Cajun/Creole culture has produced many musical and culinary masterpieces. The internet, like a canvas for the internet arrrrtisssssssst has become the tapestry for what I will call the "ChurchPoint" thread. The CP thread is not limited to CP! It apears most regularly and seems to have come from the CP internet community.

Here is how this artform works: Usually a person, though it can be a prefaced with the name and either a question mark or short question. I will use an example here ANY SIMILARITY TO REAL LIFE IS NOT INTENDED!! Here we go:

"Missy Mcgilladoux?" Or...."Missy M what do yal think of her?" Or an establishment can be used...."Peter and Paul's burgers? Went there and the waitress had big thighs."

What usually occurs next is the offended party retorts: "Yall should mind your business!!!" eventually some friend of the aggrieved talks about how special the person is...." Missy is the best mom who ever had five kids with two heads, yall need toget a life!!!"

These threads are entertaining! they usually involve talks of sex, infidelity, drugs.... makes me want to get to know some of my more randy neighbors in CP (I am sometimes located in Opelousas)... We need more loose women in Opelousas! women that will make sex tapes, impunge the dignity of their friends, etc!!!!

So I will end this post with the usual way these threads take form: