Choosing between food and shelter. I was told about churches where I live give help to those that need food. Churches go around to all the grocery stores, bread stores etc... and ask for the food they are about to throw away because the dates are running out soon and they can't sell it after that date. The Deacons or pastors will come back with 1 or 2 truck loads one or twice a week and hand out the food to the needy that show up. You the people need to approach your pastors and ask if they will take the time to ask the stores and load up. My friend did this and it helped her alot, she had 2 small kids. Then the question of groceries or rent went away and happy faces were all around. The stores have each dept. to get their soon to be out of date goods and donate to the church and the stores write it off. Good luck and God Bless !!!!!