Rutherfordton, NC

#22 Feb 11, 2012
If the girls are ok with his age, why are'nt you? His life is his business. If you older women took better care of yourselves and were not so bitchy, men may want you. Did he not respond to your flirts or something?

Huntsville, TN

#23 Feb 11, 2012
His first wife is a beautiful and classy lady

United States

#24 Feb 11, 2012
elt wrote:
His first wife is a beautiful and classy lady
This is the only quote worth quoting! No other will match her, she is a LADY! And without mentioning a name, you dear are most certainly not.

Huntsville, TN

#25 Feb 11, 2012
Diane and Rosemary are both beautiful ladies. If everyone would mind their own business and leave others alone this would be a better world to live in. I am an older lady and I take care of myself. Dr. Coffey is my dr. and I have never made a pass toward him. I am alone because I choose to be. And I take care of myself. And as you can see I am not hiding behind a computer name.

Wartburg, TN

#26 Feb 12, 2012
Carolyn wrote:
Diane and Rosemary are both beautiful ladies. If everyone would mind their own business and leave others alone this would be a better world to live in. I am an older lady and I take care of myself. Dr. Coffey is my dr. and I have never made a pass toward him. I am alone because I choose to be. And I take care of myself. And as you can see I am not hiding behind a computer name.
That may be a problem if you are "older lady".Evidently he wants "30"s.
same old

United States

#28 Feb 12, 2012
If people would worry more about what was going on in their own lives instead of worring about Dr. Coffey this county would be better off.

Pine Knot, KY

#29 Feb 12, 2012
Well if all this is true, I hope he gets more focused on proper care of his patients, instead of all these paid for play gold diggers. I heard some of those nurses are really catty to a lot of women patients and to each other! Maybe there is a lot of drama going on there.

Oneida, TN

#30 Feb 12, 2012
who cares??????? why is everyone up in his business so much. We have no idea the stress the man is under. Leave him alone.

Pine Knot, KY

#31 Feb 12, 2012
Perhaps they are not getting proper care at his office, hospital or nursing homes, so they wanna know why. Otherwise, I doubt they'd care what he did on his own. Makes ya wonder tho, why he doesn't aim for women with his level of education, moola, interests, closer age, etc. like a "trophy wife"...Newt Gingrich's been working on that one a long time as well. Bobby Brown did, too...unfortunately, for Whitney Houston.

Wartburg, TN

#32 Feb 12, 2012
curious wrote:
who cares??????? why is everyone up in his business so much. We have no idea the stress the man is under. Leave him alone.
Sometimes, ones own actions cause their stress.

Oneida, TN

#33 Feb 12, 2012
well wrote:
<quoted text>Sometimes, ones own actions cause their stress.
work that job, put up with drug addicts daily and see if your stressed.

Lancing, TN

#34 Feb 13, 2012
Just Me wrote:
Are these women after Dr. Coffey the man? or Dr. Coffey the checkbook?
I personally dont see anything wrong with him dating, living with, marrying, or whatever. It is HIS life. The age is between him and his companion. Now if the girl was under 18, it would be a BIG deal, but as long as she is legal and they are happy, it is none of my business.
Besides Age is just a number and you are only as old as you feel.:)
You are right. Age is just a number. More than likely these women are only after the checkbook. I don't know much about his personal life, but I do think everyone deserves some happiness. Money cannot buy you happiness, it will just cause you heartache. I pray that Doc finds someone that truly loves him for him, money or no money. Someone that he can trust and who can trust him. Someone God will send his way.:)
citizen who cares

United States

#35 Feb 13, 2012
Im goning to tell u all something he is not bi. He is a very good doctor half of the people on here who talk about him are probably his patients. He does not hust give drugs out he is a good doctor and stuff like this js gonna run him out of this county and let him go somewhere else. He has more money than a 100 ppl in this county so he can sit back and laugh at all of uns who talk about him cause he dont have to worry bout anything. He got his butt in gear and made something out of his life un like uns who keep makin him out ti be a good guy. Who cares who he dates he is happy it seems like most ppl on here aint happy with their lives so they get on here to make ppl feel as low as you guys do

Pine Knot, KY

#36 Feb 15, 2012
Sorry, when I clicked on this thread, I thought somebody had misspelled COFFEE and was gonna be talking about the absurd price it's gone up to!
Oh BoY

Oneida, TN

#37 Feb 15, 2012
unny stuff... ...unny stuff

Wartburg, TN

#38 Feb 15, 2012
he is a good dr.i have to admit but he treats some patients terrible. i dont see him no seems since he got divorced hes taking hes anger out on the woman.maybe one day he will get over hes problems.i dont no.

Lake City, SC

#39 Feb 16, 2012
Listen I have read this stupid shit for long enough and tried to be quite and not sink down to this truly uneducated tread but I feel that it's imperative I say something so here goes. Dr. Coffey works his ass off from 630 until about 7 at night so you meaning the patients can come and sit here all day because you don't have jobs and get your pain pills to get your fix. If anyone is pathetic and has problems believe me dear's you. You all don't care for your children an you don't take care of yourself. Half the time you all just come to the office wearing pajamas because you don't have enough respect for yourself, your family, or our community. What you ought to be discussing on here is our countries unemployment rate an how 62.2 percent of Scott County is on drugs. Real flattering isn't it? Which is worse a doctor screwing good looking women in his personal life or you abusing the system to get food stamps because your too lazy to get off your lazy asses and start being an example to your children. You should be embarrassed... Dr. Coffey is a free man to do whatever he wants in his life so go and do everyone on here a favor and shut the hell up. Thanks from all of us who is sick of you

Oneida, TN

#40 Feb 16, 2012
I rarely check this site and when I do I am always surprised and today I am disgusted with the childishness. It is amazing that people do not have anything else better to do besides gossip about those who have something more. Is this a jealous popularity contest? We are not in HS anymore. Our county is suffering and there are even a few that have to choose if they should use what money they have to eat or stay warm...but instead of people using their skills to change the community by adding awareness of what is important they would rather trash talk about someones life that he/she has chose to live. Not only is this the highest unemployed county and the county with one of the highest drug population in the state we will also soon be loosing a hospital too. Apparently those topics are not important enough to make this site. Bottom line..Grow Up People and put your adult panties on. It does not matter what other people are doing in their private lives as long as it is not affecting you, then why should you care? It is not like his life is affecting the county or anyone besides him and his female companion of the moment. If you are one of his patients and do not like what he is doing or the service him or his "catty" nurses provide switch doctors, there are 7+ more in Scott County. Common sense people, Dr. Coffey is a man, a man with troubles just like everyone else, a man that will be answering to God just like everyone else, a man who works a lot, a man that likes women, a man that bleeds red like everyone else. Why is he so much more important than true issues for people to be concerned about? Amazing how we do not have our prioritizes straight...

Philadelphia, PA

#41 Feb 19, 2012
Okay so is he engaged to pauletta or??????
I like Bruce

Deer Lodge, TN

#42 Feb 20, 2012
Dr Coffey is a good man and " woodie " and " interesting " couldn't have said it any better. Anyone trashing him certainly has nothing better to do than lay on your fat asses pilling up, smoking your cigarettes that you can afford yet can't pay for your own groceries and gossiping about productive citizens that keep your sorry asses up. Yeah, we have to wait a long time to see him because so many of you go flood his offfice trying to get pain pills, in nasty clothes, smelling like a cigarette , and looking like you havent showered in a week. You stink and I feel sorry for him that he has to be within 30 ft of you. It disgusts me and he must have the stomach of a goat to tolerate you people. if most of you gave a shit about your sick kids you wouldnt be smoking around them.
He has the right to a happy personal life that is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS OR MINE!
IDC who you are, nobody should have to stay married to someone they don't want to be with. He doesn't twist the arms of these younger women who date him. Note I said women. He doesnt date girls. Women over 30 you stupid bunch of gossiping morons. This site needs to taken down and every person who posts trash on here be sued.
Its simple. Worry about your own pathetic life and leave him and his family alone.

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