Do you think Jaime Cotton Does Good F...

Do you think Jaime Cotton Does Good For This County?

Created by iron on Feb 10, 2010

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he lets druggies off too easy

neglected kids return bck home

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Bybee, TN

#61 May 19, 2011
I for one think it if funny how all you people can be against Drugs and stuff that kills but re-elect a judge that has a history with cocaine trafficking. Of course he goes light on the druggies. If there was no one to judge then he would be out of a job. And we all know it is about making that money.
Just Me

Wartburg, TN

#62 May 19, 2011
Someone wrote:
I for one think it if funny how all you people can be against Drugs and stuff that kills but re-elect a judge that has a history with cocaine trafficking. Of course he goes light on the druggies. If there was no one to judge then he would be out of a job. And we all know it is about making that money.
Cocaine trafficking? Are you for real? You have proof of this? Cocaine? Really?
Just Me

Wartburg, TN

#63 May 19, 2011
Thoughts wrote:
Are you referring to grandma's statement of "I agree with you."
That was made to sillytwig's statement
"I think jamie Cotton is a fair and honest man. He does the best he can."
If that is the case, I guess I am a dumba** too because I think Judge Cotton does do the best he can with what he is given to work with. The court people that give the Judge information are lying and being unfair. Making Judge Cotton look like an idiot!
Then Judge cotton needs to quuit listening to those people. He is ruining lives based on lies.
The Honest Truth

Lexington, KY

#64 Sep 10, 2012
Judge Cotton released me one time and fined me for DUI.I was to be released.I went back to the jail and the not too swift jailers told me this( that stupid judge doesn't know what the hell he's talking about,KY has a holder on you and you are not being released) So what happened? I was transported(in handcuffs) across the state line and placed in the Kentucky State Polices custody.Read the laws that govern our country ladies and gentlemen,Judge Cotton does and knows them too. After I was released from KY I had to appear before Judge Cotton and he asked me why my fine hadn't been paid.I asked him if he released me the last time I was before him,when I pled guilty to the DUI and he fined me? He stated yes sir I did.I then told him (exactly) what the (not too smart) jailers across the street said and had done.MrCotton then read the paperwork in front of him and a moment later asked me if I would like to take care of this matter today? I replied yes sir I would.He then stated on the fine I owed the courts(over 1500.00)Dismissed.He then asked me if there were anything else he could do for me? I said yes sir......have a great day!!! You see my Constitional Rights were violated by the(not too smart jailers) holding me on a misdemener charge for the state of Kentucky,and having me transported across state line in handcuffs.I could have sued the state of TN and won my law suit,by the actions of the law enforcement agency there.I knew it,judge Cotton knew it and God knew it.You people need to be thankful for judge Jamie Cotton,I havn't been present in every case he's ever resided over,but I am willing to bet all in that he was fair in every single one of them.I have never met a judge like him before,I've told people across our country about what a great person he is.You should be boasting about how GREAT he is for your community is what you ought ta be doing!!!
Been there

United States

#65 Sep 11, 2012
Judge Cotton turned a deaf ear to evidence and proof of neglect, abuse, and abandonment. He does not care about the children or the families of this county. I sure hope karma does exist because it sure is going to bite him really hard.
you r kidding

Oneida, TN

#66 Sep 11, 2012
He can let kids go back to mothers that are on drugs and been in jail. Yea maybe they need a brake but not two or three. These are childrens and all its takes is one mistake and all the i'm sorry in the world want change what has happen to them.

United States

#67 Sep 11, 2012
you r kidding wrote:
He can let kids go back to mothers that are on drugs and been in jail. Yea maybe they need a brake but not two or three. These are childrens and all its takes is one mistake and all the i'm sorry in the world want change what has happen to them.
Oh yeah, he has taken children for less and then gave them back to others when more has been done. Judge Cotton has alot to answer for. He will be judged by the highest of all judges one day and I honestly do not think he can say he has done his best nor can he say he did not ever play favorites.

Sunbright, TN

#68 Sep 11, 2012
He is a good man with a big heart. He has a very hard job and cannot do the job of deputies and detectives. He does his best with what he
has to work with. No one agrees 100 percent of the time and someone will always leave mad but I sure wouldn't want his job.

Monroe, NC

#69 Sep 11, 2012
Look, I am one of those people who lost custody if her children. Yes, I not Jamie cotton, was the person who was the one who got her kids taken. I'm so tired of people on here saying he took so and SOS children from them. When in fact it's the choices we as drug addicts or alcoholics make that take our children
Then, you want to say well he refused to give them back. BS BS BS. Jamie will work with a person giving them chance after chance. I personally did all I was asked and got my kids back in nine months. My case was closed. I sat in court for hours sometimes watching mothers and fathers failing or refusing drug tests
What's Jamie supposed to do when he's told that a parent couldn't be reached after 5 times of being called? Just say oh well? In my opinion, 95% of the people would rather have their drugs than kids
Quit whinning about losing your kids and do what he asks or for the kids sake sign your rights away so they can have a stable life. Believe me, even though my kids were always fed my bills paid and them being loved, I was a unfit neglectful mother. I see that now. If your doing drugs you spend 98% of your time figuring out how your going to get your wake up pill. And spending time with your kids, parenting effectively, plays a back seat. Jamie cotton us a fair judge to those who want the help and want to get better. He's also a compassionate man.

United States

#70 Sep 12, 2012
Judge Cotton is not compassionate. You must be talking about some other Judge. He overlooked too much and let a girl that had never taken care of her children have them back. Now the children are confused and not thriving as they should. Judge Cotton needs to take a good look int he mirror and ask God to forgive him for making such messed up mistakes. I will never forgive him for endangering the children.

United States

#71 Sep 12, 2012
I'm talking about the same Jamie cotton, who was it that he gave the children back to? What's her name? I put my name on here, but you can't put yours on here? Sounds to me like you are just mad because you didn't get your way. I will always stand up for him. He's always done nothing but help me and others who want the help out.

United States

#72 Sep 12, 2012
I am not at liberty to reveal my name at this time. Name is not common like "AMY", so it is a no brainer we cannot do that at this time. This is per our attorney. This case is far from being over!
Judge Cotton may be "GOD" in your eyes, but in ours he is very far from it.
Should anything else happen to these children, he will be held responsible.
who cares

Cynthiana, KY

#73 Oct 5, 2012
the scared wife wrote:
Jaime doesn't listen to women when they come in and practally beg him for protection. He finds it a waste of his time. Obviously you have to get killed or hurt or missing to make him see someone is dangerous. You tell him they were in your house and admitted to being there, nothing. You tell him they were there stalking and watching you, nothing. What does it take to think someone has nothing to fear??? They were seen on my rd 2 days ago...but why go tell the judge he hasn't "HARMED" me YET!!
he does good for the county if you are a drug dealer

Swansea, SC

#74 Oct 9, 2012
yes he does

Maxton, NC

#75 Dec 23, 2012
Judge Cotton has cause more destruction in familes than he has help. I will never forgive him for placing children in danger. He does not look at facts, he says this atorney is my buddy and I am going to take his side. No matter what the person has done, they always come out on top. The law does not matter in his courtroom. Right is not right in his eyes. It is who is representing who.
Jusge Cotton CANNOT ever be described as FAIR or JUST. No, I don't like him and I have proof he don't like me. He really should not ever even hear a case that I am involved in, yet he refuses to excuse himself.

Charlotte, NC

#76 May 5, 2013
Laws do not mean anything in Judge Cotton's court. He makes up his laws and rulings as he goes. Too bad the attorneys here don't have enough back bone to stand up to him. Even if you have the laws of the land on your side, he will make a backroom deal and you will come out on the losing end. He is not fair and he does not follow the law. Families are torn apart. Children are placed back in abusive homes. Drug dealers are turned loose back into society only to be arrested again and again.
Friends Cotton Family

Oneida, TN

#77 Jun 11, 2013
I think from over a couple of years of observing and being around Judge Jamie Cotton and watching some of his court proceedings upclose here is my opinion of Jamie Cotton!I know from watching Jamie in court that Jamie is a Very fair and i think Honest Judge let alone a well defined person and i highly think he is One Top Notched Judge and Good at what he does,And the reason i say this is,Myself now,I say he gives a person a break but he's definitely a,"NO NONSENSE JUDGE",And if he gives you a break the first time around you better not show up back in front of him again because man he will surely know your scrupples,That is if you have any,Scrupples that is,lol.So man or woman you better take notice,Because if he gives you a break the first time,You best not break the law again and let him see you in his court a second timearound!Again myself Judge Cotton is "A1" in my book.Now court ajourned,lol.

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