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August 24 Florida Primary Election: Will you vote?

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#2568 Nov 5, 2012
Anything can happen if you only believe.....and vote your have to have faith or all is lost.

Since: Oct 12

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#2570 Nov 5, 2012
VET wrote:
OBama screwed the veterans and old people for the last four years so veterans and old people bend over for the next four years.
TRUTH IS...ROMNEY/RYAN WENT THROUGH THEIR WHOLE CONVENTION, WITHOUT ONE MENTION, OF OUR BRAVE TROOPS, SERVING IN THE WAR IN AFGHANISTAN.....Not a word of thanks...nothing....How shall our beloved military, their loved ones or even other veterans, react to such disrespect?....ZERO VOTES FOR Romney/Ryan....

United States

#2571 Nov 5, 2012
Hope and change was just a slogan!
some dude in marianna

Marianna, FL

#2572 Nov 5, 2012
Yall do realize that the whole Lybian debacle coming mostly from the anti-obama ads are just a way to swiftboat Obama? Besides repeating what the ads are saying, and saying stupid shit like "Michelle Obama looks like a gorilla", does anyone else here have anything else to say about their "ANYTHING BUT OBAMA" rant?

United States

#2573 Nov 5, 2012
Yeah....Can't you read?
some dude in marianna

Marianna, FL

#2574 Nov 5, 2012
I hit the "prev page" button at least 10 times. Only thing I saw was a big list of military endorsements. Did YOU read my reply earlier? I won't bonk you for it cause, this has 2,325 posts so far. So anyways, the military endorsements don't impress me much.
some dude in marianna

Marianna, FL

#2575 Nov 5, 2012
multi is long gone wrote:
Seems like it xD

Hartford, AL

#2577 Nov 5, 2012

United States

#2578 Nov 5, 2012
They saved our butt more than once.

United States

#2579 Nov 5, 2012
And I am talking the real wars for all our marbles.

United States

#2580 Nov 5, 2012
They don't like funding and arming the Muslim Brotherhood.
some dude in marianna

Marianna, FL

#2581 Nov 5, 2012
AvgJoe wrote:
They don't like funding and arming the Muslim Brotherhood.
I don't think the extreme vast majority of the rest of America does, either.

United States

#2583 Nov 6, 2012
Lybia's leaders were Professor at Alabama Universities.

The Muslim Brotherhood is also funded by Muslim Dr's Driven Pill Mills who are allied with the Mob and protected by the Feds!

West Union, OH

#2584 Nov 6, 2012
Go BlueLips Forever wrote:
<quoted text>TRUTH IS...ROMNEY/RYAN WENT THROUGH THEIR WHOLE CONVENTION, WITHOUT ONE MENTION, OF OUR BRAVE TROOPS, SERVING IN THE WAR IN AFGHANISTAN.....Not a word of thanks...nothing....How shall our beloved military, their loved ones or even other veterans, react to such disrespect?....ZERO VOTES FOR Romney/Ryan....
ah, okay , understand why ur (and osht's) lips are blue: from blowing dewds. k.

buh-bye racists, hours to go.

btw, UK and the Bluegrass state doesn't support your BOY, didn't in '08 either. our grass is blue, your lips are. ta-ta now.

United States

#2585 Nov 6, 2012
November 21, 2009 – Green Isle Ranch Executive Director Stephen Zepp calls (911) Lake Sheriff’s Office to report five boys aged 12-15 years have just told him they were sexually abused by an older male student over the summer. The attacker had threatened their lives if they told on him and he had only recently left the school and they felt safe to report the rapes now.

Lake Deputy Sheriff M. Marshall arrived and took a detailed report including hand written statements from Zepp and the five victims which outlined gross multiply sexual attacks and threats of violence if they told. Deputy Marshall also phoned The Abuse Registry Hotline and spoke with Chris ID #5100 who stated she would take a report.

November 23, 2009- Executive Director Stephen Zepp leaves the ranch over what he says was a disagreement with management. Insiders said that dispute was over him reporting the rapes.

November 23, 2009- Report was turned over to Detective Marselien Poitevent for further investigation.

November 25, 2009- Poitevent’s report claims she had one victim forensic interviewed by the Lake County Children’s Advocacy Center in Leesburg.
December 16, 2009- Poitevent’s report claims she had the other four victims forensic interviewed by the Lake County Children’s Advocacy Center in Leesburg.

December 16, 2009 to February 3, 2010- No arrest has been made and no further action is taken on this case.

February 3, 2010- 4:10 PM - Poitevent’s report states a disgruntled Green Isle house parent Clayton Berkey is making threatening phone calls, emails and texts to Green Isle management.

February 3, 2010- Orlando, Fl – Major local breaking news- Clayton and his wife Angie Berkey are on several Orlando major TV networks exposing the fact that five little boys still at Green Isle Ranch had been brutally raped by an older student over the summer of 2009. He states some of the boys are attempting suicide and Green Isle and authorities have done nothing for them.

February 4, 2010- LCSO goes back to work on this case. At 10 AM- Detective Poitevent and Detective Yoho interview the rape suspect at the Crystal River High School.

February 4, 2010- Unknown Time- Detective Fawn Tomon and Detective Mike Miller interview the rape suspect at his residence in Beverly Hills, Florida.
February 8, 2010- In her report Detective Poitevent states she met with Assistant States Attorney John Carnahan regarding this case. He says he is waiting on a report from DCF.

February 9, 2010- Detective Poitevent prepared a supplemental report naming the suspect as one Tyler Anthony Jackson DOB: 11/06/1992. No indication of arrest of suspect is made anywhere in the documents.- FDLE states the juvenile suspect was arrested by LCSO on this date.

United States

#2586 Nov 6, 2012
March 5, 2010- Management of the Green isle Ranch announces the Ranch is closing. People discover now Lake Sheriff Gary Borders has been an advisory board member of the ranch since it opened in 1989 and even some of those who worked closely with the now sheriff for over fifteen years when he was the jail major has never heard him mention his involvement with the Green Isle Boys Ranch. This alone raises questions concerning his involvement in the ranch.

May 20, 2010- FDLE states the juvenile suspect (no name provided) pled No Contest to four counts of sexual battery by a person under 18 years of age, one count of lewd and lascivious and one count of Battery Touch or Strike on this date and was later ordered to community control, attend sex offender counseling, ordered to have no contact with the victims, submit DNA, Etc.

May 26, 2010- Insiders at the Lake Courthouse say this is the date of sentencing. The case number was 2010-CJ-000185 before Judge Takac. Most community control orders take away the defendant’s driver’s licenses and place serious restrictions on the defendants. This plea requires the defendant to be registered as a sex offender.

However, he was not required to register as a sex offender. Why such leniency for a violent sex offender?

October 27, 2010- Just five months after the defendant Tyler Anthony Jackson was reportedly placed on community control he received a speeding ticket from Citrus County Deputy Sheriff Chris Dearden, proving he still had his drivers license (he was not charged with no/DL) and was not under supervised community control.

March 3, 2011- Just ten months after reportedly being placed on community control - Tyler Anthony Jackson had an “Injunction for Protection from Dating Violence” filed against him in Citrus County by Christopher John Collazo, a man twenty-nine years his senior.

On November 16, 2011- Just eighteen months after reportedly being placed on community control - Tyler Anthony Jackson received a Careless Driving/ Accident Citation from Citrus County Deputy Sheriff Howard Russell. Once again proving Jackson’s community control or probation was not affected by any of the above violations of the law including the injunction for protection from dating violence.

Why did the management of Green Isle along with the Lake Sheriff’s Office cause the name of the whistleblower Clayton Berkey to be placed in this rape report file on February 3, 2010 when Berkey did not come to work at Green isle until early January 2010 and had no personal knowledge of the rapes unless he received that information directly from the victims who were still begging for help.

Was that an attempt to label Clayton Berkey as a disgruntled employee in order to discredit his statements? Insiders said Berkey was off work on February 3, 2010 but still legally employed at Green isle when he was calling, emailing and texting the new Executive Director Paula Whetro begging her to get these victims the help they needed and deserved. Later that night he was on all local breaking news stations with this attention getting story.

United States

#2587 Nov 6, 2012
Based on the detailed hand written statements given under oath to the original responding Deputy Sheriff M. Marshall and his immediate call to The Abuse Registry Hotline why was this violent sexual offender not immediately arrested?

Was the Lake Sheriff’s Office just dragging their feet and forgot about this case until the breaking news hit all the local TV stations, or did the sheriff and board member order his detectives to stop working on this case? Either way, if they hadn’t done anything wrong, why then did they go back to work on this case the next morning and send two separate detective teams to Citrus County to interview the one and only suspect on the same day?

Why is everything about this case top secret? Look at the media attention other juvenile cases has received.

March 15, 2011- Lake County Authorities blasted every move of the arrest of the infamous Burlington Coat Factory juvenile suspect Edwin McFarlane after arresting him for sexual battery and false imprisonment where he was immediately held without bond in the juvenile detention center in Ocala, Florida until a hearing before Judge Takac. Every move in this case was publicized from arrest to the results of his trial, a battery conviction because of the conflicting statements in the case.. Still, why is one rape so newsworthy and five is not?

October 22, 2012, Rodney K. Pierson Jr., of Eustis, A teen motorist who allegedly was fleeing police last year when he drove head on into a pickup truck, killing its driver, was sentenced to 11 years in prison on Monday in the Lake County courthouse on a plea deal on charges stemming from the Eustis accident. He was given credit for time served for the Dec. 2, 2011 crash that killed Robert Morrison, 65, also of Eustis. Now 18, he was charged with vehicular homicide, fleeing police, leaving the scene of a crash involving death and driving without a license. He was facing a possible sentence of 60 years in prison. Emily Brinkman, the assistant state attorney to Brad King, said Pierson's age at the time of the crash, 17 years old, played a role in the reduction of time.

Ryan Ray of Leesburg was 16 1/2 when he robbed and murdered a 39-year-old Delta Airlines pilot and aircraft dispatcher. Despite Ray's age, circuit judge Lawrence Semento said his actions were not those of a child but instead were of a young man who should spend the rest of his life in prison.
Ray was sentenced Friday November 2, 2012 for the 2010 murder of Jamin Monte Coyle, 39-year-old Lancaster, Ky., resident who worked for Delta Airlines and had come to Leesburg to visit the teen. The evidence of Ray's guilt was overwhelming, as was the cruelness of Coyle's murder, the judge said. Coyle was strangled to death and the jury in July didn't believe Ray's defense — that Coyle was killed following an unwanted sexual advance. Trial evidence showed Ray had posed online as a 19-year-old man interested in sex and had lured Coyle to rob him.

"He was not too young to understand the consequences of his actions," Semento said of Ray.

United States

#2588 Nov 6, 2012
In Tampa, Hillsborough County Florida a teen accused of raping girl in Chamberlain High restroom sentenced to 10 years' probation. Joshua Bynum, then 16, was accused last year of raping a girl in a Chamberlain High School restroom. The girl, then 16, told police she had left her classroom to retrieve something from her locker. As she passed a boys' restroom on her way back to class, the girl said, Bynum pulled her inside and raped her. A medical exam proved that intercourse took place, police said.

On Monday, Bynum's mother heard a different story during her son's plea deal, where prosecutors dropped the sexual battery charge and reduced the kidnapping charge to felony battery.

Prosecutor Courtney Derry said the charges were reduced because of "potential weaknesses" in the case. A witness saw Bynum and the girl leave the restroom together and that they "appeared to be normal." The girl also told prosecutors she didn't yell, scream or try to run while she was with Bynum. Hillsborough Circuit Judge Chet Tharpe sentenced Bynum, now 17, to 10 years of probation for the Oct. 3, 2011, incident. Prosecutors said they sought a felony battery conviction because of the conflicting statements in the case.

"The defense was interested in getting the sexual charges removed," said Mark Cox, spokesman for the Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office. "We were interested in getting the felony conviction." Because the sexual charges were removed he is not considered a sex offender.

Before dismissing the court, Tharpe asked Joshua Bynum how long he'd been in jail. The teen said 335 days. "Make no mistake, young man," Tharpe said. "You violate your probation; I will send you to prison. You understand me?" "Yes, sir," Bynum mumbled.

Juvenile cases involving sexual abuse and violence abound all over Florida. Juvenile sex offenders over the age of fourteen years upon conviction or plea of no contest are required by Florida law and the Adam Walsh Federal Law to be registered as sex offenders.

Why was this violent sexual offender protected? In the least why wasn’t his community control enforced and why was he not required to register as a sex offended given the details of his brutal sadistic sexual acts on these five victims? As in the case of Ryan Ray where Judge Semento stated “despite his age, his actions were not those of a child but instead were of a young man who should spend the rest of his life in prison.”
In juvenile sexual abuse cases Florida law mandates actions required by the States Attorney. Among other things these include victim input and agreement in all plea arrangement and details. Why do authorities maintain the case of Tyler Anthony Jackson is top secret when so many juvenile cases many of much less violence and abuse are politicized and publicized? Because it is obvious someone has something to hide. Let’s have some transparency and open the secrets of the horrors of the Green isle Ranch for all to see. If all is well so be it. If it’s time for some to pay the piper for their crimes and cover ups of their friends crimes so be it as well.
U a vet My Arse

United States

#2590 Nov 6, 2012
VET wrote:
By tomorrow morning we will have a new president elect (OBama)
And you gona Chet too if you eat regular. I hoipe Romeny wins and cuts every last one of you bass turds off the public trough and takes you free cell phone as well.

You are not VET or you would have better sense than support a bass turd that sits there and watches our Navy seals be murdered and orders no help for them. It was alsto this bass turd Obama Been Lying that leaked the Navy Seal 6 info to his Muslim Brotherhood friends so they could retaliate for them killing his brother muslim Osama Bin Ladin.

We fought for the right for ass holes like you to say anythng you want to say so come come back and try to shut us up cause we have the same friggin rights you have.
your finger my finger-

Crestview, FL

#2591 Nov 6, 2012
Your Finger wrote:
<quoted text> Michelle looks and acts like a gorilla; Mrs. Romney is classic, beautiful and refined. You...just a lowlife bottomfeeder.
Thank You, your opinion about me means so much.. Where did u go to school to learn how to judge someone u don't even know. WOW.....
Can I go,

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