Sex offender helps open baby store

Full story: KFOR 114
A convicted sex offender allegedly finds a controversial way to make a living in Chickasha. Full Story
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#1 Oct 1, 2010
Lewd acts with a 17 year old 7 years ago is no reason he should not be able to run a baby store with his wife now. At 17, she knew what she was doing. Yes it was wrong for a 40 year old man to be messing with her but to label him a "child" sex offender is not quite right. He pleaded no contest, probably, because of the cost of defending himself of the charges since she was underage. If the alleged victim had been a toddler or small child I would agree he should not be allowed to run this type of business. We need to look at the circumstances of "sex offenders". Not all are child molesters or rapists. One creditabley dumb mistake 7 years ago should not completely ruin a man's life.

Alexandria, VA

#2 Oct 1, 2010
I wonder how many drunk drivers sell beer, or doesnt that matter.

Blanchard, OK

#3 Oct 1, 2010
nannydue wrote:
Lewd acts with a 17 year old 7 years ago is no reason he should not be able to run a baby store with his wife now. At 17, she knew what she was doing. Yes it was wrong for a 40 year old man to be messing with her but to label him a "child" sex offender is not quite right. He pleaded no contest, probably, because of the cost of defending himself of the charges since she was underage. If the alleged victim had been a toddler or small child I would agree he should not be allowed to run this type of business. We need to look at the circumstances of "sex offenders". Not all are child molesters or rapists. One creditabley dumb mistake 7 years ago should not completely ruin a man's life.
It didn't make it on the news clip, but that wasn't the only girl he's molested. He has a pattern of doing it & his brother also helps at the shop & he's also a registered sex offender (second degree rape, sodomy, & crimes against nature to be exact) as well as a convicted murderer. His name is John Wayne Morrow if you feel the need to look him up yourself. So, looking at the circumstances is exactly why I reported this man. I disagree that a dumb mistake 7 years ago shouldn't ruin his life because it has certainly ruined all of the victims' lives. There's a reason they have to be registered & it's because they're considered a danger to society.

Blanchard, OK

#4 Oct 1, 2010
I can not believe anyone can look at this lightly. I bet if that was your 17 year old daughter that was molested by a 40 year old with a history of sex offenses you would not casually compare it to selling beer and when you look at his brother who is in this business with him you have to wonder why they would go into this type of business when it is against both of their probation's.
Bill Kelley

Oklahoma City, OK

#5 Oct 2, 2010
Parents of 8...There is something to be said for cowardice. I applaud you for being exactly that. You had the option to place your name in the same box that I placed mine in. I used no alias, as a concerned citizen, you should not have either.

Now, I understand John Wayne Morrow is his brother. You accused him of helping at the shop, but that is not what this is about. Instead you point at a man who had sex with a girl who was old enough to be most newborns married mother. Although not as common as it used to be, it is not unheard of 16 and 17 year old women getting married, to the love of their lives, continuing school, and then after graduation, starting their families.

I am curious what your totally unbiased motive for ruining this man, and his wife's, livelihood is. I am certain you must be very proud of yourself for standing behind your hidden morals and false views of reality. I am certain that you spent many prayerful nights pondering what to do.

I hope that this man is guilty, because otherwise his life has been ruined because of a person of lower moral character than himself.

Since: Nov 08

Anadarko, Oklahoma

#6 Oct 2, 2010
Parents of 8....I would like a bit more information on these men..I have done a search on DOC records and court records of Oklahoma, and find nothing on Mr. Morrow, and what I saw in court records on Mr Berry, is nothing of what you say....Case # 2002-00293 states he pled no contest in 2003, recieved $1,000 fine, suspended sentence, 1 year probation, and "NOT required to attend sex offender treatment in consideration of specific facts in this case" quoted by Leslie March of the DA's office...

In April 2007 there was a revocation hearing, for not paying his fine completely, it was dismissed in Feb 2008....I saw nothing in his records to indicate anything you have said....As far as John Wayne Morrow, I have found nothing in any court documents or DOC records.....However, this check was only for the state of Oklahoma.....

If you have any other facts to help do the research, please inform us....I am all for protecting our children, but based on facts, like case numbers, locations, dates, etc.......

Blanchard, OK

#7 Oct 2, 2010
cdh1977-If you search the sex offender list you will find Berry.
Kelly I wonder where your anger is coming from. If you think what Berry did by molesting a 17 year old when he was 40 is ok I understand why people are hesitant in coming forward. As far as being guilty which usually means he plead out he did plead guilty knowing he would be on the sex offender list for life. I hope that people like you are in the minority. You refer to the girl as a woman. I hope you do not believe that. By the way a 12 year old can have sex but that is against the law also. Just so you know. He plead guilty.

Blanchard, OK

#8 Oct 2, 2010
Nannydue-It is not just a baby store. I checked and it is a baby and children store. I am really shocked at your comment that she knew what she was doing. I think you must have a problem that is blinding your reality. All study's show that a 17 year old is not mature enough to make those decisions but that is not even the case he molested her and he had an attorney who advised him to plea. I can not believe that a woman would even try to justify rape. The last time i saw that was the woman's husband had committed rape and it was the only way she could justify her living with a convicted rapist.

Since: Nov 08

Anadarko, Oklahoma

#9 Oct 2, 2010
Shocked....I stand corrected....don't know why I didn't check the sex offenders list instead of just court documents and DOC... Thank you for making us aware of this problem in Grady County....will dig deeper next time, I assure you...and thanks again.... :)

Oklahoma City, OK

#10 Oct 2, 2010
Mr. Kelley, you have to be kidding me. I'm the one who did the news interview. My full name is in the interview, on this story, as well as the name & location of my business. How is that cowardly? I'll tell you exactly what a coward would do & that is NOTHING. I did the right thing by speaking out. I've already said that this man has a history of molesting children. The reason I focused on him & not his brother is that his brother isn't the owner. The truth is that Herschel Berry is a known child molester. Not just becuase of what he did with a 17-year-girl, but also what he's done to other children. As far as the lewd acts with a child over the age of 16, it was in fact rape & that's why they didn't charge him with statutory rape. It was not a consentual relationship. I don't care if he pled no contest or not. Would you plead no contest to raping someone if you hadn't done it? I think not. I can tell you that his attorney (Rodney Fergason) never would've been okay with it. The truth is he has done this to a lot of children & this is the one he was charged with. I know this to be fact.
CDH1977, how is it not what I said? It's public record & I've addressed it as well as the news broadcast & story online.
However, I spelled his brother's name wrong, it's actually John Wayne Marrow.
Second degree rape 1997
Second degree murder-1998
Second degree rape-2000
Crimes against nature-2000
Nothing anybody says will ever change my mind. I know what I did was right & yes Mr. Kelley I prayed before I reported him.
Good talking to you again AC!!!!!
Bill Kelley

Oklahoma City, OK

#11 Oct 2, 2010
Parents of 8: I apologize for my calling you a coward since you have told us your name. It sounds as if you have more experience with Mr. Berry than what is disclosed. If this is the situation, then please forgive me, for I do not know what that entails.

As far as the law goes, it is not fair, to victim, or offender. I will give you a brief synopsis of where my anger comes from:

Several years ago my little sister, then 23, went through a very rough divorce. After the divorce she went through a partying phase and met a young man, in a bar, and had consentual sex with him. Later she found out that he was 16 years of age. She continued in a relationship with him, with his parents consent (and yes they were excellent parents from a middle class home). The main reason for the continued relationship is that she became with child. About 4 months into the relationship, they decided to do a stupid thing and participate in a dine and dash. One of the waiters recognized the young man as someone he went to school with and led the police officers to the home where they lived. When asked what was their relationship, they were honest. The police took their statement and left to return a few days later. Law enforcement had decided to make an example of the only one of the group over 18. She was charged with felony rape, because once a baby is concieved in the state of Texas there is no such plea as statutory rape, and ordered to place her name on a sex offender list, and could not be in public places with her 3 year old where other children might be present. This ruined her life. Perhaps the worst thing is that the baby died ONE WEEK later from an illness that my sister contracted in jail.

Now, is she a harm to another child. No. But is she treated as a sex offender yes. Could anybody else fall into this very situation easily. Yes.

Before anybody EVER accuses anyone of such a crime, make certain that the crime fits the punishment. Oh yes, and by the way, the young man already had 2 children (at the age of 16) with 2 other women/girls. He has since had 3 more. You tell me who the real offender is.

That is where my anger stems from.

Oklahoma City, OK

#12 Oct 2, 2010
Mr. Kelley, I completely understand where you're coming from. It's sad that a man who is caught urinating in public will be put in the same category as a man or woman who molest children. I think anybody who has an opinion on this should research it before they speak. Not only did I research it by reading the court documents but I also spoke with people that knew him very well & knew other victims. Everyone has the right to their opinion, I just don't appreciate the name calling.
I agree with you that your sister is NOT a harm to others based on the situation. I would actually classify her as a victim. I'll definitely be praying for her.
Chance Kendall

Oklahoma City, OK

#13 Oct 2, 2010
People of my frame of mind tend to have a much swifter justice system, so anyone who would condone or even overlook theses type of men are free to come plea your case to me, just tell me the time and place and will happily comply. As for the two gentlemen , no cowards, who were addressed in the above post an invite also stands for you to come and get your own personalized justice served via Chance Kendall.

Oklahoma City, OK

#14 Oct 2, 2010
i dont think he likes babies, so leave the man alone. if you've ever had a speeding ticket,you should never ever be allowed to drive again?
Nichole Walker

United States

#15 Oct 2, 2010
If all the facts are correct then the man should not be in the same place with children no matter what there age is. A child is anyone under the age of 18, yes some children have sex at a young age but they do this without understanding all the repercussions. A man of his age knows what they are. It was his choice to mess with a girl under the age of 18. Since he made that choice then he knew what could happen, he may have thought that if he plead no contest that he would get off easier. He is and was wrong.
I agree this man should not be around any children no matter what their age is

Blanchard, OK

#16 Oct 3, 2010
Both men committed rape and to compare what they did to a speeding ticket shows a lack of compassion to all the victims. This just shows why women don't report rape and evil continues.

Choctaw, OK

#17 Oct 3, 2010
40 year old man with 17 year old girl... welcome to Oklahoma. That's been part of the culture down here since before the land run. I don't think anyone needs to try and turn this guy into Jeffrey Dahmer. Leave the man alone.

Blanchard, OK

#18 Oct 3, 2010
One more time he didn't date the girl, he raped the girl.

Brooklyn, NY

#19 Oct 3, 2010
The most you can get from an sexual offender in NYS is that it will happen to you.

Cushing, OK

#20 Oct 3, 2010
Sounds to me like someone is pissed off because a competitive business is in town. Out of a population of 15,850 lookie who has a problem with it? How cute you stupid B*tch

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