Is Tarpon Springs a good place to live?

Palm Harbor, FL

#29 May 16, 2011
Tarpon is pretty much a good place to live...especially east lake area and a few others... like any city it has a rough section and drugs but no where near as bad as Holiday and new port richey..

it is pretty quiet compared to most places.. my daughter went to east lake high...

there isnt a state that I know of that doesnt have 1 city in it that is crime free....

we have parks,close to the water,the sponge docks and greek history.... you can decide which area to buy a home...

you need to come see it for yourself... spend some time talk to the locals get a feel for it....

asking on here will only get you mixed answers as everyone has an opinion....

I wish you luck in your decisions and hope you will at least visit us and see for yourself....

the only other place in this area I would consider moving to would be Oldsmar.....

Born and raised in Tampa that area has gone down alot... lived in both Holiday and New Port Richey and would NEVER live there again....

best of luck to you....

Palm Harbor, FL

#30 May 16, 2011
it has me listed as living in Dunedin but I live on Alt 19 in Tarpon Springs..I am a single mom and have only found this place helpful never have I had a problem nor have my kids... again there is crime every where that is a given.. its not as bad as some make it sound... the people are friendly and its a nice little place... come visit, talk to the locals make your own decision on what you find by seeing it....

Berlin, MD

#31 Jun 18, 2011
Where are the negro/crime sections of Tarpon Springs at?
shell bug

Largo, FL

#32 Jun 20, 2011
ya i would move to like new port richey were i live 10 mins from all the greek rest, my husband is a chef at one for over 20 years
Kally Patrick

Chapmanville, WV

#33 Jun 21, 2011
I've got cousins who live there, my father, grandmother, and uncles are buried there. My last maiden name is Katras so I'm one of the Greek American people, and we lived there on and off and visited whenever daddy could get a vacation. But as I said, from 1989 I don't know anything about Tarpon, and for this reason my son hesitates to save with me to move there. Now with all of the talk about poor government, lack of Greek participation in cleaning up the junkies, and the fact that prices are probably soaring, what can I do? I'm on SSI; my son only has a weekend job that pays him 9.00 per hour and we just caught up with our everyday bills. Now we've got to work on our credit card bills; to catch up. How did Tarpon get so infested with drugs? Why did its citizens let it? I miss the town so much sometimes, that I cry.
Trevor wrote:
Don't listen to those know it alls on here who say Tarpon Springs is a bad place to visit and live.It is a beautiful city with a rich culture that you need to visit and would be happy to live in.Check the crime stats and see we have less crime then many cities in our area.Check us out for yourself,you will love our city

Tampa, FL

#34 Jul 3, 2011
I live in Tarpon Springs. Yes, in the dumpy, trash neighborhoods there is drug dealing. I live in the nice part of Tarpon. Great city, beautiful beaches, great high school. (in the top ten in the country). It's a nice place. But Palm Harbor (next to Tarpon) is nice, too.

Tampa, FL

#35 Jul 3, 2011
Carolyn Parker wrote:
Wow, now I'm really confused. I recently visited the Tarpon Springs area and fell in love with it. We planned on moving there this year, but now I'm not so sure. I have a teenage son and the last thing I want him around are drugs. HELP!!!!
Read what I posted. Get a nice neighborhood and you're set.

Tampa, FL

#36 Jul 3, 2011
Curious wrote:
Where are the negro/crime sections of Tarpon Springs at?
MLK Jr Dr.
Kally Patrick

Chapmanville, WV

#37 Jul 4, 2011
I'm feeling a lot better when reading Donna and Kaitlin's posts. That's the Tarpon Springs I remember from my youth when Daddy would bring us there for vacation. And as I said, I have family there and on the spot where the heating and cooling shop is along the tracks, is where my grandmother's house used to be. My second cousins own it now. My uncle sold the property to my cousin, but when he died, the sons inherited it. I wish I had the money. I'd buy the property back, move their business and re-build my grandmother's house as I remembered it.

Newport, KY

#38 Aug 7, 2012
ngal wrote:
They can sell drugs, steal, cheat, lie, but just as long as they are straight & not gay, then that makes it alright hee hee. Tell whats on your mind!

Seriously, if you want to research Tarpon Springs, get with a friend or aquaintance who lives in Fl and ask them. I have a friend who lives in St Pete & she wants to re-locate to TS. She doesnt seem to think so. Another friend used to live down there yrs ago and recommended it. As far as the drugs, I am sure that is possible, every town or city has that bad element anymore and you just have to know the area you are in. I live in a very small town in TN and believe me, theres a lot of that crap.

Tampa, FL

#39 Feb 1, 2013
Tarpon Springs does have crime and Florida overall is above average in violent crimes. Transient in Nature and a very big rich/poor gap with a weak low wage economy fuel the crimes and lack of community is evident in all but the richest neighborhoods.

Chapmanville, WV

#40 Feb 1, 2013
Alright, you all have made your points. The Greeks stopped caring around the late 70s I guess. I'm sorry to hear such nonsense in that town. The Greeks can always talk behind ones back or make the money to send to their homes in Greece, or even complain, but to help wipe out crimes they would rather stick their heads in the sand like ostriches. I'm neither considering vacationing there anymore, nor am I wanting to move there anymore. I dislike Kentucky winters and we're having snow now which makes it difficult for my son to get to work.But I live in a two bedroom low income apartment for $286.00 per month. That's way better than the rent down where you are. The rent is on $1800. dollar per month incomes. If I were you I'd seriously plan on relocating to a dfferent state.

United States

#41 May 10, 2013
I got so sick of Tarpon Springs and the surrounding areas, the horrible traffic all the bad attitudes the ghetto birds crossing over my house all night long. So I moved to Crossville TN and after living here for close to ten years, I miss Tarpon Springs so much, I would move back right now if I could. I thought it would be nice to live in a small town surrounded by mountains, I could go hiking and mountain biking and meet some locals become friends and live the rest of my life in a small town where people all know each other and lookout for each other. WRONG it sucks the people here are crazy if their not zealots their meth heads or hardcore racists and if you are the tiniest bit progressive then ninety plus percent of this town is your enemy and if they find out you're not voting republican all the way then you're in for a miserable existence. A lot of places in Florida seem like they suck but when you spend a lot of time in other places, you realize it really isn't that bad. I haven't been everywhere but I've spent time in Atlanta and Cummings GA, Cincinnati OH, New Milford CT, Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL, and of course Crossville TN, In my experience Tarpon Springs even with all its faults is my favorite, I hope I'll be coming home soon.
Just Saying

Alachua, FL

#42 May 12, 2013
Nice places and bad places in Tarpooooon, just like Clearwater or St. Pete....

United States

#43 Mar 2, 2014
Can you please name the best places to look at buying a home there? Please name the places to avoid too. Thank you.
Steve here again

Bronx, NY

#44 Mar 2, 2014
Tarpon Springs is pretty nice. A couple areas are less than desirable, but in Florida, that comes with the territory.

Palm Harbor, FL

#46 Aug 10, 2014
Mano wrote:
No luck with my 1st attempt to get feedback on your town, so I'll give it another try here. I'm just wondering if this area is a place worth investing in, or moving to. You read alot of great things on the internet, but it's all about Greek restaurants and sponge diving. I'd like to know your opinions on how safe it is. Is it expensive to buy a home, insure it, pay property taxes on it? Is it a close knit community? Does it have a night life? Knowing what you already know, would you move into the area (with a family)?
I have lived in Tarpon Springs for 4 yrs. I love it. It is a very nice community and yes there are alot of Greek in the area. There were a few homeless men murdered her a few yrs ago. I believe it was by a person released from prison. Not sure but I believe it was rape and murder, that is what I was told. The person was caught. But, yes this is a very nice area!
Neh Rufiano

New Port Richey, FL

#47 Sep 29, 2014
Tarpon is a sespool. Schools are horrible and most of the Greeks there are evil trash...and I'm Greek born and raised in Tarpon. EastLake, Trinity, Palm Harbor and Odessa are close by and much nicer.

Palm Harbor, FL

#48 Oct 11, 2014
Sadie wrote:
<quoted text> I have lived in Tarpon Springs for 4 yrs. I love it. It is a very nice community and yes there are alot of Greek in the area. There were a few homeless men murdered her a few yrs ago. I believe it was by a person released from prison. Not sure but I believe it was rape and murder, that is what I was told. The person was caught. But, yes this is a very nice area!
My Mother used to live in Safety Harbor and she loved it, a very nice area!
shelly spruce st lush

Martinsville, VA

#49 Oct 26, 2014
Sassafraas wrote:
Can you please name the best places to look at buying a home there? Please name the places to avoid too. Thank you.
Would stay far away from spruce street. Goldigging Wino, pillbilly in residence. SHELLY ANN NORTON. Unsupervised and a danger too herself and others. DRIVES DRUNK,HIGH AS A KITE! Check out d.u.i. Convictions...least 5. If you value your safety, would not move near that neighborhood..

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