Former Onaway Resident

Sun Prairie, WI

#1 Nov 21, 2008
I recently came home for a visit to Onaway and upon arriving was in shock of what I saw the town I grew up in was not at all how I remembered it, yes the same people were there but the amount of foreclosure and closed businesses were disappointing. It was like the Pride that the town once had was gone,and in its place GREED I feel for the citizens that are struggling to make ends meet, who have to drive long distances to work who are forced to go to another town to purchase their groceries because the ONE grocery store that is there raises the prices so high that only a select group can even afford them. Have we lost sight of the fact that without the "Little People" the town would not survive? why not make life a little easier for the people who pad your pockets? Why not open a Save-A-Lot or a decent Laundromat so those that do not have the money to go to Tom's FAMILY market can shop in their own community or those that do not have a washer and dryer don't have to drive to Cheboygan to wash clothes, which by the way is cheaper even with gas prices! Onaway needs more curb appeal! do people even visit there anymore?

Southfield, MI

#2 Nov 21, 2008
you did!! Maybe you could invest in the town and open one of the businesses you mentioned.
Former Onaway Resident

Sun Prairie, WI

#3 Nov 21, 2008
I visited because my family lives there. When I was younger it seemed like there was alot of tourists as well as hunters I just wondered if that is still the case since I don't get to come home much. I am in the process of buying a second home there as we speak but it takes more than one voice to make a change. I really doubt that I would be able to open a cheaper grocery store because I would have to get thru city hall to do so, and unless you are backed by certain people you really have a tough time doing business if it might take a dollar from a current biz owner. I hope that you don't think I am being critical of your community, I love that town! and I am proud of where I come from. I just wish it were more of the way it was before.

North Hills, CA

#4 Nov 25, 2008
I have to agree with you on the part about Tom's Family Market prices. Him and his wife have their nose so high in the air. It is hard for them to be friendly to us "lower class" who unfortanetly have to eat, and cannot afford to go to Cheboygan to get our food. It sucks, but he has us by the balls and he knows it. Won't you please open a Save-a-Lot for us less fortunate!! Then we have a Drug Store, with NO DRUGS...unless you can fix your health problems with glue and material. Can you open one of those too. Other wise. We are what we are! Can you help me with my bills too.
Former Onaway Resident

Sun Prairie, WI

#5 Nov 25, 2008
To be honest, I Think that unless you were born with a silver spoon up your ass that city hall would fight against a save-a-lot or new drug store. I lived in Onaway for 26 years and the Good ole Boy network was in place then too, but what my point is....The town looks to be dying and it is sad. I am sorry but I can't help you with your bills I am not rich by any stretch!! and as I stated before, I am not criticizing the community I would just like to see it become again what it once was, instead of a bunch of empty buildings.

North Hills, CA

#6 Nov 26, 2008
No need to be sassy, it is the Holiday Season....Have a good one. God Bless You!!!
Former Onaway Resident

Sun Prairie, WI

#7 Nov 26, 2008
Happy Holidays to you and your family and I hope that 2009 is better in Onaway!!

North Hills, CA

#8 Nov 26, 2008
Thank you!!!! I figured since you lived in Onaway for 26 years you have to be a really nice person.!!

Ridgewood, NY

#9 Nov 29, 2008
So I have a lot to say to all of you non-locals who have all these negative comments to say about Onaway and the local businesses who sacrafice everyday to bring business to our town. How dare you judge small business owners. have you ever owned a business??? Do you know what it really means? I don't think you do. Tom's Family Market was originally Tom's IGA (the little guy) who fought tooth and nail to survive over the years with the competition down the street. Well guess what. they survived and now they had the good fourtune to be the bigger guys in town for the first time in 30 years of business. I think they have earned that. And if you knew anything about business dumb*@# you would know that the owners don't set their own prices.....prices are handed down from your suppliers to your specific selling area. If your so worried about poor little Onaway, why don't you quit jacking your jaw about things you don't understand and actually come support the town and her businesses. And as far as Tom and his wife go, you need to quit making judgements and maybe get facts......ask their friends and neighbors how they have helped this community and they will tell you the truth. But they are all better then that , they don't broadcast to everyone the good things they do, they are too classy for that. Have a good day:)
Former Onaway Resident

Madison, WI

#10 Nov 30, 2008
First of all I just bought a home in Onaway so I will be back in the community. I grew up there so I am very well aware that Tom was the little guy for 30 years, in fact back then my family shopped there! The service was always with a smile and even if a stock boy wasn't there Tom himself would take the groceries to your car!Even now that is the case, but, I have went in there recently and couldn't believe how sky high the prices are. I also used to do ordering for a grocery store and trust me sir, I am no dumb @$$ the prices do NOT have to be that high, he kept his prices very comparable to the "big guys" so why raise them now? Even taking into consideration the rise in grocery prices due to the economy, they are high. I know Tom and his Wife and on personal level they are wonderful people when I was in High School they were very supportive of the school and the community. it is true that I haven't been living there for a long time so I don't have the complete picture of why the local businesses are struggling but rest assured, that when I am in town I do support those that are there still! even Tom. I would love to open a business there, any suggestions? I love the community. every year I go home for the 4th of July and Thanksgiving, and Christmas I have a million suggestions, would love to start a clean up project for the city to make it safer for the children. I am not a bad person I look forward to doing my part to make Onaway the town i know it can be.

North Hills, CA

#11 Dec 1, 2008
Yes Sir; I have a suggestion....How about a Save-A-lot Store!!!! I would shop there and so would a ton of other people!!!! Plus, I would love to get a job there!! Thank you.

Grand Rapids, MI

#12 Dec 2, 2008
All that are left in Onaway are a few struggling businesses, those that are legally employed and survivors. The survivors are proud people who know how to live off the land, people who know how to live off other people/the system and people who know how to survive by doing illegal things like stealing and selling drugs. Unfortunately, very few young people are taught the value of hard work. Don't look for anything to get better here unless you actually believe Obama will save us all.
onaway res

Southfield, MI

#13 Dec 2, 2008
halfabrain wrote:
All that are left in Onaway are a few struggling businesses, those that are legally employed and survivors. The survivors are proud people who know how to live off the land, people who know how to live off other people/the system and people who know how to survive by doing illegal things like stealing and selling drugs. Unfortunately, very few young people are taught the value of hard work. Don't look for anything to get better here unless you actually believe Obama will save us all.
You forgot to mention the large concentration of Union Retirees with their bloated pensions who are throwing money around in the area. Thank goodness for that! Here on the East Side is where the Blue Collar Drones come to die.

Tucson, AZ

#14 Dec 3, 2008
I used to Live in Onaway and my family always shopped at Tom's, even though Cartere's was cheaper. But then Tom raised his prices so high, it forced us to go to Carters. If Tom would lower his prices now, I know ALL of my family would stop driving to Cheboygan. People that come from these towns know how important it is to keep money in those towns. Also, the first comment was about how Onaway used to be and I agree. The Sturgeon Shivaree used to be huge, the 4th used to be huge, is our City council at fault? I don't know but something needs to be done, bring attractions to Onaway and things for people to do. I know times are tough but people enjoy getting out and socializing!!! Do you job city council...make Onaway a place people hear about!!

Grand Rapids, MI

#15 Dec 4, 2008
I think you need to direct your comments to the onaway chamber of commerce and the PIC tourism council. The city council really just deals with city ordinances. Not that Bernie and Chuck couldnt come up with good ideas. They were school teachers you know. On that topic, it might be nice to have Bob Syzmoniak get the kids involved at the high school. The kids of Onaway are not taught to be community minded or taught to work. Any, employer in Onaway will tell you that. I think Bob could do a lot to promote community spirit among the students. After all, The Shivaree died because of a lack of interest on the volunteers part.
BC Drone

Warren, MI

#16 Mar 14, 2010
I know lots of people that used to go to Onaway Area, summer vacations, fourth of July, Fishing, Hunting, Shivaree, etc. Everybody always enjoyed it and had a great time, real nice area. Then, in came the men with badges, the fun police, handing out expensive tickets to boost the local revenue. Now nobody wants to go there anymore, can't imagine why. Friends who do go there tend to avoid driving, you know, dinner taverns, pool halls, etc.
I was there last November for hunting and could not believe my eyes, looked like a ghost town, and yes, joe law sure enough tried to bait us into a ticket. Just my humble opinion, but a lot of people go up north to have fun, not get hassled. Old days are gone, how do all the businesses there like the revenue the police are generating?
Rogers City resident

Frankenmuth, MI

#17 Apr 9, 2010
If you think Tom's prices are high, come to Glen's Market in Rogers City! And they wonder why we travel out-of-town?!?!

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