Is there anyone at all that lives in or near Oneonta Alabama? There is a dog there that appears to be kept in a pen 24/7. Thee county that Oneonta is in in Blount Co and they do not have animal control there. Is there anyone out there that can go access the situation? I am told the dog is left there several days in a row without any human contact. The address is:

403 Valley Rd
Oneonta, AL 35121

You may be able to see the picture here (it is currently posted on FB):

I can't attest to who lives here (please don't go alone to anyone's house you don't know!), but in case you can't see the picture of the dog from the link above, he looks like a hound of some kind with floppy ears, and is brown, white and black. Looks like a pretty dog.:) Can anyone check in on him? It's not good for animals to be locked up alone for long periods of time (obviously).:)

Thanks and love from MO and NY!
Leslie S.