While Democrat leaders like Pelosi and Harry Reid would like to ignore the Libyan war, one Democrat stood up for the American people and the constitution and demanded a halt. That Democrat is the crazy Kuchinich. The Republicans blocked Kuch's move because it would have left the military in limbo while Congress and the President fought it out.

Expect tomorrow for the Republicans to offer a compromise. A compromise that demands that the President actually consult Congress for military actions. Contultation that President and his administration has actually conducted but not to full extent that both Democrats and Republicans demand.

This illegal war will soon become legal or to an end.

How things change since President Obama was a Senator and demanded all military action be approved by Congress. Obama has changed and become a renegade and almost a dictator. This administration campaigned on transparency. Only thing tranparent is the fact that this adminstration likes to hide and not disclose the true nature of their actions.