Crash on upstate NY highway leaves 2 ...

Crash on upstate NY highway leaves 2 dead

There are 51 comments on the WCAX-TV Burlington story from Oct 12, 2009, titled Crash on upstate NY highway leaves 2 dead. In it, WCAX-TV Burlington reports that:

State police say excessive speed was likely to blame for a one-car crash on an Adirondack Mountains highway that left two upstate New York two men dead and a third hospitalized.

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Palatine Bridge, NY

#1 Oct 12, 2009
rip matt and craig you will never be forgottin. you were taken from us way to early. just watch over the rest of us an try to keep us safe. and remember matt i can still kick your ass in Foosball. i will miss playing with you and it wont be the same without you two at the tea house love you always. an to the family an friends they will always be in ower hearts. get well matt l you have a lot of friends an family who care for you.
Katie Ehrensbeck

Windermere, FL

#2 Oct 17, 2009
To all the families of the the boys involved in the accident, my heart is aching for you and I just dont have the words to explain the emotoins I feel for you. My prayers are with you all.
missing the buds

East Syracuse, NY

#3 Oct 18, 2009
Missing you boys more then I could ever tell you if I had the chance. I know we were lucky enough to have two great guys like you as long as we did but not a day will go by that I dont wish there was something I could do to have you back. Ill never forget u raping, Craig or your big goofy grin, Matty. Love you both!
beth fay

Galeton, PA

#4 Dec 16, 2009
i miss you guys so much. pete and dave are wreaks, and we all hope you two are having fun up there. we miss you and love you, forever.<3

West Leyden, NY

#5 Jan 5, 2010
OK People enough is enough, yes craig and matts death was untimely and tragic, yes people are upset and miss these two guys, and yes, they died too young. I was a couple years ahead of these two in school, I knew them also. My question is this- why are we patronizing these two so much? They were killed because the driver of the vehicle was DRUNK, and (im gonna make an educated guess here) so were craig and matt. The kid behind the wheel was in no condition to drive and neither were craig and matt. Who let them get into that vehicle and drive away? If i didnt know any better i bet they were egging the driver on to go faster. maybe im just insensitive. anyone remember Adrienne Williams? she died in a car crash too, and as far as i know she was perfectly sober at the time of the crash. What about Chad Casey? His vehicle had a malfunction in the steering box and he was hit head on and killed. I dont see anyone having scholarship basketball tournaments for them. moral of the story is, if your gonna play with fire, your gonna get burnt- These two guys were definitely playing with fire and I dont see any reason to go on mourning them and patronizing them for the rest of my life-especially given the circumstances of the crash. When someone who is SOBER and is doing nothing wrong gets in a crash and dies, then we'll talk. Until then we all need to realize the consequences of our actions and take everything that has happened as a lesson learned. If you drink dont drive, and if you are a bartender, and you see someone is too intoxicated and you know they dont have a ride, take their keys, call them a cab or someone who can drive them home safely- you just might save a life.
For what its worth

United States

#6 Jan 6, 2010
Agree 100% Mike. It's about time somebody had the balls to say something. And the truth comes out. People die. Life goes on. I know its hard for everyone that knew them, but seriously...lets let it go for now. Mourn to yourself, not all over facebook and other sites.

West Leyden, NY

#7 Jan 7, 2010
I'm so glad that im not caught up in the mix up there in Old Forge. Yea, I went to school up there, and I got a good education and made alot of friends. I chose not to be caught up in all the small town garbage that goes on up there. Im not sayin that is a bad place, I love to go up there and visit and see how the town has changed since I left. But all the people up there think they are immune to all the stuff they here about in the news. they think "this cant/wont happen to me" but it does. There is so much drug and alcohol abuse going on up there it makes me want to get sick. I have seen star athletes that have gotten caught drinking under age and that have been using drugs, the cops sieze the items in question and brush it under the carpet because they are friends with the kids parents or something of that nature. Its about time someone wakes up to reality up there. When Ms williams died i was very upset, she was a classmate and a longtime neighbor of mine growing up, but its the facts of life, people die-some die young, and some die old. get over it and move on, that what they (the deceased) would want you to do.

West Leyden, NY

#8 Jan 7, 2010
oh and the kid who was driving, and is still alive, should have the book thrown at him for his reckless actions. he was so out of it, whether it be from the impact of the crash or being drunk or maybe both, that his family had to tell him 3 DAYS after the crash that craig and matt were dead. he should be locked up so he cant cause harm to the rest of the law abiding public!

Syracuse, NY

#9 Jan 7, 2010
Yes and he gets off scott free because of who he is, no one to me of course but apparently he's done something great? I must be missing something but I didn't know celebrities lived in Old Forge.

West Leyden, NY

#10 Jan 8, 2010
the only thing he's accomplished is killing a couple of his buddies. I know that whole group of people they hang around with, and they arent the sharpest TOOLS in the shed (with the emphasis on the word tool)
Shue Shut up

East Syracuse, NY

#11 Jan 9, 2010
When was the last time you even saw them? Any of the three guys, let alone placed a foot in old forge? Been a long ass time. And since you dont live here anymore you dont know half the facts. Also you are how old now and you are attacking kids 8 years younger then you and calling them tools? Alot of people are upset about what happened still and to be insulting the dead is just disgusting in my opinion. Yes everyone remembers adrienne and everyone remembers Chad wouldnt exactly have made sense to have a bball tourney for either of them and there is a scholarship fund in Adrienne's Name that people in the community as well as her family donate to, but I guess since you are no longer part of the community up here you wouldnt know that. Now think about what you say and how everyone knows its you now before you open your mouth again. I know you wouldnt be saying that stuff here in town. So dont act like you have balls and say stuff that insults two great young guys that yeah happend to die in a drunk driving accident. Drunk Driving, hmmm something I know you have done before as have most people in this town so stop being a hypocrite.
just me

Manlius, NY

#12 Jan 10, 2010
For what its worth you may want to get your facts straight. First off the local police there stepped back and called in the county in just for the simple fact as its a small town and they wanted nobody to make claims such as you are making that they will just let anyone gowith a slap on the wrist. Second off there have been MANY accidents where someone involved does not remember the events. And it's not because they "were so out of it". Its more your body's way to help protect you while you heal.

United States

#13 Jan 11, 2010
Let's just let it go for now. No one is trying to offend anyone, just stating opinions.

West Leyden, NY

#14 Jan 22, 2010
Just so you know, Im a lot closer to the age of those kids than you think. Just because I no longer reside up there doesnt mean I am not up to speed on stuff that goes on up there. I do a lot of work in that area and am up there 4 or 5 days a week. So you think you know who I am? Youre probably wrong. And I do have the balls to say whats on my mind in person, its just a matter of time before the topic gets brought up. I wasnt insulting the dead, I was insulting the group of people they hang around with. Was up there at my camp last weekend and saw a bunch of them walking into Trails End as I was leaving with my family. it was 9pm and they were already visibly intoxicated. Goes to show that no one learned their lesson. And who are you to say that I drive drunk? You dont even know who you are talking about. I have a wife, kids and a good job that I cant afford to lose by doing something as irresponsible as that. So before you make personal attacks on someone at least make sure you know who you are talking about.

One more thing...I will admit that I did not know about the scholarship fund in adriennes name. Good to know that it exists though.

Since: Jan 10

United States

#15 Jan 31, 2010
Hey Mike, You seem like a really smart Fella, Perhaps a scholar? You seem to have all of the answers. Maybe you can answer this for me: What does "patronize" mean? Obviously you have no idea because you used it in the wrong context a couple times earlier.
You seem very eager to run your mouth about these guys, their friends and Old Forge. You are so obviously trying to make a statement. Let me tell you what I have gathered so far. You have a wife and kids, and a 'good job'. You used to live in Old Forge so you know everything there is to know about all of the people in it. You talk about how you dont want to be mixed up in the small town garbage, yet you sit on and deliberatly insult anyone who love and miss our friends. You talk about drunk driving and drug and alchohol problems, you talk about Adrienne and Casey. You talk about atheletes getting 'better treatment'(seems like you have a personal grudge if you ask me). You talk about the "facts of life". You really are just so wise, mike.
Heres a fact of life, bud. A few months ago two really great guys were killed. Two guys who made people smile and laugh everyday. These guys would do anything for a person in need (even an arrogant son of a bitch like you.) These guys would never sit on the internet and talk shit and sit in judgement of anyone they barely knew, especially if they were dead...(even an arrogant son of a bitch like you, mike.)You talk about the group of people they hang out with, well, news flash! they hung out with practically everybody around here. Everyone liked those guys, I never knew either of them to have any enimies. People flew from around the world for those funerals. HELLO there were more people at those funerals than any other funeral around here, probably ever.
You talk about Old Forge and how you are so glad not to live here. People like YOU are the reason people like ME move to the mountains. I cannot stand self-righteous, uncompassionate waste of space people like you. I surround myself with positive people, thats why I was such close friends with Craig and Matt. So while you sit there on your high horse and talk about how you are so glad to be rid of this place and its garbage, just remember that really our community is happy to rid of garbage like you, you are the best possible example of garbage. I absolutly cannot understand for the life of me, how two wonderful guys are dead, and ignorant, pompous, scum bags like YOU are still here to roam around and take up space and make other people feel like shit.

Since: Jan 10

United States

#16 Jan 31, 2010
Also, I can't help but laugh each time I read the crap that you write on here, You are such an idiot. You controdict everything you say. "Before you make personal attacks on someone at least make sure you know who you are talking about" HELLO! That is all you have been doing on this page, talking about these guys and their friends that you dont even know!! And really Mike, You saw their friends at the Trails End? As far as I know Trails End has been closed for months. You say that you have Balls enough to say things in real life yet you won't even post your full name, pssy.
And even to talk about Matt Lewis like that, you don't know what kind of mental prison he may be in. How dare you condemn these people like this?? Who the hell do you think you are? Remember one thing Mike, only God can judge us.
Its obvious that you think you and your family are better than them and theirs. You have kids? think of that the next time you decide to bash these guys. They were peoples SONS, Peoples BROTHERS, and Peoples BEST FRIENDS. Someday when something happens to one of your kids, maybe when they are all grown up, are you gonna want people trash talking them on the internet? Are you going to want people down playing the importance of their lives? You keep talking like you are some kind of a saint- keep judging people the way you do, Karma is a bitch and when it comes back to you, you will feel the wrath of your lack of compassion.
Sooner or later, God will cut you down.

Since: Jan 10

United States

#18 Jan 31, 2010
Mike Olney = Trailer Trash.
stacey nagle

Lincoln, NE

#19 Feb 2, 2010
If you dont want to read about the friends of Matt and Craig mourning and missing them ,then stay away from the links and web pages .Its as simple as that.It not like people are throwing it i your faces.Obviously you are looking for something to whine this the best you can come up with? Do something productive with your free time instead of being a nasty asshole.
Olney is a liar

East Syracuse, NY

#20 Feb 3, 2010
Trails End has been closed for a year, idiot. I figured out it was olney too after thinking bout it. Always been a jealous piece of shit always will be. Just bc you were scum and the people in this town realized it dont be mad that you couldnt have friends like these two great guys did. You may not drive drunk now but you did when you were younger and I know that for a fact too. Turned down your drunk ass when you offered me a ride home. No need to speak ill of the dead, esp guys you barely knew bc they wouldnt give your scum ass the time of day. You hung out with two entirally different groups of people, and you had probably not spoken to either one of these guys since you graduated in 02 so you dont know what kind of great people them and the group of guys they hung out with have become. I didnt hang out much with them in high school either but we all grew up and got over the cliques and became friends. Sorry you have to resort to high school behaivor of lying about seeing people leaving a bar that doesnt even exist anymore.
And you were such a good friend of Adrienne but dont even know about a scholarship in her name that has existed since the year she died? Give me a break. I may have not been the closest with her when we were younger, and me and her even got in a few physical fights but I still donate. Grow up, Mike. Stop judging and attacking people you have not spoken to in 8 plus years, not that they actually would of wanted to talk to your scum ass in High School anyway.
Good luck to your wife and your children, they will need it having to put up with you for the rest of thier lives.
Amen to Dont be a jerk!


#21 Feb 7, 2010
new tear jerker utica od article says the boy paid $40 towards "his portion of the bill". i drank with enough local bar beer prices to be qualified to say... "enough said!"

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