Kentucky Welfare Benefits

Kentucky Welfare Benefits

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Morehead, KY

#1 Apr 1, 2010
In order to receive benefits, do you have to be employed? Have children?
I recently lost my job. Can I draw food stamps? Can I receive any kind of help? I do not have children, but I am married. Please help me with this.
Been there

Gwynn Oak, MD

#2 Apr 1, 2010
My wife and I were both unemployed at the same time a few years back. We were able to get food stamps for a few months because we had no money coming in.

You don't get as much as a couple as you would if you had kids, but it is better than nothing.

Paris, KY

#3 Apr 3, 2010
if you want help in good ole ky, get a divorce, get as many of the local kid's names as you can,go to the food stamp office and tell them you wont work, or cant? because of all the kids, you could prob, get around $1000. bucks a month. think i'am kidding, i've seen it happen?---- hey! what's a little white lie? in this place,

Lexington, KY

#4 Apr 3, 2010
I agree with 'just-us' I was off work for 9 months due to surgery, I couldnt even get food stamps. The office in grayson told me that I had to much income, I WASNT EVEN WORKING. I held out for about 3 months before I actually signed up on the food stamp program, but they still turned me down. But that post before mine is very true. I know a man that gets a check each month and food stamps, and his house payment made for him just because he stutters! H,h,h,h ell, a a a a anyone can st st st st stutter. See, I just did it. the system is so screwed up. and if you've worked the biggest part of your life, they are less likely to help you it appears.

Ashland, KY

#5 Apr 3, 2010
How about the young girls who get food stamps because they don't have transportation to work? They sure find a way to the food stamp office! Then, on top of that, they sell or trade them. A family with kids trying to get by can't get anything.

Paris, KY

#6 Apr 3, 2010
i had to have surgery on my ear, years back, off from work, we went to sign up for help well my wife did, she went in and talked to them and was told, we have to see your husband to? where's he at i was sitting in the car the bandage on my ear, was red with blood still bleeding, so i went in the office when the lady saw me she said what the h--- are you doing in here? you dont fell like doing this. needless to say, this got me mad i told hey, let's just get this b.s. over with so i can go home and get back in bed. she was mad to ,but the doctor's had released me to go back to work, we never got any so called help!

Owensboro, KY

#7 Apr 3, 2010
If you go to college you cannot be receive food stamps if you are single and pregnant. I know my daughter was denined. They wouldn't help her with a medical card at first, because she was working part time at a fast food resturant.....Oh, and to Mom....not everyone the girls and boys do what you implied, some do I am sure, but not all.

Nicholasville, KY

#8 Apr 4, 2010
I didn't mean all of them. And your daughter is the perfect example of one of the ones who is trying to get by. She sounds like one who should be getting all kinds of assistance for both her and her baby. Again, sorry it came out wrong.

Lexington, KY

#9 Apr 6, 2010
I didn't have transportation for a long long time. Barely made it to every appointment I had, but I walked to both my jobs and to college, with two kids... I finally got to save up enough money to get a car keep it working. It took me a little over a year. If you know of a single mother without transportation help them get to their appointments they have enough stress... I had my family and friends to help me get to the other end of town but sometimes you just can't get there.
Pissed Elliott county

Winder, GA

#10 Apr 6, 2010
The system is screwed up totaly I am disabled I seem to fall between the cracks I drawl S.S. not SSI can't get medical card food stamps these people that get 400.00 a month to do nothing it is wrong have another baby to get a 200.00 raise they should have to pick up trash beside the road or some kind of community service they should have to earn it if they simply choose not to work just not right
been there too

Commerce, GA

#11 Apr 6, 2010
Gotthatright is speaking the truth. A few years back my sister started having trouble with her heart, she was passing out at work. She had two bad valves. Had no insurance, did not qualify for any help. She was 55 and had worked since was 16, sometimes two jobs at a time. Social Security office told her she would have been better off if she had never worked all. Our system is so screwed up its not funny. For my self I have Crohn's and in 1985 almost died, did not have insurance had to quit my job, was not able to work, my Husband made a little over 3.00 dollars an hour. I was told I had to have surgery or I would die, so I went to welfare office to see about getting a medical card. I was told my Husband worked over 20 hrs a week and we did not qualify. But if the Father of my children was'nt in the home I could get welfare, food stamps, med card etc. I said to them, you mean the system is against family. They replied, Well we would'nt say that. That made me so mad I had to come back with "you mean if I was a low down, no good whore that went out here had kid after kid and let some low life live with me as long as it was'nt any of my childrens fathers you could give me just about anything?" Their reply was the same. Thank God my Doctor got me some help through the Dept. of Rehab and in a couple of years I was able to go back to work and my Husband and I are still together.

Norcross, GA

#12 Apr 7, 2010
why dont you all quit your cryin and get a job. i work every day and eat vyannies potted meat for lunch and have a can of hash for dinner. times are tough but i know that there is some jobs out there. the pig out bbq over by cave run lake is hiring has a help wanted sighn up there so check that out. also there are several area saw mills that are always lookin for employees but ya kinda got to be a real man to work there. also for the ladies what ever happened to good ole prostitution? p.s "git er done!!"
working class

Morehead, KY

#13 Apr 8, 2010

First off, I take offense to your "buy ya kinda got to be a real man to work there," because I am a female and I used to work at a sawmill. No, I wasn't part of the paperwork people either. I actually offbeared for a sawmill for quite some time. Oh, and actually I did work hard for a living until the company cut production. They also cut a lot of employees. I have been looking for a job, but it seems everyone is saying they are hiring, but not calling back. I was self employed quite a bit, so that doesn't help my case either.
Oh, and I was just asking about unemployment and food stamps to help me until I get back on my feet. I figure I pay that in, why can't I collect on it?
Oh, and it is VIENNA sausages. NOT, "vyannies." If you had ate as many as you claim, you would have seen enough cans to know how to spell it.

Vanceburg, KY

#14 Apr 12, 2010
Mom wrote:
How about the young girls who get food stamps because they don't have transportation to work? They sure find a way to the food stamp office! Then, on top of that, they sell or trade them. A family with kids trying to get by can't get anything.
thats what i am screaming...I work 2 part time jobs because full time jobs are so hard to get these days. but still with the two jobs it averages out as one job being paid min wage for 31 hrs per week. When all the hour started to get cut more and more i went to sign up and they told me i made to much to recieve any kind of help how is not even 800 bucks a month too much income with 2 kids paying 450 per month rent. If i was one of these moms out here poppin pills guess they would give em to me then huh

Ashland, KY

#16 Sep 12, 2010

Owensboro, KY

#17 Sep 12, 2010
A lot of Kentucky citizens are such a paradox. They're staunch republicans, but think the government should help them with financial assistance. Get a life.....get a job. Or better yet, pray to your god for money.

Alto, GA

#18 Sep 14, 2010
Found an interesting site on welfare as it seems a few don't bother to research.

Dallas, TX

#19 Sep 14, 2010
Well to get help you have to lazy and never work...

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