. Would you like to see more money going to adding educational tools: computers, software, internet, welding machines, carpentry and plumbing tools, auto body tools for painting and mechanics...(real life jobs)?

Think about it. If it quacks/walks like a duck then it is a duck (a dirty/stinky duck).

Kinder, LA

#7 Mar 16, 2012
all my life its been more money for for schools and nothing changes and it never will
Black Regression

Branch, LA

#8 Mar 16, 2012
Remove the bad students from the classrooms. Problems solved! Is Bobby Jindal saying he cannot control the schools of Louisiana? Or is he saying he wants tax payers to fork it over for ALL students?

Basile, LA

#9 Mar 16, 2012
Do the math. If one parent is given vouchers, then ALL parents are given vouchers. What do you think will happen? Public schools will be turned into private schools with high profit margins and no accountability. In other words, your kids will be going to the same buildings, but with less money spent to educate them. High profits go to the owners.(Just look at for profit colleges.)

The solution is technology and web based training to assist in the classroom (100% of taxpayer money going to this - no profits). Get rid of tenure (no other worker has this). Set up disciplinary classes (reform school classes if you will). We want kids in school so they can later earn a living; not steal it. The best way to reduce welfare rolls.

Bobby Jindal's administration has been all about turning Louisiana over to Corporate America. Open your eyes. Louisiana is at the bottom of almost everything negative. We need someone who looks out for Louisiana's workers and kids!

Keep education in the hand of taxpayers (parents).

Elton, LA

#11 Jun 4, 2012 |newswell|text|Frontpage|s

Ruston school raises some new voucher concerns

The New Living Word School probably wasn't the poster child Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration wanted for its new statewide voucher program.

The Ruston church-affiliated school has gotten widespread attention at the Capitol because of its plan to more than triple its enrollment by adding voucher students while raising tuition costs on the state's dime, though it's questionable whether the school has the immediate capability to handle such growth.

It's been a public relations nightmare for Superintendent of Education John White, and it has left even supporters of the voucher program that was pushed by the Republican governor publicly questioning whether enough safeguards were added to the program that will use tax dollars to send children to private and parochial schools.

Critics of the voucher program saw the example of the New Living Word School as new ammunition against a program that expands statewide for the upcoming school year.

But the attention generated by the school's plans could highlight potential loopholes and areas of concern, as education officials devise the regulations of a program that will educate thousands of students each year.

Lawmakers gave final passage to the statewide voucher program early in the legislative session, and Jindal has been showered with praise from conservative groups around the country for pushing its creation.

White announced that private and parochial schools had said they could take in more than 5,000 students in the expansion of the Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence program that had previously been limited to New Orleans.

New Living Word School was at the top of the list, offering more spaces for voucher students than anyone else, willing to accept 315 children.

But, as first reported by The News-Star newspaper in Monroe, the school had only 122 students in the past year and had limited facilities and equipment. The school's principal and the church pastor described himself as moving forward "on faith," with plans to build new facilities and to increase student tuition when the tax-funded vouchers to his school begin.

That proposal didn't sit well with lawmakers, who gave White wide latitude to create this program.

"How did the department give them approval for 315 slots when they don't have places for them to sit?" Sen. Ed Murray, D-New Orleans, asked White at his confirmation hearing in the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Senators also weren't pleased when they learned White had released the numbers of voucher slots available without visiting the schools to ensure they could capably educate the children they were willing to take with the tuition grants from the state.

White said the figures released by the education department were based on an initial approval and a projection of what the schools estimated they could handle. He stressed that the education department had more reviews to do, and he pledged a visit to the New Living Word School in Lincoln Parish.

It's a school that raises a slew of questions about how the state will roll out sweeping educational changes pushed by the governor.

Melinda Deslatte covers the Louisiana Capitol for The Associated Press.

OOOPS! Already a mis-step. This is what most thought would happen. Why not fix the existing schools and move into the technology age of teaching. STOP GOING BACKWARD so the 1% will get richer!
SchoolsForSaleTo ForProfit

Jennings, LA

#12 Aug 2, 2012

Privatizing Public Schools: Big Firms Eyeing Profits From U.S. K-12 Market

I have always said there is nothing wrong with making a return on an investment, but this will be at students' expense.

Where will the accountability be? Will it be like Walmart? If their plans/software doesn't work; can we get a refund? Why can't the school systems hire programers who work with teachers to create the lesson plans (computerized) and leave the profits out of it? Would get more bang for the buck! Use profit money for computer hardware and wiring.

Opelousas, LA

#13 Sep 8, 2012

Texas Backs Away From No Child Left Behind Law, Its Own Bush-Endorsed Creation

Texas, the state that launched school accountability as an experiment, has applied to untangle itself from parts of the federal No Child Left Behind mandate, the same law that experiment eventually yielded.

The deadline was Thursday for states to take President Barack Obama's administration up on its offer to waive parts of the law in exchange for implementing elements of the White House's education agenda. Texas announced that, like at least 40 other states, it wanted out, too.

If you have children in school, please read the entire article.
TeachersAreYouLi stening

Opelousas, LA

#14 Sep 10, 2012

Mitt Romney Condemns Chicago Teachers Union Over Strike

I guess Mitt thinks teachers should just take what is offered. I guess he is in favor or taking away the bargaining rights of ALL WORKERS.

Opelousas, LA

#15 Sep 14, 2012

Negotiators have 'framework' to end Chicago strike

People were taken back by this strike, not me.

When Wisconsin and other states started changes bargaining rights and laws concerning education and teachers, this was bound to happen. They pushed back hard.

At the end of the day the kids will be hurt.

You cannot rate a teacher based on how kids score on tests unless you allow teachers to pick out their students.

We need to evaluate students then pick the right teachers to ensure a good fit and maybe smaller class sizes for students that require more one on one instruction! If a teacher is NOT a good employee; fire them!!! Same as anyone else!
Laf Par Schl Sys

Hammond, LA

#16 Jan 29, 2013
Saw a program over the weekend about how the Laf. Par. Schl Sys. has changed the way they teach in their Public School System.
They find out what the student is interested in and they focus his/her high school training in that direction within the bounds of the required curriculum put forth by the state. It is working!
This plan does NOT included vouchers for sending Public school students to Private schools; thereby keeping needed funds in Public school to benefit ALL the kids' education.
Does Jindal and the Legislature know about this? Why wasn't this model looked at more closely before the voucher plan was voted in? Why try and save a few kids when you can save the majority?
These are good questions parents should be asking!
Charter Schools

Opelousas, LA

#17 Aug 9, 2013
Just read an article that reported that Stanford University said LA had the best Charter schools in the Nation (better than public district schools), or something to that affect.

Wait a minute, wasn't there an article a few months ago (done here in LA) that indicated Charter Schools fell behind public schools?

What is really going on? This comes out at the same time Lafayette Parish is voting on Charter schools; sounds a little fishy to me; how about you?

Again, I don't know how putting another layer of PROFIT will get better teachers/student results and cost the taxpayers less; would someone please explain?
Charter Schools

Opelousas, LA

#18 Aug 10, 2013
My understanding of Charter School is they are self governing schools. Each school makes their own rules and sets its own budgets.

If For Profit Charter Schools sets its own profit margin, wouldn't that discourage the hiring of qualified teachers?

Wouldn't we be comparing apples to oranges as far as comparing school systems to school systems.

How would you really know how well your child was doing?

Wouldn't it make more sense to change the high school curriculum to focus on career goals (ready to go to work after graduation or prepare for further ed.) rather than the PROFIT MARGIN of a few corporations???

Possible use, Charter Schools should be reform military style schools for trouble makers. Public schools should be free to all students and parents pay to send their trouble making kids to Charter Schools. I bet you would see discipline issues in the Public School System disappear!
Charter Schools

Opelousas, LA

#19 Aug 10, 2013
Keep in mind, "life is about choice and consequences".

The sooner they learn it, the better more productive happy life they lead!
Teacher in a Box

Opelousas, LA

#20 Aug 10, 2013

Virtual Classroom Helping Students Succeed

Great idea!

Article worth reading/watching!

This is the future.

Jennings, LA

#21 Aug 15, 2013

Funding boosted for Course Choice, to add students

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