Car plows into house overnight in Old...

Car plows into house overnight in Oldsmar

There are 24 comments on the WTSP Tampa Bay story from Apr 20, 2008, titled Car plows into house overnight in Oldsmar. In it, WTSP Tampa Bay reports that:

A North Pinellas family is working to fix the damage at their home after a car slammed into it overnight.

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Tampa, FL

#1 Apr 20, 2008
thses two young adults are innocent a deer ran out infront of the car causing it to swerve off the road

Tallahassee, FL

#2 Apr 21, 2008
A deer in Oldsmar?, must have been a alcohol induced mirage.

Largo, FL

#3 Apr 21, 2008
yes there are deers in oldsmar you idiot.

We have all been young and made mistakes, please be considerate of these two teens feelings.

Elix and Ryan are two of my very close friends.
It wasnt an alcohol induced anything.
So grow up or dont comment on something you know nothing about.

Orlando, FL

#4 Apr 21, 2008
My only question would have to be... if they swerved to miss a deer, why did they run? Running away makes you look like you are guilty of something and can cause many people to draw conclusions.

Tallahassee, FL

#5 Apr 21, 2008
bosley wrote:
yes there are deers in oldsmar you idiot.
We have all been young and made mistakes, please be considerate of these two teens feelings.
Elix and Ryan are two of my very close friends.
It wasnt an alcohol induced anything.
So grow up or dont comment on something you know nothing about.
Name calling, because someone questions if there are wild deer in Oldsmar, such juvenile behavior goes to show that a simple mind resorts to when trying to express themselves in a rational manner. P>S> wasnt is spelled Wasn't and dont don't. Wounder who the idot really is.

P.S. how do you accidentally hit a house? Too fast for conditions, inattentive driving, playing garb as*, or what? Hurt feelings, how about the peoples home that your friends hit, wounder how they feel about it.

Palm Harbor, FL

#6 Apr 21, 2008
Maybe they ran out the car because they were both hurt and needed help! Ever think of that? They came back right away so obviously they werent running away because they didnt want to get caught. People really do need to think things through before they put such rediculous ideas in there heads. Put yourself in the shoes of the two teens, how scared do you think they were? What would you have done if you were put in that situation? Just saying...

Palm Harbor, FL

#7 Apr 21, 2008
Maybe they ran because they both had facial injuries and were scared and needed help! Elix had a pretty deep gash on the right side of her eye and for all anyone couldve known she couldve been bleeding internally, same with Ryan. Obviously they werent trying to run away from the scene since they came back as soon as the ambulances and cops got there and were both very co-operative. People really do need to think things through sometimes and not just ASSUME things when they have no idea what happened. Only Elix and Ryan know, but everyones ignorant and are choosing not to believe what theyre saying. Just a thought...

Mahopac, NY

#8 Apr 21, 2008
I know the home owners.... so exactly how fast was the house going????

Tallahassee, FL

#9 Apr 22, 2008
Maybe they forgot drivers training regarding leaving the scene of an accident. Where did they run to the local drug store for bandages? Maybe they were scared because they knew they had screwed up and ran. After a while they realized they had no where to run to that they would not be caught and returned to the scene of the accident. It happens every day I have personally seen it and heard it from accident victims that were scared after wrecking dads car. Or being where they were not supposed to be at the time. They may be great kids but they missed up and now they have to face the consequences.

Largo, FL

#10 Apr 22, 2008
ok AFPJ dont you mean MESSED up, not "missed up"

stop making fun of these kids.
it was an ACCIDENT
they were scared.
wouldnt you be?

as i said before people are young and make mistakes all the time.

so get a life and worry about whats going on in tallahassee.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#11 Apr 22, 2008's WONDER not WOUNDER

Largo, FL

#12 Apr 22, 2008
I saw that deer too and it deff came out of no where!

Palm Harbor, FL

#13 Apr 22, 2008
i know im not supposed to say any profanity on hear but WHAT THE F*** is wrong with this AFPJ guy?!! Were you there? Did you see it? Were you in the county? HELL NO! YOU WEREN'T! Worry about your little perfect life up in Tallahassee and stay the hell outta mine and my friends, and no they didn't run to the damn drug store to get bandages they ran back to the house where they came from to get help because they both had facial injuries and were scared and freaking out as i said before, so quit ACTING like you know what happened because your making a fool out of yourself infront of everyone who actually knows what really happened so just stop while your ahead ok buddy.
Heather and John Campbell

Largo, FL

#14 Apr 22, 2008
When I got to the side of my house Ryan got into the car and was trying to back the car out. My husband asked him to turn off the car as we were concerned about a fire. He did as asked.

Many of my neighbors about 30 people were there and saw these teens walking down to the sidewalk until the fire engine sirens were loud. They started walking into the street and people called out to them not to leave. I called out saying to them that they needed to be checked out.I was worried as they hit a cement wall. My first thoughts were of injuries, not my home.(I am the mother of 3 married adults and 1 teenager.)

They picked up their pace and ran and did not come back for I would say about 45 minutes. The police were questioning the bystanders for any information on who these teens were so they could find them. They did not immediately return.

I imagine they just did not know what to do...probably it was the first accident they were in. They were scared and their first reaction was to flee. We all know that feeling. I think it was good that they decided to return. That couldn't have been easy.

With all these people out there and the sirens of the many emergency vehicles...they were running away from the people who would have given them medical help. Running away for so long may have given the illusion that they were not very hurt. Looking at the car when it got towed out...I can't see how they weren't hurt.

They were young and scared and fled. Everyone should understand how scary this must have been for them. There is no right or wrong here. It should be a "Thank God everyone is alright" moment. What a miracle they were not killed, nor was my daughters or her friends who were only feet from where the accident occurred.(They were in our living room)

It happened, accidents happen to everyone. We can't change the past, we can only try our best in the future.

The house will be repaired, the car will be replaced and this will be put in the past.
We can only learn from life and go on. It is important to try and make the best of it when things go wrong.

Both their families both expressed feeling bad about it and I'd like to make it clear, their actions were not done on purpose. I appreciate that we were contacted by the others involved and remorse was expressed.

Tallahassee, FL

#15 Apr 23, 2008
Elp, Bob and Bosley, read Heather and John's Comments. Hate to say I told you so, but that's what happened. MY server is in Tallahassee, I live in Tampa and am an Air Force PJ. I have flown MASS missions to transport accident victims out of the keys and other areas for over 20 years, I have the experience and personal knowledge of that accident victims do leave the scene of an accident for many reasons. . Thanks for pointing out my typos. But you all need to chill out, you missed my point. They were scared, for what ever reason they left the accident location. They are OK and will get through this. They messed up and will face the consequences for their actions. This does not make them bad people, but ones that should have used better judgement. P.S. elp profanity is used by people with a limited vocabulary, and is childish and simple minded. Your apology is accepted as I know that a real man would offer one.

Orlando, FL

#17 Apr 27, 2008
ahhh i love Elix && Bartmannn <33333

Clearwater, FL

#18 May 7, 2008
they were druged up and all of you know this if you no them. All elix does 24/7 is smoke pot and if you no her then you will know that. They smashed into the house becuase they were not alert becuase of all the dope they were smoking!!!

Largo, FL

#19 May 13, 2008
why would you put someones buisness out there like that.
even if she did smoke why would you put that on a website for everyone to see.
what the hell is wrong with you??

sorry someone said something like that about you elix but only your real friends know what happened that night, not some loser who thinks there cool by putting someone on blast on the internet.

“I Offer You Truth!”

Since: Jul 07

Tampa, FL

#20 May 13, 2008
I looked at an aerial view of the house; it sits a good distance from the road. Plus, the houses there are closely bunched together; it's highly unlikely any deer are wandering around in this residential area. This leads me to believe these kids were either driving at a very high rate of speed and/or loaded up on alcohol/drugs.

Stupid teenage mistake - many of us have done similiar things.

But please stop with the asinine "a deer made them do it" excuses.

Tampa, FL

#21 May 13, 2008
Pasco Guy wrote:
MMMMmmmm.. I cannot begin to tell you all how many times trees, houses, curbs, driveways and cars have just "jumped" into my path while driving... just to see if I could avoid them.
Heck, even one time, I had an entire kitchen jump right out in front of me while I was pulling my car into the garage.... "stuff happens"!

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