Oh GREAT ... the area's most prominent fair-weather asset - Lake Ontario - now joins the ranks of the South-of-the-Cape Atlantic seaboard.
If you live and work in Western NY as I used to the Lake Ontario "sea"board (not a total exaggeration of the facts, as ocean vessels can get there and another country as in "passports, please" lies just out yonder) is in my opinion far more preferable to either the U.S. or Canadian side of Lake Erie (although Presque Isle State Park in "Drearie", Pennsylvania is gorgeous and sometimes even 'magical' in the OFF-season!) in terms of boating/fishing, a summer cottage*, camping, motel-slumming, or just going to the beach for the day.(*"camp" and "soda" for me instead of 'cottage' and 'pop' since 1977!).

Support water-quality preservation groups that focus on the Lake Ontario leg of the St. Lawrence Seaway Trail - even if just in printed word instead of funding. Neither Buffalo nor Niagara Falls ... nor Rochester, Syracuse, Oswego, up to the Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence River can afford to let the quality of this "international" fresh water gem deteriorate.