Warrant to search MySpace page issued...

Warrant to search MySpace page issued in Anadarko pastor's death

There are 65 comments on the KFOR story from Sep 24, 2009, titled Warrant to search MySpace page issued in Anadarko pastor's death. In it, KFOR reports that:

New details are starting to surface involving the death of an Oklahoma pastor. Back on August 23rd members of the Anadarko police department found the body of Carol Daniels dead inside of her church.

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mad lil sister

Anadarko, OK

#21 Sep 26, 2009
GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! IM SOOOO MAD!The blame that is being put on NAPALM REIGN is ridiculous!My brothers didnt do anything and the people "in charge" know that.They cant solve the murder so they are blaming an innocent band,just because they dont understand their music.They frequently have concerts attended by fans of all ages.One of their concerts just HAPPENED to be the night before a murder.So that makes them guilty??? I attended this particular concert with my two aunts and my 72 year old grandma.We all enjoyed the music and my grandma had a blast!!! I plan on wearing my NAPALM REIGN t-shirt as MUCH as possible to show my support.NAPALM REIGN fans please show your support by wearing your t-shirts.

praying for justice

Shawnee, OK

#22 Sep 26, 2009
I agree that the band has the right to play their music as they want even though I may not agree with their lyrics. I am thinking they are looking at the connection of posts on their site. The sad thing is that some idiot would take their lyrics and act on them....which has happened and that clearly is not the bands fault. It sounds like the band has been spoken too and probably in the clear and they are cooperating which is good as they have nothing to hide. I wish them luck and I also appreciate them sharing about their band and what is happening in Anadarko. It is just sad that a woman lost her life for whatever reason.
Just the facts Ma_am

Piedmont, OK

#23 Sep 26, 2009
Does anyone know...Have Napalm Reign been questioned, are they persons of interest, or have the OSBI just been looking at their myspace??
Please..No speculation, just FACT
It seems that some here have already made the huge (and questionable) leap that someone has taken their 'satanic' lyrics and acted on them.
Just passing through

United States

#24 Sep 26, 2009
This is all crazy, makes me a little uneasy. EVERYTHING,from the murder to the "falsely accused". I want nothing more than justice for the pastor. This murder is very touchy, everything thats said must be taken seriously. As for the APD, they are only doing what they are supposed to do after all this is a small town.

Piedmont, OK

#25 Sep 26, 2009
Any information possible should be released to the community. A void of information only encourages people to jump to their own conclusions.

I don’t believe many in the town of Anadarko have had much faith in the local DA’s office since we had a sitting DA be involved; if not on the periphery, then deeply, in a homicide some years ago.

Said DA’s office did not recuse themselves, filing charges against a young Native American male. Two trials followed where they were not able to convict the defendant, and this did little for community relations and created a general sense of public outrage. It might also be interesting to note that the current DA is the previously mentioned DA’s son.

It may seem to outsiders that we are suspicious at the drop of a hat. However, over the years a lot of crazy stuff has happened around legal issues in the town, hence local folks tend to look sideways when things that “aren’t all that uncommon, but then …..not especially common, either” happen.

In either case, one would believe, it would behoove the DA and the OSBI to be as transparent as possible.
Former Dodge Resident

Kingfisher, OK

#26 Sep 26, 2009
Typical for Caddo County, another unsolved murder. Got a lil pressure going, so they want to pick on some local teens with a band, that has lyrics they don't understand. They need to quit wasting time and go find the murderer. My son is friends with all the band members, and is one of their Myspace friends....Does this mean he is a suspect, also????
Chickasha Resident

Chickasha, OK

#27 Sep 27, 2009
I pray that this women murder will be solved. I am a person that totally understands how this bad must feel. I am a Christain, Black/Indian, and know how it feels to be discriminated because or prejudices. I may not agree with their music or lyrics, but I am not one to judge. People need to understand that Freedom of Speech is a right. These rights doesn't make you a criminal! Music is an expression! Don't listen if you don't like it!

Spring, TX

#29 Sep 28, 2009
the pastor, carol daniels was my aunt! im not sure why everyone is upset about or with the police on solving this case--my family just wants this person found so that no other family has to deal with the hurt and loss that we've had to do over the last month! my anut left behind a wonderful mother, kids, grandkids, brothers and sisters nieces and nephews and dozens of friends and family-i just want justice done for my aunt and pray that the person who done this finds peace with god

Piedmont, OK

#30 Sep 28, 2009

i am so very sorry that this has hurt you. No, it's not that we are upset with anyone solving this case. The reason we are a bit cautious about legal things in this county have nothing to do with your auntie's death. I am sure all of Anadarko want this solved. Some of us want the police to make sure they are indicting the right person, instead of any person. Caddo County doesn't have a very good record in that area.
Again, I apologize if I have made it seem that we don't want this solved. I have prayed for your family. I continue to pray that justice be done in this case.

Spring, TX

#31 Sep 28, 2009
wishing, i do thank u for your prayers for my family! i to, want the right person to be brought to justice and face his/her crime--i do believe that anadarko is a nice town, and i just hope god blesses all of the authorities as they continue to work for the community and solve any other crimes!again, thank you for your prayers!

Oklahoma City, OK

#32 Sep 28, 2009
So, earlier reports - can't remember which news site - said it was "possible" that it was a romantic relationship, or someone wanting one. Yet it also wouldn't say if there was any sexual abuse. Then, this with the band. That's not uncommon at all. I think it's a lot better for them to follow any and all leads they can until all hope is exhausted or the true killer is found. It's a lot better for them to look in places that might be wrong than not to look at all. Think of the Weleetka murders -- those two baby girls' murderer still hasn't been found. Would you be upset if there had been a band of that nature play in their hometown the night before and cops looked at that band's site? I doubt it. And as far as the band goes, you called yourself satanic, so play with fire, you get burned. What do you expect if you're going to claim that connection -- of course they're going to check into you. Same as if you were an outspoken pro lifer and an abortion clinic is bombed, you're going to be included in the suspect list. Deal with it. And for whoever said Gracemont doesn't have any black people, look again. And by the way, wasn't the fair just through Anadarko a couple weeks or so before this? I remember as a kid, it seemed someone was always found dead out by the park almost every year come fair time. And another thing, it was right there, on one of the busiest streets in all of Anadarko. It doesn't matter that it was by the police station, police are usually out patrolling, it's their job. What's disturbing is it was right there on a main road. Oh and if she was in a crucifix position and the band member on this site claimed to be a satanist then duh, of course they better check you out even if they themselves don't think you have anything to do with it. Taxpayers are paying for the investigation and as a taxpayer, I'd want them checking the band and their supporters and every teeny tiny other possibility. What we don't want is to see a one-year anniversary of her unsolved murder come up like with many cases. We'd rather see a one-year anniversary of it being solved.

Oklahoma City, OK

#33 Sep 28, 2009
Oh, and if you don't like the way APD and OSBI are handling the case, then do what you can to vote for them to get more money from the taxes you pay. You pay their salaries. You pay for their equipment and training. Pay more so they have more to work with. Most counties are having to cut budgets -- why don't you chip in.

Anadarko, OK

#34 Sep 30, 2009
NAPALM REIGN!!! HAHA...man everybody knows they had nothing to do with it...those guys are like family to me...LEAVE EM ALONE!!!

Piedmont, OK

#35 Sep 30, 2009
and another thing, methinks the apd and the osbi should just get money from the DA's slush fund.

Little Rock, AR

#36 Oct 2, 2009
I am originaly from Anadarko and my brother was killed in august by a man who bullied everyone around him. thankfully he was arrested and charged the following day. it has been my experience that no one in anadarko EVER says anything to the police about any crime. I have heard of rumors of teenage girls being raped but the parents dont' want to talk about it so the crime goes unreported or they know someone who commited the crime but don't say anything because it was their cousin, uncle or relative that committed the crime. It's disgraceful. I for one am glad that I left that town... when people ask me where I am from i always say I'm from In A Dark Hole....

United States

#37 Oct 4, 2009
No, it sucks.

United States

#38 Oct 4, 2009
I heard locally that one of the band members was bragging about all the attention (publicity) they were getting because of this. Made me kinda suspicious.
This guy is an idiot

United States

#39 Oct 6, 2009
Jared wrote:
I'm in the band that they are looking at. We are called Napalm Reign. The fact that they are looking at us is totally ridiculous. Yes, we have some suggestive lyrics that talk about Satan. But that is just using Satan as a symbol. We don't worship the devil. We don't make sacrifice. We don't murder. We are just metal heads who are playing the music we love so dearly. We weren't passing through...we live in Anadarko. This is our home town. They are just using us as a scapegoat. Someone to point the finger at. The dodgy police work in this investigation is just incredible. Anadarko PD and OSBI alike. This is just further proof of stereotyping people like us. We will forever be here. We will keep playing this music. We will never stop doing what brings us joy.
And Yes melissa this is small-mindedness. This whole investigation has turned out to be nothing short of a witch-hunt. The only reason they are looking at us is because we have satanic lyrics and I am well known to be a Satanist. The ONLY reason they are looking at us IS because of WHAT WE WEAR. AND WHAT MUSIC WE PLAY!
I know this guy. He also fails to mention that he was kept locked up in his fathers basement and was sexually abused multiple times. No wonder the guy is all wigged out.
Idiot flagger

United States

#40 Oct 6, 2009
NO SHAME wrote:
NAPALM REIGN!!! HAHA...man everybody knows they had nothing to do with it...those guys are like family to me...LEAVE EM ALONE!!!
So of course because you know them, it automatically makes them innocent. IDIOT
Concerned in Darko

United States

#41 Oct 6, 2009
This guy is an idiot wrote:
<quoted text>
I know this guy. He also fails to mention that he was kept locked up in his fathers basement and was sexually abused multiple times. No wonder the guy is all wigged out.
I know this guy also and his family and that is a bald faced lie. He was a spoiled brat is all.

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