Three administrators sacked at Upland...

Three administrators sacked at Upland Christian Schools

There are 235 comments on the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin story from Nov 13, 2008, titled Three administrators sacked at Upland Christian Schools. In it, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reports that:

Internal changes have been made to the Upland Christian Schools' administration, leaving three administrators without jobs.

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Claremont, CA

#1 Nov 13, 2008
I was at the school yesterday when this all took place. The kids were so was truly heart breaking. As I observed these precious kids crying, I noticed they were rallying together and had small prayer groups forming. The way these kids conducted themselves was quite amazing, as I wanted to just scream at the men and one lady that were doing all of this in front of the kids. Students stand strong and know that we all love you so much. I am so very sorry that you guys had to see the Chiapone's and Mr. Poterfield being let go and escorted off campus yesterday. But I tell you kids, you have no idea how much you minister to all of us and how you set examples for us adults at times. Seeing you pray in your groups yesterday helped remind me that God is so much bigger than the circumstances at hand, and that he loves us all so much and we're all going to ok. Watching you kids at The Night Under The Stars tonight gave me chills seeing you worship and love one another.
I love you guys so much!!!!! I am praying for you kids especially....and I thank you for all the blessing you give us daily. Stay strong!!!!! I love UCS!!!!!

Anaheim, CA

#2 Nov 14, 2008
This is shameful. The actions taken by Doan, Morse and the Anaheim District have been unethical at best, and likely fraudulent since they first began the process of stealing Upland Christian School from Upland First Church of the Nazarene.

It is discouraging, though (unfortunately) not entirely unexpected to see deception and abuse among the power-brokers of religious denominations. What is most disheartening for me is Western Christian Schools complicity in the treatment of the faculty, staff, students and families at Upland Christian. There seems to be an attitude at Western that as long as they get what they want, it doesn't matter how they get it. I have long admired Western Christian as an institution, and fully expected that my two boys would attend there in the years ahead. Now, though, I will have to rethink my plans.

It is also unfortunate that this is how the world experiences Christianity today. Instead of a caring community of people who follow the example of Christ in their lives and in their relationships, the world sees abuse of power, abuse of people and the placement of money over integrity. My prayers are certainly with the families that are directly effected by Doan and Morse's most recent move, but I fully expect that there is more to come, and that this will end badly.

Los Angeles, CA

#3 Nov 14, 2008
sandra you should sack up and write a halfway decent article that involves some emotion. even though you editors are scared of being sued by the "big bad nazarenes", you should really get a clue. There was a day when journalism was real and vivid. You're journalistic efforts have are like eating an unsalted crack, dry and tasteless. Get a life.
For Truth

Long Beach, CA

#4 Nov 14, 2008
Sad. Very sad. The Chaippone's are extremely fine people and should never have been treated in this disrespectful manner. While Western Christian Schools may not have anything to do with this, they should run as far away as possible from this bloodletting - for it will most certainly sully their previously excellent reputation.
UCS Parent

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#5 Nov 14, 2008
It is time for Western Christian Schools(WCS) to do their own due diligence as it relates to their part in the continuing injustice being done to the Upland Church of the Nazarene and Upland Christian Schools(UCS). We know that WCS was told that UCS was in financial crisis. We know that WCS was told that UCS would not survive on its own and that by entering into negotiations with the Anaheim District that you would be saving UCS. We know that the intentions of WCS have always been honorable.

The truth is that UCS is not and never has been in financial crisis. We have adequate resources to ensure the growth of our ministry well into the future. Western Christian's ongoing negotiations with the Anaheim District are, through no fault of WCS, allowing the Anaheim District of the Church of the Nazarene to perpetrate the worst act of deceit and fraud that I have ever witnessed in the secular or the christian world.

We would ask that the board and parents of WCS would look beyond what is being represented to them by the Anaheim District. We are confident that when the good christian men and women of Western Christian know the truth, when they realize that their continued participation is causing great harm and distress to a large number of fellow christians, that they will do the right thing and stand down.

A small group representing the parents at UCS sent a letter to the WCS board of directors seeking an audience. The goal was to provide the WCS board with all the facts and supporting documentation. The letter was sent several weeks ago and there has yet to be any response. We are fellow christians trying to shed light on a deal that the Anaheim District continues to try to do in the dark.

I continue to pray for God's will to be done in this and all things.
Mom in Montclair

Los Angeles, CA

#6 Nov 14, 2008
I've heard a little of what is going on a t UCS.. and I feel for the students that attend the school. But I still do not understand why these 3 individuals are now out of work.. so the school is having financial difficulties.. isnt the rest of our country as well? So lets fire all of our leaders due to a bad economy? Unless these 3 did anything to personally harm these students.. they should have been let alone. Thats sad, right before the holiday season, and with jobs being so scarce right now, its just not fair... I will keep all UCS staff and students in my prayers, we can only hope things get better.

Lytle Creek, CA

#7 Nov 14, 2008
So, I'm sure it's quite clear now that all the letters and statements from the Anaheim Nazarene District are not worth the paper they are printed on. They stated just four weeks ago that there would not be any changes through this school year... at least that's how they wanted everyone to read it. What they actually said was there would be "relatively few changes" and "we plan to continue..." Rather non-committal in a slick kind of way. I guess they were fortunate that Dr Kienel is now available for 6-12 months since they weren't planning on making changes. I'm sure Dr, Kienel is a fine man, but the students feel betrayed because they were assured this school year would continue without changes. If the Anaheim District and Western Christian had hopes for a smooth transition, I believe the way Doane, Morse & Co. have treated UCS administration, staff and students on campus is counterproductive to that stated goal. Their choice of when and how to do this doesn't show evidence of even a little integrity or grace. My respect for the denomination I was raised in spirals with the District's continued hostile approach but I lose even more respect that the General Superintendent has done nothing to address it.
I believe in GOD

Victorville, CA

#8 Nov 14, 2008
Again will someone please tell me how this type of behavior in front of the students, authorized by Mr. Doane himself is not considered "Child abuse" under his (Mr. Doanes) guidelines of child abuse..
When he(Mr. Doane) called the parents "Child abuser" for telling them about the sale and letting them write letters? And then he (Mr. Doane) proceeded to call the parents "terrorist" due to their outburst cries of "why"....


Here's to you Mr.Doane and your soldiers of war?

This has the making of a small holocaust where the leader and his soldiers believe what they are doing is for the better of all... How did that work out in the long run for the leader of that war and his followers and "VICTIMS"
2004 parent

San Jose, CA

#9 Nov 14, 2008
I hope you all sue the pants off these guys and win.
They are bad people. The church deserves to be sold as it is a failure due to the evil people that run it.
The school on the other had is a success and should remain. The people that work at the school good and decent. They help raise the kids with morals and values. They deserve praise and justice. The church deserves to go bankrupt financially because it is morally bankrupt already.
Christiane - Ex-Student

United States

#10 Nov 14, 2008
First and foremost, I am DISGUSTED at the headline to this article. Referring to layoffs as being "sacked" is detestable. Sandra, you should be "sacked" for your lack of integrity. You are talking about people's lives, not a football game. This article makes the school's administrative staff look as if they are guilty of anything other than being in love with that school and it's students. They are being treated like criminals and the district Church is coming off as if they're doing the best they can to make this transition easy. The way they are conducting business is unprofessional and far from Godly. Furthermore, they are reflecting badly on Western Christian, who hasn't had any part in these shenanigans. If the district were smart, rather than alienating students (and their tuition money), they would show some respect for the innocent people involved in this "church in crisis".

Chino, CA

#11 Nov 14, 2008
I hope the district realizes that they are harming both UCS and WCHS. How many of the parents at UCS are going to want their children to attend in an environment such as this?? Led by "Christian" leaders?? Where is the love of Christ in all this??
Our kids LOVE the Chiapones as well as Mr. Porterfield. The district could have addressed this matter during the holiday shutdown where the kids- who have spent a majority of their lives being guided by these people would not be around to witness them being treated as criminals. They have done nothing wrong, the only thing they are guilty of is loving our children and helping to raise them in a Godly manner. They are WONDERFUL people who have blessed our children in countless ways, and to remove them from this institution will only prove harmful in the long run. Way to pave the road to a smooth transition.
Reform Now

Wilmington, DE

#12 Nov 14, 2008
It is clear by the methods of our Nazarene Church that some sort of reform is necessary for the future in regards to churches that are supposedly "in crisis". I believe that changes will come out of the general church because of this whole mess that was brought on by basically one man's ( Doane's) opinion... and his selfish desire in having things go his own way, no matter who gets hurt. The opposition to this "phony sell-out" will be instrumental in making these changes occur... and it will be for the best over time. It is my opinion only that schisters reside in the church as well as out, so we all need to tidy-up our doctrine, in preventing this sort of thing happening again. Not only was Doane guilty here, but Glen Swanson (an Upland Church board member) helped to sell out his own church as well. Way to go Glen! Say it didn't happen. It is because of folks like you that we are all writing, "For local use only" on our tithe envelopes now!
Rancho Mom

Burbank, CA

#13 Nov 14, 2008
As I read the latest article this morning, I'm reminded how lack of substance and truth can so easliy be portrayed. Sandra, please take a stand for the REAL truth, and shame on Morse for stating that he represents UCS, when we all know darn well he is against us. WHEN WILL UCS GET A ARTICLE THAT REPRESENTS THE REAL TRUTH BEHIND THESE EVIL MEN?

On another note: My heart goes out to the much loved admin that were let go this week. You are the heart of this school, for me and for a lot of us the fight just got a little more personal!
Thoroughly Disgusted

Los Angeles, CA

#14 Nov 14, 2008
By the way -- these were not layoffs -- laying off staff takes place when you are merging two entities and have excess staff -- or when you must let people go due to finances or reorganization -- and have no intention of bringing in new hires to replace existing people. Since Western claims not to be involved in the firings, clearly the merger scenario doesn't fit. And since Doane has already brought in a new administrator, it's clearly not that Mrs. Chiappone was "excess staff" or a financial burden. Want to bet that the new interim administrator is being paid more than Mrs. Chiappone was after being instrumental in building the school over the past 20 years?

Although "sacked" sounds cruel, that is exactly what happened. They were not fired with dignity and respect. They were SACKED deliberately and vindictively. Mrs. Chiappone was not even allowed to remove all of her personal property from her office before being escorted off campus.

Doing it this way sent a message to the staff -- "you're next!" Although I hope none of the other wonderful staff of the school is subjected to this type of treatment, I do suggest that they prepare themselves.
long time Uplander

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#15 Nov 14, 2008
To Sue, Chip and Doug, you three have been dodging hits from this church for years. You could have chosen your way of exit any time. Thank you for not giving up on Upland Christian. Know that my adult children continue to love our Lord thanks to UCS. Sorry the District didn't give you the respect you deserve.

Redwood City, CA

#16 Nov 14, 2008
Steve wrote:
What is most disheartening for me is Western Christian Schools complicity in the treatment of the faculty, staff, students and families at Upland Christian. There seems to be an attitude at Western that as long as they get what they want, it doesn't matter how they get it. I have long admired Western Christian as an institution, and fully expected that my two boys would attend there in the years ahead. Now, though, I will have to rethink my plans.
Steve, I appreciate the pain this must've caused UCS students, staff, and parents. I don't understand why this was carried out in this manner (and no idea what the circumstances might be that required it - or not). However, you shouldn't bring down WCS and say what you did unless you have inside information to the contrary (and KNOW that Ms. Winter is lying about it, since she did say WCS had no part in this).

How about we "keep it real" and stop spreading stuff we don't know?
UCS Parent

Los Angeles, CA

#17 Nov 14, 2008
It's very clear, the Nazarene does not care about us. It's very sad.
J aK

Panorama City, CA

#18 Nov 14, 2008
too much drama
UCHS Parent

North Hollywood, CA

#19 Nov 14, 2008
I am the parent of a 10th grader. We have loved and enjoyed this school for 7 years. My daughter has lost sleep and many tears after watching Doug Porterfield, the coach and mentor she loves, be paraded in front of the school as he was fired. This is the district's way of answering the lawsuit filed against the slimy real estate sale to WC. You have no idea the amount of pain throughout our campus right now. My own daughter has lost focus on studies and sports because of this nonsense. need to open your eyes to this suffering. To the parents of WC students...Do you really want to be behind this? Demand that your administration find another site. What kind of people do you want to be?
Sean Petridis

Lytle Creek, CA

#20 Nov 14, 2008
Ray Doane is a disgusting human being and the fact that the Nazarene Church stands behind him is appalling.

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