Raye Dawn Smith wanted autopsy, defen...

Raye Dawn Smith wanted autopsy, defendant's mother testifies

There are 25834 comments on the NewsOK.com story from Jul 17, 2007, titled Raye Dawn Smith wanted autopsy, defendant's mother testifies. In it, NewsOK.com reports that:

“She knew that's just the way it had to be, to get through it. She accepted it”

' The first defense witness at the child-abuse trial for Raye Dawn Smith said Monday the mother wanted an autopsy to find out why her 2-year-old daughter died in 2005, but her new husband opposed it. via NewsOK.com

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#41 Jan 5, 2008
SWJ wrote:
<quoted text>
You don't sound like "a loving mommy"
A loving mother would do anything for her children!

“sup!.....im alexis!.....”

Since: Sep 07

New Albany, IN

#42 Jan 7, 2008
Mary wrote:
<quoted text>
There is actually evidence that the legs were not actually broken, that they were fractured... and also that they were fractured while she was in the care and home of Kathie Briggs and that Raye Dawn took Kelsey to the ER when she noticed something wrong herself. If you look under the heading "Kathie Briggs" in this article, it says that (Count to the 12th paragraph under after you see the name Kathie Briggs): http://www.usobserverok.com/archive/edition1-...
The website I posted earlier ( http://www.okpns.com/labels/Kelsey%20Briggs.h... ) has an interesting article titled "OKPNS EXCLUSIVE: Phony Show Trial, Phony Child Advocates Continue Phony Crusade"
Dummie they were actually spiral fractures which means somebody twisted both her legs which led to this happening. They found that out when grandmother briggs took Kelsey for a second opinion when Raye Dawn was told by some stupid expert that the sprained ankle was misdiagnosed and that she leaned on the other too much breaking that. The second opinion said that that was impossible and no child has ever done that and it was impossible! So yes they were fractured but it happened because someone did it to her!!!!!!

“sup!.....im alexis!.....”

Since: Sep 07

New Albany, IN

#43 Jan 7, 2008
I have read both sides and I still think that Ray dawn is a horrible mother. There was someone who said that Ray dawn yelled at Porter about hurting Kelsey and then they started to eat something. I don't know if that was true or not but the bruises from head to toe, broken legs, and broken collarbone should have sent a red light to Ray dawn. She should have got to the bottom of the injuries like a good mother would. The fact that the step grandmother teri sigman and Kathy Briggs both were trying to get a higher power to do something about Kelsey means they cared alot more for the girl than Ray dawn did. Also it said that Lance was abusive to Ray dawn but that happened before Kelsey was born and he was a good father to her. There were allegations that Raye dawn was drunk and there's two sides to the car wreck that she got into. There's the, a drunk hit her car or there's the she was drunk with Kelsey in the car. Since she has had history of being drunk, I believe the second one. Plus no one really knows who murdered Kelsey except god. There's been stuff saying Raye Dawn has a horrible temper and she may have hit Kelsey with a hair brush when social workers visited. So it could have been her or Porter but nobody will ever really know.

The point is, Raye dawn is not the perfect poor mommy being accused that she seems. She failed to protect Kelsey, and was dumb enough not to know that a broken collar bone, two broken legs and bruises were signs that someone was abusing her child.

Hendersonville, TN

#44 Jan 12, 2008
We will never know what actually happened to Baby Kelsey, who did what, ect. What we do know is that a beautiful little girl who could not defend herself was abused and taken well before her time. We can sit and argue all day who was responsible, but the fact remains we will never know the real truth. So why not stop bickering and take a stand to prevent this from happening to another innocent helpless child like Kelsey. Child abuse is very real and happens everywhere and everyday. So instead of pointing fingers and blaming people when we do not have the complete story, because as it usually is, there is side one, side two, and the truth is somewhere in the middle, lets spend our energy trying to make our National, State and local governments do more to try and protect the ones that can not protect themselves.


#45 Jan 13, 2008
I only found out about this little sweet girl today, I watched some videos of her and I couldn't stop crying at how sad it is that this little child never got to experience life b/c of some awful, perverted, demented man.( I wish they had a law that made it legal to slowly and painfully kill this a-hole)

I watched that fox news video of her mother and I realized wow, this lady is royally messed up in the head too! She lived with a man day in and day out and claims she knew nothing about the sexual abuse and violent abuse on her baby!? That is pure craziness. The child had contusions in and around her vagina for f*&ks sake!
And how does a 1 or 2 year old for that matter break both legs?! Unless they fall down the stairs and even in that case it is an act of not properly watching out for your child and I consider that to be abuse as well.
25-27 years... whatever both these monsters got in jail is not enough, it will never bring back this innocent pure child, who never even got a chance to fight back.

If they get out of jail in their 50's they will still have lived to much time free in my eyes.
I feel so bad for the "real" father and his family, they are in my thoughts and in my heart.

Also Raye Dawn Smith's demeanor on that fox news video was just off, really off. She had the look and actions of someone who only cares about what happens to themselves. If my baby was killed by a man I loved and allowed near my child I think I would be better off rotting in jail, even if she thinks she didn't know what was going on, deep down, she knew, a mother always knows.

She is in a place where no one can hurt her now, I guess that's why she passed away so young, she would have had to endure many many childhood years
of abuse if she had lived, that is the only way to see this on the positive side, it's still an awful tragedy.


#46 Jan 13, 2008
Connie wrote:
How can yall talk so bad abou tthis lady yall dont know her and yall must have not have heard both sides of the story try putting your elf in her shoes after your read the smiths side
You must be one of the people who are trying to raise money to free kelsey's mom eh?

I love how in the fox news video she said "I hate how people are using this and Kelsey's name for their own gain" and here we have a site (probably made by Raye and her family) that is trying to raise money to free Raye Dawn, by using the phrase "Kelsey's Mom" hmmmmmmmm... Raye and her family are complete and total hypocrites!


#47 Jan 13, 2008
Has anyone here ever lived in a state where DHS or Child Protective Services (under that, or some other title) has had a system that worked well?

I completely understand the "our social workers, case workers, etc. are overworked" part of this, but I'm just wondering if ANY state is doing it right?

Most of the people reading and participating on this thread live in states that have had very public cases of children dying while under the umbrella of supervision of social services within the last year. They die of murder, malnourishment, neglect, physical abuse and a whole list of things a child shoud never be a victim of. All the time, a file collects dust and auhorities know the child is in danger.

I know, nobody here needed to read one more post pointing out the problem, but I'm really curious. Does ANY state do it right?

Shawnee, OK

#48 Jan 15, 2008
I'm from the town next to where this family lived. Believe me, if you knew our "good old boy" law system in this state, you would see how this happen! That mother was just as guilty as the step dad. And this so call web page floating out there (know the truth...)makes me sick to my stomach. Not only should the mother and father be in jail, so should the judge and DHS social worker!

Onalaska, TX

#49 Jan 18, 2008
I just wanted to say a few things about this story. I just now read this story 4 days ago, since then I have read every bit of information I could possibly find on the internet. Everytime I read ANYTHING about, I just start balling. I have a 2 1/2 Year old girl exactly. I love her more than anything in the world. I know her every mood, and I know when something is bothering her, and I know when she is happy. If I ever even see one little bruise on her, no matter how small, I instantly wonder what happened. Then I think about if she had stayed with my family or my husband family, and I call to ask them. But she has NEVER had anything, but I couple of small bruises. Sorry about my rambling, but I just wonder how this poor little girl, Kelsey, could have been looked over.

About Raye Dawn, 1st of all I do not know what to think. I don't see how she didn't know her own daughter enough, to know she was being abused. Parts of me feel sorry for her, because she didn't have that mother instinct to instantly protect her daughter or to sense something was not right. I know she had to have love for her daughter, I don't know who she really is or what really happen, and which side of the family is lying. There is always two sides. I believe there is alot we all don't know, nor will we ever. I don't think Raye dawn was right, but I also don't think she is a completly wrong person. I am just so confused myself because I just don't see how a mother can so much bad happen to her little girl. It's like she wanted to believe her husband was good, but knew otherwise, and didn't do anything about it. As for her interview on the news, I do believe she is grieving, I believe she loved her daughter, but hates herself for not openig her eyes. I believe she did loose her best friend, and more than anything she wants to go back in time a change everything. Some women are so Gulliable and Blind when it comes to men, and they want so desperatly to find a good one and have good home, that just shut theirself off.

I feel so horrible for kelsey, she was truly the victim. It is so sad to look at her pictures and see how beautiful she was, and how much life she had ahead of her. I think Kelsey, had unconditional love for her mother, she was who she went to when she was upset. My mom was beat off and on when she was growing up, but whe has unconditional love for her mom. I don't think her mom actually beat her, I believe it was her husband, and I don't believe her mom always seen it, thats why she could Pretend everything was ok, and love her daughter. She obviously (Raye Dawn) had problems with trust and being guliable. Shame on her for not waking up and PROTECTING HER DAUGHTER. Now she will have to live with the fact that her daughter is gone, and she won't ever be able to REDO what happened. But as for the Real DAd, He was no saint, just let me clarify that, He beat Raye Dawn as well has a couple of his girlfriend after him and Raye got divorce, so whos to say he woulded have beat Kelsey if had FULL custody. If you hit one women, you'll hit another, regardless of it being your daughter.
This is a SAD story, and at least poor kelsey is in a better place now.

United States

#50 Jan 18, 2008
That was a great post. It's nice to finally read a well thought out post on here. I too read as much as I could about this tragic story several months ago...Just wanted to say thanks for the great post.

Daly City, CA

#51 Feb 5, 2008
Dear Kelsey, I know you are playing happily with all the other baby angels; please be at peace and watch over all the little boys and girls who are still suffering from their parents'abusive ways; all the children who wished they were never born. Please comfort them when their parents give them no comfort.

Daly City, CA

#52 Feb 5, 2008
I hope Kelsey's innocent little body that was thrown against the wall will always be reminded in Michael Porter's mind over and over again for the rest of his life!!

Phoenix, AZ

#53 Feb 11, 2008
Do yourselfs a favor. Go read the truth at freekelseysmom.com

Phoenix, AZ

#54 Feb 11, 2008
If you guys want the truth then please do yourselfs a favor and visit thetruthaboutkelsey.com

THe Briggs lied and cheated through the whole trial. Raye will be FREE soon enough!
deputies wife

Bunnell, FL

#55 Feb 18, 2008

You read and decide but I know you will not side with free kelseys mom or the truth...They are always bad mouthing everything about Kelseys Purpose. Kelseys purpose is here to make sure this does not happen to any other child not argue the facts that have already been decided by a jury.
deputies wife

Bunnell, FL

#56 Feb 18, 2008
Abbie wrote:
Do yourselfs a favor. Go read the truth at freekelseysmom.com
Do yourself a favor STOP SUPPORTING A CHILD MURDER!!!!!!!!
Amber K

Monaca, PA

#57 Feb 26, 2008
I think raye dawn smith is a good mother she didnt know that man was abusing her child.Raye knew something was wrong with kelsey but she didnt think it was abuse.raye took her child to the doctors to see what was wrong with her baby.So therefor Im A Proud Raye Dawn Smith And Kelsey Shelton Smith Supporter.
Amber K

Monaca, PA

#58 Feb 26, 2008
and i saw someone say talk talking to a child killer then why dont you go to kelseyspurpose and tell kathie and her family to stop talking to mike.Kathie briggs emailed her grandchild killer.Kathie met with mike 90days after kelsey passed.whats a grandmother.Kathie is nothing but a lier and she is cold hearted
vicky c


#59 Feb 29, 2008
A mum knows their own child more than anyone in the whole world! I have 3 children their not that fragile when toddlers, an odd bump and cut (which I would of witnessed!) but NOT broken bones for gods sake!!!(or fractures!) if you dont KNOW how that happened then your not a fit parent even if it was an accident, and you cant tell me Kelsey wasn`t showing signs of personality change?(night terrors, weight loss!) all major warning bells! The sheer fact she was taken away meant the mother failed...period! child services around the world are all flawed but they dont get involved unless their is a reason, but at the end of the day the buck stops at the the mum or blood dad (the out of sight out of mind from him doesnt cut it, he was in the army but he`s mother was giving him a blow by blow account! he had the most legal clout if he had wished to use it!) the blame rests there...she was THEIR flesh and blood not the social services, if I was her mum I would WANT to die for having failed her, I would have no life, the pain would be too unbearable and my son would be raised by someone who deserved him. I know their is something else Kelsey when we die...I dont know what baby, but you do now and I hope it makes this world and its evil pale into insignificance and that god who/whatever he is gives you another chance at life Love to you forever sweetheart! xxx

Tampa, FL

#60 Mar 1, 2008
This is a Tragic uncalled for death. And in my Opinion the Judge who sentenced them should be tried as a accessory because 9 months of beating someone you eventually intend to kill them and i believe they should have been tried in Murder one and sentenced to Death. Thats the only way to say it.
There both Evil inividuals and don't deserve to live

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