Huntsville nursing home
As a CNA myself

Sunbright, TN

#42 Mar 1, 2013
You'll never know our job like we do unless you do it yourself. You'll never understand the yells, unless you've worked the position and hear them yourself. You'll never understand unless you've walked in our shoes. Every nursing home will have an odor at some point. Huntsville works their butts off, I applaud them. Oneida, works their butts off, I applaud them. Everyone that is employed is one big team, so when you complain about one individual, or one area such as housekeeping, remember you're also complaining about everyone else.

We work hard. It's a physical and mental job.

I bet if you have a job, it's probably hard too and when someone complains about it, you're going to think hey, you don't know what goes on unless you're here in my position for yourself.

If you don't have a job, maybe never had one, then shut up, you honestly have no right to sit there and type some shit you know nothing about.

We work hard. I'll keep saying that. We work hard.

We deal with the things that some can't or refuse to deal with. So go on, complain, about a smell.

Go on, complain about what care is or isn't given. Go ahead, complain about anything and everything you want to find wrong.


Thank you CNAS who do their job, Thank you for dealing with the things you deal with. Thank you for being caring. Thank you for doing the overtime, thank you for being their family. Thank you for all that you do.

Charlotte, NC

#43 Mar 2, 2013
By time some of the employees let the families know how it really is. Maybe some of these bashers can apply for a job at Huntsville Manor. I do not believe you have to have any kind of degree or certificate to do housekeeping or laundry. :)
You people need a job

United States

#44 Mar 2, 2013
Stop hiding behind topix and come work at Huntsville manor or Oneida nursing homes,both suck as far as management,the cans,lens,housekeeping,laundry ,dietary all work their asses off,
we get paid next to nothing,but we do our try working when you have the administrator telling you that you are beneath them,no thank you or anything.bonuses took away,no overtime,shitty raises,short staff,you have no clue what we face daily,so shut up or come help,if you don't like the care your family gets then take them home.yes both nursing homes in this county need new management,we don't have anyone to stand up for our rights,you can't do an efficient job without supplies...I think it's funny how you all comp,ain but,you couldn't last a week doing that job yourselves,so if you don't like the way the care is given I challenge you to come work at either place,or take your loved ones home and care for them yourselves.
You people need a job

United States

#45 Mar 2, 2013
No changes are being made as far as management at either place,the people who actually work will lose their jobs...
OMG lol

Stearns, KY

#46 Mar 2, 2013
concerned citizen wrote:
<quoted text> Yes, they love their residents so much, they let them lay there and holler for hours at a time. As far as openly working with families, that is a damn lie. They do all they can to cover up accidents, and never let the families know. They complain, that they are under staffed, bull shit. If the ones that are there would do their job, instead of half assed, it could be cleaner, and smell better. Some of the workers, are nothing but theifs, steal from one resident, and give their clothes to others. How do I know?, I have family there, and they are treated like shit. If you go and complain, it's the same ole shit. Lie after lie. ginger knows this, and helps cover it up. I am talking as one that knows for a fact what is going on, and can't get shit done about it. The administer, needs her ass sent home, and get someone that knows what they are doing.
OMG! This is sad but true!! I honestly cannot believe this idiot still has her job!! The only thing that has saved her is her TRUE GIFT of ASS SUCKING!! If she'd spend as much time trying to do good as she does SUCKING UP it would probably be an ok place. Honestly, the idiot barely can spell her own name!!
As far as some of the other admin. staff, they should throw her out and step up. Some of them could do MUCH BETTER without the IDIOT in charge!! And no, I do not work there or ever have. Just know in truth.

Helenwood, TN

#47 Mar 2, 2013
The staff works very hard at both places. CNA's have the hardest job their is. I know because I used to work as one. Housekeeping and dietary and nursing and maintenance and managers all have a super hard job. It take special people to work in a nursing facility. The people who work in nursing facilities are not there for a pay check. They are there because they have huge hearts and want to help others. If you do hear someone complaining about their jobs it is because they want to do more for the residents. It is because they want to have more staff then the GOVERNMENT will allow them to have. These people love their residents dearly, the people get broken hearts every time they loose a resident, they are family members to the employees not just a job. As for Huntsville Ginger is not in charge of anything therefore there is not reason for her to be "over ran" and made to step down.

Indian Trail, NC

#48 Mar 3, 2013
Who is the administrator at huntsville? Who does the hiring and firing at Huntsville?
concerned citizen

Oneida, TN

#49 Mar 3, 2013
The administer at huntsville, is Carla Carson. Jim Carson's daughter. And don't know shit from applebutter about running a nursing home. Two faced as they come. They are diffinately understaffed, one cna on each hall. The CNA'S know their job's and do the best they can. I will give them an A for effort. Some of them are theive's and this I know for a fact. Church going hypocrit's. Like Carla. I have visited there enough, to know for a fact what I am talking about. As far as Ginger, just a good ass kisser. That's all I have ever seen of her. If Carla ever comes to a sudden stop, they will have to call a wrecker, just to pull her head out of Carla's ass.

Oneida, TN

#50 Mar 3, 2013
here is my opinion if you dont like having your family at huntsville manor do us all a favor and take them home and take care of them. I dont think it is right for people to get on here an bash people for doing the best theycan to take care of the people that are in th nursing home they are probably your family members. One day youmight end up in the same position the residents that are there are in with uncaring family or family that wont take time out of there day to see them. As for the cna s that work there tney are all good in my book at least they can look at the stuff they got in there homes and say i got it honest by hard work and dedication like some of you downing them pobably sit at home everyday and draw a check i am here to tell u hello wake up get over it
one who knows better

Wartburg, TN

#51 Mar 3, 2013
opinions are just like a--holes, everybody has one. Number one those residents pay to be taken care of and two family members doesn't like to place their loved one, it's usually because they are unable to care for that person at home. You are exactly right someday we may end up in a nursing home, that is why people want the nursing home management and staff to follow the rules and care for the patients. Their are some good people that work in the nursing homes, but they are some sorry ones too. And the Huntsville one is by far one of the ones that are the worst. The smell, attitude of the staff, management needs a severe overall so to speak. Step back and look outside the box.

La Follette, TN

#52 Mar 3, 2013
If the laundry is done on site in a NH, it is more likley to smell. Also, if the incontinent residents are wandering around, it may smell worse.
be real wrote:
There will be some changes made in the very near future. Maybe in the management, maybe in the employees, but changes are on the way.
You people need a job

United States

#53 Mar 4, 2013
Like I said come work at Huntsville,if you think you can do a better job and make it smell less.anyone who works in a nursing home works hard unlike a bunch of complainers drawing a check with nothing better to do,if you are concerned take the loved one out and take care of them yourselves,bet you wouldn't complain then...
one who knows better

Wartburg, TN

#54 Mar 4, 2013
People are not saying they can do a better job, they know when it is ran right there's better outcomes. Everybody don't draw a check, there are people that work. As far as taking the loved ones out of the facility, maybe that's not an option. It's not because they want them there, it's probably because they have to work or they can not care for them. The nursing home is paid to render services and care. Last time I checked they also have to follow rules and guidelines and that nursing home is very low on scale!!!!!!
Wonder what management would think about workers saying take them home? Because CENSUS is a big deal to them!

Wartburg, TN

#55 Mar 4, 2013
Heard that some family members show up at meal time just to eat the resident's food. More than one person has made this comment. If it is true, then this needs to be changed. Whether the resident eats the food does not matter. Family..... hands off food

Helenwood, TN

#56 Mar 5, 2013
You people need a job wrote:
Like I said come work at Huntsville,if you think you can do a better job and make it smell less.anyone who works in a nursing home works hard unlike a bunch of complainers drawing a check with nothing better to do,if you are concerned take the loved one out and take care of them yourselves,bet you wouldn't complain then...
if they take them home and care for them theirselves then ur ass wouldnt have a job so u should start doing ur job and take care of them old folks they are paying ur bills and drop the smartass bad attitude if u dont like caring for them which ur getting paid to do then stay home and let someone else have the job that actually will do what they are getting paid to do
concerned citizen

Oneida, TN

#57 Mar 6, 2013
In resoponse to comment #25 I think it is, If Carla ever farts, she will blow Ginger's brains out.

Philadelphia, TN

#58 Mar 7, 2013
Does anybody know who owns the Huntsville Manor Nursing Home? People need to contact the people that manage it/company level and tell them how they feel, I know I would. As for some of the upper employees out there: Administration would be number one and that so called social worker would be number two.
couldnt care what u think

Hermitage, TN

#59 Mar 15, 2013
well in response to you complainers who wont work and want to judge,alot of employees have quit recently,yes its because of the administrator,if you wanna complain,call the state of tennessee health department in nashville,nothing will be better at huntsville manor until carla is removed....the cna and nursing staff are very kind and loving to the residents....stop judging and get a damn job...if you like huntsville manor so well go change it if you can
get a grip

Helenwood, TN

#60 Mar 15, 2013
First and formost the staff at Huntsville Manor love their residents very much. Second ALL the staff work very hard to take care of the residents there. Third I give honor and praise to the CNA's, Nurses, and all departments out there. The CNA's and nurses work long hard hours, and not for a pay check, they do it because they care and they have huge hearts. The housekeepers work hard trying to keep the facility clean and in an orderly fashion. Dietary works to make sure the residents are fed and fed well. Maintenance works super hard to keep the building up to par as well as the grounds and all the residents personal items. Front office runs theirselves silly answering phones and tending to residents and families needs and wants. Social Services is a wonderful man who does his job as well as helping out with transporting residents to their doctor appointments. Activities keep the residents busy with wonderful things to do such as hair and make up each morning, home made bread, card night, movie night, pingpong, bingo, board games and that is just to name a few. The therapy department is out of this world. I have seen them get people up and walking that I thought would never get up again. That is just to name a few. No it isn't perfect. Can you show me a perfect facility? There is no where that is perfect, not in healthcare or anything else. As for Ginger Being a lazy stuck up, brown noser, and tail kisser to Carla, the one saying this must not ever be in the building because if you were then you would know that Ginger works right along beside the staff and doesn't kiss anyones tail. All the staff works to try to be together as a team and to take care of residents. Thank you for all you kind support of the facility and the staff. Have a blessed day

Wartburg, TN

#61 Mar 17, 2013
I do know every time you go out there , that nursing home smells like SHIT every time you walk through that front door . I think that they could do a lot better .

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